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Spinward Marches Library Data
The Spinward Marches

Spinward Marches: A sector of 437 star systems in the Domain of Deneb. The Zhodani Consulate and the Imperium's Spinward Marches sector dominate the region. Four small territories lie in the independent region between the two: the Federation of Arden, the Sword Worlds Confederation, the Border Worlds (a splinter state cut from the Sword Worlds during the Fifth Frontier War), and the Darrian Confederation.


Introductory remarks:
Frontier sector containing 437 star systems lying astride the Imperial border with the Zhodani Consulate.  Its name derives from the fact that it is the most spinward frontier of the Imperium.
Brief history: Effectively beyond the influence of the First Imperium, the Spinward Marches were explored by the Imperial Scouts of the Third Imperium after the Long Night, and almost immediately opened by colonists and merchants seeking new worlds.  Exploration found an existing minor human race (the Darrians) and an established colony of Solomani origin (the Sword Worlds) already in place and proceeded to colonize around them.  By 500, major settlement of available systems had been completed.
Local governments: Four major local governments are in operation in, and dominate the affairs of, the Spinward Marches: the Imperium, the Zhodani Consulate, the Darrian Confederation, and the Sword Worlds Confederation.  There are also numerous Imperial client-states and non-aligned systems within the sector.


   Government                       Worlds     Population    Comments
  Client-states                      25          11.443     Of the Imperium
  Darrian                            18          14.534     Imperial ally
  Droyne                              2            .069
  Arden                               3           8.006
  Imperium                          273         256.333
  Non-Aligned                        69          16.975
  Sword Worlds                       27          45.053
  Vargr                               1           0.009
  Zhodani                            22          29.310

  Population shown in billions.
  Total Population: 381.7 billion.

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Spinward Marches Library Data:  0 to B
  • 0 thru 9
      457-973: Interdicted by the IISS to protect a developing race from exploitation. A small human population studies the race from a remote underground installation.

      494-908: 494-908 is a barren, desolate world. The Darrian navy uses the world for manuevers and orbital bombardment practice, and thus keeps other personnel out as a safety measure. A small ocean on the world surface is open for refueling purposes, but the rest of the world is off-limits.

      567-908: This infrequently visited world has an intelligent native race, the Shriekers.

      728-907: Recently surveyed, this large, habitable world has no evidence of higher animal life although extensive forestation and insect presence has been noted. The Imperial Ministry of colonization designate it for seeding within the next century, with a view to colonization upon availability of personnel and funds.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      457-973       3019   X372215-4     Lo Ni           R  534 Im
      494-908       0625   X893000-0     Lo Ni Ba        R  710 Da

      567-908       1031   E532000-8     Lo Ni Po Ba        310 Na
      728-907       1214   D955000-2     Lo Ni Ba           610 Im
      769-422       0240   E754401-8     Ni                 924 Na
      871-438       1510   E722000-8     Lo Ni Po Ba        801 Na
      875-496       0834   E888421-7  S  Ni              A  510 Cs
      876-574       0140   E687200-0     Lo Ni              702 Na
      886-945       0230   D833000-3     Lo Ni Po Ba        504 Na
      899-076       0912   E201300-8     Lo Ni Va Ic        520 Na
      975-452       0840   E100316-9     Lo Ni Va           821 Na

  • A
      Al Morai: Sector wide merchant line based on Mora (Spinward Marches 3124). Established as a local transport company serving systems within ten parsecs of Mora [in 75 - Merchant Prince], the company soon expanded to handle freight and passengers travelling from Darrian and Sword Worlds to the Imperium.

      During the widespread exploration of the Marches in the third century, Al Morai established an Exploration Division to supplement its cargo carriers. That division discovered, claimed, and developed two worlds: Windsor (Spinward Marches 1935) and Shirene (Spinward Marches 2125). Windsor was later sold to Ling Standard Products. Shirene was retained as a base of operations and a source of merchant goods.

      Home port: Mora.  Territory: Imperial worlds in the Spinward Marches.

      Algine: This world is interdicted. A naval task force will allow refuelling from a gas giant, but will not allow landing on the world or explain why.

      A Solomani colonization ship settled Algine c. -1000.  The Itzin Corporation's fleet, which chose Darrian to settle, found humans living on Algine in -1520.

      Andor: Naval interdiction. Possible home world of the Droyne.

      Andros organization: Criminal group active in District 268 (Fornice and other worlds.)

      Anselhome: Claimed by both the Sword Worlds and Darrien Confederations.

      A large asteroid which attracted colonists because of its wealth of ores.  Living quarters are hollowed into the rock.  Some of the atmosphere for the underground habitats is processed from the gasses put out put out by Anselhome's volcanoes.  The only native life (whose existence amazed some scientists) are bacteria and lichen in the low-lying valleys.

      Aramanx: A balkanized world at the edge of the Towers Cluster. Its population is currently 1.6 billion.  Eight major and at least twenty minor countries divide the world.  Sporadic conflicts are almost constant.

      While raids and border clashes occur, no nation seems willing to go over the edge into all-out war - yet. The "Powderkeg of the Towers Cluster" enjoys comparative peace, but it could easily descend into a shattering world war.

      Sternmetal Horizons LIC supports the nation of Lovrenyi (pop 37 million.) Several nations have been forced into its sphere of influence, but an ongoing guerilla war continues in one conquest. The Republic of Lanax, on this frontline, has hired Vargr mercenaries.

      Aramis (2540): Consists of a small industrial fief on long-term lease to Peabody Instrument, several coastal enclaves on the only moderately large continent of the planet, and a large outback, thinly populated with no government.

      Arden: Capital of the Federation of Arden, which controls Utoland and Zircon. It is exploiting them to develop Arden's economy.  Arden, an Imperial world from 290 to 986, has established its independence and neutrality.

      The world is a neutral meeting place for Imperial and Zhodani negotiators.

      Arden, Federation of: Consists of Arden (Spinward Marches 1011) and its two colonies: Utoland (Spinward Marches 1209) and Zircon (Spinward Marches 1110).  The Arden Society controls the Federation. It is a small group of individuals who become members through financial or labor contributions. The government is extremely repressive.

      Arkesh Spacers: Imperial sector-wide mercantile firm operating in the Spinward Marches and Trojan Reach sectors. Nominal headquarters: Strouden/Lunion (Spinward Marches 2327). They eschew regular bases, instead relying on (often criminal) contacts on many worlds to provide maintenance and supplies.

      A frankly predatory outfit on the thin line between accepted commercial practices and outright piracy, Arkesh Spacers are attracted to anything with a profit in it. Their fifty ships operate independently.

      Stock ownership: Ship's companies, 70%; Founding families, 5%; Mercantile firms, 15%, Private, 10%.

