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Mon 17 Dec 2007
at 23:14
New Wanted - Players forum rules.
Hi folks,

Due to some antisocial behavior, we've implemented two new rules in the Wanted - Players forum.  The rule changes are in effect immediately.

The first is:
    Advertisements must be for the game used to create the ad.  Do not create games in order to use that game's alotted ad to advertise other games.  Never advertise a game in any other thread but its own.  Games which operate over more than one board may have only one ad in this forum.
Because some users have been making non-games and then using that extra advertising slot to create ads for their other games, thus getting in more than one ad per week for their games, we've had to stop this.  This means ads cannot be consolodated (each thread can advertise only one game).  It also means that the ad had better be for the game used to create the ad, or someone has some 'splainin' to do.

The second is a revival of an old rule which has proved necessary again:
    Advertise only three games per day.  Do not advertise, by bump or ad creation, more than three games per day.  This includes bumping ads for others -- you may bump or advertise only three times per day.  Similarly, a GM who owns more than three games may not, in any way, have more than three advertised per day.  We will consider any 24 hour period to be one day.

This means that one person can only advertise three games per 24-hour period, which includes any games they own, even if someone else is bumping them.  We count on a 24 hour clock, to the second, so if a GM last adverted three games at 3:02 PM on Wednesday, they would not be eligible to advertise any other game until 3:02 PM on Thursday.

As always, questions can be directed to the Moderators using rMail.  There's a checkbox on the Compose an rMail page which says "to/cc moderators" -- that'll get the rMail to all of us.