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Mon 9 Oct 2006
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Good Stuff.
Some odd little side bars on the quest...
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Mon 9 Oct 2006
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Re: Good Stuff.
Aaron...........John Travolta................One Step Closer (Linkin' Park)
Andrej..........Vin Diesel...................Planet Hell (Nightwish)
Ares............Sean Bean....................Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
Banglen-Yp......Kristanna Loken..............The Call of Ktulu (Metallica, 1999 version)
Beldrin.........Christopher Lambert..........Who Are You (The Who)
Berd............James Earl Jones.............The Joker (Steve Miller Band)
                                             Dreamweaver (Gary Wright)
                                             Fallen (Sarah McLauchlan)
Chance..........Bono.........................Stray Cat Strut
                                             Juke Box Hero
Cyan............Mila Jovovitch...............Going Under/Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)
Devlin..........James Dean...................The Wanderer
Dorian..........Willem Defoe.................The Imperial March (Star Wars)
                                             Fenris - Destroyer of Worlds
Ilsefranvir.....Majel Barrett Rodenberry.....Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd)
Jack............Harrison Ford (young)........Jack of Shadows (Hawkwind)
                                             King of Pain (The Police)
Jadus...........Christopher Walkin...........Never Turn Your Back on a Friend (Budgie)
James...........Clive Owen...................I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2)
                                             Don't fight it if you don't know what it is (The Panics)
Jen.............Michelle Trachtenburg........Daydream Believer (The Monkees)
Jonnee Kay......Hugh Jackman.................Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
Kaelyn..........                             Metal Queen (Lee Aaron)
Kalika..........Carrie Ann Moss..............Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran)
Leonardo........Johnny Depp..................People Are Strange (The Doors)
Lexy............Uma Thurman..................She's Not There (The Zombies) ;)
Luke............Brandon Lee..................Sympathy for the Devil (the Rolling Stones)
Morgan.......................................The Hunt Is On (Heather Alexander)
Serena..........Kiera Knightly...............Closer To Fine (Indigo Girls)
                                             Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day)
The Unknown.....Tim Curry....................Fire (Arthur Brown)
Trista..........Jennifer Connolly............Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley)

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Mon 9 Oct 2006
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Re: Good Stuff.

Q = Active Questor
D = Dead
? = Missing in Action
I = Insane (or Aaron)
U = Unknown
E = Possessed by evil twin (and grown a goatee, if male)

Q I Aaron:  A half-mad wanderer of Shadow and lost son of Amber. Blessed and cursed with the burdens of being bonded to a magical, killing power of Shadow, Aaron came across the group after his first introduction to his family heritage. Since then, he has discovered great faults in himself, and a singular, intensely driving purpose that pushes him onward through reality.

Q Banglen-Yp:  A peculiar young female who speaks in a strange manner, and who responds to both people and situations in odd ways.

Who she is remains for now a mystery, perhaps even to herself.  Her reasons for travelling are many, but her ultimate goal is still hidden in the shadows of the future.

Q Berd:  A small, bejeweled dragon, Berd's lazy manner and gluttonous habits are constantly at odds with the cleverness and wisdom can be found deep within his glittering eyes. The drake holds secrets and more within his wide, needle-toothed grin. At times he advises, at others he keeps his peace, seemingly without rhyme or reason. But those who understand him realize there is purpose to everything Berd does.


But now, some in the group find themselves unable to trust the drake, with the revelation that he has lied to Cyan about their first meeting. They did not, precisely, meet.

He created her.  And now he has lost her. How this will affect the drake, none can tell.

Cyan has since returned to the group, changed by her experiences.  Berd once again finds himself with a daughter on his clawed hands, and seeks to make up for past failures.

Q Cyan:  A young bard and traveler hailing from a land of sorcery and adventure, Cyan began her journey through the Worlds just under two decades before with the assistance of her mentor and supposed friend, Berd.

Now she walks the path of the Quest, away from her own, murky past to an equally shadowed future. For the Bard has discovered that despite what the songs assure her, not memories, nor companions, nor skills, nor love itself can guarantee certainty through chaos and desperation, be it without, or within.

Recent revelations had turned her world upside down. Berd has, it seems, lied to her. He did not find her. He created her.

Perhaps this revelation was one of the factors which, soon after, led to her fall.

Of late, it has become apparant that things are far worse than earlier believed.

Following her leadership of the Army of the End of Time, and subsequent release from the Archons (thanks to Aaron, James, and Dorian), it seems that the only person who has trouble forgiving Cyan for her seeming betrayal, is Cyan herself.

Q Devlin:  A denizen of unknown Shadow, Devlin has long known himself to be different.  How different has only recently become clear.  Still unsure of his talents, and their limits, he strives to make those talents useful to the group of strangers who have accepted him into their midst.

It seems he has access to resources of which they know nothing.

Like others in the group, it seems he may have a parent or parents in the distant city of Amber.

