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DM Heath
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Thu 6 Mar 2014
at 17:58
Party Items and Inventory
I want to put here a list of party items and inventory as we go.  I will not likely keep track of where the inventory goes or who has it -- that is up to you -- but will instead post the items found so that they are all compiled in one thread.  When I get a little time, I will try to go back and consolidate some of the items that have crossed over with you from previous adventures.

I will NOT include here your private equipment/inventory.  That belongs on the character sheets.

Kahan Singh
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Sun 15 Mar 2015
at 23:53
Re: Party Items and Inventory
This is the most recent accumulated listing I could find of everything in the portable hole. Most of it is just junk that we didn't want to get rid of just in case we needed it later.

Ancient tome ("A History of the World")
Bone key
Book of the Dead
Dagger, bejeweled
Ethereal Key
1 Eye of the Beholder wrapped in paper
Hand pickaxe with a hammer on one side
Hand shovel, small
High Cleric's robe
Map of tunnels leading to temple's inner sanctum
Miniature bronze sword
Miniature copper sword
Miniature gold sword
Miniature pewter sword
Miniature platinum sword
Miniature silver sword
6 ornate candelabras
Parchment with diagram of inner sanctum's main altar
8 platinum coins from a strange land we don't recognize
10 platinum coins of some foreign place we've never seen before
9 pitons/spikes (10 inches each)
2 purple gems (type unknown)
Scroll with Ancient Allevian writing
Scroll with personal note in Dwarvish
Set of grappling hooks
Set of rappelling tools (including carabiners)
Stone box, large (empty)
Stone key
Temporal Key
Vellum scroll with formal writings in Dwarvish

DM Heath
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Mon 16 Mar 2015
at 18:43
Re: Party Items and Inventory
Please check the inventory list I just bumped.  That was my last record of what's in the portable hole and used as party equipment.  Note that people had "claimed" portable hole equipment, but some of them are dead now and it's open season.  I noticed bow and quiver among the items in there.
DM Heath
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Wed 3 May 2017
at 21:45
Re: Party Items and Inventory
Here is Shapfren's equipment.  I assume they were all put in the portable hole:

Current Spellbook:
(1:19, 2:6, 3:1 )
1 Read Magic
1       Detect Magic

1       Spook
1       Magic Missile
1       Hypnotism
1       Grease
1       Audible Glamer
1       Unseen Servant
2       Knock
2       Invisibility
2       Improved Phantasmal Force
3       Fireball
3       Fly spell
4       Shadow Monsters


Current Equipment

Mandoline (5 lbs, 40 gp)
Backpack (2 gp, 2 lbs.)
Small Belt Pouch (7sp 1/2 lb)
Clothing (20 gp 6 sp )
Hollow Boots (15 gp)
Wrist Sheath x2 (6 sp)
Cloak - Good cloth (8 sp)
Silver Ping ring (10 gp)
Girdle (3 gp)
Gown, common (12 sp)
Plain brooch (10 gp)
Sword scabbard (4 gp)
Vest (6 sp)

Shortsword (10 gp 3 lbs
Dagger x3 (6 gp 3 lbs)
Wineskin (8sp 1lb)
Dry rations - 1 week(10 gp)

Weight 12 -1/2 lbs


 1 GP 3 sp