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Game Q & A.
Okay, I've been asked a very good question, so I decided to start this thread to answer it, and any others that come up.  Feel free to ask anything regarding game mechanics, or whatever, here.
If you want to keep your identity secret (so that you don't give away what powers you have for instance), send me a Private Message and I'll copy and paste it to here with the names removed to protect the guilty innocent.

The first question was regarding how I want to deal with Power use.  Do I need to be contacted every time?

Well, if it's something simple and routine, such as making sure you have a pocket full of local cash, then I'd just assume you were doing that anyway, you don't need to draw specific attention to it unless you want to.
If it's something more complex, such as using the Logrus to reach through Shadow to fetch you a pizza, or anything else where you feel you might need to explain your actions in more detail (but don't want everybody to know what you're doing), just use the "Insert a private line" feature to explain it.  Remember to make sure that it's on a seperate line, otherwise everybody can read it!

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Re: Game Q & A.

Would you like for me to do up a proper Game summery to date and a list of clues?

I would be willing to do this for Free but if you wanted to give me a couple of points for doing it I wouldn't complain.

I'll work on that while you are out.

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Wed 14 Apr 2004
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Re: Game Q & A.
[doesn't feel the need to explain his actions, but will be magnaminous]
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Re: Game Q & A.
Here is part one, let me know what you think and I'll edit it as needed. Right now I have to get busy so I'll do it instament by instalment.

Part 1: Cadiniagart

            It all started as they neared Cadiniagart aboard a steam driven boat named The Porpoise. A group of people pulled together by fate, they had all met shipboard. Cyan, Duncan, Alexandra, Ares, Derek and Tander found themselves together led to the inn of the blue rose buy a local guide. The banners of  both Cadiniagart and Amber had lined the streets the two cities were so close and closely tied.  A man named Morgan joined them at there and they also found out that that Prince Bleys was staying at the inn. A retinue of a hundred or so were with him. Many of the travelers had been on the road a the road a long time. The city was exciting, the company pleasing and life was easy as they all talked and got to know each other. Exchanging songs and pleasantries, it was good times with the festival of Cadiniagart to look forward to.

        Duncan “The Big man” and Derek  “Vagabond Supreme” went out exploring the city as the rest remained behind at the inn. They found the crowed streets of the major trading port alive with excitement and people peddling ever ware imaginable.  However destiny had placed something else in their path then the two men stumbled upon a closed cobblers shop and investigated out of curiosity. Inside they found three men standing over a dead man and wounded woman, trying to take a satchel from her.
       Two of the men stood against Duncan and Derek as best they could but soon feel to the skill and strength of the duo. The third disappeared in a flash of rainbow light trumping away.  The woman with her dying breath shoved the bag to the hero’s and told them

"Take it to... the king... must do it... vital." she gasps, before slumping down again, "Vital to... stop the war..."

"Name... Cylla... work for... Prince... Julian of Amber. Bag must go... to him or... King Random... " For a moment the woman's eyes close, then they flicker open, and she grasps Duncan's arm in a surprisingly strong grip, "I'm dying... I know it... help me to stop... war... Please help... me... "

The questioned one of the living thugs and found him to be a hires sword working for a man Beldrin, and that Beldrin had killed the man and stabbed the woman.  though they did not know more then that.

With that they let the two go and Cylla warned them to "Stop them... "


Meanwhile Ares had also exited the inn for the market place, only to find smoke rising from the port and the people shouting that “Prince Bleys had killed the king of Cadiniagart.” Following the smoke he found source, a large ship in the harbor was burning at the dock.

Ares questioned one of the men in his tactful manner and was told.

"Prince Bleys has murdered the King, and escaped from the royal court. Word leaked out, and it seems that somebody has fired Bleys' ship to prevent his escape. Now we are trying..." He trails off and shakes his head as if to clear it, then carries on in his educated, high-born manner "Enough, go inside, we will have this under control soon. There is nothing you can do out here."


Back at the inn

Lexy,  Cyan, Morgan and Tander had all stayed at the inn, drinking and chatting and generally having a grand time. Plans were proposed to go to the palace, but as the group moved for the door things began to fall apart.

As the trio of musicians prepare to leave, the door bursts open, admitting the sound of tolling bells, and the screams and yells of a confused and angry mob. The man who enters the inn heads straight to the bar, even as others are heading out to see what's happening. He slumps against the wooden counter, tears streaming down his face, then he grabs Donavon's arm. "Dad! The king's dead! They say that the Amberite killed him and his sons, then escaped using magic!"
From outside there is a sound like a distant rumble of thunder, and more people are yelling...

