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Sun 29 Aug 2004
at 13:42
Re: Teaser Trailer
I'm certainly dropping by, and if I do join, I'll definetly stick to it. ;)

I've had a character idea in development for this game since Ron posted the timeline. :P
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Sun 29 Aug 2004
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Re: Teaser Trailer
If I can find the time (OK I am only doing 5 games right now, but with my job occupying at least 12 hours each day, without real access to the internet, I think I will pass, very reluctantly, because I am a real pulp fan. Maybe later... if possible...
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Tue 7 Dec 2004
at 20:02
Re: Something else for somebody else...
Gurps: The Great Unknown

    A group of strangers traveling together by train…

What starts out as a pleasant trip aboard an old style train pulled by a steam engine. The perfect weekend get away. It really doesn’t matter where you are coming from or where you are going. It’s the journey that matters…

  As mysterious events and dark coincidences start to happen, the pleasant get away degenerates into madness on this nightmare roller-coaster ride.  Can you solve the mystery before it is to late.

This Gurps thriller is located in Contemporary .
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Mon 13 Dec 2004
at 21:32
Re: Something else for somebody else...
Spectacles of Death

Spectacles of Death is a roleplaying arena game of generic proportions for anyone interested in learning more of the GURPS fourth edition; or anyone who is interested in a GURPS arena game-- or anyone who is just interested in arena-style death and carnage (sicko). Whatever your motivation may be, the primary goal is to have fun.

Name: Spectacles of Death
Game System: GURPS fourth edition (knowledge of GURPS or its fourth edition is not necessary to play. All are welcome.)
Location: Fantasy
link to "Spectacles of Death"
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Thu 10 Feb 2005
at 17:14
Re: Nothing much... just something I threw together.


Welcome to the SkyHawk. An independant merchant ship with a knack for getting into trouble.

A Tale of Seven Skies is a game set in the world of Caelus, a world of floating cities and flying ships. Magic is common and everyday, hardly worth noticing. Craftsmen craft magic wares as a natural part of creation, employing centuries old trade secrets. Magic comes in many flavors; one may cast spells, while another possesses an innate knack or the gift of magic songs.

The highest realms are inhabited by the elves and winged folk who live on jewel-like islands hundreds of miles above any other beings. The lower realms are inhabited by Dwarves and below them are the demihuman hordes. In between thrive the human realms, among the clouds. Beneath it all is the Undershore, the realm of the lost, where the dead rattle their chains and bemoan their fate.

The game follows the crew of the SkyHawk on a daring adventure through all the realms.

During a routine trade flight one of the crew on watch calls out an alarm. A ship is following them, emerging from the clouds, like a cat stalking it's prey.

Priates? No, the ship flies no flag and it looks too new, too clean, to be pirate vessel. It is a smaller ship, sleek and streamlined, decorated in built of gleaming black wood.

Without even calling for surrender the black ship maneuvers for a broadside. The captain gives the order to run out the guns and prepare for maneuvers. The SkyHawk is fast and maneuverable for a ship of its size, but it can't match the smaller, lighter vessel.

link to "GURPS - A Tale of Seven Skies"
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Sat 19 Mar 2005
at 17:38
Re: Nothing much... just something I threw together.
Dworkin, please forgive me for borowing some of you 20 questions.

Section: Adult
Name: The Twilight Hotel
Rules: Freeform (Please read the in game rules)

link to "The Twilight Hotel"

Note: This is in the Adult section because there may be adult material. The adult situations will take place out of public view and anyone not of an age to view such material will not have access to those threads.

This game is not likely to start for at least a couple of weeks (maybe more). I'm still working on maps and such. That and I want to gather several players before I begin.

Serious players only please


The Twilight Hotel is large and old. It was built in the early 1900's by Stanley Twilight. The majestic Georgian style hotel opened in 1909, catering to the rich and famous. No expense was spared in building the luxury hotel; equipped with running water, electricity and even telephones.

In it's heyday the Twilight Hotel saw such visitors as John Philip Sousa, Theodore Roosevelt, the Emperor of Japan and a variety of Hollywood personalities, and of course there was the writer that stayed for some time writing a book based on the hotel, but the owners don't like to speak of this.

The hotel lost popularity and then sank into obscurity but it is still in operation somewhere on the edge of reality.

