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Friends in need
Raiel hurried to the inn to look for Lyon.  She spotted the Ogier in the comfortable dimness of the later night in the inn, and moved quickly to him.  "Lyon" I need you right away. Darkness runs the rooftops though they have not yet stuck."

When Raiel turned to face the Ogier fully she is surprised by an unknown face regarding her.

What Hangar sees is a very tall young woman She stands 6'4", with a wiry build that indicated a hard physical life.. Her cloths are mostly of grays and taupe colors.m with high topped boots of grayish taupe curiously patterned leather loosed pants tucked into the boots. and soft jacket of hip length, a belt that matched her boots  with that strange texture and pattern. A  long stout knife was sheathed to her left side with a couple more apparent in her boots and waistband. She carried back with short spears on her back and a recurve bow over her shoulder  Her hair is red gold and her eyes like a eagles, golden with dark rimmed.

"Your are not Lyon." she says abruptly and turns s to leave.
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Sun 7 Oct 2012
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Re: Friends in need
Not knowing any Lyon, or having any reason to think someone could be addressing him except for the vague linguistic familiarity of a name that could very easily be Ogier in origin Hangar does not turn to look at the rapidly approaching human until she is rather close to him and her very presence makes it clear that she has come to him for some reason or another.  Turning his inquisitive look, not to be mistake for surprise by another Ogier but effectively indistinguishable to humans in the dark, on the woman and looks down at her from far enough above that her own impressive height is almost undetectable.

As she explains her misunderstanding by telling him that he is not someone else Hangar quickly goes over in his head what it was she was asking about and reaches out a large hand in a gesture intended to stop her from fleeing without having to touch her, but that could very easily turn into a grasping hand should she continue to bolt and replies to her anyways, in his haste to catch her before she flees he speaks in his normal speaking tone his deep powerful voice clearly audible in the night dozens of yards away, rather than the whispers he usually remembers to use indoors.  ”Neither do I know this Lyon you are looking for, nor am I willing to let Darkness strike from the rooftops unquestioned,.  Obviously you are looking for an Ogier or you could never have mistaken me for whomever he is, if it is the assistance of an Ogier you seek lead on and explain the situation as you understand it on the way, I will follow and help in whatever way I am able.”

Abandoning the shadows and light of the inn to follow the young woman into the dark street in search of some form of striking darkness Hangar easily matches her short legged pace, even as he works out the last few kinks left in his limbs from the time spent enjoying his ease in the common room rapidly falling behind them.
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Sun 7 Oct 2012
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Re: Friends in need
Raiel leads the strange Ogier, back towards Melina and her group.  Ahead to the left a group of four riders and a couple on foot.  Tell them Raiel sent you.  Be Prepared.  I go over the rooftops where the enemies are hiding. Be swift Friend Ogier. There are many above.  It is a good day to die."

With that said Raiel climbs swiftly to the roof top of the nearest building o and disappears into the night.

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