Donavon looks at the trio, "I'm sorry, but it might not be safe fer furriners out there. The old king is... was... much loved. Yer should stay out of sight, I reckons."

The group spent time hiding at the inn watching and trying to make plans. Though little was really accomplished. They were forced to hide until the mobs had cleared.

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Part 2 - Together again
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Re: Game Q & A.
The Cast so Far

D = Dead
? = Missing in Action
L = Aaron
U = Unknown

Cyan - Cyan - A young Bard and traveler hailing from a land of sorcery and adventure, Cyan began her journey through the Worlds just under two decades before with the assistance of her mentor and friend, Berd. Now she walks the path of the Quest, away from her own, murky past to an equally shadowed future. For the Bard has discovered that despite what the songs assure her, not memories, nor companions, nor skills, nor love itself can guarantee certainty through chaos and desperation, be it without, or within.

Berd - A small, bejeweled dragon, Berd's lazy manner and gluttonous habits are constantly at odds with the cleverness and wisdom can be found deep within his glittering eyes. The drake holds secrets and more within his wide, needle-toothed grin. At times he advises, at others he keeps his peace, seemingly without rhyme or reason. But those who understand him realize there is purpose to everything Berd does. Everything.

DKalika Wolfblade – A young Chunchee Female Warrior who helped princess Fiona against an Assassination attempt.  She was had and distant when she became a part of the group, but started opening up and becoming softer once she found Jack. Outcast of her people for being a woman in a mans traditional role. Yes still seeking to find acceptance, and still she goes against the grain of tradition.

Hunter - The Big Alpha male wolf and Kalika's bonded since she was a child. He came to her and chose her a lowly girl as she washed in the river. He loves his bonded more then life it's self. Enough to turn his back on having a pack, enough to let the Jacui bond with them. Though Hunter does not like the idea, they were the Triad.

? Kia-

Jack - An amnesiac man that was found in the Dijins wastes. Through the adventures he became enamored with Kalika Wolfblade the Chunchee warrioress. He has now became bonded to Kalika and her wolf Hunter. Having regained his mind and memory only to loose it again at the hands of the firey wheels. A fallen prince of his own shadow world and a broken man. Jack is one that delves into things man was not meant to know and pushes the boundries of reality.

L Aaron - A half-mad wanderer of Shadow and lost son of Amber. Blessed and cursed with the burdens of being bonded to a magical, killing power of Shadow, Aaron came across the group after his first introduction to his family heritage. Since then, he has discovered great faults in himself, and a singular, intensely driving purpose that pushes him onward through reality.

Ilsefranvir - Aaron's sentient sword, Arianne den Ilsefranvir is the only one who can be considered Aaron's true friend. She is his defender, protector, teacher and weapon all rolled into one. Her significant mental powers, while strongest only in Aaron's mind, give her insight into her charge's state of being. They also allow her to have a feeling for the rest of the group that's greater than others may believe.

Andrej –

Dorian –


Jonnee Kay: Juvenile delinquent? Gang member? Surfer? Hired gun? Orphan of Shadow? Secret Agent? All of the above?
Jonnee was born in Las Angelos and spent most of his life running with a street gang who also claimed some of the best surf as their own. One day he was approached by a man named Kessler and offered a job. When he got home four days later he found that thirty years had passed there, and most of what he knew had been flooded when a massive quake tipped Western Las Angelos into the ocean.
Eventually he caught up with Kessler and killed him, and finally ended up in Amber, where he does occasional work for Prince Cain.


ULeonardo –

? Lexy –

D Ares - Swordsmaster and traveller, this Son of Amber would never tell of the crime that had him wanted in the fabled city...but his soul was as noble as any, as evidenced by his defense of the inhabitants of Olympu, and his commitment to the quest. With his aid, the inhabitants of an entire world were spared the ravages of the Gatherer, and he fell in battle, standing beside his companions, brought low by a poison that his unparalled skill could not defeat.

? Duncan - Large, strong man, with a thick accent and a heavy blade. Duncan was trapped behind a closing portal, shortly before the group discovered Jack and Lazarus.