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Thu 26 May 2005
at 07:09
Re: And something else that might be fun...
I've decided to do something I've wanted to do for a while.  I've started my first game on RPOL.  This will be my first go at GM for a number of years and my first time as GM for DnD.  The first two adventures will come from the WoTC website, thereafter the story can go where it will. I have an overarching story mapped out but the detail will depend on what the players want to do.  The highest level NPC I have dreamed up is CR 21.  It would be nice if the story went all the way.

Legacy of the Storm Coast
The Storm Coast - a small parcel of land stretched along the east coast of the continent of Faranth.  With few resources and a relatively small area of land available for farming, the Storm Coast has a reputation as an isolated backwater to its larger, western neighbour, the realm of Auric.

Rumours abound that in the dim past dragons ruled here.  Or rather, a dragon, variously named in different stories, but most commonly referred to as Keldenan the Black.  Every village storyteller and travelling minstrel has stories of the heroes who slew Keldenan and of the other ruins, treasures and places of power that are scattered across the Storm Coast.  However, all of the known ruins have long since been picked clean and most assume the stories of Keldenan to be a feeble attempt by the people of the Coast to steal the glory of Latheliel, the Gold Dragon King of Auric, dead these two hundred years but still remembered.

The Storm Coast's isolation has had it's benefits. Hammered each year by brutal winter storms and little to fight over, the area has been at peace for nearly a century. Only the very old can remember stories from their childhood of savage tribes, bloody battles and 'epic' wars.

All this changed a year ago when a horde of goblinoid invaders poured through the Greyteeth Mountains from the Joggurund Steppes to the north.  The Storm Coast's inhabitants had relied on the fortress at Northhold hanging on until reinforcements could be gathered.  It was not to be.  The goblinoids knew of other ways through the 'Teeth and even landed forces by boat below the cliffs of Port Maw.  The defenders were forced to pull back to Haven and the river known simply as the High Way.  Troops from Auric helped the locals hold the river until the winter when the region's famous storms brought fighting to a halt.

But the spring thaw is coming, and there will always be opportunities for the bold and the merely foolhardy in the fires of war and the chaos it has brought to the rest of the Storm Coast...

Category: Fantasy (home-made world)

System: DnD 3.*
I prefer the 3.5 classes, but I only own the 3.0 rule book, so 3.5 rules would have to be drawn from the online SRD.  But if you have a question, ask me.

Class level 1st

link to "DnD 3.* Legacy of the Storm Coast"

Edit to include Link

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Tue 27 Sep 2005
at 06:10
Re: Opportunity beyond measure...
I've been toying with this idea for a while. Might as well get it over with....

Welcome to Starquake

Starquake is a GURPS superhero game. The characters begin as ordinary, mundane people. Through an unusual cosmic event, they find themselves discovering unusual powers. The focus of the story is the discovery of these powers and how to use them. (Thus, the players do not choose their powers. They are randomly assigned.)

The story begins December, 2004. Where it leads, is anyone's guess.

Unfortunately, since I have to create power template in advance, I'm only accepting a limited number of players for this game.
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Fri 20 Jan 2006
at 13:34
Re: Opportunity beyond measure...
Well, I've gone and done it, started an Amber game.

Everyone here is invited to join, or not, as you wish. Did I say everyone? Yes everyone.

Although there is now hurry, I don't think the game will actually start for a while. This depends on how my schedule evolves over the next couple of weeks. Once it does start, my schedule will dictate at what pace the game progresses. At any rate, the pace of the game is likely to be slow.

link to "Amber: Shadowfall"
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Sat 21 Jan 2006
at 13:14
Re: Opportunity beyond measure...
I thought Ya'll might like to see a propper intro to the game instead of what I did above.

Game Intro

Amber: Shadowfall

The first time it happened, it was almost unoticed.

I say almost, because there are always those out there that will notice even the smallest change. The ripple itself spread, like a shockwave through reality. It changed nothing, did no damage. And yet, to some it was like being hit across the head by a baseball bat. You can't help but notice that kind of thing. To others, it felt like broken glass grinding in their mind. And yet others, it was a feeling hard to place. A sense of wrongness, but from no source that could be detected. At both ends of reality, it was noticed and commented on. And then promptly forgotten by most. But some remembered.

This is the story of those who remembered the first ripple. Like all stories, it has a beginning, a middle and an end.

