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Specialized/Original Equipment and Items
This is for posting rules and descriptions of special items and equipment for quick reference:

ROD OF ABSORPTION (original): This is a 3 foot long rod with a scabbard-like loop for holding it on a belt. Here is what Kahzir told you:

Kahzir takes a seat to rest his pained head.  "That rod is a special type of Rod of Absorption.  It has spells cast into it by mages or priests, and it can be used by either mages or priests, regardless of the spell put inside it.  It is activated by a series of maneuvers like a conductor conducting an orchestra.  Depending on the movements of the hand, one of the spells will be released.  Besides being purely a simple wrist action, this allows the caster to cast a spell himself, or take some other action, even while using the rod."  (I.e., this gives an extra attack for the user in the round.)  "Its ability feeds on the will of the user, such that other spells requiring gestures only require the spoken words and the will of the user."

He laughs.  "The key is knowing how to use it to release the spells.  Darwen has a book on him that details the movements for each spell.  However, once the spell is gone from the rod, it has to be put back in.  Otherwise, you'll just be shaking a stick and nothing will happen."  (The rod requires you to either memorize the hand action -- by substituting any level spell for the day (memorized or prayed for) to instead memorize the routine -- or by holding the book and following its diagrams.  The latter requires concentration and will negate the extra attack otherwise gained.

The book in Darwen's bag of holding describes each action.  The rod holds up to 10 spells.

Therefore, it still has five spells in it.  The problem is that, if you want to put your own spells in it, you will negate the spells that Darwen put in if you don't use the empty slots.  You just don't know which 5 slots are empty and what spells Darwen has in the other 5!  They could be powerful...or not.</purple>

OOC: Darwen was a higher level cleric than Kahan, so likely he keeps powerful spells inside.  This gives you a choice of taking chances for fun or just putting all your own spells in there.  The battle will give a good shot at trying it out.

You remember Darwen used it for:
Cure Critical Wounds
Walk On Air
Improved Invisibility
Magic Missiles


10 slots
5 currently filled (but you don't know which ones or which spells).

You can put a spell for the day into a slot.  Result: you lose that spell for the day, but can cast two spells in one round using the rod.  The spell will hold over for future days, so you can reload it when you have a few days break.  (Obviously, healing spells would be one idea for loading over several days' period, since you can load the same spell on it to store in different slots.)

For "loading" by a previous owner, there is an X in 10 chance that the slot is already filled, replacing the previous spell (X being the number of spells currently loaded), but when you put your own spells into it, you know which slots they are in.

Darwen's book contains a list spells (cleric and mage), so that you know what gestures to use for which spells.  Did I ever give you a list of spells from the book?  If not, I will give you that.

One thing Kahan's exceptional wisdom will probably divine is that Darwen can only have so many spells on him that are worth putting in the rod and gets only so many per day, so he may have duplicated his favorite spells over several days' time.

The rod holds both cleric and mage spells, and can be used by anyone.  However, when used by a non-magic user/cleric, a slot is permanently deleted for each use.

SPELLS IN DARWEN'S BOOK WITH GESTURES OUTLINED (i.e., spells that can be used):

Spells Used by Darwen
Cure Critical Wounds
Walk On Air
Improved Invisibility
Magic Missiles

Wizard Spells
Feather Fall
Darkness, 15' Radius
Fog Cloud
Mirror Image
Stinking Cloud
Vampiric Touch
Charm Monster
Monster Summoning II
Wizard Eye
Death Fog
Chain Lightning
Invisible Stalker
Stone to Flesh
True Seeing

Cleric Spells
Create Water
Cure Light Wounds
Detect Evil
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Invisibility to Undead
Resist Fire/Resist Cold
Silence, 15' Radius
Slow Poison
Animate Dead
Create Food & Water
Cure Blindness or Deafness
Cure Disease
Dispel Magic
Feign Death
Flame Walk
Remove Curse
Remove Paralysis
Cure Serious Wounds
Free Action
Protection From Lightning
Air Walk
Animal Growth
Animal Summoning II
Cure Critical Wounds
Dispel Evil
Flame Strike
Insect Plague
Raise Dead
Spike Stones
Conjure Fire Elemental
Heroes' Feast
Speak With Monsters
Transport Via Plants
Turn Wood
Wall of Thorns
Weather Summoning
Word of Recall

There is no penalty for trying one of the spells above.  You can try a specific type of spell.  The only downside is that you lose the round to try out the action.