? Lazarus - Irascible, aging traveller from the Courts of Chaos, Lazarus' wit was as cutting as the sword he bore. While seemingly cynical and uncaring, it soon became obvious that the Chaosite was a staunch supporter of the Quest, dropping away only when his arm became too badly injured to heal through

D Otandal: Greenskinned young man of possibly Rebman descent, Otandal was never loathe to use his shapeshifting abilities. An arrogant young man, but not without a sense of community, he met his end when struck down by arrows fired from ambush, on the road to Amber.

? Kendall - Male? Female? Who can say? Another shapeshifter, hailing (apparantly) from the Courts of Chaos, Kendall is a Dychacha, one who never spends enough time as a single sex to be judged as such. A Trump artist of skill, and self-proclaimed trans-dimensional tourist, Kendall joined the group for (apparantly) a lark, and left shortly thereafter.

U Tander –

U Morgan -

U Derek –

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Re: Game Q & A.
Part 2 - Together again

        All of the travelers headed for the docks and the burning boat that was said to belong to Prince Bleys. Converging near the docks they were all brought together again.  Duncan told the others about the message they had to deliver to King Random. They quickly decided that they needed a place to talk, brain storm and share the words of events privately, so they went back to the inn.  Where the discussed the matter most seriously, even coming to words over it but not to blows. In the end it was agreed to take the package unopened to the King of Amber. So it was that they set out, not just as a bunch of random travelers this time. Instead as a group though not united.

And hints of Ares problems with Amber came about, even the more so that he may not be welcome there.

Part 3- On the road at last.

       They rode from the town Ares taking the lead and changing things along the way with the power of the pattern. He may have been an outlaw and a wanted man in Amber, but he was a true prince of the pattern none the less.  They rode through the day only stopping briefly with another minor dispute as to opening an looking in the pouch.  Ares promised to take them as far as Forest Arden but no farther due to his standing in the family.  In the end it was ought but more riding and talk. Finally they came to a stone marker that marked the border of amber and Ares told them if they stayed on the road  all would be well.

Part 4- Amber at last

Before the could depart and go their separate ways.

From the darkness beneath the trees a voice suddenly calls out, "You are surrounded, please make no hostile moves or we will be forced to kill you!"
A moment later two enormous dogs jump out onto the roadway behind the group, their coats gleaming with silver highlights beneath the full moon. Then a number of armed men appear, exactly how many is hard to tell, because several are little more than darker shadows against the background shadows.
Finally, from ahead comes the sound of hooves on the road, a single horse. It comes around a bend and stops just in front of Ares. It is a beast which makes the horses provided by Ares look like childrens ponies, huge and powerful, with a coat that looks like polished steel in the moon's rays.
The rider is wrapped in a dark cloak, hooded, and after what seems like an age he finally speaks, "Well, I'm glad of the policy of guarding the roads into Amber now. Since the War, many strange and unpleasant things have wandered into Arden out of Shadow, but few have been as unwelcome as you Ares. Have you come to return the items you stole? Or have... "
"Wait, Julian, I can explain. I... " Ares starts to reply.
"Thats Prince Julian to you, dog! Now, as I was saying, before you interupted. Have you come to steal more?" He turns his attention to the other riders, "What of your companions? Are they all thieves too?"

           The rest of the company told Julian of Ares guiding them here and he agreed to speak with them once Ares was bound. The told Julian of their mission to take a matter before King Random  Prince Julian had them tell him the whole story. After they had told him he said that he knew no Cylla, but he was moved to not tie Ares so they could talk this out comfortably.  They further told him about the murder of the king and his sons by Bleys. Though it was Cain that was supposed to go there in two days for trade agreements.
       What’s more Bleys had been laid up, gored while facing a beast of Chaos. Julian took the satchel and led them all to the tents of his Camp where he examined the contents Inside. He haske them all to join in a quest to figure this out.

These documents look genuine. Letters, orders, reports... all seeming to indicate that the Courts are up to something again. A major attempt to destroy the Golden Circle, which ties in nicely with the assassination of the king of a Shadow that was about to join it. All of this is aimed at destablising our ties with Shadow and driving allies to turn against us."
"However... I don't have anybody called Cylla working for me, and I feel it unlikely that she would give a false name with her dying breath, especially if she wanted you to reach me. She'd be more likely to give a name that I would recognise and trust."
He thinks for a few minutes, then, "I have no hold over the rest of you, but I can offer Ares a chance to redeem himself. The rest of you I can only ask... as a favour. I don't want to weaken Amber's defences at this time. Nobody would associate all of you with myself or my family, so you may have a little more freedom to act than my own agents. Would you be prepared to help in this matter? I would have to confirm it with Random of course, but I'm sure a reward would be made available for anybody who chose to help."