      Asmodeus: Recovering from a nuclear war which ended in 1005.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Adabicci      1824   A57189B-B  N                     801 Im
      Aki           2035   B443987-9     Hi In Po        A  214 Im
      Alell         1706   B46789C-A     Ri                 410 Im
      Algebaster    0605   C665658-9     Ag Ni Ri           410 Na
      Algine        2308   X766977-4     Hi              R  723 Im
      Andor         0236   C695735-9     Ag              R  603 Dr

      Anduril       1026   B985855-B  M  Ri                 222 Sw
      Anselhome     0820   C110588-8     Ni                 601 Sw
      Ao-dai        1201   E410644-6     Na Ni              312 Zh
      Aramanx       3005   B657974-6     Hi                 210 Im
      Aramis        2540   B659772-6                        924 Im
      Aramis        3110   A6B0556-B  A  Ni De Cp           710 Im
      Arba          1721   C200200-C     Lo Ni Va           610 Im
      Arden         1011   C5549CB-8     Hi                 810 Fa
      Arkadia       1217   E446845-6                        402 Im
      Asgard        1519   X3437C7-2     Po              R  520 Im
      Asmodeus      0512   E596400-4     Ni                 205 Zh
      Asteltine     0931   B7A7402-A     Ni Fl              210 Na
      Aster         1739   C86A410-9     Ni Wa              401 Im
      Ator          0729   D326258-6     Lo Ni              821 Na
      Atsa          0307   B4337CA-A  Z  Na Po              810 Zh
      Atson         0111   B310598-8     Ni                 933 Na
      Attica        0414   C400546-8     Ni Va              810 Na
      Avastan       1037   C433520-A     Ni Po              724 Na

  • B
      Bael: Extensive lanthanum deposits have been reported here.

      Barracai Technum: Imperial sector-wide mercantile cartel active in the Spinward Marches and Trojan Reach. Headquarters: Trin/Trin's Veil (Spinward Marches 3235). Its wealth rests firmly on manufacturing, transport, and brokerage interests.

      Operations in the Trojan Reach are handled by the Extra-Imperium Activity Division (EIA) based at Glisten/Glisten (Spinward Marches 2036). EIA maintains trade relations by appointing a factor on each world. Usually a BT man, the factor is sometimes a native.

      Stock ownership: Zirunkariish, 10%; Hortalez et Cie, 10%; Naasirka, 9%; General, 6%; Trusts, 23%; private, 32%.

      Battle of Two Suns: The final battle between Imperial and Outworld Coalition forces in the Fourth Frontier War.  Losses on both sides were heavy, but the Imperium held the field and the Coalition was unable to continue its advance due to its lengthening supply lines.  Had the battle gone the other way, the loss of both Yres ( Regina / Spinward Marches 1802) and Menorb ( Regina / Spinward Marches 1803) - the encounter occurring between those two locations - would have forced the evacuation of Efate ( Regina / Spinward Marches 1705) and meant the collapse of the entire coreward end of the Regina subsector.

      One famous ship in the battle was the Battle Cruiser Allamu. A Kinunir-class vessel, the Allamu was caught in the van, and withstood over four hours of steady attack before suffering screen failure.  Lost with all hands. On 117-1085, the Emperor personally memorialized the name Allamu, which will henceforth be assigned to dreadnought-class ships and above.  To date, no ship bearing the name has been constructed.

      The battlefield is still posted as a dangerous area, littered with debris, and avoided by interstellar transportation.

      Beck's World: Colonized in 228 as Frisini, Beck's World was a crucial battlefield in the Civil War, finally falling to a pro-Imperial mercenary regiment. Beck's Bruins, under Colonel Vilna Beck, stayed after the war, rewarded with land grants on their conquest.

      The planet's name was changed to Beck's World.

      The medium-size Ancient site here, but it is a collapsed warren of interlocking caverns only partially excavated.

      Bilstein Yards: The Bilstein company of Glisten/Glisten (Spinward Marches 2036) has achieved a high reputation for specialist ships of non-streamlined types.

      Though small compared to builders like LSP, Bilstein vessels are sought after due to their attention to customer's special requirements. Bilstein supplies most of the March nobility's private yachts, and this is the bulk of their output. Occasionally, a special class will be turned out, and several powered planetoid types have been constructed.

      Border Worlds: An Imperial client state established in 1111 from occupied worlds along the Imperial-Sword World border. The federation is tightly controlled by the capital at Beater, which is, in turn, tightly controlled by the Imperium.

      Bowman: A pre-Maghiz Darrian settlement here suffocated when resupply ships stopped coming.

      Byret: Homeworld of the minor 'Larianz' race.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Bael          0218   E200100-8     Lo Ni Va           812 Na
      Beater        1424   B685686-A  M  Ag Ni Ri           610 Sw
      Beck's World  2204   D88349D-4     Ni                 701 Im
      Belizo        3015   B895646-5     Ag Ni              923 Im
      Bendor        2336   A756656-C  A  Ag Ni              820 Im
      Bevy          3216   D4209CC-A  S  Hi Na In Po De     224 Im
      Bicornn       2331   E563576-2     Ni                 210 Im
      Binges        1635   A800231-A     Lo Ni Va           720 Na
      Biter         1526   B354623-A  M  Ag Ni              301 Sw
      Boughene      1904   A8B3531-D  S  Ni Fl              601 Im
      Bowman        1132   D000300-9  S  Lo Ni As           811 Cs
      Brodie        3021   C410468-7     Ni                 114 Im
      Bronze        1627   E201000-9     Lo Ni Va Ic Ba     510 Sw
      Bularia       0430   C774622-5     Ag Ni              310 Cs
      Burtson       2534   C462667-8     Ni Ri              402 Im
      Byret         2523   B485697-6     Ag Ni Ri           812 Im

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Spinward Marches Library Data:  C to E
  • C
      Caladbolg: The planet enjoys an active tourist trade and goes to great lengths to promote itself as a modern 'Garden of Eden.'

      Candory: Interdicted Droyne world. Possible homeworld of the Droyne.

      Carey: An Al Morai facility supplies fuel and repair facilities for Al Morai ships, making this a class B starport for those ships.

      Carsten: A lawless, mining world whose major resource is radioactive ores.  Ore is found in small pockets near the surface.  Large-scale mining is not economical, but a population of independent miners makes a good living.

      Chaperons Blancs: Sword Worlds Interface Line.  Because relations between the Sword Worlds and the Imperium are often strained, the lot of an interface line which trades between the two is often difficult.

      Chaperons Blancs is a Sword Worlds shipper carrying goods between the Imperium and Darrian, and in the course of business, carrying goods to the markets of the Sword Worlds.

      Home Port: Joyeuse (Spinward Marches 1123).

      Choleosti: An undeveloped and ignored system on the Imperial fringe. The largest satellite of a ringed gas giant called Cholprime, Cholesti is lifeless, barren, egg-shaped and tide-locked by the attraction of the gas giant.

      Once, when further development of local trade routes was planned, a class C starport was begun on Choleosti.  The alienation of the Sword Worlds caused the project to be dropped, and the nearly completed port was abandoned.

