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Character Creation.

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Tue 3 Sep 2002
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Character Creation.

Well, up in the Heaven section is a thread entitled Amber System Resources which tells you all about character creation for this game.
Characters will be built using a 100 Point base, but there will be no Attribute auction.  Just send a private message with your character (either a basic outline or a fully created character) and we'll take it from there.
There is no limitation on the character's origin; Amberites, Chaosites, and Shadow Dwellers will all be considered.

link to a message in another game
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Wed 4 Sep 2002
at 10:26
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The Questionaire

When sending in your character concept, please look at the following quiz.  Choose at least ten of the following questions to answer:-

1.  What is the character's favourite colour?
2.  What is the character's favourite food and/or drink?
3.  What is the character's favourite animal?
4.  The character needs a horse for a long journey.  Describe his perfect mount.
5.  The character is on Shadow: Earth, and is ordering a pizza.  Which topping absolutely, definitely must be on it?
6.  What would be the character's most commonly recurring dream/nightmare?
7.  Has the character ever owned a pet?  What was it?  What was it called?  Where is it now?
8.  What is the character's most important possession?  Why?
9.  Imagine you are a neutral observer.  Describe the character's biggest fault from that point of view.
10. As above, but imagine you hate the character.  Now what do you think is his biggest fault?
11. Somebody plays a practical joke on your character.  Would he see the funny side of it?  Would he try to get even?  If so, how?
12. If the character could ask any person one question, who would it be and what would he ask?
13. From the character's point of view, is it better to be loved or feared in relationships with family?
14. What does the character fear most?  Why?
15. Does the character consider Shadow-dwellers to be inferior beings?
16. Imagine the character must hide on Shadow: Earth for a while.  What job would he take while there?
17. What are the character's hobbies/interests?
18. Somebody has wronged the character, and he thinks he knows who.  How certain would he have to be before he took revenge?
19. Which is the worse crime, from the character's viewpoint; killing a Shadow-dweller or wounding an Amberite/Chaosite?
20. Describe the place where the character would most like to live.

The questions should be answered in addition to providing a physical description and background/history.  Try to think carefully about your character before answering them, they may reveal things about him that you hadn't considered previously.

Note that the use of male pronouns in the above questions is not intended to be in any way sexist.
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Wed 4 Sep 2002
at 10:25
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The Character Sheet

I will make the character sheets Player editable so that you can fill in details and minor changes yourselves.
Some of the headings might need a bit of clarification:-

AGE (APPARENT) and AGE (ABSOLUTE) - Characters can be any age you want, and may be very long-lived, if not actually immortal.  Absolute Age is the characters true age, whether it be 19 or 190.  Apparent Age is how old he/she actually looks.
Take Dworkin for instance... he looks ancient.  But if he looked his true age, he would be in a coffin and decayed to dust.
Your character might be 200 years old, and only look 16, or 30, or 100.

PERSONAL SYMBOL (OPTIONAL) - Sometimes it's nice to have a badge so that you can be recognised, and whatever you wear this symbol will likely appear somewhere on your outfit.  The symbol will also be used to mark your possessions.
People who are even slightly familiar with you will recognise the symbol and realise who you are, or who the dagger they just found belongs to.
Which can also be a problem...

Prince Julian: "Are you sure he did this?"
Eye Witness:   "Yes Sire, I recognised the blue dragon motif on his tunic, and he was standing over the body with a blade in his hand when I came in."

If you want to be famous, have a personal symbol.  If you want to keep it low key... do without.
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