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Chris Vargas
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
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Re: Dinner
Chris watched as Dim tried to avoid his gaze. He almost felt sorry for the man, but there were some things that he had to do as Captain, and the crew's safety and well being were two of the most important.

"Dim, I'm going to want to talk to you when I get back," he said in a gentle tone before he picked up the tray he'd set aside for medical. "I'm going to go see the doc, then talk to Darius.. You going to be okay till I get back?"

He didn't wait for an answer, it wasn't as if Dim could really go anywhere and the main 'situation' was over.
Sharyn Chen
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
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Re: Dinner
<and Chris>

Chris wheeled himself over to the medlab, knowing that Sharyn would scold him if he was up and walking around just yet. The fact that he would be going downstairs on his own feet was another matter.

He could be weak around the crew, they knew him, and they followed his orders. He was their captain, but the acrobats downstairs answered to Darian, not to him... And in order to make his point clear, he couldn't give them the impression of weakness.

But that was for later, right now, he was going to 'dine' with the Doc.

When Sharyn looked up from her equipment she gave him a smile. "Thank you sir, but I could have come and picked it up."

He gave her an all too knowing look. "Sharyn, you aren't going to leave this man without someone to watch over him... You couldn't leave an enemy soldier uncared for for 5 minutes... Even if it meant being captured. Do you really think I'm going to forget that?"

She shrugged. "One can always hope...."

"Well, hope for this..." he said as he handed her the tray. He had to keep himself from laughing as she looked at the tray and then at her patient.

"I'll watch him while you eat... And fill you in on the meeting..." he assured her. "And before you ask, there's Jello and broth for our guest."

Sharyn started to object and then sat down and ate.
John Gaunt
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:25
In Medical
Gaunt looked at the tray with the food the captain brought for him with an expression that clearly expressed his lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming 48 hours, or at least the probable results of this meal.

"Thank you, sir. I've been through this before on both ends of the catheter, and I'll be honest and say that I'm hoping to get through this with minimal fuss, for both myself and the air-scrubbers. The first 48 hours are horrible, the next 48 are misery, and the next two weeks are merely unpleasant, as you learn to breathe under gravity again. After that it gets reduced to 'therapy' and neo-steroids as you learn how to walk. But the first 48 hours have the constant threat of having to tube the patient means every time the computer senses a blip, she'll have to come look at me, to see if i remembered how to breathe in time. If things don't work right, she'll be pumping stimulants into me until my medulla oblongata gets around to rember how to do it's job. If I can demonstrate that I can sleep without a tube down my throat, and she's merciful, she'll knock me out for some of it, or at least a hypnotic, so I don't have to remember it.

And as far as the 'guest' status, I'm willing to work off my debt, after I learn how to walk and breathe on my own again. I'm an able-bodied spacer, with
watch-standing certificates in several areas, and instructor-ratings in others, as well as my medical training. When I was in the service, my unit specialized in impromptu engineering, which means we had to have more than the basic grounding in the realities of shipboard construction and repair. I built that combat armor by searching surplus yards and scrap yards, for example."

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Sharyn Chen
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
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Re: In Medical
Sharyn smiled. "Welcome back," she said to Gaunt as she took a cautious bite of her dinner and gave a relieved smile."

"I cooked," the captain confirmed, then gave Sharyn an innocent smile. "You think I'm going to let Gaunt here deal with Fox's cooking first thing? Or risk my favorite doc choking?"

Sharyn smiled and looked at Gaunt. "Fox's cooking is... An experience...."

She took another bite and smiled. "And the captain here makes a mean broth..."

She paused, once again serious. "I'm glad I don't have to go through the routine with you... Explaining how this is going to work..."
John Gaunt
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:30
Re: In Medical
"Been there, done that. Got the tattoo. At least I woke up from my chemically-induced nap. I've opened capsules like that to find the contents freeze-dried.