      Choleosti is continually torn by seismic disturbances, due to its close orbit.  Quakes and rockslides are common.

      Chronor: Zhodani Frontier District Capital.

      Church of the Stellar Divinity:  The basic belief is that all stars are gods, conscious beings of transcendental power. If a person worships his sun, lives a good life, and follows the teachings of the Church, his soul will acquire spiritual mass, and be drawn into his sun upon death to join the deity.

      The church is popular in the Imperium, where it makes few demands upon worshippers, and does not compete with the government.

      Colada: A Darrian mining colony was here before the Maghiz.  It died out when Darrian could no longer send ships to pick up production and provide supplies.

      Collace: Settled in the period 450-490, after the release of the First Survey.  Produces a wide variety of low-cost, high-tech goods.  It is the highest population world in District 268, and major industrial center.  Collace was one of the first worlds settled in the District, and is the primary candidate for its capital when or if it is integrated into the Imperium."

      Condaria: This breadbasket world supplies the Darrian Confederation.

      Corfu: Interdicted as a quarantine measure.  A virulent, crippling disease appeared around 1065, and has since infected 5% of the population.  No cure is yet known, although some treatments have relieved some of the effects. The IISS is working to find a cure.

      Cronor:  See 'Chronor'.

      Cunnonic: One of the less hospitable worlds which Darrian settlers colonized.  Cunnonic's climate is cool but tolerable.  Its many volcanoes are violently active on the average of at least once a year and cause earthquakes and tsunamis.  By far the biggest obstacle to colonization was the presence of hostile native life.  Large predators of several types ranged the one large continent, and poisonous trappers were common in thearchipelagoes.  Much smaller herbivores ruined many crops before effective detterents for them were found.

      All in all, a very Earth-like planet to conquer for a people who had lived on a tame planet like Darrian.

      Perhaps because so many of the colonists were Solomani (who were used to such worlds), the planet's government split into eight factions.  A higher tech level would be possible if these various factions would cooperate (espoecially on their starport), but that seems unlikely.

      Fortunately, these various groups rarely resort to outright warfare to settle their differences.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Caladbolg     1329   B365776-A  S  Ag Ri              710 Im
      Caledonia     2134   C541636-5     Ni Po              910 Im
      Caliburn      1430   E000514-A     Ni As              924 Im
      Calit         1515   C334867-7     C1                 501 Im
      Callia        1836   E150852-6     Po De              810 Im
      Caloran       0911   C796746-5     Ag                 510 Na
      Candory       0336   C593634-8     Ni              R  920 Dr
      Cantrel       0104   C366243-9     Lo Ni              520 Zh
      Capon         2324   B747748-A  N  Ag                 610 Im
      Carey         2726   C579221-9     Lo Ni              910 Im
      Carse         2224   C463325-9     Lo Ni              601 Im
      Carsten       2906   C427402-B     Ni                 804 Im
      Catz          2824   C22048C-9     Ni Po De           510 Im
      Celepina      2913   B434456-9  A  Ni                 201 Im
      Centry        2132   E222447-6     Ni Po              220 Im
      Chamois       3139   B544642-5  S  Ag Ni              723 Im
      Choleosti     1018   C200100-9     Lo Ni Va           101 Im
      Chronor       0304   A6369A5-D  Z  Hi Cp              304 Zh
      Chwistyoch    0904   B766766-A  Z  Ag Ri           A  424 Zh
      Cipango       0705   A886865-C  Z  Ri                 121 Zh
      Cipatwe       3118   B35879A-6     Ag                 623 Im
      Clan          1103   B672899-A  Z                  A  901 Zh
      Cogri         2419   CA6A643-9     Ni Ri Wa           432 Im
      Colada        1022   B364685-B  M  Ag Ni Ri        A  211 Sw
      Collace       1237   B628943-D  S  Hi In              101 Cs
      Condaria      0528   E54779B-5     Ag                 901 Na
      Condyole      0901   E7A1522-8     Ni Fl              923 Na
      Conway        2735   D894586-7  S  Ag Ni              311 Im
      Corfu         2602   X895674-8     Ag Ni           R  222 Im
      Craw          1939   C573645-3     Ni                 923 Im
      Crout         2232   E4359CA-7     Hi                 314 Im
      Cunnonic      0822   E65767A-3     Ag Ni              502 Da

  • D
      da Santos, Bennet Lai: A legendary March character, da Santos was a gentleman explorer of the Fourth Frontier War era.  He made his fortune with an uncanny knack of arriving on undeveloped worlds before his rivals (sometimes only by hours) and of avoiding unprofitable ventures.  He eventually settled somewhere outside the Imperium to avoid charges of tax evasion and bribery.

      Born on Fasey/Mora in 1036. Whether or not he still lives is subject to speculation.

      Dallia: There is a SuSAG installation here, which is heavily guarded.

      Darrian: Homeworld of a minor human race.

      An old, decaying world depending on its past as a resource; art objects are a major export, although strictly controlled.  Many local buildings and complexes are tech level G, but the technology to maintain them has been lost.

      Darrian is the technological center of the Confederation as Mire is the political center.  Scientists are in charge of government and industry, paying careful attention to possible consequences before allowing changes.  There are restrictions on the export of any artifacts of pre-Maghiz culture that still remain on Darrian.

      Darrian is a favorite stopover for adventurers.  Its markets are full of goods - novelties, weapons, equipment - that are useful if only because its high technology is a relative advantage.  Modern Darrian technology is generally about tech level 13 for local products, with a liberal sprinkling of tech level 14-15 products that are locally produced or imported from the Imperium.  Most of the merchant ships are tech level 13, often with jump-3 or less, although the shipyard can produce jump-6 drives.

      Zloril, a global communications monopoly, serves the world through a system of satellites and local relays that allows virtually instantaneous communications with anyone on or near the planet's surface.  Personal communication codes make it possible to contact anyone at any time.

      On Darrian, basins are the equivalents of continents.  Long, high mountain ranges divide the world's surface into five basins.  Each basin is centered on a sea fed by rivers draining the surrounding  territory.  The basins are named Boyr, Zlodh, Nyadh, Rimb, and Abh.

      Four grav cities symbolize the world's high tech.  Rebhar was constructed as a mining city, and it gradually makes its way along the mountainous rim of the Boyr Basin extracting metal ores from the rugged rock faces.  Kilulga, in the Abh Basin, hangs in the upper atmosphere above most of Darrian's cloud cover.  Zehn Nyak, in the Nyadh Basin, is a migratory city, moving among seven different sites as the markets and seasons change.  Poorda, now a tourist center in the Rimb Basin, was originally designed as a sea farming center; it hovers above the waves of the Rimb Sea and provides amusement and recreation facilities.

      Darrian Confederation: A loose organization of 21 worlds in the Darrian subsector. Its population is 60% Darrian, 20% Solomani, 12% Vilani and other human races, and 8% Aslan. Darrians are a minor human race. The Darrian Confederation is an independent government aligned with the Imperium.