And this is how it began.

Amber :  The center of all things. The only true reality. Everything else is but a shadow of the one real world. It is the only world of substance, and shadows stretch out around it like images in a room full of mirrors, warped by the distant shifting Logrus. Or is it?

The Courts of Chaos :  Beyond the Shadows of Amber, beyond the point where "rational" things reside or have meaning, there is the Courts of Chaos. Occupied by the Lords of Chaos. Chaos is the antithesis of Amber, the Courts represent disorder and change.  Chaos, along with its Lords of Chaos and  Great Houses have long been enemies of Amber. Or is it?

Shadow :  Between the two, Amber and Chaos, lies the infinite expanses of Shadow.  Any world which has ever been, or ever could be imagined exists somewhere in Shadow.  To the inhabitants these worlds are real, but to the people of Amber and Chaos they are mere shadows of those truly real domains.  Shadows are a mixture of the influences of Order and Chaos in infinitely varying degrees and combinations. Or is it?

YGG :  The tree that stands half way between Castle Amber and the Courts of Chaos, says that is was planted by Oberon. It was, but not as a seed. Rather, Ygg was a branch Oberon cut (or acquired?) and rooted here, in the omni-present middle. Where did Oberon aquire this branch. None knows for sure.

It has been five years since Amber and the Courts of Chaos faught the Patternfall War. Much damage was inflicted on both sides and both sides are still rebuilding. A new threat turns it gaze on both Amber and the Courts of Chaos.


The dark, and yet almost insubstantial looking figure watched. What it was would be hard to say. If one looked directly at the creature, the thing seemed to waver; play tricks on the eye; so that it seemed it could be almost anything that the mind could imagine. Looking away the thing could be seen from the corner of the eye. In this way one could almost make it out; it appeared to be a man, but other that the dark outline, no details could be seen.

Whatever the creature was, it stood still and watched as the glowing lines, etched into the ground, slowly faded. They had been a blood red light that illuminated the surrounding area, brighter than any sun could have. The lines faded, appeared paler than before and more orange than red, they faded more rapidly as time passed.

"I refuse to believe she found the only one capable of the task." The figure said, or did it think the words, it was hard to say if they were heard with the ear or with the mind. "It is not possible that she found the only bloodline capable of the task."

The etched lines continued to dissolve as the creature stood there watching; almost all traces of them gone.

"No matter, in the end we will find another capable of the task, or we will find a way to force one of his blood to do so."

The figure walked across the ground where the lines in the ground had been, then bent to pick something up. It was hard to tell what it had retrieved as the thing was burned into the ground where it had been dropped. After retrieving the item the figure vanished, no trace of it or of anything ever happening here remained, except for the burned hole in the ground where, whatever it was, had lain.
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Mon 6 Feb 2006
at 05:05
Re: Opportunity beyond measure...
If there is anyone that likes playing a trump artist, I could use one in my game.

I'd even take a non-conventional charcter. The non-conventional ones are usually interesting.  I should know, I already have a mess of em.
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Wed 22 Feb 2006
at 08:23
Re: Opportunity beyond measure...
Well, I might as well get this over with....


"Shadow seeks shadow, then both leaf and leaf-shadow are lost." Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)

Shadow's Revenge is an Amber game based loosly on Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber series and the AMBER Diceless Role-playing Game by Eric Wujcik and Phage press.

This game is not about power struggles, court intrigue, order-chaos wars or politics. At least, that's the official statement. Shadow's Revenge takes place primarily out in Shadow, the infinite worlds that stretch between Amber and the Courts of Chaos. Shadow is full of possibility and the undiscovered.

Characters from any background are welcome.

The Prologue
I walked through Shadow seeking the source of this blight. Inevitably, it led farther from Amber and closer to the Courts-- but not as close as I had thought. Things got worse with each step closer to it. The plants were the first sign. Black and twisted, I could almost see horrific faces in the cracks and bark. Then, I began to see what it had done to the people. Dear god, what did this?

I've seen things like this before, we all have, hellriding through the worst Shadow has to offer. I wasn't hellriding.

Then I could feel the tingling. It began in my fingers, and then I could feel it in my throat. I coughed and choked. Flies were everywhere, and I had to swat like a maniac just to keep from swallowing handfuls of them. The tingling spread to my eyes, to all my orifices.

