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John Lee
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Sat 25 Apr 2015
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You're Still Fucking Peasants As Far As I Can See - NPCs
John Lee, Prince of New York City, Ephorate for his clan, Childe of Rowan Magister, Childe of the Duchess of Amber, Childe of Mithras, Childe of Ventru, wiped blood off of his face with an unnerving calm. He turned around and looked at the man who was slowly finding his legs after having his face beat into a pulp.

"I must admit, Mark, you take quite a beating for a Malkavian. I expected to be finished here thirty minutes ago." John took a few heavy steps forward, approaching Mark, whose face was shattered, gory, hole of blood and broken bones leaving him unable to form words or even eyes to see with. The Ventrue wasn't heavy, but he was solid. John cocked his head as Mark moved his jaw, a gurgling sound came from the mushy hole that was his mouth. John hit him with the aluminum bat again.

The ping echoed around the large, unfinished basement. Mark fell directly backwards and gurgled loudly. John sighed, tossed the bat aside and picked Mark up, "I'm going to let you put your face back together, and you're going to tell me what I want to know, and then I'm going to use that sword I cut your arms off with to cut your head off." John shook Mark "if you don't tell me I will feed you enough blood to heal up nice and pretty, stake you, and then we can repeat this whole thing again tomorrow night. And the night after that, and the night after that, and on and on and on. Forever." He dropped the Malkavian into a heap. "Nigel." He waved his hand dismissively in Mark's direction.

Nigel spent the next thirty minutes using a pair of pliers and some medical implements to put Mark's face back together while the Malkavian healed. Mark grunted and groaned as he put his wracked body back together. Nigel forced him bodily into a metal chair with its legs bolted to the floor.

Mark looked around again, the place was empty except for about 14 steel beams supporting the building above them. He had no idea what building that was. The walls were bare. The floor was bare except for a large drain in the middle of the floor. The concrete floor had a sheen to it, probably a sealant so it didn't soak up blood. It was bright in here, or maybe that was his eyes adjusting since the first thing that had happened to him tonight was having them dug out. He blinked and a chill ran down his spine. He didn't want to die. Definitely not here. His clothes were ripped and soaked with his blood. He was scared. For the first time in a very long time he was actually afraid.

"Well?" John's voice was cold, without emotion. The chill ran back down Mark's spine.

"I'll talk, but you know they'll find out what you did."

John shook his head, "They won't, but even if they do it won't matter. I'm not one of those useless Princes who lives in fear of his Primogen Council. Mine lives in fear of me, boy." John lifted the point of his broadsword up under Mark's chin, "Now talk."

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Nigel Sanders
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Mon 27 Apr 2015
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Re: You're Still Fucking Peasants As Far As I Can See - NPCs
Nigel looked at the heap below him. Mark hadn't been killed as promised. Nigel had staked him from behind. Unfortunately for Mark the promise of death had been a lie to get him to talk. There was still one more job for him to do, and this one was going to hurt. The Sheriff looked at John, "Where do you want me to put him?"

John looked from Mark's staked body to Nigel and replied, "Somewhere neutral. Don't drop him in anyone's domain. If this whole plan goes bad I don't want to have to deal with that too. Make sure he's found though. This whole thing is waste if no one finds him."

Nigel nodded, bent down and closed Mark's eyelids for him. With a grunt he hefted Mark's paralyzed form over his shoulder, careful not to dislodge the sixteen inch wooden spike jutting from either side of his body. He turned and headed for the stairs, already thinking of places to drop Mark to do the deed.

"Nigel," John called after him.

"Your Majesty?" Nigel replied without turning around.

"Make sure he doesn't survive."

It hadn't needed to be said, but John was thorough. Nigel already know how to get this done, and as he climbed the stairs out of the bare basement he thought he already knew where to get it done too...
Chris Jones
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Sat 30 May 2015
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Yap Yap Yakkity Yak
Chris bobbed his head and pulled on his cigarette, squinting a little as the smoke drifted into his eye. Ken was talking about something and Chris had lost track. He was stoned. Without turning his head he looked at Ken. Ken was rolling another blunt. And talking. Chris glanced down at Ken's hands and watched the birth of the blunt for a moment and didn't think he wanted to be stoneder. Stoneder. That should be a word. He looked back up. Ken had stopped talking. He exhaled smoke around his cigarette as his fingers plucked it from between his lips. Man, Eminem was awesome. That's what they were listening to. He smiled and started moving in time with the music a little. This was his favorite song right now.

"Dude!" Ken's voice leaked in.

"Yeah?!" Chris looked up and realized he really did not want to get stoneder. New word. That just happened. What?

"Dude, did you not hear me?" Ken looked a little annoyed, as he pulled the unlit blunt he had been offering back.

"Let me know when it occurs to you While I'm ripping any one of these verses diverse as you." Chris recited the lyrics, ducking and bobbing while he rapped along with Eminem for a little bit. He liked to think that once upon a time he could've had a decent career as a rapper.