After they were sworn in  Julian brought in Fiona and the Kalika Wolfblade, introducing them.

This is my sister, Fiona, and her friend is Kalika Wolfblade. It seems Fiona was attacked on her way here along a supposedly-safe road, and Kalika intervened to protect her.

Terms of Kalika’s employment met, Julian now offered her a place in the seekers group.  So it was that Kalika joined the party which now served  Prince Julian.

           The party ate and rested while Julian went to speak with Random about the events and the documents Cylla had brought to them. Upon return he had granted Ares with a pardon for his help and the rest what they needed within reason. Then told then crew of what he had found out from Random.

I'm not sure what's happening here... I spoke to Random while you were having supper, and it seems there may be more to this than meets the eye. He was contacted a short while ago by an emissary we had sent to the Courts: it seems that there is a similar plot going on there. Somebody delivered a satchel there detailing how we were trying to overthrow them!"
"It looks as though this Cylla may have been bait for any passing would-be heroes... no offence."
He starts to pace back and forth. "Random thinks somebody is trying to stir up trouble between Amber and Chaos, maybe start another war for some reason known only to themselves. He wants me to ask you all if you will investigate this for us. You have no known connections to Amber as far as others will know, other than Ares of course, and he's a known exile."
"Will you help us?"

With that he gave them a Trump of himself  and sent them out to sleep, telling them he would be gone before dawn.

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Part 5 - Mission of state
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Re: Game Q & A.
This is only the clues I have read about so far in rereading everything.

Please let me know if I am missing anything. There will be more to come as I contiune reading and up dating. :p
Clues collected

1) The Bag given to Seekers by the woman Cylla who was killed by Beldrin. She asked them to take it to the King and stop the war before dying. Cylla seemed to be trying to stop the war. Though she said she was on a mission for Prince Julian.

2) Someone set it up to make it look like Bleys had killed the King of Cadiniagart and his sons.

3) The satchel contained orders and plans for a war against Amber by the courts of Chaos.

4) The Courts of Chaos also received a similar satchel with a similar plot being in place by Amber.

5) Julian mentioned that they might seek answers in the Courts of Chaos

6) The Cube was found in a knothole inside the Cobblers shop in Cadiniagart. It was left in the shop by a man 5 or 6 hours before the before the questors returned.

7) The cube grows with each world it is in more then a bit. Though it adds a portal for each place it does not change in size or shape.

8) Beldrin claimed to be an agent of Prince Cain of amber, and that Cylla or Kaila as he knew her was an agent of Chaos. That she had stole the pouch from him and he had only retrieved it.

9) Amber was under attack and trumps to amber were not working according to Ares.

10) Cylla’s trail led them to the Stone Circle and the cube seemed to be a key to opening a gate in the circle, yet it had no control over where the gate led. The power of the stone Circles was older then that of Kacl's Broken Pattern.

11) The Bird riders associated the Seekers was being Nephilim Since they had the cube

12) Cylla told the Sha'a'a'anpurrkanallapa'an that she was from Caina, a land locked in ice. The description seemed to match one of the images shown on the cube.

13) The Gatherer came to the world once lush and green, destroying everything and eating it’s energy. It could cause madness to those that saw it and even more so to those that saw it’s mind. It is immensely powerful both physically  and of Psyche.

14)There was an orb in the waste that Cylla had put there, telling the Sha'a'a'anpurrkanallapa'an that it was to help kill the Gatherer. All it was doing was bleeding off the energy that the Gatherer raped from the world and it’s Pattern. Then it transmitted the energy out into shadow someplace, in such a way that it could not be followed.

15)The Nephilim  had made other stone circles

16) The snow scape beneath the Green Sky was Cainia, Caina means the green place, Cains Color is Green.

17)They found a hand with a pattern tattoo in a church in Caina (Cylla’s home world) , the Hand could effectively  all special powers, artifact or otherwise.   (Special: Part of the Broken God)

18) The had was given to the people of Cania, who were dying because of the Ice Giant attacks. He gave it to them to null the Ice Giant magic, but in return he took the Head mans daughter Cylla. The One eyed old man reminded us of Odin.