Finally, when I didn't think I could press on any farther, I came through a break in the trees-- the trees that fought me like zombies.

It had to be the source. It was huge, like a mountain. Its ribs stuck upward out of it like wicked spires, bone white against black scales and withered, disease-ridden flesh. The flies were like a cloud of rot around it, swirling in strange patterns, like tiny fighter squadrons defending their home base. The buzzing was awful.

Now the tingling was everywhere, and my eyes, throat and finally my flesh was on fire. Really, on fire. Blue hissing and crackling oozed from my cracked and rotting flesh. I fell to my knees, trying to bring the pattern to my mind. But this was a godless place, and the pattern was far, far away now.

I cried out. Then everything went black.


"If we shadows have offended, think but this

link to "Amber: Shadow's Revenge"

and all is mended." - William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Sat 7 Oct 2006
at 09:08
Re: Amelia Earhart - pirate hunter - wants YOU!
At some point in your past, you made a deal with a higher power. You needed something and you reached out-- perhaps in prayer, perhaps shouting at the sky, or perhaps only in your unspoken heart. Someone responded-- all you had to do was sign a piece of paper.

Disclaimer: This game may contain mature themes and messages. Biblical and other religious characters, icons or organizations may be presented in unconventional, antithetical or even monsterous roles. Readers with sensitive religious feelings are warned and asked to join or read with caution, as some events in the plot may be seen as religiously disturbing. This game is a work of fiction; all aspects of this game are for entertainment purposes only.

Deal With the Devil is a sci/fi-gothic-cyberpunk-fantasy-horror game set in theocratic world of grim oppression, dark mysticism, and secret histories.

This is the Church-State, an alternate earth where the medieval church's struggle with the medieval crown resulted in the domination of the church. Europe united under the new church, with each crown subservient to the clergy. The Crusades took a far different turn, and the Inquisition never ended.

In the last century magic was discovered through the use of computers. Mages cast spells only with the aid of special computers capable of the real-time calculations necessary to manipulate magical energies.

The Renaissance came about slowly, awkwardly, under the glowering eye of the Church. Philosophies countering religious doctrine were crushed mercilessly; books were destroyed. Scholars, artists and philosophers were burned at the stake. Strange and mysterious accidents removed a number of key players from the Reformation scene.

Progress was slow, but eventually industrialization gained a foothold in the world. It was an unenlightened industrialization; creeping landscapes of smokestacks and sprawling urban wastelands blighted the land. The environment became yet another tool of the ravenous Church. It was chewed up and digested, a footnote.

Modern day Knights of the Holy Church patrol the streets. Psychic Inquisitors probe every mind for any hint of heresy or crime. The magically trained Knights Arcanus are on hand to deal with any supernatural or magic problems, should they arise.

Priests rule in both cival and spiritual matter over the populace, their word is law in both heaven and earth.

The modern world of The Church is a sleek scab of tinted glass and metal over a decaying world of corruption, avarice and politics. Meat is a luxury afforded by the wealthy. Housing is plentiful, free and substandard. The urban sprawls still exist, but lie vacant as the population dwindles in starvation, plague and poisoning and chanty towns rise up on the outskirts of cities.

Laws are numerous and complex, and freedom is nonexistant. Everything from hunting to adultery is punished by ancient standards: public flogging, stoning, castration and death by fire. Trials are a mockery of justice.

Yet, through the miracles of genetic sciences, cybernetic rebuilds and arcane wonder, humanity survives beyond its days. It lives, where it should have died and given way for the next evolutionary attempt.

And in the belly of this dead world, something is born; or rather, reborn. This is a story of apocolypse and the end of days, ancient things awakening to reclaim what was lost and the miserable souls caught in the crossfire-- you.

Requesting Access
A brief character synopsis, including a paragraph of background and a paragraph of description is requested. You don't need this when you send a RTJ, but I would like to see a synopsis before seeing the character, so we can iron out any problems from the start. This is just a suggestion, not a rule.

In addition, when you request access I'd like to know a little bit about you, the player (if you aren't in my other games, already). I don't need anything personal (and would prefer not to have it, even.) However, please include one or two lines about where you live, what you do and how old you are. Again, this is not required, but it helps me run a game if I know a little about the players. (Absolutely nobody will be rejected based on who they are under any circumstances, ever. I promise.)

I would especially like to see two things, and these are nearly mandatory.

