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Useful info
This'll be the home for things like deck plans and useful external links.  When I get time, you'll also find a description of the ship itself and public player info.
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History of a ship
During the days before the Alliance, when humanity was spreading out across the galaxy, a need was found for a long range survey vessel to locate worlds suitable for human settlement.

Whilst ships like the Firefly class were perfect for light freighters duties and transporting settlers, they were unable to carry enough supplies, equipment or crew to make a suitable survey vessel.  A new design was commisioned.

Named the Cicada class, the new vessel took a number of principles that had made the Firefly so succesful as a ship, then added an increased cargo capacity, improved lifesupport and sensors and a 'modular' design to its interior fittings allowing its crew to reconfigure the ship even whilst in deep space.  The result was a ship almost half as large again as the Firefly, capable of supporting a crew of nearly 30 scientists for over a year between resupplies.

After almost fifty years of service, the Galactic Survey project was closed down as the Alliance pulled funding from 'non-essential' projects.  Many of the were vessels scrapped or in a few cases sold off into private ownership.

Haven (originally simply called Galactic Survey Vessel #129) was purchased by its captain at the time, a man called Mitchell Vargas, who had captained it for its last ten years of service in the Galactic Survey.  Unable to bear the ship he had come to think of as home scrapped, Mitchell invested all his savings in buying #129 from the survey and then giving it a complete refit, turning the vessel into a long range freigher and christening it the Halycon.

Mitchell captained the Halycon until his death twenty years later, willing the vessel to his son, Christopher Vargas.  Unable to afford to run the ship or even pay her crew, but determined not to sell it, Chris had no choice but to let Halycon sit in dry dock and rust whilst he planned how to work up the money he would need to refit and crew the ship.

Unfortunatly, the Unification War interrupted Chris' plans.  Chris joined the war effort, fighting alongside the Independants and for some years, he had no time to think about Halycon.  Wounded and captured in combat, Chris sat out the second half the war in an Alliance POW camp, finally returning home when the war was over.

Chris returned to his family farm to discover that his mother - his only living relative - had died during the war.  Unable to walk thanks to his injuries, there was no chance of Chris running the farm himself, and so he he turned his attention to Dads old ship.  The sale of the farm combined with the money his mother left him gave Chris just enough to refit Halycon as a freighter and to hire a crew.  For six months, Chris lived onboard the grounded ship as his crew and repairmen swarmed over her, making her spaceworthy again.  Finally, almost ten years after he had inherited it, the Halycon was able to return to space.

After two years of succesful operations with her new captain, a run in with pirates left the Haylcon badly in need of repairs and this time Chris knew he couldnt afford it, and it seemed that Halycon was to finally be consigned to the scrap heap.  Much to his suprise, his crew came to the rescue, using their wages to buy shares in the ship itself, giving Chris the funds he needed to pay for repairs.  When the ship next lifted, its crew were also its owners, and together had rechristened the ship Haven.

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Re: History of a ship

Havens deck A layout
Havens deck B layout
Havens deck C layout

Remember folks:  Cicada class vessels have modular living quarters, so though these show the current layout, certain parts of it are bound to change eventually.

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