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Wed 17 Nov 2010
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John LeeVentruePrince
Kelly CartierToreadorSeneschel
Nicolete CaneBrujahPrimogen
Miguel GiovanniGiovanniPrimogen
Whitney ManningMalkavianPrimogen
Esperenza TierdinosTremerePrimogen
Haven DardenTremerePrimogen
Germaine MarshallToreadorPrimogen
Maryse CesaireToreadorPrimogen
Lars ReznickVentruePrimogen
Nigel SandersMalkvianSheriff
Arianna RossAssamiteDeputy
Dave PressleyBrujahDeputy
Lorelei KingTremereDeputy
Joey BossVentrueDeputy
Jennifer ClarksonToreadorKeeper of Elysium
Riley SummersVentrueKeeper of Elysium

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Wed 17 Nov 2010
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For now, in no particular order:

Red Sock: Vampire from Boston (used derogatorily)

DUMBO Dropping: Feeding in the DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge OverPass)area.

Eating Fried Chicken: The elder equivalent of "slumming."

Crazy Town: The Sheriff and his deputies.

The Dick: Also, Big Dick, Little Dick, Dick, etc... A reference to Nigel, who is a Cockney Londoner.

Meatpacker: Someone who feeds in the Meatpacking District, or someone who feeds primarily off of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual (LGBT) community.

Immigrant: A new arrival to NYC, not necessarily derogatory but often is.

Flag Carrier: FC: Code for Prince, but could mean any authority figure or individual with a lot of clout. Presumably taken from capture the flag games popular with Team NOS.

Probate, Probie: Derogatory term for a new recruit into Team NOS. Has been adopted to include all of Anarchs in the city in general.

Baked: Collective name for Ken and Chris, leaders of Team NOS.

A Paris, Paris Hilton: Harpy; Uppity, Derogatory term for rich Kindred who act like snobs around those of lesser money or position, not used very often since people stopped caring about Paris Hilton. EX: Dora was being a real Paris when she made that snotty ass comment about my coat at Elysium.

Peckerwood: Derogatory term for Christian used by Anarchs behind his back, and especially with Ken and Chris, to his face, which is where the name started.

His Doucheness: Derogatory reference to the Prince; used by Anarchs and never anywhere John could over hear it.

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Wed 17 Nov 2010
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The Historical Society of Nod: Comprised mostly of Ancillae, with a notable elder or two, the Historical Society of Nod is a collective of Kindred with strong interests, and the Influence and personal power to pursue that interest, in Kindred history.

Tank's Brood: The Anarch faction being lead by Eve. Eve's crew, despite their bluster, are largely friendly to the Camarilla and are largely open to "weekend Anarchs." Perhaps because of Eve's relationship with those in power, or perhaps just because she is getting jaded and tired of fighting, she is the most willing to compromise with the Camarilla's power holders. This willing to compromise or give concessions extends to those who fall in with her. Eve's territory is the historic Anarch territory: the Bronx, though this is under threat by the other Anarch factions.

The Proteges: The youngest group of Harpies in Elysium. Comprised mostly of neonates with several Ancillae in the mix. These are the up and comers of Elysium.

The Board of Directors: The Board consists of the wealthiest, and most influential Kindred in the city. They meet infrequently to guide the city where they can in a particular direction or undertake a particular project. Their most recent was the construction of a new baseball stadium for the New York Yankees when it became clear the old one was just beyond upgrading anymore. Membership on The Board is highly coveted and a secret. The only confirmed member is John Lee, who is expected to lead the organization.

Team NOS: The Anarch faction lead by Ken and Chris. Ken and Chris are highly territorial, occupying a large portion of Brooklyn and a fair amount of the Bronx. While far from the most violent group of Anarchs in the city, Team NOS is perhaps the most easily provoked. They police themselves and generally obey the Traditions provided they are left alone.

The Queen's Gang: Lead by Elizabetha Crassus, the older sibling of the late Ezekiel, TQG is the most violent of the Anarch factions. Elizabetha has every intention of taking the city as an Anarch domain. While the other factions are content to let Prince John run things provided they are left alone, Elizabetha sees no room for the Camarilla next to the Anarch cause. She is openly at war with Eve and is on quite rocky terms with Team NOS, who she is trying to recruit to her banner. Thus far her methods have failed, but many watch with trepidation because if Team NOS and TQG unite it will begin one of the bloodiest wars in the history of NYC.