Q Dorian:  On the bleak, stormy world of Samhain, a rider left Dorian as a babe on the doorstep of a healers' monastary. Dorian rose in power in a world where sorcery and cunning ruled, eventually ruling the known world there. He since moved on and ruled a handful of other worlds, always dissatisfied, until finally setting his compass towards 'home', which lead him to Amber....

Q Ilsefranvir:  Aaron's sentient sword, Arianne den Ilsefranvir is the only one who can be considered Aaron's true friend. She is his defender, protector, teacher and weapon all rolled into one. Her significant mental powers, while strongest only in Aaron's mind, give her insight into her charge's state of being. They also allow her to have a feeling for the rest of the group that's greater than others may believe.

Q James:  A child of Amber raised by foster parents on an alternate Earth, James was a soldier of various persuasions until the horrors of war became too much for him and he went in search of a better way.  James' ancestry was recognised by Bleys and confirmed by the Pattern.  The uber-AI Argus has told him that Diedre was his mother, but James still hopes for confirmation.  James struggles to come to terms with the fact that using the skills from the past that he strives to leave behind may be the only way to ensure that there will be a future.

Q Jonnee Kay: Juvenile delinquent? Gang member? Surfer? Hired gun? Orphan of Shadow? Secret Agent? All of the above?
Jonnee was born in Las Angelos and spent most of his life running with a street gang who also claimed some of the best surf as their own. One day he was approached by a man named Kessler and offered a job. When he got home four days later he found that thirty years had passed there, and most of what he knew had been flooded when a massive quake tipped Western Las Angelos into the ocean.
Eventually he caught up with Kessler and killed him, and finally ended up in Amber, where he does occasional work for Prince Cain.

Now Jonnee helps prepare a great army, spanning an alliance of several Worlds, for a battle against the Enemy.

Q Luke: A mysterious stranger who seems to be able to find the group at will.  He occasionally offers advice and assistance, but seldom stays for more than a few minutes.  He claims to have a kingdom to rule, which is why (he says) he cannot stay with the group.  He holds some connection with Berd - possibly familial.

There are those who doubt his motives.

Q Meredith: A young girl, quiet, unassuming and careful, Meredith nevertheless has quite extraordinary abilities at her disposal.  In the past, others have used her, and those abilities without regard to her own wellbeing.

That is changing.

QMorgan: A long time ago, Julian hunted someone through Shadow, and was afterwards distracted by some peasant women. He never thought of them again, but the three dynasties founded by that little interlude never forgot his name.

Morgan is the youngest son of one of those lines, leading a formidable unit of cavalry.  Fortunately, perhaps, none of the panthers are able to tell tales. The harrowing trip has matured him to a degree, but their young leader still has a ways to go before they'd call him adult.

Q Roman of Chaincut: A member of House Chanicut of Chaos, Roman is travelling "for the sake of his health".  That is, an assassination attempt came uncomfortably close to succeeding and there was no real chance of identifying and removing the person or persons responsible.  Roman figures that he is not important enough to be the main target and that if he heads off into Shadow for a few years it will all be over by the time he gets back.

Although he has no intention of getting involved in a war, a family connection may draw him into the Quest.

Q Trista: Raised in the Myriad Worlds by foster parents unaware of Order and Chaos, Trista has known deep pain and loss. Happy and alive before her life was torn asunder, she left that particular Shadow shrouded in mourning to seek revenge only to find a group united in a cause.

Years of morosely traveling the universe have given way to a greater aspiration: to save the Worlds she loves. And perhaps, to reclaim her true self.

U Andrej –

U Derek –

? Duncan:  Large, strong man, with a thick accent and a heavy blade. Duncan was trapped behind a closing portal, shortly before the group discovered Jack and Lazarus.

U Harlequin: Gabriel is a simple man, friendly with a different way of looking at things. Many would call him a fool or pawn, especially in the Machiavellian ridden courts. Even if he is just about as clueless as as they come, there is something wholesome and likable about this young man aparantly from shadow.   He has a different way of seeing and doing things. A way that seems to work for him where it wouldn't work for others.  Even if he is just a man that knew to little.

Harlequin vanished after arrival in Charyk.

U Hunter:  The Big Alpha male wolf and Kalika's bonded since she was a child. He came to her and chose her a lowly girl as she washed in the river. He loves his bonded more then life it's self. Enough to turn his back on having a pack, enough to let the Jacui bond with them. Though Hunter does not like the idea, they were the Triad.

U Jonnee:  Juvenile delinquent? Gang member? Surfer? Hired gun? Orphan of Shadow? Secret Agent? All of the above?

Jonnee was born in Las Angelos and spent most of his life running with a street gang who also claimed some of the best surf as their own. One day he was approached by a man named Kessler and offered a job.

When he got home four days later he found that thirty years had passed there, and most of what he knew had been flooded when a massive quake tipped Western Las Angelos into the ocean.  Eventually he caught up with Kessler and killed him, and finally ended up in Amber, where he does occasional work for Prince Cain.

