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Tue 18 Dec 2007
at 16:15
Inactive Game Clean-up
We've had some questions recently after a clean-up of inactive games.  To that end, I thought I'd say a few words.

Please remember that RPoL is intended for active gaming.  If a Game Owner knows their game is dead, we prefer that they remove it from the site; in no case should games exist solely for storage purposes for their own threads, or for other games to refer to.  Each forum should be active in its own right.

Once a game has gone inactive -- that is, it stops receiving posts -- it can be removed from RPoL by our clean-up scripts.  There are actually four states a game can be in:

    Active The game is actively receiving posts.
    Inactive The game has not received posts in a while; at 61 days of no posts all games slide into the "Inactive" category, though very, very small games may end up there sooner.  Note that Private Messages will not stop a game from becoming inactive: only in-game posts will do that.
    Deleted This is a holding area on the site.  Games may end up here if they have not received posts long enough to become Inactive, then have sat in the Inactive bin a little while without being re-activated.  While here, a GM can still resurrect them (see the FAQs, GM's FAQ for instructions).
    Permanently Removed Any game in the Deleted bin is subject to being permanently removed from the site at any point.  We try to leave them there for at least a month, to give a GM a chance to resurrect their game should they wish to, however there is no guarantee.  Once permanently removed from the site, a game is unrecoverable.

If your game has recently ended up in the Deleted bin, it's likely because it has received no posts for 90 days or more, or, if it is very small (less than 3 posts), for 60 days or more.  You may resurrect it, following the instructions in the FAQ, however you should then actively use the game, not merely keep it around for reference or posterity.