First, what causes an emotional high for you in a roleplaying game? In other words, what really gets you excited and interested in a game? This can be anything. For example, 'getting cool stuff or powers', 'Combat', 'Developing my character', 'Beating the bad guys' or 'Just participating'.

Second, what interests you the most: character, story/plot, adventure/combat, power/abilities/gadgets, tactics/strategy/thinking or Participation. You can mix and match or make up something new. You can also say all of the above. This helps me understand what kind of players I have at my table, so I can tweak the game to meet their interests.

NOTE: If you've played regularly in other games I run, I really don't need those things I mentioned.

link to "GURPS - Deal With the Devil [mature]"
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Wed 17 Oct 2007
at 17:51
Court of Dreams
We're looking for a player to take over one of the characters in an alternate (?) Amber game with a Middle-Eastern feel (Arabian Nights etc.)

link to "ADRPG: Court of Dreams"

Currently we're delivering Prince Corwin of Amber (but not THAT Prince Corwin) to his family.  Hints suggest that our homeland is based around (the original) Corwin's Pattern, some generations after the books, but the GM has been known to misdirect us :-)

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Roman of Chanicut
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Sat 20 Oct 2007
at 22:29
Re: Court of Dreams
Make that two replacements, after a dropout under threat of divorce....

The link again.

link to "ADRPG: Court of Dreams"
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Wed 30 Apr 2008
at 03:18
The Twilight Hotel: Freeform
A little birdy told ya...

History of The Twilight Hotel

The Twilight Hotel is large and old. It was built in the early 1900's by Stanley Twilight. The majestic Georgian style hotel opened in 1909, catering to the rich and famous. No expense was spared in building the luxury hotel; equipped with running water, electricity and even telephones.

In it's heyday the Twilight Hotel saw such visitors as John Philip Sousa, Theodore Roosevelt, the Emperor of Japan and a variety of Hollywood personalities, and of course there was that writer who stayed here once and wrote a famous book based on the hotel. A complete work of fiction, of course.

The hotel lost popularity and then sank into obscurity but it is still in operation somewhere on the edge of reality.

This is a Freeform game with some special rules in play that must be discovered during play. This game will focus on Character and Plot development. You can either get into the miseries of the hotel or you can relax in the luxury that is The Twilight Hotel (if you can relax }:}

For more information see game posts: link to "The Twilight Hotel: Free"

For information. It may be as much as several more weeks before this game begins. If you're interested you have plenty of time to put some serious effort into a character background and other information that you MUST supply to even be considered.

The Caretaker will ignore requests to join without the required information.

The Caretaker will reject, without explanation, characters that do not meet his standards.

Questions will be answered by PM if those answers do not give information away information that The Caretaker wishes to keep to himself.

This is a location based games. We would like players to have some experience with this type of game, though that is not a requirement, but a decent understanding of how a location based game works will help you from getting confused.

I expect the pace of the game to be 1 or to posts a week. Please read thoroughly all the rules that have been posted.

The start delay is due to two reasons. The first is that it simply is not ready yet. Several location need to be envisioned. The second reason is the certain individuals that are know to The Caretaker, have been invited to submit a character for inspection. The game will begin when these individuals have time in their schedules to join us at The Hotel.

This does not mean that this is invite only, but only that there are certain players that we enjoy playing with and have not had the chance to do so in a while.

Last note: There are some job openings at the hotel. If you are interested in one of them then applying for a position is in addition to the other stuff that is required wen submitting an RTJ.

If you think of a job that is not listed, and you think you could do it will, bring it up. We'll chew on it and wee how it some out. Tell us why you think the hotel needs someone in the position and what you think that persons duties should be.

Further questions? Ask them by PM in the game.

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Sun 15 Jun 2008
at 15:39
Re: The Twilight Hotel: Freeform
Advertising for a different website here, but I don't want this game to die.

D&D 3.5 with a homebrew world and a GM who seems to have both dedication and a story.  :)  We have two players (myself and one other), both of whom are in it for the long haul (we know each other and have been involved in games together for the last six years or so).  It won't be quick posting, but we're already having fun.

I ask that only players who can post during the week apply - so far, it seems the GM and both players are out on weekends.  Mostly.  :)
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Wed 5 Nov 2008
at 17:56
Opportunity knocks.
Here's a rare opportunity to join a game which has been running for longer than this one...