The Prince's Childer: This is a large, and growing brood of vampires embraced by the Prince.

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The Midnighter's Ball: An annual event usually held October 1st. The host is chosen by Christian Knox and is almost invariably the person who has irritated him the most over the year. The entire party is a sham and is designed for everyone there to take pop shots, cajole, tease, and otherwise make the host miserable. However, if the Host puts on a good party, swallows their pride and takes their lumps with grace their time on the outs is over after the party.

The Death Night of John Lee: As is Tradition in NYC the Prince's night of Embrace is celebrated with what is arguably the largest, most prestigious, and best, party of the year. Typically the Prince hosts the event himself, but it is his party after all, and anything can happen. Whatever the theme getting invited provides a massive boost to one's social standing as generally the Prince either chooses his guest list himself, or approves of the list given to him.

All Hallow's Eve: The yearly Halloween party typically hosted by Christian, but can be hosted by anyone who beats him to the punch without any social repercussions (provided their party goes off splendidly).

New Year's Eve Bash: This is one of the most heavily fought over parties in all of New York City. So fierce is competition to be the one to host the party that the Keepers of Elysium regularly choose the host(s). Theoretically everyone is invited to the New Year's Eve Bash and the location, and often the surroundings, are temporarily declared Elysium. For the largest part of the party squabbles, politics, and social drama is set aside for one night and everyone has a blast. This is a perfect opportunity to put old grudges to rest, curry favor, and otherwise improve one's lot in NYC as well as hob knob with individuals typically out of reach.

The Quarterly Meeting of the Primogen: This meeting is always held in secret, the location never being released to anyone except those who are required to be in attendance, and often times, only hours before they are supposed to be there. For the most part these meetings are held to allow the Primogen to converse with the Prince, voice concerns, make deals, etc... Just as often however these meetings are social functions where the power brokers of New York City's Camarilla can relax and rub elbows without the riffraff around to spoil things.

Fight Club: This is the late Ezekiel Rothstein's legacy to New York City, and quite a few other cities. Originally started in New Orleans during the 1920s as a way to keep the rowdy Brujah in check, Fight Club has since spread across the country. Once upon a time word of Fight Club was spread through small, hand drawn, flyers. Its believed Chuck Palahniuk found one of these flyers, perhaps even attending a meeting before writing his now famous novel of the same name. Since the movie was released however, its become a common rule to never use the flyers again. Now, schedules are only passed via word of mouth, and in most cities there are two Fight Clubs. One for mortals, usually run by a Kindred as a den for illegal gambling, and one for the Kindred themselves. Given that Ezekiel was Baron, and a Primogen in New York City, it only goes without saying that NYC would have a Fight Club of its own. NYC normally has one of the largest, and most vibrant Fight Clubs, but with its three Anarch factions at war the scene has waned. Showing up to compete at Fight Club has become a matter of unlife and Final Death for some of the more popular fighters.

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Wed 3 Aug 2011
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Here is a table of all the clans with their respective members listed, and because I'm bad ass like that: The names are all links to that NPC's Character Description.

The Links are broken and will be deleted eventually. Please use The Cast link at the top of the page to get to Descriptions for a particular NPC.


  • Arianna Ross
  • Hans Grimmire
  • Ignetz Krebs

  • Amanda Price
  • Amy Peters
  • Andrea Fitoli
  • Angella Morales
  • Anabelle Von Krieger
  • Army Guy
  • Candice Drayton
  • Carl Saxon
  • Chad Martin
  • Crowbar
  • Dante Michaels
  • Dave Pressley
  • Emilio Rodriguez
  • Eve
  • Haywire
  • Herschal Bass
  • Illyana Kozlov
  • Irish Rob Tilley
  • Jamie Pierce
  • <a href="">Jaymie Rodriguez
  • <a href="">Little
  • <a href="">Lorraine Mackenize
  • <a href="">Madisen Tandino/Elizabetha Crassus
  • <a href="">Nicolete Cane
  • <a href="">Nikita Zarachorov
  • <a href="">Nolan Oswald
  • <a href="">Nuke
  • <a href="">Peerless Hatchett
  • <a href="">Piotr Checkov
  • <a href="">Robbie King
  • <a href="">Rocket
  • <a href="">Slash
  • <a href="">Sonya Mace
  • <a href="">Torch
  • William John Montgomery III
  • Zach Washington

  • 8-Ball
  • Brandy Saint
  • Vincent
  • Ghost
  • Hugho Gersbach
  • Juice
  • Mike Carr
  • Paul Flowers
  • Terrance Fisher

