Running with Rusty Scissors and Untied Shoelaces.   Posted by jase.Group: 0
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Sat 7 May 2005
at 19:14
Running with Rusty Scissors and Untied Shoelaces
Within lies the sordid variety of things that users have done to get banned by me.  It's their own little clique group.
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Sat 7 May 2005
at 18:10
dollsteak -- permanently banned
  • Openly argumentative, disruptive, insulting, and abusive toward moderators.
  • Accused moderators of favouritism, bias, lying, and changing his bio.
  • Openly insulting and abusive toward users.
  • Tried to get the entire site shut down and me fired.

Favourite quote:
    "So you are sociopathic?  Screw the rights of everyone else because you are the only one who counts?  It's too bad you feel that way, I guess that's why you really rubbed me the wrong way all along.  You have no concerns over other people's feelings."

    [After emailing me] "Your responses are not welcomed unless they start with an apology for your behavior towards me.  Any other responses will be reported as unwanted spam from your beloved web site."

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Sat 7 May 2005
at 18:15
Therumancer -- permanently banned
  • Derogatory, insulting, and dismissive toward users.
  • Insulting, derogatory, inhumane, and abusive toward myself.
  • Openly accused myself of lying, manipulating users, breaking my word.
  • Tried to spread badwill on other RPG-based sites.

Favourite Quotes:
    "You said yourself you want to change it to a pay site so that you can support yourself at it. Your interests are not motivated by what is good for RPOL but by self interest, otherwise known as greed."

    "...your attitude shows that for all of your claims of open mindedness you are little more than a petty little tyrant who believes you are above criticism. Convince yourself otherwise if it keeps you warm at night."

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Mon 9 May 2005
at 12:36
Made_in_China -- permanently banned
  • Harvested users passwords.
  • Logged into a user's account and disrupted their games.
  • Identity theft: Impersonated myself and emailed users to gain their passwords.

Favourite Quote:
    "Just to let you know, they can't find me.  So what do I care about you submiting my email address in?"