Speaking of freeze-dried, Fox is the guy who had the cannon pointed at me when I came up? Needs to work on his people skills. Even I can tell the difference between patient and target." Gaunt looks at both of them. "There's 'Cool', 'Chill', 'Frosty', 'Stone Cold', and 'Freeze-Dried.' I was 'Freeze-Dried' at the end of the war. I've worked my way up to somewhere between 'Stone Cold' and 'Frosty.' Some day I'll be fit company for humans. I may be a son-of-a-bitch, but I know what my job is, and once I'm bought, I stay bought."

He grimaced, then took a sip of broth.

"Not bad for broth. I'm looking forward to something solid, in a week or two, like milk-toast. When the body goes into shock, it shuts down the digestive system, and it takes a while for it to work right. But really, Captain, I'm sure you must be short-handed, and all I have is in my hardpack, and my military ID. I lost the rest when my last berth went away. I'd like to keep my knife, I made it out of a chunk of hull from a ship where a friend of mine died. I don't think you'll fit what little clothes I have left, so that leaves working. Once I can walk, do you need crew?"
J. Foxworth
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:31
Fox and Marc
>"WAS an Alliance soldier, Fox," Marc replied. "You saw why I left.
>They've all..." he let his voice trail off leaving the rest of his
>what he was saying unintelligible.

"Yeah, they are.." Fox apparantly either understood what Marc wouldnt say, or had his own reasons for disliking the Alliance. But like the first mate, Foxworth wasnt telling.

>"Doesn't matter," he said.
>Walking down the docking bay stairs, Marc pushed his past as an
>Alliance soldier out of his mind. It was not something he liked to
>dwell on.
>"Are you gonna wait here or are you coming down with me?" Marc asked
>as they reached the B-deck landing.

"I'll be up here when your done." Fox said and headed towards the B-deck airlock. Whilst he waited for Marc, Fox peered through the window at the damaged
fighting suit within; lost in thought.
Chris Vargas
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:32
Re: Fox and Marc
Chris smiled then looked at Guant. "I'll warrant, it won't be as hard as you say... Sharyn's got a way about her... And if you don't mind being a pin cushin... I'm guessing your time table might be a little off..."

He sat and watched as his ship's doc and new-is-rescuee/possible-crew-member dealt with the meal.

"We'll see how you're doing... I'm sure the Doc wouldn't mind some help with environmental and the hydroponics..."

"If you have any questions you can ask just about anyone here... But I'll warn you.. If Fox can take your questions as a security risk.. He probably will."
John Gaunt
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:33
"I will. Fox's no big deal, he's just doing his job. I'll do my job, and we'll be fine. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

Gaunt reaches for a bucket with a trash-bag liner in it, vomits up what little broth he'd consumed, along with what little else was in his stomach, and starts dry-heaving.

When the spasms subside, he asks "Ginseng and Ginger Tea? With a little sugar in it?"

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Sharyn Chen
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:34
Re: Medical
As he's recovering Sharyn pushes a few buttons on one of the heating elements nearby. As he finishes, she hands him a cup. "Ginger and honey..." she explains. "We're fresh out of 'Seng"

"The pin-coushin is our Captain's way of saying acupuncture," she says. "And while it won't help you with the dry heaves, it will help with your muscle/circulation recovery..."
John Gaunt
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:35
Re: Medical
He takes the cup, carefully.

"We can put that on the 'purchase list' for next time we make landfall. It grows OK in hydro."

> "The pin-cushion is our Captain's way of saying acupuncture," she says.
> "And while it won't help you with the dry heaves, it will help with your
> muscle/circulation recovery..."

"I guessed that part. The easier you make this on me, the better I'll like it. I'll make it hard enough as it is. I've been a dart-board before."

He finishes the tea, slowly, holding the cup with both hands.

"Let's try sleeping. Hopefully I won't wake you."

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Sharyn Chen
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:36
Re: Medical
Sharyn smiles and takes the cup then sets everything up for Gaunt to sleep.. And her to keep an eye on him. As she dims the lights, the captain takes his leave.
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:37
Re: Medical
Marc finished the trip down to the cargo hold. Walking over to the area that the performers had set as a meal area, Marc set down the oversized tray.

"Dinner's ready," he said to the acrobats within earshot.