My D&D 3.0 game has suffered a certain amount of player attrition over the last several months, necessitating the... ah... retirement... of a number of characters.

Unfortunately, the party's current location (a desert) means there aren't many opportunities to pick up new heroes along the way.  But... that has just changed.  The group have rescued a bunch of would-be slaves from the band of slavers who were attempting to capture them.

It's entirely possible that some of these slaves might be grateful enough to sign up with the party.
The plot is a simple one... the party are seeking the legendary Necropolis of Zhund, with the intention of looting tombs and becoming wealthy (except the paladin, whose main concern is the numerous stories of undead).

Zhund was an ancient empire, reminiscent of Egypt under the pharaohs, whose emperors sank into the depths of insanity during the final century or so, turning from the worship of the Sky Gods (Ra, Thoth, Bast, all that crowd) to that of the much less wholesome Gods of the Empty Places (Cthulhu, Nyarlethotep, Shub Niggurath, and their ilk).  In its last years, the Empire hired gnollish mercenaries to bolster its armies, and to keep the peasants in check, and gave those mercenaries grants of land and titles by way of payment.

As a result, the desert which used to be Zhund now has numerous gnolls, and their hyena kin.

The last emperor believed that the Sky Gods were gone, driven out by the Gods of the Empty Places, so he decided he would travel to their domain and prove that their palaces were deserted.  He knew that he could walk to the heavens, if he started high enough.  He sank much of the empire's remaining wealth and manpower into the construction of a tall tower.  Then he stepped off the top, to commence his great journey to the sky.

Can you say, "plummet" children?  That's a funny word, isn't it?

And so the greatest empire the world has ever known died, not with a bang, or a whimper, but with a drawn-out, "AaiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeSplat!"  The population fled the gnoll mercenaries, and the land soon reverted to a barren wilderness.

There are still humans there though, a thousand years later.  Nomadic tribes who constantly fight slavers (and each other) for freedom and resources.  Most of them worship the Sky Gods, but there are some who worship those... other deities (though seldom openly).
New characters should be 5th level humans, desert nomads, preferably fighters, rangers, rogues, or clerics (though other classes may be considered), constructed using the 3.0 or 3.5 PHB only.

Or... there is an orphaned bard up for adoption.  His name is Thaelas, and he is unusual in that he doesn't play an instrument.  His bardic abilities are purely a capella.

Contact me here for further details: link to another game
Roman of Chanicut
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Fri 30 Jan 2009
at 19:19
Re: Opportunity knocks.
Another new Amber game starting up.  The GM is looking for a couple more players:

link to another game
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Sun 1 Feb 2009
at 17:12
BUSHIDO anyone?

The night was dark and the road deserted, as the lone traveller moved towards the lights of the village lower on the mountainside.  He was Tokasi Benkai, samurai and warrior.  Gold glinted on the fittings of his katana.

The woods hid their shadows.  They were bandits, and hungry.  They were also five to his one.  They attacked.

The first went down before the samurai's Iai draw.  The second fell under a pear-splitting stroke of the katana.  The third and fourth were more cautious, but were also sent onward by the warrior's flashing sword.  Tokasi flicked the blood from his blade and turned to face the last.

The final bandit was also a swordsman, as could be seen by his stance.  Tokasi knew that this man would not be an easy victory, but if it was his karma to die this night, Takasi would meet death true to his code of bushido...

Welcome to Nippon...

Nippon is not precisely Japan, rather it is the Japan of Legend.  Oni, malicious spirits, monsters and magical creatures are all a part of the land, as are human heroes and villains.

Nippon does not have a strong ruler.  The old Emperor died last winter, and the current ruler of Nippon, his grandson, is just seven years old, and being manipulated by his advisors and ministers.

Many of the daimyo see this as an opportunity to improve their own fortunes, calling upon old debts of gratitude to gain favour at the Imperial court, while the most powerful of them see the chance to take the ultimate prize - the title of Shogun.  The Shogun would become the effective ruler of Nippon, with that rule legitimised by the Emperor's word.

Border skirmishes are becoming more common.

Taking advantage of this chaos, bandits and goblins now prey on travellers on many of the roads in the country.  They launch raids against villages, while the daimyo have their attention diverted elsewhere.  Nobody is safe, as the raiders strike with ever-increasing boldness.

