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Fri 18 Nov 2011
at 16:51
Stop me!  I can't stop myself!
This thread will be for listing the people who have REQUESTED a site ban because their addiction to RPoL is beyond their control.

Please note that requesting an account be disabled is not a thing to be taken lightly, and any accounts created as duplicates after such a request will be immediately banned upon discovery.  Also, this is a one-time thing -- while we will reverse the ban once if asked, we probably will refer you to an addictive-behavior support group if asked again.

User                           Account Banned
----------------------         ----------------------
Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk          27 Jun 2015
Arhu                           16 Jan 2014
bobbofeet                      18 Nov 2011
Ceredyn                        17 Jun 2018
Kagekiri                       13 Jun 2015
Lunarius                       11 Sep 2014
MasterofMasks                  01 Dec 2014
Neko818                        17 Mar 2014
Patricio                       22 Aug 2021
SevenRedYears                  21 Jan 2012
Sovereign                      14 Apr 2014
speed99                        29 Mar 2015
V_V                            01 Jun 2018
xspiderz1                      07 Sep 2013

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