      Darrian's greatest strength is its astrophysical science. Their scientists are reputedly able to induce subnova flares in stars at will.

      Darrian was originally contacted by Terran traders in -1511, and rapidly progressed to tech level 15 by -924.  In that year, however, disastrous solar flares devastated the homeworld. It was not until -271 that the Darrians regained space flight.

      The Darrian Confederation, being a client state of the Imperium, generally avoids psionics, and it is outlawed in their territories.

      Darrian Group: The twelve worlds originally colonized from Darrian when it began interstellar settlement (between -1250 and -1100): Condaria, Darrian, Ektron, Engrange, Ilium, Jacent, Laberv, Mire, Roget, Rorre, Spume, and 494-908.  All but Condaria are members of the Darrian Confederation.

      Daryen: Native spelling of 'Darrian'.

      Dawnworld: A pre-Maghiz Darrian research facility operated until its operators finally died of old age.

      Debarre: Signs remain of the vast Darrian strip mines that operated before -925.

      Deneb sector: Imperial sector containing 385 systems lying beyond the Great Rift; named for the sector's brightest star, Deneb (1925).

      The Deneb sector was fragmentarily settled by both Vilani and Vargr during the latter years of the First Imperium, but major development of the sector only took place after the Third Imperium Scout Service explorations located major resource worlds in quantity.  Industrial worlds to exploit those resources soon created trade routes and commercial ties that still link the Imperial core with the Spinward Marches.

      The Deneb sector is primarily Imperial.  The Imperial border runs just within the coreward edge of the sector, and scattered Vargr systems (as well as non-aligned systems and client states) lie beyond the border.

      Denotam Traders, LIC: A small mercantile firm conducting shipping operations through a large portion of the Vilis subsector. Subsector and Imperial authorities granted it the local intersystem mail contract.

      Its ten subsidized liners, based at Denotam (Vilis F603 B739573-A) carry messages, mail, small parcels, and passengers to the worlds of Arkadia, Stellatio, Mirriam, Calit, and Ficant (all relatively unimportant worlds).

      The fleet serves other parts of the subsector, but each ship services the 'Vilis Core Circuit' at least twice a year.

      Dhian: A very repressive government maintains itself through monopolizing production of oxygen and food. It restricts technology to very low levels to safeguard its monopolies.  All plants are grown with hydroponics in government-owned farm complexes.  Tukera Lines and Oberlindes Lines, a local firm, are competing.

      Dinom: The star is a very large, very bright giant visible throughout the subsector, and would not normally have planets.  Dinom is a rogue: originally a gas giant moon, it is now caught in the gas giant's trojan point.

      The northern hemisphere points toward the star (and will for another 200 years.)  Gravity is about 0.2G.  Rhylan starport, a large open area with a clearly marked boundary, is adjacent to Rhylan city. The world's population of 230,00 is concentrated in three cities (names: Rhylan, Medianne, and Napan) which house ore-processing centers. A monorail circles this vacuum world, bringing ores to the starport.

      In 1106, a revolution shut down the world's economy.

      Djinni: Upon arriving in-system, an automatic beacon says the system is interdicted. A rudimentary starport was constructed on a large island in 1107.

      Duale: Research Station Alpha:  In 1102, the Imperial Research Station reportedly suffered extreme damage from an explosion of undetermined origin.  Since then a high degree of military security has been present in the system.  The nature of the research being undertaken is not known.

      Dustspice: Rare euphoric spice used for seasoning foods, especially fruit. Harvested from the bark of desert scrub plants, it is popular with humans as a mild recreational spice with effects slighter than, but similar to, alcohol.

      Certain non-human races (notable Aslan and Vargr) find dustspice a much more powerful euphoric, and it is in constant demand with those races.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      D'Ganzio      1920   B120410-D  N  Ni Po De           312 Im
      D'Mara        2638   E75A798-5     Wa                 910 Im
      Dallia        1435   B8B5883-9     Fl                 610 Cs
      Darrian       0627   A463955-G     Hi                 225 Da
      Datrillian    1331   E227633-8     Ni                 801 Na
      Dawnworld     1531   E885000-0     Lo Ni Ba           025 Na
      Debarre       0830   B854123-9     Lo Ni           A  822 Cs
      Dekalb        0618   EA8A799-6     Ri Wa              320 Cs
      Denotam       1413   B739573-A  N  Ni                 324 Im
      Derchon       2024   C512799-8  S  Na Ic              901 Im
      Dhian         2510   C9A769D-4     Ni Fl              202 Im
      Digitis       1212   E53668A-5     Ni                 920 Na
      Dinomn        1912   B674632-9  S  Ag Ni              204 Im
      Dinon         1811   D100535-A     Ni Va              201 Im
      Djinni        2111   E459000-9     Lo Ni Ba        R  822 Im
      Dobham        2537   A450457-A  S  Ni Po De           523 Im
      Dojodo        3223   C512311-7  S  C0 Lo Ni Ic        710 Im
      Doods         2739   C4439DF-7  S  Hi In Po           423 Im
      Dorannia      0530   E42158A-8     Ni Po              510 Na
      Drolraw       2426   EAB6311-5     Lo Ni Fl           904 Im
      Duale         2728   A5437BF-B     Po                 401 Im
      Durendal      1523   B687334-B  M  Lo Ni              714 Sw
      Dyrnwyn       1522   B958412-A  M  Ni                 201 Sw

  • E
      Ebokin: Minor race native to Yebab (Aramis Subsector).

      Echiste: A large scout xboat facility was recently completed here, cutting three weeks off communication time with the Imperial Core, and opening up another area for development.

      Efate: There is an Ancient site here, long stripped of any useful items.  Restorations of the site show a gridwork of thousands of walls spaced about two meters apart, and punctuated by extremely massive bulwarks at random intervals.

      Egypt: Selected for a Ministry of Colonization training base.

      Eksaekfoer:  Eksaekfoer sells robots under a variety of different brand names, including those of several competing Vargr firms and occasionally even Ling Standard Products and Star Patterns Trading.  These shoddy counterfeits are not worth their freight charges.

      Ektron: Ektron is a world with one of the shortest years in the Confederation.  It has a very thin atmosphere requiring respirator/filter mask combinations for residents.

       A family of fruit trees on Ektron retains carbon dioxide in its leaves, which locals use to brew a carbonated tea.  The tea is exported to other worlds of the Confederation as a novelty drink.  Ektron's mountain leapers provide an insulating wool used for much of the local clothing.

      Engrange: This breadbasket world supplies the Darrian Confederation.

      It was recolonized from Ilium in -40 and remains under Ilium's jurisdiction, though its population is fast approaching that of the mother planet.

