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8.0 Back too the a place of miced memories.
When you past through the gate Darek of course know where he choose to open the gate,  The rest of you don not.  The hills are low and rolling a river of some size flows in gently curving track through what is farm land  A large village is seen partially from the gates opening.l  Darek and Melina were married close to this spot, and they and Thayna, Nerissa, and Jennor remember the hordes of Trollocs and how they had learn to put aside distrust and work together to save the town and its people.

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Re: 8.0 Back too the a place of miced memories.
Jennor led his mount through the Gate and examined the area carefully once he was through.  Having recognized the location from before, once Jennor was fully through the Gate he was on his guard and alert for any signs of Trolloc (or other suspicious) activity.  He had distinctly mixed feelings about the area, remembering some of the tension that arose with the merging of "rival" groups.  It was here that Jennor had begun to have his first doubts as to his future as a Warder, thus there was considerably uneasy emotion underlying Jennor's apprehension about this site.

As Jennor mounted his horse and kept his hand close to the hilt of his blade, ready to draw it at the first sign of danger, Jennor keep a look out for signs of trouble as the rest of the party made its way through the Gate.