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GM Arkrim
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Sun 11 Mar 2018
at 18:05
Poll #33: GM vs. Multiclassing
I've long expressed my hatred for multiclassing and have made many BP costs to discourage it.

However, there is one form of multiclassing I'm amenable to: dual-classing. That is, ensuring that:
1) You have only 2 base classes (not including prestige)
2) Both classes you take are within 1 level of each other.

There are several house rules that could be eliminated if we simply banned "dips", aka, multiclassing when those classes are not dual-classed.

Here's my proposal:

A) Ban dips and limit all multiclassing to either dual-classing or variant multiclassing (from Pathfinder Unchained) and in exchange eliminate a lot of tedious BP costs and house rules.


B)Leave it as is.


C) Get rid of house rules discouraging multiclassing and instead implement just this one: Pay extra BP for the level difference between your two base classes.

I leave the vote to you all.

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Josep Gavinho
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Sun 11 Mar 2018
at 18:19
Poll #33: GM vs. Multiclassing
sounds good to me.
Latro Dectus
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Sun 11 Mar 2018
at 18:42
Poll #33: GM vs. Multiclassing
I'm fine with choice A as that seems to be the way things are trying to head anyways.
Jayce the Tamer
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Sun 11 Mar 2018
at 18:48
Poll #33: GM vs. Multiclassing
I haven't Made a single character that multiclasses(Jayce and Abram), So I am leaning towards A.

Question, what happens with level 30? This is important since we cant keep going up in a single class. And I don't want to not be 20 in my primary class to avoid ban rules or penalties.

Example 20 summoner, marshal 10 or 20 summoner paladin 10.

Do I get penalized or will this be banned in option A?
GM Arkrim
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Sun 11 Mar 2018
at 19:05
Poll #33: GM vs. Multiclassing
In reply to Jayce the Tamer (msg # 4):

You cap at 20th but you use Mythics to go beyond that: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/mythic/mythic-heroes/

When I run Pathfinder on tabletop I like to restrict non-mythic to 11th level. Every time you level up beyond 11th level you do half mythic half regular.

So, 12th level is actually Level 11/Mythic 1
13th = Level 12/Mythic 1
14th = Level 12/Mythic 2
15th = Level 13/Mythic 2
16th = Level 13/Mythic 3
17th = Level 14/Mythic 3
18th = Level 14/Mythic 4
19th = Level 15/Mythic 4
20th = Level 15/Mythic 5
21st = Level 16/Mythic 5
22nd = Level 16/Mythic 6
23rd = Level 17/Mythic 6
24th = Level 17/Mythic 7
25th = Level 18/Mythic 7
26th = Level 18/Mythic 8
27th = Level 19/Mythic 8
28th = Level 19/Mythic 9
29th = Level 20/Mythic 9
30th = Level 20/Mythic 10

I've found that the game balance/flow works very well this way. Casters don't outclass non-casters quite so easily and you can delay the pesky 7th-9th level spells much longer to keep the adventure up as a GM.

Not that this has anything to do with the arena. Just some random thoughts on the matter.

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Sun 11 Mar 2018
at 19:10
Poll #33: GM vs. Multiclassing
Option B,
 sometimes a class has some cool stuff in the first bit but is useless afterwards.  My current build is a good example first 2 level of my archtype give me a fun ability rest of the archtype is useless for me or at most of very little use so I moved over to another class that gave me feats to build out and on top of what I gained in the first class.

If there was an option to move back to the base class no other archtype just base class from the level you leave the archtype and no other classes multiclassed into I think would be a good option.
Jayce the Tamer
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Sun 11 Mar 2018
at 19:18
Poll #33: GM vs. Multiclassing
I see, option B only because I may very well rather be 19 or 20 summoner and then take paladin and/or mythic. Option A doesn't allow for niceties of taking another class after I maxed the first, outside of mythic.

U less you find it in you to include language like, if you went straight primary you may for the remaining ten levels split evenly a class and mythic or go straight mythic. Then I will go back to option A.

And I stand by this as I have NEVER dipped into another class. Not once.

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GM Arkrim
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Sun 11 Mar 2018
at 20:02
Poll #33: GM vs. Multiclassing
In reply to Jayce the Tamer (msg # 7):

Jayce, it's a vote. You only get one.