      Enshukki Ohrahndin: Recently formed on Regina in the Spinward Marches, Enshukki Ohrahndin ('The Association of Technologists') is a consortium of scientific research groups (all non-profit agencies) which have united to eliminate redundant spending of their limited resources.  Although less than a decade old, this organization quickly captured the eye of the press and public alike when an expedition of its members found and explored the wreck of the almost legendary luxury liner Lady Armada  on the outskirts of the Rethe system.

      Although they fund research in many areas, they are very conservative with their economic reources and are slow to recognize exceptionally unusual efforts.  Due to the diverse nature of the organizations that make up the Enshukki Ohrahndin, a group working for this agency might be called upon to do almost anything.

      Entrope: Claimed by both the Sword Worlds and Darrian Confederations, the world had a much better spaceport before the last takeover by the Sword Worlds.  All facilities were destroyed to prevent Entrope from serving as a base for Darrian ships.  The starport is still little more than a cleared space and a customs shed.  Fuel may be obtained from the ocean since there are no gas giants.

      Entrope's current leader is Major Kerin Yoldat, a war hero who was responsible for the coup that swayed Entrope's ground forces to the Darrian side at the time of the invasion that retook the planet.  Major Yoldat is still investigating former collaborators and Sword World immigrants, expelling or imprisoning some of them.  Weapons are not actually outlawed, but it takes a time-consuming background check to get a permit to carry one.

      Esalin: Settled by Imperial colonists in 835, this world fell to Zhodani advances in the opening weeks of the Fourth Frontier War (1082-4).  The armistice ending the war allowed joint Zhodani-Imperial administration of the world, and it was declared neutral world in 1098.

      It is an important agricultural world.

      Excalibur: A Darrian mining colony operated here before the Maghiz.  It died out when Darrian could no longer send out ships to pick up production and provide supplies.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Echiste       2313   C53A313-A     Lo Ni Wa           720 Im
      Edenelt       2733   A4638BD-B                        934 Im
      Edinina       1213   E400220-5     Lo Ni Va        A  401 Cs
      Efate         1705   A646930-D  B  Hi In              810 Im
      Egypt         1737   BAC6567-7  N  Ni Fl              521 Im
      Ektron        0326   C332652-9     Na Ni Po           423 Da
      Elixabeth     1532   B426467-8  N  Ni                 201 Cs
      Emape         0133   B564500-B  N  Ag Ni           A  503 Im
      Emerald       1006   B766555-B  S  Ag Ni              534 Im
      Engrange      0425   C554769-8     Ag                 701 Da
      Enlas-du      0601   E975776-6     Ag                 323 Na
      Enope         2205   C411988-6     Hi In Na           600 Im
      Enos          1130   E25059B-4  M  Ni Po De           710 Sw
      Entrope       0720   E336AAA-C     Hi                 720 Sw
      Equus         2417   B55A858-B  S  Wa                 202 Im
      Errere        0103   B263664-B  Z  C0 Ni Ri           910 Zh
      Esalin        1004   C565673-8     Ag Ni Ri        A  223 Cs
      Excalibur     1225   B324755-A  M                     402 Sw
      Extolay       1711   B45589A-A  N                     110 Im

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Spinward Marches Library Data:  F to H
  • F
      Feneteman: Until a LSP survey discovered lanthanum deposits, this world was unpopulated.  When the lodes proved insufficient for commercial mining, LSP made the report public and offered to rent prospecting equipment in return for an interest in any discoveries.  The offer maintains a small population of fortune-seekers, but without visible results.

      First Frontier War (589 to 604): The first of the modern border clashes between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate, sparking the beginning of a continuing antipathy between these two major races of humaniti.

      With the conclusion of the war, Admiral Olav hault-Plankwell returned to the Imperial core with his war fleet and took the reins of government, dispatching Empress Jaqueline and thus beginning the Civil War and the reign of the Barracks Emperors.

      Focaline: Mostly ice-capped, but a few broad open plains provide excellent ranges for groat raising.  Family-owned ranches crowd the plains: the small usable surface is somewhat overcrowded and strict population control is practiced.

      A station for trading with Vargr is present.

      Focaline Tree Rat (Abdor var.): This small rodent-like creature is native to Focaline (in the Aramis subsector.)  They are omnivorous: their sharp teeth can pierce thick fruit skins - or unwary fingers.  They are semi-intelligent, and have an elaborate social structure in the wild.  They mate for life, and bear young once a year after year three, in litters of about four "ratlings,"  and live about 15 years.

      A Tree Rat weighs 3-4 kilograms and is 70-80 centimeters long: two-thirds of this length is tail.  Though they physically resemble terrestrial rodent types, tree rats have longer legs, feet adapted to grasping, and  prehensile tail. The tail allows them to easily pick up small objects, and hang from tree limbs (most sleep in that fashion).

      Red-brown fur covers their entire body, except for the soles of their paws.  They seem able to adapt very quickly to temperature changes: exposure to cold weather for more than one week makes them grow a thicker and rougher coat.

      On their homeworlds, people view them with mixed dislike and appreciation.  They raid fruit-bearing plants, but also feed upon and control local pests.  Tree rats have proved popular as pets, and starships have spread them throughout most of the spinward reaches of the Imperium.  Their major drawback as pets is insatiable curiosity, which often leaves them locked in an airlock or a food bin.

      They also collect bits of shiny or brightly colored materials (coins, keys, credit cards, security badges), depositing them in a nest in their owner's cabin. This can develop into a game: the tree rat starts by picking up a valuable item in its tail, and then races around the ship pursued by its owner.

      Forine: An industrial world producing electronics components.  A high population, industrialized world in District 268.  Forine is the primary producer of processed
      and refined metals and minerals for the subsector.

      Fornice: Settled early (about 85), Fornice was experiencing intense population pressure when the First Survey was released in 420.  To resolve land issues, it agreed to buy out the large landowners and relocate them to Tarsus.  A colony was established on Tarsus in 450, and the reseetlement was complete by 462.

      Fourth Frontier War (1082 to 1084): Fourth in the series of wars between the Outworld Coalition (Zhodani Consulate and certain Vargr states) and the Imperium.  This was a short, inconclusive war fought primarily in the Jewell and Regina subsectors of the Spinward Marches.  Initial Zhodani and Vargr attacks were stalled at the borders, and the war degenerated into a series of skirmishes plus much commerce raiding.

      The final battle, the Battle of Two Suns (1084) was waged in the vicinity of Yres (Regina/Spinward Marches 1802) and Menorb (Regina/Spinward Marches 1803) and resulted in Imperial victory.  The armistice was actually signed before instructions for the conduct of the war could arrive from Capital (Core/Core 2118).

      Note that the focus of the war - on skirmishes rather than on major fleet engagements - has led to the war being dubbed the False War.

      Frendi Marshikin: A Darrian Interface Line.   Frendi Marshikin ("Interworld Express") operates several interstellar routes connecting Darrian with other worlds, including one to Gram, one to Narsil, and one to Iderati (in the Five Sisters subsector.)

