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Chapter 3: Winter of Discontent
Having agreed on a course of action, the party sets out towards the south.  the journey is a long one overland, but not a hard one.  The local smallfolk often give you curious looks - the party is a strange one, after all - but nothing worse accosts you.The tiny villages of the Almoth Plain give way to the slightly larger towns of rural Tarabon even as fall begins to give way towards winter - for Melina and Rai'el, the first winter they will ever know, and a cold one at that.

Eventually, the low white walls of Tanchico come into view, and the city beyond - a vast array of white-painted buildings gleaming in the sunlight, surrounding an assortment of dazzling architecture and golden domes at the heart of the city.  Unfortunately, upon entering the city, the true state of affairs become clear: buildings once gleaming white are now shabby and ill-maintained, with plaster pealing in droves - clearly the city has seen more prosperous days.  For Melina and Rai'el, this will be another first - the first true city they have visited.  Falme compares to Tanchico, as a glass of water compares to the sea - the city is crowded to bursting, noisy to the point of causing deafness, and vibrantly alive with businessmen, workers, entertainers, and, of course, the occasionally shady look group waiting off the main thoroughfares.  The party barely occasions comment as they pass through the northern gates.

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