While removing items from the tray, Marc was not oblivious to the looks some of the performers were directing his way. He knew that he was better off then Fox was, afterall, Fox broke Ting's arm, but Marc had drawn down on the performers. He did not know if they would seek retribution, but with the attitude toward Fox, Marc did not leave his safety to chance. He watched everyone from the corners of his eyes, making sure no one was going to try something.

Marc moved aside when he saw Ting angling toward him.

"Liou coe shway duh biao-tze huh hoe-tze fuh ur-tze," Ting mumbled as he barely missed bumping into Marc.

Marc held back the urge to mention specifics about Ting's mother. It was not his place to start a fight. At least not yet...

"Good day to you, Mr. Denali," Darius said from behind Marc.

Marc turned to see the performer covered in sweat and burn marks.

"Working hard, I see," Marc said.

"Always," Darius replied. "Thank you for bringing down our meal. All is well from earlier?"

Marc nodded. He was still watching Ting. Every few seconds, he could see Ting glance up the cargo hold stairs.

"Just found some floating garbage," Marc answered. "I'm sure the captain will tell you more about it."

"The captain wants to see me?" Darius asked.

"Yeah. He'll be down in a little bit. He's taking care of something
at the moment."

"He'll be coming down here? Should I not be going up there?"

Marc looked directly at Darius.

"I would make implications like that in front of the Captain," Marc said, his voice full of seriousness. "This is his ship and he can go where he pleases. He said he would be down to talk soon."

"Very well," Darius said. "I should probably get cleaned up then."

Marc nodded. He backed away from the table some more, but watched the acrobats for another minute before turning back to the stairs.

Walking up the stairs, Marc thought about what he would tell Fox. Ting was obviously looking for a confrontation. That much was obvious. Marc's only problem was deciding whether to tell Fox to be careful or to call for help before he went down there again.

Reaching B-deck, Marc saw Fox leaning against the airlock hatch.

"Ready for the hunter?" Marc asked.
J. Foxworth
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:38
Fox and Marc
Fox didnt respond at fist, then he straghened up; stretching as he turned to face the first mate. "yeah... was jus' thinkin' is all."

he nodded in the direction of the bounty hunters cabin. "How you wanna do this?"
Chris Vargas
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 Captain of the Haven
Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:39
A conversation with Darius
Chris Vargas wheeled out of the medical bay and then locked his wheels.  He drew a sharp breath as he pushed off the chair and stood.  He knew that Sharyn would be unhappy with his decision, but this was something that was long past being said, and he was the one who needed to say it... and he needed to say it while standing.

He took a tentative step and smiled.  Sharyn's treatment was working.  He knew he was about to undo some of the good, but it had to be done.

He headed down the stairs, ignoring Marc and Fox as they prepared to search the bounty hunter's quarters.

When he arrived, Darius stood and offered him his hand.  Chris shook his hand.

Chris could tell by the look the performer and his crew gave him that his visit was not unexpected.

"I'm here," he said.  "To deal with something that should have been addressed much earlier."

"I demand an appology!" Ting yelled, as he stood up and moved closer.

"You," Chris growled as he turned to face the acrobat. "Are in the position to demand nothing."

As Ting's eyes widened, Chris' narrowed.

"You talk about how my crew injured you, how my crew attacked you, but you seem to competely ignore the fact that my crew fought you because *YOU* attacked our pilot.  YOU were going to beat him up for chasing after a pick pocket.  They had no idea what was going on, and showed remarkable restraint...."

"THIS!???" Ting demanded displaying his arm.  "This is showing restraint."

Chris looked at Ting.  "Yes, that was restraint, and the effect of one of your numbers hitting Fox as he had you in an arm lock.  An armlock.. think about that... if he wanted to hurt you.. why put you into an arm lock?"

"The fact of the matter is the fact that you all started this by attacking our pilot.  It was a missunderstanding  that is all.  And you had better remember that when you're shipboard, your life depends on the crew... and their actions.  If you can't deal with *That* you should not have gotten on the ship.... now that you ARE on my ship, I expect you to live by my rules... and if you cannot be civilized to my crew...  We can drop you off and arrange for new transportatin."

"This is not our fault!" Wing objected as he jumped off a box and joined his brother.

"So, you didn't attack our pilot?"