19)In the Battle with the Unknown  fire being an image was found of an Old man with one eye, fitting the description of the old man that had save the inhabitants of Cainia and took Cylla from her lands. This man was named <b>The Broken God,/b>

20)In the world of the Archon’s ‘Fiery Wheels’ they found a warehouse of orbs and a gigantic transmitter that was being constructed.

21)ThX and his people were found and in the war with the Archon’s they found out about <b>Calisto project</I>

22) A fault line of cracks is being formed by the worlds being destroyed, a direct fault line between Amber and Chaos. (Note: Vast Power can flow trough the breaks and cracks.

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Re: Game Q & A.
Part 5: Mission of State

The group awoke in the tent, and some discussion took place as they assessed the newcomer, Kalika.  Ares hinted at a roguish past in Amber, as well as a violent one, that may have brought about his ‘wanted’ status.  In addition, the swordsman announced that he would need to go to a World where his armor and weapons were stowed.  The group agreed, seeing as it would only be a short journey, and set off.

Following Ares as the man wielded power over reality, the questors eventually came to a troll bridge...or, rather, a toll bridge guarded by a troll.  Karsk Horse-biter was an interesting fellow, and after being paid, pointed them in the direction of shelter – very appreciated in the driving rain.  The shelter was run by the church of the Unbroken Circle, and the group took refuge in it, completely forgetting Karsk’s warnings about thieves on the road….

Soon after leaving the shelter, they arrived at a small cave, through which Ares intended to ride to reach his armor.  They should have paid more attention to Karsk’s warnings – arrows suddenly hissed from the bushes, striking Duncan, Ares, and Hunter, while Derek’s horse was shot from beneath him.  Poor Otandal had the worst of the attack – impaled by two arrows, the emerald-skinned man fell without a sound.

The questors leapt into action, cutting down attackers left and right, or subduing them with unknown sorcery.  In the midst of the battle, Cyan ‘received’ a contact, of an unknown man offering his assistance.  Accepting, Cyan brought Kendall into the fray.  With the new arrival, and their companions falling, the remaining bandits fled, leaving a few injured and unconscious companions behind.

The group licked its wounds, and buried their fallen companion.  Kendall introduced itself, and the questors questioned their captives, one brought to their midst most painfully by Morgan’s Logrus Tendrils (presumably).  It turned out that they were nothing more than common bandits.  At this time, Hunter discovered the truth of the cave – it was a portal to Ares’ realm, Olympu, a land of vast, rolling plains and tall mountains.  Ares and Kalika discussed the ethics of their pasts, trying to feel each other out, and eventually decided that they could, at least, work together.  Then Ares and Cyan had a brief but intense argument that came to nothing in the end, fortunately.

The group proceeded into Olympu, Kalika showing a softer side by demonstrating that she collected pressed flowers.  Ares stopped at a massive pile of stones and, using sorcery of some kind, opened a way to the armor that was rightfully his – shining armor, emblazoned with the design of the Medusa.

Kendall then opened a gateway back to Cadiniagart, leaving the group close to the shop where the ‘altercation’ occurred between Derek, Duncan, and the men attacking Scylla.  As it was the middle of the night, and foreigners weren’t exactly well looked upon at the moment, they were careful to avoid attention.  Then Cyan and Berd noticed something under the floorboards....
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Re: Game Q & A.
Part 6 - The cube

Back in the City Cadiniagart at the cobblers shop.

The board that Cyan levers up has a large knot hole in it, and it becomes apparent that something has fallen down that hole. The bard pulls her hand out from the gap beneath the boards, her gloved fist clenched around something small.
She opens her hand to reveal a small cube sitting in her palm. Less than three quarters of an inch on each side, it looks almost like a common die, except that each face bears a tiny picture instead of a number of spots.
Each of the pictures shows a landscape, of varying degrees of strangeness. One seems to be the city beyond this very shop; another a snowscape beneath a greenish sky; a dense jungle with a cluster of orange flowers in the foreground; a stone circle on open grassland; a bizarre city of glass buildings; a desert of black sand beneath a tourquoise sky; a ruined fortress on a hillside.
Which makes seven sides... </>

Cyan instantly recognized  the N- Sided Cube as Trump or <I>Palanquet
as she called the mystical power.

The seekers examined and discussed the cube and its ramifications. They decided not to look at it and try to open a portal as it might be a trap. The possibilities the mentioned were.

