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Sat 7 Jul 2012
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Part 71a  The Courts of Chaos
Roman arrives, alone.  Just as well... Baerin would likely have found the location uncomfortable, at least for the brief moment before it killed him.  The chamber is hot - hot enough that all of the surfaces glow with a fiery light, the chamber's only source of illumination.  There is no air, only a stinking poisonous smoke emanating from slots in a large iron block in the centre of the space.

At one end of the chamber is an opening, twenty feey high and perhaps as wide, though the shape is irregular.  Beyond is blackness, and the glittering of a myriad stars.

A three-faced seven-armed demon stands, naked and clearly male, in the opening, and in every hand he holds a sword.  He waits amid the heat and the fumes, his hide covered with scales and plates of chitin.  All of his eyes are on Roman, and the plates of his faces slide and shift in a hideous approximation of a trio of smiles.

The demon speaks, and his voice is like the cries of a thousand enraged beasts, "Welcome home, Master Roman." He steps aside, allowing Roman entry to the dark space beyond the opening.  "Should you wish to pay your respects, the Mistress of Chanicut is not home currently, but is expected to return shortly."