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GM Arkrim
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Fri 10 Sep 2021
at 06:55
Request to Join

  1. First, read this entire thread!
  2. Then, submit an RTJ with your character's name and a brief description of them (no stats).
  3. Once you have access, a character sheet will be opened for you to fill out.
  4. Use the Character Creation details to build your character.
  5. Then, PM a GM for approval when you're finished.

  1. You must follow all official RPOL rules (this is a mature game): /help/?page=g_reading
  2. You must use PBP etiquette. Don't post on others' behalf, don't spam, be respectful of others, do not harass others, etc.
  3. You must produce comprehensive and readable posts in English (American or British is fine).
  4. You must be able to read English and follow directions on at least an 8th grade level.
  5. You must know how to play d20 Hero (3rd edition Mutants and Masterminds) and adhere to the rules.
  6. You must know how to use search engines and look up stat questions here:
  7. Do not ever start new Private Message threads with GMs. Just respond to the PM thread used to RTJ.

Harassment will NOT be tolerated here. Harassment includes:
  • Doing anything that a GM or a notice thread here exclusively told you not to do.
  • Arguing over real world politics, race, religion or any other touchy topic. NO EXCUSES!
  • Bullying, insulting, or degrading comments will not be tolerated.
  • Arguing with a GM.
  • Sending messages to someone or talking about them after you've been asked to stop.

Disclaimer: By joining this game, you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age, that you'll obey ALL of its rules and that you will accept ALL of the rulings.

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