      Home Port: Darrian (Spinward Marches 0627).

      Fulacin: Widespread taint in the form of heavy metal dust and oxides makes the atmosphere, otherwise quite ordinary, unbreathable without a filter mask.  The dust triggers allergies with great frequency, causes a wide variety of respiratory illnesses, and can cause carcinoma within years of exposure.  Great pains are necessary to keep food clean and uncontaminated; filter masks can be removed only for very short periods, such as when eating and drinking.

      A covert Zhodani operation established the class A starport through an Imperial corporation before the last war. The scheme was discovered just in time: the Zhodani almost had a base waiting for besieging Rhylanor.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Faisal        0518   D445436-3     Ni                 810 Cs
      Faldor        1131   E5936A7-2     Ni                 520 Na
      Farquahar     2839   C625563-7  S  Ni                 201 Im
      Farreach      1402   A200400-B  Z  Ni Va           A  415 Zh
      Feneteman     3104   C222200-C     Lo Ni Po           910 Im
      Fenl's Gren   3228   C647346-9     Lo Ni           A  423 Im
      Feri          2005   B384879-B  S  Ri                 620 Im
      Ffudn         2334   A41489D-C     Ic                 904 Im
      Ficant        1417   E567353-5     Lo Ni              910 Im
      Flammarion    0930   A623514-B  B  Ni Po              710 Im
      Flexos        1233   E5A1422-6     Ni Fl              610 Na
      Focaline      2607   EA88544-A     Ag Ni              724 Im
      Foelen        1401   B638665-8     Ni              A  910 Zh
      Forboldn      1808   E893614-4     Ni                 312 Im
      Forine        1533   D3129B8-A     Hi Na In Ic        610 Na
      Fornice       3025   A354A87-C     Hi                 202 Im
      Fosey         2621   A633656-A     Na Ni Po           620 Im
      Frenzie       1116   A200436-A  N  Ni Va              110 Im
      Froin         0539   C535225-9     Lo Ni              601 Im
      Frond         0810   E9C3300-9     Lo Ni Fl           103 Cs
      Fulacin       2613   A674210-D     Lo Ni              810 Im

  • G
      Garda-Vilis: A council of military officers from Vilis govern this world of 475 million.  There is widespread dissatisfaction with the ruling council.  Most residents live in farming areas and several small cities clustered around the starport/scout base complex on the largest continent. Planetary resources are adequate for local needs.

      The Mosaic Desert is a much discussed local attraction. Hidden between two mountain ranges, this natural wonder covers several hundred square kilometers. Access is by land vehicle: high winds caused by the mountains makes flying slightly hazardous.  Natural geologic processes laid down a variety of different colored minerals in layers on an ancient seabed.  Seismic disturbances tilted that seabed, and allowed a gentle wind-erosion to uncover the layers.  The resulting Mosaic Desert is endless patterns of brilliant colors.

      Giledin: The starport is poorly manned and ill-attended.

      Glisten: Subsector capital. Administrative headquarters for Imperial settlement in District 268, and also administers the Pax Rulin subsector (Trojan Reach).

      Gram: Capital of Sword Worlds Confederation.  This is the only high-pop, class A starport in the Confederation.

      Gramstaatsbedrif: A Sword Worlds Subsector-wide company.  A government-owned merchant company which serves all of the Swords Worlds, providing merchant shipping, passenger service, and message express.

      Being a government service in the fiercely independent Sword Worlds is not necessarily an advantage, and private competition and local loyalties make the company's continued profitability dependent primarily on government contracts for mail, government military shipments, and the fact that Gramstaatsbedrif has made interstellar shipping an easy undertaking.

      The company maintains shipping offices on all of the Sword Worlds and maintains standard scheduled runs between them; it is often simply easier to use Gramstaatsbedrif than to seek out an independent shipper.

      Home Port: Gram (Spinward Marches 1223)

      Groatle: Cloth made from the hair of groats, especially noted for its shimmering iridescence after chemical treatment. This cloth (and the raw product) are in great demand in the Imperial Core.

      Gungnir: A Darrian pharmaceutical gathering station operated here before the Maghiz.  Afterwards, it lasted for nearly a hundred years before the last children of its original workforce died out.

      Gunn: This world, after a long and bitter struggle, is finally in the last stages of unification.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Gandr         2425   E000347-8     Lo Ni As           813 Im
      Garda-Vilis   1118   B978868-A  S                     912 Im
      Garoo         0130   A2008CB-A     Na Va              210 Na
      Garrincski    2520   B632520-7  S  Ni Po              410 Im
      Gerome        2818   X573000-0     Lo Ni Ba        R  701 Im
      Gesentown     0303   B21169B-C  Z  Na Ni Ic           801 Zh
      Ghandi        1815   B211455-A  N  Ni Ic              303 Im
      Gileden       2514   C483103-6     Lo Ni              203 Im
      Gitosy        2918   B000676-9     Na Ni As           620 Im
      Glisten       2036   A000986-F  A  Hi Na In As Cp     821 Im
      Gohature      0632   C754766-7  S  Ag                 523 Im
      Gorram        2322   X554220-0     Lo Ni           R  801 Im
      Gothe         0332   E22159B-6     Ni Po              310 Im
      Gougeste      0909   C372510-A     Ni              A  420 Na
      Gram          1223   A895957-B  M  Hi In Cp           603 Sw
      Grant         1607   X664100-0     Lo Ni           R  222 Im
      Grille        3026   E410335-7     Lo Ni              701 Im
      Grote         1731   A400404-B     Ni Va              124 Im
      Gungnir       1221   B444779-8  M  Ag                 432 Sw
      Gunn          1429   E344110-8     Lo Ni           A  602 Im
      Gyomar        0108   D8B2889-5     Fl                 824 Na

  • H
      Harper's termite (Deinognathus harperii): This voracious pseudoinsect is native to Saurus, in the Vilis Subsector.  Adult females can reach an overall size of 15 cm, with the mandibles comprising almost half that length.  Males grow to a maximum of 10 cm.  Eggs are considerably smaller, appearing as a fine powder, and juveniles are similarly minute, but grow rapidly.

      This rapid growth is fuelled by the ability of the creatures to digest almost any organic material they encounter.  They are herbivorous by preference, though they will exhibit more omnivorous, and even canibalistic, tendencies when food is scarce.  Females will also feed upon the males after mating.

      Structurally, Harper's termite is a quadripedal exoskeletal invertebrate, with a pair of large, powerful mandibles (positioned to bite vertically) and a pair of small manipulatory limbs used to hold food steady while the animal bites.  They are aggressive, and will bite if disturbed, injecting an mildly acidic venomous enzyme, which is fortunately almost harmless to most sentient life forms, typically resulting in mild swelling and inflamation which subsides within 48 hours.  Notice: Hivers are more susceptible to the bite, and in some cases, allergy to the enzyme may result in death for Hiver victims.