Ken raised his eyebrows and his whole head bobbed back when he did it. "Dude, no green hit for you." He lit the blunt, hitting it hard, burning up almost a third of it.

"Awwww," Chris whined sadly.

A crackle interrupted Chris' retort, but not his dancing. It also pulled him out of his fugue, mostly. That was the best you could hope for some nights with Chris. He liked it that way.

The crackle got more insistent before Chris sighed and picked up the mic for the CB radio on the shelf behind the workbench that Ken and Chris were sitting on. "Password?"

"I'm not saying the fucking password." It was Rob. Rob hated the password.

"Password!" Chris challenged with a straight face. Ken turned and faced him.

"I'm not saying the fucking password, Chris!" Rob shouted into the radio.

Chris immediately shouted back, "Say the fucking password, Rob!" He looked at Ken as he let go of the switch. Ken was looking at him with a interested but skeptical look.

There was a groan on the radio. "I gotta have my Pops."

Chris brightened up and grinned ear to ear, doing a little dance. "He said it!" Ken beamed back and nodded.

"Will one of you come get Dick off me?"

"Whoa. Shit, why didn't you start with that?" Chris laughed a little bit more.

"Fuck you Chris! You two get out here!" Rob shouted into the mic. "I hate you guys!"

"Alriiight! Calm your boobies! Don't get mad big guy." Chris snorted a laugh into silence then added, "We wouldn't like you when you're angry." Neither Chris or Ken heard Rob rob screaming insults and threats back at them over the cacophony of their own laughs.

Five minutes later they left their quiet garage on the outskirts of New York City heading to Queens. Fast.

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Madisen Tandino
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Fri 12 Jun 2015
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Something Like A Phenomenon
Madisen Tandino hung her legs off the sides of the catwalk that spanned from one side of her apartment to the other. Looking at the floor her head bobbed to the music. She couldn't remember the name of the song, but it was thumped through the air, all bass and umami. It tasted like bacon fat in her mouth. She liked it. The singer's voice was sharp and nasally. She liked it a lot.

None of the lights in her apartment were on, just a cluster of blue lights on the first floor from her stereo. The stereo in her apartment was the centerpiece. Madisen had a dizzying array of record players and albums. All the speakers in her vast apartment were scientifically positioned to give the absolute best possible sound from almost any position in the huge space. She really loved music. She waved the stereo remote around, orchestrating the band, whoever they were.

She almost wanted to play along. Maybe with the electric guitar in her bedroom. Or the violin in her study. That would be fun. The piano downstairs had an appeal too. There were dozens of options scattered around her apartment without going into its basement, which was almost completely dedicated to her obsession with music. She smiled at little at herself. It was definitely a weird quirk for her to pick up besides, hobbies are important when you're immortal.

Her quiet moment was broken by her sister's heels clicking on the painted concrete floor below. The music's volume dropped dramatically and Madisen's eyes shot open as she stretched out and murred, old sinew stretching taut. She needed another massage. The clicks again. Like exploding light in the air. She hated it. "Hello baby sister." Madisen purred the words.

"You know I don't like it when you call me that." Nicolette glared up at her elder Blood-sister. Her right hand clenched into a fist. Madisen's mouth parted into a broad grin.

Madisen twisted her lithe frame around to the music. Rocking to her feet. She stared at Nicolette as she did. Her baby sister was always so serious. So studious. So stuck up. Few things pleased Madisen like wasting Nicolette's night, even if only a minute or two. Madisen put up the act until Nicolette sighed and shifted her weight. She dropped the 12 feet to the floor.

Now, where she had to look up to Nicolette she smiled and cocked her head. "What the hell just happened?" Madisen hugged her sister for a moment. Nicolette's arms didn't move. Madisen sighed and took a step backwards. There was a tension in Nicolette's voice. It tasted tart in the back of her mouth. She made a face. Nicolette was worried. She had known Nicolette many years. Worry always tasted tart in Nicolette's voice.

"I didn't do it. Mark was offensive to no one." Madisen pouted. She hated explaining herself, especially to someone younger than her, but Nicolette was family, so it would be tolerated.

"He said a Team NOS car was in the area." Nicolette added. Her doubt was salty-sweet.

"If anyone would have a reason it would be Ken and Chris. He was with them a lot. Maybe he pissed someone off finally." She shrugged.

"This one could start a war." Nicolette offered.

"We are not ready for a war." Madisen raised her voice.

"I'll have no part of it. It's not what he would want." Nicolette's voice was hot on her tongue now. Like a pepper.

"How is it he loved you so much more than the rest of us, and you know nothing about him?" Madisen snapped, and instantly regretted it. She cursed herself.

Nicolette sighed. "I don't know why I bothered. You're impossible. Five hundred and twenty six years and you've always been impossible." She turned and headed for the door. Defeat thick in her voice, like bitter molasses. Madisen hated it. "Madisen, he wants this war."

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