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Augmantium is a powerful artifact discovered in the Temple of Ashmere.  It is a golden dragon statuette.  The statuette is contained in a special and ornate dragon box which prevents its magic from escaping (for easy transport).

Augmantium projects a powerful anti-magic aura that will dispel any magic in its path.  (Its discovery by the party unleashed over 1000 years of pent up anti-magic power that is now tearing apart the fabric of the world, which is presumed to be held together by a type of magic.)

As a weapon, Augmantium can be used by opening one of the sides of its carrying case box.  This will unleash an anti-magic cone extending up to 60 feet (similar to a cone of cold).  Moving the the artifact in circles essentially dispels all magic in a 60 foot radius.  It does not discriminate and will destroy protective and negative magic, including weapon and armor enchantments.  The effect is instantaneous and can be stopped by closing the door on its box.

Augmantium does not affect artifacts.

*Footnote: the "Au" in Augmantium was taken from the periodic table symbol for gold.


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Artifacts of the Five Pillars


Eye of the World (diamond-like gem) (party has)

Augmantium (dragon statuette) (party has)

Scepter of Shi'iki ("death to life") (party has)

Dagger of Ikishi ("life to death") (OOC: I think this got left/destroyed in the temple, but correct me in the comments thread if I am wrong.)

Brooch (previously worn by Krugoth) (taken off Grung's corpse in the Temple of Harkahnon) UPDATE: TEXT IS UNCLEAR ON WHETHER KAHAN OR GRUNG HAD IT LAST, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE GRUNG HAD IT; IN ANY CASE, WE WILL ASSUME KAHAN TOOK IT BACK.

Necklace  (in Pamaran's possession, found by Anlisade in his journeys)

Sword of Chianta (wielded by Borimer)


Non-magical sceptre?
Eye of Tarsek?

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Re: Artifacts of the Five Pillars
There is said to be two artifacts for each of the five pillars of the Gods (i.e., 10 total artifacts).  Here is what you have discovered so far:

The first is power over life and death.
1) Sceptre of Shi'iki -- in your possession
2) Dagger of ikishi -- left in the Temple of Ashmere

The second is strength and magic greater than mortal flesh.

1) Sword of Chianta -- wielded by Borimer (also called "Godslayer") (The Sword of Chianta has an obsidian-like blade that is razor sharp and acts as a +3 longsword.  It may have other magical properties not yet discovered.)
---  +3 longsword
---  +5 vs. undead

2) ?

The third is power over time and space.
1) Eye of the World (round diamond) -- in your possession
2) Eye of Tarsek (long ruby) -- in your possession

The fourth is cunning and wisdom of the gods.

1) Berillian Brooch(?) -- held by Kahan.  (The Berillian Brooch, when worn, gives a +3 to all saving throws and skill checks involving wisdom, intelligence, or charisma.  It may have other magical properties that will be discovered over time.)

2) ?

The fifth is persuasion and power over will.
1) ?
2) ?

Other artifacts are:

Necklace (taken by Pamaran)
Augmantium (probabl not one of the five pillars)

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Re: Artifacts of the Five Pillars
Posts 2, 3 and 4 are also good for the new players to take a look at.

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Re: Artifacts of the Five Pillars
Check updates above:

Note that I have assumed you have taken the brooch from Grung's corpse, though it was not specifically mentioned.  (It is an artifact, after all...)  Although at another point, it lists it as being held by Kahan, so I'm assuming Kahan took it one way or the other.

In fact, the party did not loot any of the corpses or orcs, or even the mage serving as Grung's counselor, when it was in the Harkahnon Ruins.

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Re: Artifacts of the Five Pillars
We were a little bit busy fighting every monster in the Monster Manual, sorry. :P
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Re: Artifacts of the Five Pillars
Keoghtom's Ointment: This sovereign salve is useful for drawing poison, curing disease, or healing wounds. A jar of the unguent is small—perhaps three inches in diameter and one inch deep—but contains five applications. Placed upon a poisoned wound (or swallowed), it detoxifies any poison or disease. Rubbed on the body, the ointment heals 1d4+8 points of damage. Generally, 1d3 jars will be found.
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Re: Artifacts of the Five Pillars

See messages 3 and 4 here regarding the artifacts you currently have in your possession.
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Re: Artifacts of the Five Pillars
Well then Kahan pulls out all the artifacts he knows are pillars and everything that even has the slightest possibility of being one.