      Harper's termites construct nests only during the breeding swason, and the nests are spherical structures, composed of paper produced by the mastication and partial digestion of vegetable matter.  A male and female will mate inside the sealed nest, during which act the female will bite off the male's mandibles, making it impossible for the male to break out of the nest.  After mating, she will devour the male, and seven to ten days later, she will dig out of the nest and seek a cool, dark place to lay her eggs, often as many as 30-40,000, which hatch over the following two to five days.  Newly-hatched young are perfect miniature replicas of the adults.

      Hefry: Hefry has the Scout district administrative headquarters for Regina.  Berthing fees are cr1,000 rather than cr100.

      Heguz: A dangerous, mysterious world. Two colonies failed for unexplained reasons.  The first had 20,000 citizens in 649, but a supply ship found no trace of it in 650. The colony was reestablished in a few years, but it (and 70,000 inhabitants) disappeared again in the early 900s.  Both were formed around large, floating bases of the type often established on water worlds.  Searches of large areas of the ocean floor found no trace of either.

      An investigative team was studying the world in 1105 in an attempt to resolve the mystery, on behalf of 500 prospective colonists based in orbit.

      Hlararei Trade Group (HTG): A small line based at New Rome in Glisten subsector.

      Runs four ships: a second-hand Type A Free Trader (the Shidaka to Bowman/District 268) another Type A (the Achilles runs to Five Sisters), and two Type A2s (the Velvet Enchantress and Fleet Majesty run to Mora and Lunion).

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Hammermium    2936   A5525AB-B     Ni Po              535 Im
      Harvosette    2129   C330737-9     Na Po De           910 Im
      Hazel         3236   C645747-5     Ag              A  110 Im
      Hefry         1909   C200423-7  S  Ni Va              320 Im
      Heguz         2706   E66A224-C     Lo Ni Wa           510 Im
      Henoz         2912   A245543-B     C0 Ag Ni           824 Im
      Heroni        2521   B6449B9-8     Hi In              721 Im
      Heroni        3017   E7A0614-3     Ni De              820 Im
      Hexos         2828   B534420-8  N  C3 Ni              123 Im
      Heya          2402   B687745-5     Ag Ri              734 Im
      Hofud         1524   B666553-A  M  Ag Ni              501 Sw
      Horosho       2138   C3378A6-A  S                     920 Im
      Hrunting      0921   B463747-9  M  Ri                 313 Sw
      Huderu        3114   X575000-0     Lo Ni Ba        R  920 Im

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Spinward Marches Library Data:  I to K
  • I
      Ilium: Except for its sulfuric taint, Ilium seems like a perfect Darrian world with its warm, thin atmosphere and productive agriculture.  This is because the pre-Maghiz Darrians terraformed its atmosphere by seeding bacteria and plants for decades before human colonies settled permanently.  The sulfur was a byproduct of their efforts to make the planetary crust out-gas more efficiently.

      Ilium survived the isolated centuries fairly well, but remained at a very low tech level.  Its inhabitants had gradually developed to about tech level 8 when they were recontacted from Mire.  Today Ilium is a major naval base.

      Inthe: Restricted: Ancient site present. Large, artificial mounds of earth. tens of kilometers long, are scattered over a thousand square kilometers.  Analysis and excavation has given no clue to the purpose.  A large volcanic crater (now water-filled) lies on the plain in the center of the mounds: it may have been the site of an Ancient base.

      Irklan: A human religious sect from the desert highlands of Menorb (Regina 0203 -C652998-7).

      Members enjoy an awesome reputation throughout the subsector (and beyond) as masters of stealth, unarmed combat, and rigorous control of their bodies and their minds.

      The sect stresses personal survival and individual prowess in hand-to-hand combat, and believes too much technology makes one soft and incapable.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Ianic         1924   E360697-5     Ni Ri De           924 Im
      Icetina       2418   B5245A9-7  N  Ni              A  301 Im
      Iderati       0732   A887798-C  N  Ag Ri Cp           201 Im
      Ilium         0426   B444831-9  M                     401 Da
      Inchin        0938   D12035C-A     Lo Ni Po De        823 Na
      Indo          0703   E334662-5     Ni                 320 Na
      Inthe         2234   C100598-B     Ni Va              924 Im
      Inthe         2410   B575776-9  A  Ag                 423 Im
      Iron          1626   E529000-9     Lo Ni Ba           714 Sw
      Ivendo        2319   B324659-A  A  C0 Ni              112 Im

  • J
      Jacent: Even though its atmosphere is very thin, Jacent is a habitable planet due to a high oxygen percentage in its air, primarily the result of extremely active marine plant life and Jacent's close orbit.

      The sea supports a broad native ecology which the humans make some use of, but only plants inhabit the land, and these are being displaced by imported species of more use to people."

      The planetary congress consists of representatives from 25 administrative districts of the planet.

      Jenghe: The major starman's bar is the Planetfall Liberty, just outside the starport gate, on the ground floor of a large octagonal building.

      Jesedipere: A backwater world on the Imperial border.

      Jewell: Subsector capital.

      Jokotre: For generations Jokpotre has been ruled by a religious dictatorship based on the worship of Ram, a local deity deified one thousand years ago.  Each true believer must make a pilgrimage tothe holy lands once during his life.  No true believer may carry weapons into the holy land without being permanently defiled.  There is an active insurgency movement.

      Joyeuse: Brunhild, a small nation of 200,000, has seen its own internal civil war.

      Junidy: The most populous world in Aramis subsector.

      Homeworld of the Llellewyloly: a race whose five limbs function as both hands and feet.  They have a complex society with many dimensions of social precedence; the same individual may be entitled to high status in one situation and low status in another, and to make an error in propriety is a serious matter.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Jacent        0624   A333644-D     Na Ni Po           710 Da
      Jae Tellona   2814   A560565-8  N  Ni De              913 Im
      Jenghe        1810   C799663-9  S  Ni                 323 Im
      Jesedipere    3001   C775300-7     Lo Ni              411 Im
      Jewell        1106   A777999-C  A  Hi In Cp           623 Im
      Jinx          0440   D100133-7     Lo Ni Va        A  202 Na
      Jokotre       3024   B6548D9-7                        810 Im
      Jone          0433   B792785-9  N                  A  810 Im
      Joyeuse       1123   B464778-A  M  Ag Ri           A  201 Sw

      Judice        1337   E9B2000-8     Lo Ni Fl Ba        321 Cs
      Junction      0122   D150441-4     Ni Po De           210 Na
      Junidy        3202   B434ABD-9  W  Hi                 310 Im

  • K
      Karin: An important trade junction whose population has never liked the Imperium. Because of its trade and strategic importance, Karin is under naval administration.  It experienced a series of rebellions during the Fourth Frontier War; martial law was imposed during their suppression.

      Continued tensions on the world caused TAS to post the planet an amber zone.

      Katarulu: The Imperial Way Station is the site of Scout Service Xboat Pilot Training School for the Marches.

