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08:46, 20th April 2024 (GMT+0)

Changes to the Adult section of RPoL.

Posted by jase
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Mon 1 Sep 2014
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Changes to the Adult section of RPoL

RPoL has always developed based on feedback from the community, and as such coming in the next version will be the following changes:

  1. New users will have to provide an age statement when signing up.  This age statement is month and year only (as are all other age statements referred to below).  We do not collect more than that as there are incredibly strict security and data retention requirements if we collect private/identifiable information (such as a full DOB), plus it is illegal to ask if the user is under a certain age in some countries.

  2. Any user who is currently blocked from the adult section will remain so.  Subscription (which is not yet implemented) may be your only option to reverse this if your current denial is due to something other than the fact you're under the age of majority.  If you are currently under the age of majority (or are under 18) then you have to wait until you are not.

    This point aside, adult access is not attached to subscriptions.

  3. Any user who currently has access to the adult section will be changed to have an adult access level of "not requested".  This includes existing and new members alike.

  4. All users who wish to have adult access will need to provide an age statement / age of majority statement which requests access to the adult section.  This will be automatically requested whenever you try to access an adult game (outside of the game introduction and group 0/public threads), or you can do it from "User Preferences".  At that point your adult access will change to "pending".  This submission will be put into a queue which will be reviewed by myself and the other moderators.  This statement will either be approved or denied depending upon the statement provided.

    Only a member who has an account that is over two weeks old can request adult access.

  5. If a user's adult access is denied then see point 2.

  6. If a user's adult access is granted then they have access to the adult area of RPoL, but not to a specific adult game (read on to make sense of that).

    If you are granted (or denied) adult access you will receive an rMail letting you know.  The rMail auto-deletes once it is read.

  7. Any adult game you enter and try to post in/manage (even those you GM) will also prompt you for an age statement.  This statement is instantly registered, at which point you are permitted normal interaction in the game -- but only that game; you must do the same for each adult game you're in.

    "Normal interaction" means you can then perform whatever actions you normally would be able to, as dictated by the GM.  If you're a visitor then you can send/continue an access request, if you're a player you can post as per normal, if you're a GM you can manage the game as per normal.

  8. If a game is changed to the adult classification then the above point will kick in immediately.  There is no longer any need to temporarily remove players to get age statements from their account name.

    As the game owner, you will be given a summary of who does and does not have adult access when you go to covert the game (including your own adult permissions).  If you, as the game owner, do not have adult access then it won't let you change the classification.

  9. As a GM, you will be notified as often as possible if a user has not provided an age statement for your game.  GMs can also see an overview of the age statements that their players have submitted, in so far that they can see if age statements have been provided, not the value provided.  The can do a similar check for prospective players.

    Generally you will not be able to add a new player to an adult game if they do not have access to the adult section of RPoL.

  10. As a GM you will no longer have to collect age statements for players, the system handles it all automatically.

In summary:
  • Adult access will be automatically handled by the system, though it should be noted that adult access to the site will not be automatically granted.
  • Accounts which are over two weeks old will be able to request adult access.
  • Players will be able to view game information (including group 0 and public threads) without having adult access.
  • GMs will no longer need to request or keep age statements.
  • There are no planned changes on the appropriate content for adult games.  The game introduction, group 0 and public threads must also remain appropriate for all ages.

Current timeline for these changes is about two weeks.  Feedback can be provided in the corresponding thread in the General RPoL forum.
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