Monasteries of both Bhuddist and Shinto sects are dotted all across Nippon, and the monks from many of these monasteries have recently started to become increasingly warlike in nature, seeing this as the best way to protect themselves, and the local communities, in the troubled times ahead.  Violent outbreaks involving the various sects Yamabushi (warrior monks) are not uncommon, but due the wealth and power that each sect holds, the current government is unwilling, or perhaps unable, to interfere with their disruptive activities.

Hida Province
lies in contested territory.

The northern part of the province is ruled by clans loyal to Yamaouchi, while the southern part is controlled by those who support the Uesugi faction.  Areas just beyond the province borders are dominated by Mori and Tokugawa supporters.

For the moment, though, the province is relatively peaceful.  But most people agree that it is only a matter of time now.

It is the year of the Ox.  Spring has arrived.

Armies have gathered across the land.  During the winter, they have remained in place, building strength.  Now, with the improving weather, they will start to stir.

The rapidly approaching Year of the Tiger promises to be extremely turbulent.  War is coming to Nippon, and to Hida.

And with that war, will come many opportunities for clever men and women, both on and off the battlefields.

If they can survive in a Nippon fallen into chaos.

This game will not be an accurate historical simulation.  It is, instead, a fantasy with some similarities to real history.  Characters will be bushi (warriors), budoka (martial artists), shugenja (wizards), gakusho (priests, both Buddhist and Shinto), and yakuza (gamblers and criminals).

The system used will be FGU's Bushido, published in 1981.

I've been working on it for the best part of a year, on and off, so I figured it was about time I got it going...

link to another game

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Re: BUSHIDO anyone?

Thursday. April 30, 2026.

Word came down from Admin Central at 09:24, GMT, exactly.  Biotechnica bought the company out this morning.  They want everybody out by 16:00 today, so that their own people can take over the facility.  All contracts have been terminated, though wages will be paid for the remaining hours until 16:00, and repatriation clauses have been activated.

At least they're going to send everybody home, which is just as well - it's a long walk from L.E.O. for most people.

Some of the crew are still working, planning to keep going until the last minute, and do the best job they can.  Some sort of "pride in their work" thing.  Others are just kicking back, relaxing as best they can in their last few hours.  Another, smaller group are talking about sabotaging the place, and ripping off whatever they can carry away.

There is one small window in the habitation module, and currently it's giving a view of the North Pacific and the west coast of America.  It's night there, but the darkness is lit by flashes of lightning from a major storm system.


Tonight you have to go back down to Earth...

And it's raining.

The PA sysyem crackles to life, "Attention.  Attention.  The following people are to report to Admin Central immediately." followed by a brief list of names. Yours is among them...

Anybody up for some Cyberpunk-y goodness, using R Talsorian Games Cyberpunk 2020?

The game will be set (mostly) in Night City, in 2026.  The characters were all recently employed, in one capacity or another, on an orbital construction project, expanding an R&D facility owned by the German corporation, Angewandte Forschung GmbH.

Now they're out of work again.  Earth awaits, but it seems that their employer wants to speak to them before they leave...

Things can only look up, right chombatta?

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Calling all scruffy-looking nerf herders.

"If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from." ~ Luke Skywalker, moisture farmer

Not quite.  There are places that are worse than Tatooine.  Take MOTHESSH, for example.  The parts of the world that aren't jungle are swamp, and almost everything that lives there seems to be poisonous.  The few things that aren't poisonous are that way only because they're quite dangerous enough without it.

The planet itself produces nothing of significant worth (except, possibly, to a collector of venomous plants and animals), and is not located on any sort of trade lane.  If you look up "backwater" in any encyclopedia, the entry probably reads, "See: Mothessh."

Nobody in their right mind would live there.

Which makes it an ideal location for a Rebel base.

Welcome to the BERENESHI SECTOR, currently ruled by MOFF KIVOST, in the name of the Empire.  Kivost, while a competent military commander and governor, likes to delegate many of the duties of his office to various subordinates, most notably ADMIRAL DHERO TARKAS, and the Moff's special operative, GHEA NIMADDA.

The Bereneshi Sector lies in the Outer Rim Territories, close to HUTT SPACE.  As a result, there are a number of worlds in the region which are, in all but name, under Hutt control.  Moff Kivost, of course, denies this.