 That it the cube may have been placed there to reinforce the impression  that the Courts of chaos were involved.
 That the cube might be dangerous.
       In the end its was Kalika and Hunter that picked up the scent of a man that had been there 5-6 hours before and left the cube for what ever reason. She said they could follow his trail if they moved fast. So it was that they set out after the man in question.

The trail led them through the back of the shop and into a courtyard with multiple doors. Thank to Kali and Hunter again they quickly discerned wish door   and the group converged from various directions. Stealthily sliding through the house. As the converged on a room where they had heard movement and burst through the door suspecting the man inside to be a chaos lord. They found Beldrin the man how had been accused of murdering Cylla.

Things quickly became more convoluted as Beldrin told them his story, true or not. “He said that he was not an agent of Chaos and seemed to think that they were. He even went so far in his smooth manner as to show them papers and a Trump , to prove he worked for Prince Cain of Amber. This and the way Beldrin presented it was enough to cast the seed doubt in the in the seekers minds.

Many of them grew frustrated as things grew things grew more convoluted  and they decided to contact their Amber patron, but this was cut short by as Kali came running in to inform them of a large patrol of guards. Kendal quickly trumped them to a more secure location so they could talk with Beldrin uninterrupted .

    The portal opens out to a resort area of Taheti. It is tropical, warm, and vaguely jungle like. There will be very few people about and a few mannequin like clockework servants to serve everyone. Kendall has a place not too far from this portal location. 

There Beldrin told his story to them again.

"There is little more to tell. I am a servant, an agent if you will of Prince Caine of Amber. A courier was bringing a pouch of documents to me from a source I had in a Shadow near Cadiniagart. Kaila, Cylla if you will, ambushed him and took the pouch, and I hired a couple of local ruffians to help me, since I was unsure of her capabilities."
Beldrin sips one of the drinks, and smiles at Kendall, Excellent, very refreshing... "
"Well... we cornered her, but she fought back, and the thugs killed her before I could stop them. As she fell she took a... an item from her sash, and I took it from her before she could use it, since I wasn't sure what it was."
"Then we were interrupted, and in my haste to depart I lost everything. I had intended to pass the pouch on to Caine myself, but you people stopped me doing that, and I dropped the object somewhere in the shop. I used my tattoo to escape to my home."
"Then I went back hoping to find the object that I'd dropped, and again I was interrupted. Then you came and captured me."
"And that's it... "

          Through the debate and questioning, they seemed to gain more questions than answers through Beldrin seemingly answer all that was put forth freely. The Cube was said to be Cylla’s and that she had dropped it in the struggle. That it was the two hired goons that Killed Cylla before Beldrin could stop them. More and more questions grew, where was this Cylla from if not from Amber or Chaos?

With the questioning complete for the moment  to the best of their abilities the Seekers held Beldrin for a bit, debated plans and spoke between themselves. Some enjoying themselves while other grew bored and cursed heat.

In the end they decided to trust Beldrin and go back to Cadingart, where Ares tried to contact Prince Julian via trump onto to receive a warning from the Prince before the Trump exploded in flames.

Ares comes back into the room, his face angry and worried at the same time, Duncan is behind him. "We have another problem. I managed to make contact with Julian. He just had time to warn me that something is damaging Trumps in Amber itself, and before he had a chance to say anything else, this happened."
Left handed, he holds up the Trump that Cyan had given him, or rather the remains of it. The card has had a hole burned straight through it. Then he holds out his right hand to show burned and blistered fingers.
"I got caught by whatever did it. I thought these things were indestructible?"

Soon they decided to try the gates of the cube, on to have Kalika interrupt telling them that she had found another scent to follow and back track.

Next to come

Part 7 - Pathway through Infinity
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Re: Game Q & A.
Part 7 - Pathway through Infinity

        Beldrin  refused to accompany the seekers, so they set out letting Hunter guide them on the scent path through shadow.