"We thought he..."

The Captain shook his head, "you attacked our pilot, " he stated interupting Wing's verbal assault.

"You attacked him... they responded.... its that simple.  If you can't understand or accept that, then nothing I can say or do will.... and if that is the case.. I will start calling for someone to talk over your tour."

"That won't be necissary," Darius assured Chris.  "We will deal with this in our own way..."

Chris gave Darius a questioning look... "Your own way as in?"

"As in, we will stay out of your people's way and we ask that you do the same..."

Chirs shook his head.  "That is only part of it... "

"I will allow none of my people to do harm to your people," he assured Chris.  "But we must handle this amongst ourselves."

"As long as you do handle it," Chris warned.

"No harm will come to you or your crew...."  Darius promised.
 player, 87 posts
Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:40
Marc and Fox
"We're just going to tell it to him straight," Marc answered, moving to Nedirov's door. "He's a passenger, we're going to search his room. Our perogative. Sound ok?"

(OOC: Provided it's an affirmative:)

Marc reached forward and knocked on the hunter's door, waiting for a response.
J. Foxworth
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:41
Re: Marc and Fox
Fox nods. " Yeah. An i figure we may end up havinto do the entire cargo hold too... dependin' on how the Captains talk with the clowns went..."

Fox stretched again, so hard that his shoulder blades made a couple of popping noises.

"lets give him a chance forst though." he said quietly. "ask him 'fore we start turnin' the place over."
Justice Nadrikov
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:42
Inspecing Justice's quarters
There was a slight pause and the door opened. Nadrikov looked from Fox to Marc, and then back to Fox. He was freshly shaven, and the room smelled vaguely of soap and rubbing alcohol.

"Gentlemen," he nodded. "Can I be of assistance?"
 player, 88 posts
Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:43
Re: Inspecing Justice's quarters
"I'm just going to blunt about this, Nadrikov," Marc says. "Fox believes that you may still have something that hasn't been declared. A weapon. He said he saw you reach for something when he came in here earlier. I'm not saying that you are for sure, but, for safety reasons, I have to follow up on it. So I'm going to ask you first, before we do a search, are you carrying a concealed weapon that you did not disclose to Fox?"
Justice Nadrikov
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 Bounty Hunter
Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:43
Re: Inspecing Justice's quarters
Justice blinked in surprise

"Fox is an observant individual. I was reaching for a soporific patch, since I was unarmed. The knock on the door...I was concerned there was some sort of situation and habit keeps me on the defensive. I've given Fox the opportunity to secure the hardware he asked about, but I understand the ship's security needs. I have nothing to hide, however, anything can be considered a weapon. You are welcome to come in and search my possessions. In fact, I think we'd all feel better if you did."

He stepped back and bid them in with a gesture.
 player, 89 posts
Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:44
Re: Inspecing Justice's quarters
"Fox is paranoid like that," Marc said, glancing at Fox and nodding. "It's why we keep him around."

Marc began to check through the cabinets. Because it was his cabin, Marc was certain there was nothing that could be hidden from him. Glancing at Fox and Justice, Marc did a search of everywhere he would hide something. Then he stepped back and let Fox do a more thorough search.
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:45
Meanwhile, in the hold
Darian watched as the captain left the hold and headed back up the stairs. His words made sense, but he knew that the show of strength and intelligence would be forgotten soon enough, and Ting and Wing would go back to bickering about how they should handle the situation.

Adrenaline and testosterone were too much a part of their lives and their profession for the brothers to let it go.

He hadn't really thought about what had almost happened to the pilot... that misunderstand was easy for them to forget... I mean, he was chasing a kid through the bazaar... too close to where two of the circus' performers had been attacked... it was understandable.

He shook his head. It was just like the crew's reaction to the actual threat that had been made to one of their own...

'There was a difference,' he realized. 'We would have hurt the pilot... they tried not to hurt us... not really....'
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
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Sharyn continued monitoring her patient's vitals as she began working on re-organizing medical. 'It might be better, even easier to have Marc take my quarters,' she thought to herself,

As she placed the container with the gauze on the counter, she felt a strange feeling wash over her. She giggled coldly and hugged her shoulders tightly, like she'd burst otherwise.