Currently living in the brintizzi homeland, where he is traing their army to battle Archons.

U Kaelyn

? Kendall:  Male? Female? Who can say? Another shapeshifter, hailing (apparantly) from the Courts of Chaos, Kendall is a Dychacha, one who never spends enough time as a single sex to be judged as such. A Trump artist of skill, and self-proclaimed trans-dimensional tourist, Kendall joined the group for (apparantly) a lark, and left shortly thereafter.

? Kia: Daughter of Jack and Kalika Wolfblade, Kia was not aware of the time differences between Shadows, nor that her mother had died.  She returned to the Chunchee realm, to ensure that her mother's grave is one suitable for a great heroinne.

Kia herself is probably dead by now.

? Lazarus:  Irascible, aging traveller from the Courts of Chaos, Lazarus' wit was as cutting as the sword he bore. While seemingly cynical and uncaring, it soon became obvious that the Chaosite was a staunch supporter of the Quest, dropping away only when his arm became too badly injured to heal.

? Lexy:  Lexy's fate and whereabouts are unknown, other than to say that urgent business called her home to the Courts of Chaos.

U Morgan I -

? Serena: Serena was born and raised in Amber. After 25 years of tutelage under her mother Fiona, Uncle Benedict, and various other aunts and uncles Serena left Amber. Unable to tolerate the games the family played she spent the majority of her time traveling shadow and enhancing her craft with the rare visit home. Serena spent most of that  time learning the art of healing as well as sorcery and warfare. After over two hundred years of travelling alone she finds herself now with a group of people combined against one force. Finally, she has found a place with people she respects and even likes after years of being alone. Finally, she has found her destiny.

Serena, however, disappeared from the Quest soon after Devlin's vanishing.

I Jack:  An amnesiac man that was found in the Dijins wastes. Through
the adventures he became enamored with Kalika Wolfblade the Chunchee warrioress. He has now became bonded to Kalika and her wolf Hunter. Having regained his mind and memory only to loose it again at the hands of the firey wheels. A fallen prince of his own shadow world and a broken man. Jack is one that delves into things man was not meant to know and pushes the boundries of reality.

His efforts to push his limits eventually broke Jack's mind, and Aaron left him at a monastery, where he would be looked after.

D Ares:  Swordsmaster and traveller, this Son of Amber would never tell of the crime that had him wanted in the fabled city...but his soul was as noble as any, as evidenced by his defense of the inhabitants of Olympu, and his commitment to the quest. With his aid, the inhabitants of an entire world were spared the ravages of the Gatherer, and he fell in battle, standing beside his companions, brought low by a poison that his unparalled skill could not defeat.

D Kalika Wolfblade:   young Chunchee Female Warrior who helped princess Fiona against an Assassination attempt. She was hard and distant when she became a part of the group, but started opening up and becoming softer once she found Jack. Outcast of her people for being a woman in a mans traditional role.

Blinded in combat, Kalika Wolfblade returned to her home. There she gave birth to Jack's daughter, Kia, and rose to become the Chunchee's ambassador to the Brintizzi.

She died of old age in her home Shadow, where time moves very quickly.

D Leonardo:  Leonardo was a Trump artist of great skill. He was also an inveterate wanderer of Shadow.  He left the group to ensure the well-being of an old friend who had been captured by a cult which was assisting the Archons in their goal to control the Broken God.

Although he never returned to the quest, he did meet Serena, and gave her the means to find Cyan.  He died fighting that very same person, cut down as he attempted to sway his people to join the battle against the Seraphim.

D Otandal:  Greenskinned young man of possibly Rebman descent, Otandal was never loathe to use his shapeshifting abilities. An arrogant young man, but not without a sense of community, he met his end when struck down by arrows fired from ambush, on the road to Amber.


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Re: Good Stuff.
[pulls out White Board]

[small faerie appears, begins to write labouriously with a large, black marker.  Another faerie appears, assists.  Things speed up]

Known Makeup of Group

Powers (*denotes Advanced):

Main Powers
Pattern - Aaron, James, Serena
Logrus - Roman
Shapeshifting - Devlin*, Roman (presumably)
Sorcery - Dorian, Serena
Conjuration - Dorian
Broken Pattern - Dorian
Empathic Absorption? - Meredith

Other Powers (* indicates inherent qualities)

Travel - Berd*, Dorian, Luke*
Reality Control - Arianne*, Berd*, Luke*
Psychic Sensitivity - Arianne*, Berd*, Luke*


Armor - Aaron, Devlin, Dorian, Meredith
Weapons - Aaron, Devlin, James, Serena, Meredith


Aaron - Unknown
Chance - Unknown
Devlin - Unknown
Dorian - Steve Martin and someone from Amber
James - Dierdre (?)
Meredith - Unknown
Serena - Fiona

Exalted Powers Witnessed:

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Re: Good Stuff.

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