Back at the shop where the cube was found, Hunter searches for the second, fainter scent that he detected, which is found to have entered through the front door. Outside the horses remain tethered where they were left (whether by good fortune or by intervention of some sort). Hunter starts to lead away through the quiet night-time streets, twisting this way and that as he goes.
Ares and Kalika are just behind him, followed closely by the rest.
Eventually the wolf steps out onto a broad tree-lined avenue, flanked by buildings which look to be private houses, all dark. He pauses for a moment, then snorts before turning away along the road.
The road runs fairly straight for a distance which would seem to be somewhat too long for dimensions of the city. Finally it crosses a bridge and plunges into a tunnel with only the very faintest of light coming from the far end.
The exit from the tunnel seems to be a natural cave in a low hillside, with no road leading from it, just a gentle slope covered with grass which has a definite hint of blue underlying the green. Two suns hang in the sky, not as bright as that of Taheti, even when their glare is combined.
Hunter turns left, so that the suns are at his back, following the line of a wide, shallow valley towards a stand of trees
Beneath the trees the sky is hidden behind densely-layered foliage. Soon Hunter moves out onto an open grassy plain (this time the grass is a deep green in colour) with a range of distant mountains and only a single reddish sun burning sullenly in the heavens. Just ahead is a circle of standing stones, bearing a startling resemblance to one of the images on the cube.

As the group move towards the circle of standing stones, they hear what sounds like distant thunder, and a few moments later a great flock of gigantic birds appear over the top of a nearby rise, running rapidly on powerful legs.
There are pehaps a hundred of the black and brown creatures, and each of them bears a rider, clad in leather armour adorned with dyed feathers, and carrying long lances and short, curved swords.
The riders spread out and cut the group off from approaching too close to the stones, and one regards Berd with a certain degree of distrust as he rides slightly forward of the line and raises his hand in a signal to halt. "Greetings sorcerers, for such I would judge ye to be, by yer outlandish dress and yon familiar." he calls out in accented Thari, "What brings ye to holy Olanskiran?"

The Holy knight mounted on Birds warned them against touching the stones, wary of the strangers.  As they neared the circle the stones started to resonate a strange energy that none had ever felt before. And the cube seemed to resonate in time to the stones. The cube it seemed was the key to the stones. As the seekers debated the circumstances.

The leader, or at least the spokesman, of the bird-riders walks over to where Cyan stands holding the cube which pulses with heat and is now making a rhythmic humming sound, which rises and falls in time with the pulses from the stones.
"What is this magic ye speak of? If it will damage this sacred place, then ye must.... " his voice tails off as he spots the cube, then he speaks again, kneeling as he does so, "Forgive me, Lords and Ladies, if I misspoke. I did not recognise ye as Nephilim until ye produced this sign of office. It has been many years of men since the Bright Ones walked among us, and most have forgotten the old ways. Still we know that when one comes among us who carries such a sign, then we must give any possibe aid."
"What may we do to help?"

Ares took advantage of the fact that they thought they were angels and asked them for information. Finding out all he could from the men.  There was a short debate as to if Ares actions were correct and good, but it was over quick enough. In the end with the portal of the stones opened it was decided that Kali would go through first and Cyan last with the cube.

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Part 8 - The Place where the Djinni Dwell

So the Seekers came through the gate ready for anything that might be but all the found was two men.

Hunter leaps through the portal, Kalika Wolfblade follows close behind and -


- lands rolling so that she ends up in a crouch on the burning hot sand. She looks around the place she finds herself in. It's hot, hotter than Taheti had been, but the almost total lack of humidity makes it seem more bearable.
There is sand, pinnacles of eroded stone, pyramids in the distance beyond a tangled area of ridges and gullies, and a sun blazing out of a blue sky so dark that it appears almost black at the zenith.
There are two men in view. One is standing staring at her from a short distance away. The other is farther away, lying face down in the shade of one of the rock pinnacles.
Farther away still, towards the pyramids, stands some sort of carriage, although there is no sign of draft animals.
All this she takes in in the space of four heartbeats with her enhanced senses.
Her companions arrive behind her one by one, and with varying degrees of grace.

Kalika began to question the man that was conscious while Cyan examined the unconscious man. A game of questions, answers and sharp retorts broke out between Kalika and the new man Lazarus only to be interrupted by the coming of the Dijin.

A whirling pillar of sand rises from the ground, with lightning flickering across its surface, and a voice like the screaming of ten thousand tortured souls booms across the sky, "Who DaRES tO DisTurB the DjiNni?"

After some quick negotiating Lazarus sacrificed his Sanford and sons truck to the Dijin in return for letting them all leave safely. Ares grabbed the unconscious man and toted him back to through the gate, with Duncan coming last. Unfortunately the big man never made it.

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Part 9 - Departures and arrivals