J. Foxworth
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:47
<joint Post>

Fox didn't speak all through the search, paying attention to checking items rather than to conversation.

Some of Nadrikov's possessions - some photos, toiletries a pack of mints - required nothing more than a cursory examination.

He spent longer on the books and the ring binder of notes, leafing quickly through to make sure nothing was concealed between the pages.  The clothing was checked for concealed pockets, as were the boots.  Justices' belt was given a more critical examination, and Fox even went so far as to sniff the patches from the little dispenser on it, apparently checking if they were in fact just knockouts as Justice claimed.  On and on the search went, until every conceivable place to conceal a weapon had been checked.

Fox cast the bounty hunter a vaguely apologetic look as he and Marc left, they had invaded his privacy after all.
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:47
Re: Confrontations
The week in passing

Medical – The first 24 hours passed well for Gaunt with only a minor
hiccup which Sharyn quickly dealt with. Both were thankful that the
next twenty four were uneventful as well.

Gaunt went from `liquid' foods such as broth and jello to solid yet
bland food. Sharyn was always careful to make sure he had no
problems with the food.

After the third day she began pressing him into gentle physical

By the end of the week he was able to follow her to the work out
area and being working his muscles. At first he did his exercises
without any weights, but today (a week later) he's ready to start
with 5 pounds.

Darius – Darius worked hard to keep his people in line, but it
wasn't too long after the captain's speech that Ting and Wing had
gone back to sulking. Sometimes at each other, sometimes towards
the crew, but more often than not towards him.

That was fine. He was in charge of the team… he was used to it…
almost. He wasn't sure he liked the way they'd nod towards him and
then slink away. They were up to something… he just had to find out

The captain was still waiting to have his `talk' with Dim, but the
pilot had managed to weasel out of it feigning indigestion once, and
a managing to have to duck into the pilot's blister to avoid a few

For the rest of the crew and passengers, things seem to run
smoothly. A few poker games lined some of the crew's pockets, while
the bounty hunter seemed to com out on the loosing side.
Occasionally instead of poker he would play go with Sharyn as she
split her attention between the game and Gaunt, making sure he
didn't push himself too hard.

OOC - if there's anything you want to have happened during the week
that hasn't been mentioned, please post now. Monday, we begin the
new shipboard week with... hmm.. Lets make it MOnday.
J. Foxworth
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Sun 19 Jun 2005
at 17:48
Re: Confrontations
It was several days after Marc and Fox had searched the bounty hunters cabin, and the middle of the night, shiptime.  Fox wasnt sleeping though.  He sat on his bunk and whittled at a half finished carving as he listened to the noises of the ship through his open door.

Someone pacing above him, up on A deck - he recognized the footsteps without difficulty; it was Dimitri, the ships other habitual insomniac, pulling an all nighter himself.
Slow, regular breathing from Rand and Marcs cabins, proving that both the engineer and bounty hunter were sound asleep.
A faint murmering of voices from the direction of the cargo hold, some of the acrobats it seemed, were still up and about, even at this hour.  Fox couldnt quite hear what they were talking about, and wasnt inclined to try.
The scrape, scrape, scrape of his knife as it moved over the wood he was shaping.

Fox stopped whittling, exhaled slowly and closed his eyes; searching out faint noises on the edge of hearing, identifying and locating them, then discounting them.

A faint gurgling behind the cabin walls:  air in the water pipes again, he'd have to see about that before it got loud enough to bother the others.
The continual low hum of the engine core as it ticked over, generating power for the sleeping ship.  Even with all its sound proofing, even through the deck, he could hear it.  He was also fairly certain that the only other person on board who could was Rand.
A creak, seemingly as loud as a gunshot, as Rand rolled over in bed.
As he strained his perfect hearing, the conversation down in the cargohold became intelligible; Darien was talking to one of the others about plans for their next show.

The sound of Dimitri's footsteps moved back toward the front the ship and he heard the flight deck door open and close.

Finally satisfied, Fox returned his carving project and knife to his bedside table - he wouldn't be needing them - and slipped silently out of his cabin.