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Thu 16 Apr 2009
at 18:24
Combat Rules
Recent Experience has compelled me to make some clear-cut guidelines for conducting combat encounters.

The first step, is that everyone gets to roll Initiative, and post it to me.  They can do this publicly, or they can make it a private line, but I want see it on the IC board.

After that, we go round by round.  Everyone posts their actions, and I resolve those actions, and the bad guys' action,s and post it all.  Conditional posts are allowed (IE: if x happens, then i will do this instead), and if the situation changes dramatically - a seemingly benign enemy turns out to be a dreadlord, for example - I may give people the chance to alter their actions.

Everybody has to make all rolls associate to their actions, including damage rolls, attack rolls, skill checks, rolls to beet concealment, concentration checks to cast weaves defensively or in adverse situations, overchannelling rolls, and anything else that I haven't mentioned and post them in description of their actions.  Again, you can do this in a private line if you feel it will ruin the narrative to have rules text, but it has to be there.

Everybody posts just one set of actions in ay given round - that is, once I resolve a round, you should just need to post once until that round is resolved and we move on to the next one after it.

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