Double Trouble (aka, Identity Crisis)   Posted by RPoL.Group: 0
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Thu 13 Oct 2005
at 14:36
Double Trouble (aka, Identity Crisis)
Accounts listed here were created as extra accounts by users of RPoL in violation of RPoL's rules (and ignoring the bold, orange warning on the Account Creation page).  Remember kids, Multiple accounts will not be tolerated!

Multiple accounts are banned, and users lose all access to any games GMed under the extra account.

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 GM, 15 posts
Thu 13 Oct 2005
at 14:37
It's my babysitter ... honest!
  • Apparently created to harass RPoL chatroom users.

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 GM, 16 posts
Fri 14 Oct 2005
at 15:34
Identity Crisis
  • Created to get around a Wanted-Players ban.

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Thu 27 Oct 2005
at 00:58
Re: Identity Crisis
  • Yet another of Myri86's personailities.

 GM, 19 posts
Thu 3 Nov 2005
at 23:37
Re: Identity Crisis
Majin Vegetto

  • Multiple accounts.
  • Used to contact a GM in a game from which the primary account was banned.