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GM Arkrim
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Sun 25 Mar 2018
at 08:47
Poll #35: Playtest
So I home brew a lot of stuff but don't get much time to play test it. But I could use help from you all.

Would anyone be willing to play duels using races/classes/items/feats/spells that are third party?

Your duels would not count towards the LEADER BOARD but they would otherwise be fully rewarded BP.

But I need a significant number of people interested in this to bother.

Any interest?

Jayce the Tamer
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Sun 25 Mar 2018
at 09:01
Poll #35: Playtest
Dibs on necromancer.

I'd be more than happy to do so. Can we mix and match homebrew(your content) with paizo stuff(feats basically)?

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