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Test of the Faithful - Adventure Items, Goals and Info
Due to the sometimes long game lag, this thread is meant as a quick reminder of issues, items, and goals related to the current adventure so that you don't forget and can easily reference and come back to them later.
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Re: Test of the Faithful - Adventure Items, Goals and Info
Current Map (updated 8/11/14)

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Re: Test of the Faithful - Adventure Items, Goals and Info
The golden puzzle box:

There is a very ornamental box.  It is about 18 inches to a side, made of a golden or brass material.  It is closed.

On its surface, there does not appear to be any way to open the box.
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Thu 24 Aug 2017
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Re: Test of the Faithful - Adventure Items, Goals and Info
Current Goals:

1) Get Cure for the Black Curse disease: (Etag told you that your exposure to the mountain caves means that all of you will catch it in time.  It leads to discoloration around the extremities and lips, and then to madness and violence.)

Step One: The cure requires Lathia berries (aka "earth berries"), which should be in the dragon's lair.  The dragon is called Ozymandius, and has been driven mad with no honor or goodness left in it.  Etag said you will probably have to heal it after drawing it away from the healing lake.

Step Two: The earth berries only last 10-15 minutes when removed from the branches of their bush.  To preserve them longer, they must be soaked in Earthsilver (the healing water), which will preserve them up to 1 day.

Step Three:  Find a gnome named Unther in the hamlet of Chikaar at the base of the mountain.  (The gnomes can help you get in his good graces.)

For more details, read the dying words of the Drow Etag here:

link to a message in this game

2) Seek out the gnome Tenvillah:
He is a gnome scholar who knows how to cure the Curse.  (Unther will know where he is.  Tenvillah will not be cooperative unless you bring gnomes back safely.)

3) Defeat Tarimar:
  The wizard Azaron Ashe had pupils.  Etag was one, but he is now dead.  Tarimar was the other, but he turned evil, went through the Gates of Time and disrupted the worlds at the Gates of Time, which is a junction of different Fates.  ("Markers of Fate" are junctions beyond which no one can travel backwards or forwards beyond.  You have traveled to the previous Marker before Tienna was destroyed, about a thousand years back.)  The Gates of Time were banned by the gods but they could not be destroyed because they were created by a god.  (You killed Tarimar once, but then found out he had duplicated himself through time travel and other means, so now on this world he is still alive somewhere.)

As you will recall, you also passed through the Gates of Time to escape the destruction of the world Tienna and to travel here to Allevia.  But now you have found out that you have traveled back about a thousand years as well as to a different world, Allevia, and your home world Tienna still exists like a moon in the sky.

4) Prevent The Reckoning/Keep the Kuvlah Tah in balance:
  Also known as the "Kuvlah Tah," it is a function of destruction and rebirth for the universe created by the gods.  The Kuvlah Tah is held in balance by a force that can overcome all other forces and laws and resonates throughout worlds.  It is typically called "magic."  It is also what holds the world and universe together. It is meant to be in balance ("Kish Gilah"), but it was thrown into imbalance when Tarimar went through the Gates.  Now, different Fates are colliding at the same juncture, and the world is not what it should be.

Allevia is an altered world (as you will find out soon enough) because Tarimar's travel through the Gates warped and mutated the magic on the land.  However, the Reckoning will effectively destroy and recreate the universe--so you can see how that might be a bad thing for you.  Etag said: "The face of Allevia is forever changed.  Ecosystems are unrecognizable in places.  Old plagues are rising again.  Dragons rise from their slumber, and creatures have been called from otherworldly chasms.  There is a desert changed to pure glass, mountains have fallen to valleys, and mists have changed to poison.  Most of the world still remains as it was, but the pockets of destruction are there where the magic came through strongest."

Tarimar traveling through the Gates unleashed the process of the Reckoning on Allevia, which made it start growing sick and unnatural, and it will eventually be destroyed just like Tienna if not stopped.

5) Find the Xren Codex (optional):
Azaron Ashe was having the history of the world scribed into the Xren Codex in Ancient Allevian script.  It will help elucidate any historical lack of continuity in history, fate, and will of the gods.

6) Prevent young Ashe from seeing the Codex (optional):
  The future Ashe does not want the young Ashe to see the Xren Codex, as it may alter his own future and result in damage or destruction of the world.

7) Protect the Five Pillars:
  The five pillars are aspects imbued in magical objects, 2 objects each (10 total artifacts).  If brought together, they could result in accelerating the Reckoning or bringing back balance.

Etag said:  "The artifacts were scattered and their identities lost with time, except for a few entrusted with knowledge.  The gods did not see good in having them all in one place and in one possession because the power would be too great.  If all the artifacts are brought together, they result in crushing the Gates of Time and resetting the world to its original state.  This can be good or bad, for whoever brings the artifacts together will himself become a god to rule in dominion over the two worlds for good or ill, and the artifacts will be scattered again."

8) Decipher Etag's last words:
Just before dying, Etag said some confusing things:
"Take Marty to..."
"Beware the man with the white hair."
"Climb the Talon."
"Cross the Sea of Glass."
"Find the gnome brothers who speak as one."
The Xren Codex will..."