A note and a warning.
Note: This is a game run using the d6 STAR WARS RPG (2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded) published by West End Games in 1996.

It does not use the d20 rules.

Fair Warning: If you are the sort of player who thrives on the minutiae of canon - if you know Anakin Skywalker's exact birthdate, or Emperor Palpatine's shoe size, if you know the fuel consumption figures for Slave 1, or the ground pressure exerted by an X-wing's landing gear (in various gravitational fields) - then this may not be the game for you.

I'm not that much of an expert.  Things may be different in this game.

While canon characters will be known of (Vader and Palpatine particularly, and maybe Luke What's-His-Name) none of the PCs will have actually met them.  The overall background of Star Wars remains, but this game is set in a different area of the galaxy.

The game starts shortly after the destruction of the Death Star at Yavin.  Rumours have spread through the rebel groups scattered across the galaxy that a great victory has been won, but details are still sketchy at best.

The Jedi are no more than a fading memory.  While a few people claim to have an unusual sensitivity to what they claim is the Force, they do not have the training of true Jedi, and few of their friends and family really believe them.  With no known "real" Jedi, none of the PCs have ever heard of midichlorians.

Characters are members of the Rebel Alliance, or are closely associated with it.  These Rebels are based at Mothessh, but assignments can send them throughout the sector and, occasionally, beyond.

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Sometimes players can be sooo demanding.

Oh, alright then...

*mutter mutter*

Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999
- Prince

New York, October 31st 1999.

Halloween.  But not just any old Halloween.  In popular imagination, at least, it's the last Halloween of the Millennium.

If the tabloids are to be believed, in just two months, all the lights will go out, every computer in the world will crash, civilisation will fall, dogs and cats will lay down together, there will be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Some say the Antichrist is already here.  They point to various people - Saddam Hussein, Ozzy Osbourne, William Jefferson Clinton, Bill Gates... all popular candidates.

The world is going to end.

Of course, not everybody believes that.  There are people who know that exactly the same stuff went on at the end of the last Millennium.  They know because they lived through it, and the world is still here.  To the Kin of the Big Apple, this is just another year.

Or it was... but now some extraordinary events are about to shake that certitude.  Maybe the world is coming to an end.

Coming soon, to an RPoL near you.

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Sometimes players need to be... punished.


That name has haunted your dreams and nightmares since childhood.  Everybody in your home community had heard of Rappan Athuk, and of its sinister reputation.  Tales abound of the treasures that reportedly lay within its depths, and of the horrors which guard them.  Tales which speak of the heroes who have braved the dungeon, and the far smaller number who have returned from such expeditions.

Vast wealth, glory, vengeance for lost friends and loved ones, the defeat of evil, simple curiosity... for whatever reason, you now find yourself in the city of Reme, along with several like-minded companions, preparing to take the road to the infamous Dungeon of Graves, determined that you will achieve your goal, and return to tell the tale...

Or die in the attempt.

D&D3.0/3.5   link to another game

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The life of an entertainer in a fantasy setting...

"Step right up!  Step right up!  Welcome to Hanilla's Astounding Travelling Show, the finest collection of peerless performers, breathtaking beasts, and just plain horrific freaks of nature this side of anywhere you ever heard of!"

"Witness inconceivable displays of agility and strength!  See magical wonders beyond compare!  Shudder in horror as you behold the hideous vision which is the three-headed lamb!"

Hanilla Grallisdotta used to be an adventurer, until she took an arrow in...

"Stop that nonsense, right this instant!"

Sorry Hanilla.

Ahem...  Hanilla Grallisdotta used to be an adventurer, until she realised one day that there were more efficient ways to use her time, and earn a little money.  So now she runs a carnival.

It consists of a small circus, a smaller menagerie of (mostly) harmless (though also often hideous) animals, and a number of sideshows, travelling  as a caravan of wagons and pack mules.

The people who travel with the carnival are mostly performers, plus a few labourers, and a handful of guards.  Between them they have an impressive array of combat capabilities and magic at their disposal, which earns them a degree of safety in places where the carnival's name is known.

It also earns them a certain amount of incidental work, helping people out as they travel in and around the Dragon Pass area of Glorantha's northern continent, Genertela.

This game is run using the HeroQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha rules, published by Issaries Inc and Moon Design Publications.

And here's a link: link to another game