  • <a href="">Billy Gomez
  • <a href="">Elizabeth Weisz
  • <a href="">Jorje Ramirhez
  • <a href="">Joshua Ortiz
  • <a href="">Octavia Richards
  • <a href="">Philip Eldridge
  • <a href="">Ruth O'Donnell
  • <a href="">Sphinx
  • <a href="">Toddles

  • <a href="">Hailey Serafini
  • <a href="">Michael Giovanni
  • <a href="">Miguel Giovanni
  • <a href="">Mita Giovanni
  • <a href="">Steve Sanguedolce

  • <a href="">Bullet
  • <a href="">Cliff Carmichael
  • <a href="">Keith Carmel
  • <a href="">Mark Hilbert
  • <a href="">Nigel Sanders
  • <a href="">Sean Baker
  • <a href="">Steph Reinhardt
  • <a href="">Whitney Manning


  • <a href="">Alabaster
  • <a href="">Conrad Stephensen
  • <a href="">Douglas Ulrich
  • <a href="">Genny Calisan
  • <a href="">Kevin Madden
  • <a href="">Kim Gordon
  • <a href="">Maul
  • <a href="">O
  • <a href="">Tabitha Frost
  • <a href="">Victor Mason
  • <a href="">Virgil

  • <a href="">Katelyn Heitman
  • <a href="">Lazarus Long
  • <a href="">Raven

  • <a href="">Ben Lacey
  • <a href="">Brandon Costigan
  • <a href="">Bruce Flannigan
  • <a href="">Camera Man
  • <a href="">Carlitto Cortez
  • <a href="">Casey Bishop
  • <a href="">Chris Jones
  • <a href="">Christian Knox
  • <a href="">Denise Black
  • <a href="">Dora Delavernge
  • <a href="">Enrique Ricardo Alvarez
  • <a href="">Germaine Marshall
  • <a href="">Haven Darden
  • <a href="">Jack Reegis
  • <a href="">Jennifer Clarkson
  • <a href="">Jester
  • <a href="">Jill Turner
  • <a href="">Kelly Cartier
  • <a href="">Ken Smith
  • <a href="">Kendra Gorman
  • <a href="">Lexi Valentine
  • <a href="">Lindsey Young
  • <a href="">Maryse Cesarie
  • <a href="">Morgan Lawrence
  • <a href="">Ophelia Romero
  • <a href="">Rachael Potter
  • <a href="">Ray Billings
  • <a href="">Selena Grout
  • <a href="">Thomas O'Neil
  • <a href="">Tony Castillo
  • <a href="">Warren Philips
  • <a href="">Yuri Borchov

  • <a href="">Andrew McGuinness
  • <a href="">Eddie Hess
  • <a href="">Elaina Delveckio
  • <a href="">Esperenza Tierdinos
  • <a href="">Frank Baxter
  • <a href="">Gail Cruz
  • <a href="">Gwen Reynolds
  • <a href="">Herman Weinwright
  • <a href="">Irene Jackson
  • <a href="">James Wagner
  • <a href="">Li Cheng Wu
  • <a href="">Lorelei King
  • <a href="">Lung Tseung Wong
  • <a href="">Miranda McGregor
  • <a href="">Ryan Combs
  • <a href="">Scotty Fletcher
  • <a href="">Simon Tiggs
  • <a href="">Sylvie Bellamont
  • <a href="">Tera Leveaux
  • <a href="">Victoria Walsh

  • <a href="">Charlie Jennings
  • <a href="">Fernando Garcia
  • <a href="">Fiona Ellis
  • <a href="">Gregory Du Cat
  • <a href="">Harry Hoover
  • <a href="">Holly St. John
  • <a href="">Joey Boss
  • <a href="">Julie Karrigan
  • <a href="">Justin Walsh
  • <a href="">Katherynne Klonniger
  • <a href="">Lars Reznick
  • <a href="">Laura Prescott
  • <a href="">Marie LaClaire
  • <a href="">Orson McMasters
  • <a href="">Patrick Adams
  • <a href="">Pietra Nidus
  • <a href="">Riley Summers
  • <a href="">Rodent
  • <a href="">Roland Fomburger
  • <a href="">Rosa Lopez
  • <a href="">Sam Tanaka
  • <a href="">Trista Watts
  • <a href="">Violette Dumonte
  • <a href="">Winston Cross

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