      Keanou: This desert world is a source of dustspice, a powerful seasoning with mild euphoric properties.  It is rarely available in quantity.

      Khu Su'Ikh: An Aslan sector-wide corporation, Khu Su'Ikh maintains a benevolent monopoly of rift passage service through the Riftspan Reach sector.  Its name, which means Five Shields, refers to the five major worlds across the rift.

      The company makes its profit from repair and supply services on world within the rift.  Its fleet includes large cargo carriers capable of jump-5. It provides navigation information for other ships crossing the rift.  Its even handed treatment makes rift crossings relatively safe.

      Soon after the jump-5 route was discovered in -1044, the Wahtoi clan staked a claim to many worlds in the sector.  Naturally enough, a trading company tied to the Wahtoi soon monopolized trade across the rift.

      About -750, the Aroaye'i established itself as the dominant clan on Aulryakh, the route terminus. After several years of clan warfare, the Wahtoi accepted the Aroaye'i as partners. The two clans are equal partners today.

      Kian (Psuedostruthio gigas): Large herbivorous grazers native to Prilissa/Trin's Veil. Due to their hardy nature, they were exported as beasts of burden, and are now common in the coreward reaches, both domesticated and in the wild.

      The kian is a large biped with a long neck, short tail, and no other limbs.  Their legs are powerfully muscled for fast movement over long distances.  Hearing and eyesight are extremely good.  They are thickly furred, their coats showing distinctive color patterns of brown, gold, lemon-yellow, and black.

      They are plains dwellers, travelling in herds of 10-60.  A closed circulatory system and a high metabolic rate requires they eat 30-50 kilograms of vegetable matter daily.  Two stomachs allow the animal to break down the toughest plant life into digestible matter.  A thick layer of fat insulates in cooler climes, and protects from venomous bites or stings.

      When attacked or frightened, kians will usually flee. If cornered, they can deliver deadly kicks with either hoofed foot. The large claws projecting from the backs of the feet are present only in the male: they seem to be used solely for ritual combat between males before mating.

      The sturdiness of their frames has made them a frequent choice for use as mounts or pack animals.  Kians can carry up to 250 kilos comfortably, but will refuse to move if overloaded. They cannot tolerate thin atmospheres, and require a special filter/muzzle (cr50) for tainted atmospheres.

      Kkirka: This mining community extracts rare earths from the mountain ranges.

      Knorbes: The lesser continent is an Imperial Game Preserve under the nominal supervision of the Ministry of Conservation.  Entry into the preserve is strictly controlled and, even with permits, is allowed only onto the northern shore in the company of a licensed guide.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Kardin        0429   E453123-6     Lo Ni Po           410 Na
      Karin         0534   A767768-C  A  Ag Ri           A  410 Im
      Katarulu      3032   B252665-B  B  Ni Po              201 Im
      Keanou        2411   C792348-7  S  Lo Ni              213 Im
      Kegena        3016   E869569-3     Ni              A  224 Im
      Kelcher       2639   C525567-9     Ni                 602 Im
      Keng          2405   E2718CA-3                        812 Im
      Kinorb        2202   A663659-8     Ni Ri              622 Im
      Kinorb        2512   C449433-9     Ni                 502 Im
      KKirka        2212   CAA5345-8     Lo Ni Fl           102 Im
      Knorbes       1807   E888787-2     Ag Ri              834 Im
      Kwai Ching    1040   C503758-A     Na Va Ic           320 Na   

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Spinward Marches Library Data:  L to N
  • L
      L'oeul d'Dieu: A water world owned by Sharurshid, which obtains a variety of exotic seafood and other products from this world.  Sharurshid, fearing damage to the local ecosystem, has resisted pressure to open up this world for colonization.

      Laberv: A hospitable world, Laberv is less populated than might be expected.  It is a major terminal for a criminal syndicate makes life a bit difficult for local industrialists.  More stubborn inhabitants have scattered into the hinterlands where this activity does not affect them.  Very little work in the starport is done by machines.  The syndicate totally controls the starport.

      Lablon: An agricultural world whose economy is supported mostly by selling agricultural products to the Vargr through the trading station.  The population of 500,000 live in small farming towns scattered about the most fertile areas of the four continents.  The government, the Lablon Planetary Cartel, is mainly responsible for insuring that no community exports for other than the legally set price: since the prices are high, there is little resistance.

      Lewis: An interdicted world holding an estate of the Tukera family.

      Luck Beetle: (Chromofactus furtuna): An herbivorous, and extremely interesting, pseudoinsect. native to Saurus, in the Vilis Subsector.  Adults of either gender can reach an overall size of 20 cm.  Eggs are blue and elliptical, some 4 mm long.

      The luck beetle is completely harmless, and is a popular pet with colonists on Saurus, due to its slow, calm manner, colourful appearance, and the pleasant sounds it makes when happy.

      Structurally, the luck beetle is a quadripedal exoskeletal invertebrate, with a cluster of eyes and other sensory apparatus mounted near the centre of its dorsal surface.  It feeds only on soft algae and moss, and its jaws are incapable of dealing with anything tougher.

      The most unusual feature of these highly-evolved pseudoinsects, and several related species, is that there is a certain degree of evidence that they have a psionic defence mechanism.  They seem to emit short-range psionic signals which make other creatures less inclined to attack the luck beetle.

      Lunion: The LSP shipyard here, along with Strouden, is one of the major shipbuilding points within the Spinward Marches. Excellent workmanship and level D technology make its products sought after.

      The LSP shipyards at Lunion and Strouden are two of the largest producers of starship hulls in the Marches. They specialize in warships for the Imperial Navy.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      L'oeul d'Dieu 3010   B98A510-B  N  Ni Wa              502 Im
      La'Belle      2416   C564112-4     Lo Ni              701 Im
      Laberv        0325   B354443-7  M  Ni                 834 Da
      Lablon        2701   B646589-A     Ag Ni              503 Im
      Lakou         0638   E779454-7     Ni              A  601 Im
      Lanth         1719   A879533-B  A  Ni Cp              710 Im
      Leander       2832   E695244-5     Lo Ni              801 Im
      Lebeau        0613   B869554-C     Ni                 901 Zh
      Lewis         3107   X427402-D     Ni              R  701 Im
      Loneseda      2720   C86A215-7     Lo Ni Wa           705 Im
      Louzy         1604   D322A88-8     Hi Na In Po        110 Im
      Lunion        2124   A995984-D  A  Hi In Cp           810 Im
      Lydia         1733   E110430-6     Ni                 902 Im
      Lysen         1307   B592655-A  S  Ni                 623 Im

  • M
      Maghiz: (Also referred to as te-Zuyes, the Holocaust)  The devastation caused by the stellar flares of Tarnis, Darrian's primary, in -925: the Darrian word translates as "Chaos".

      The star began a slight wobble, enough to cascade loose sheets of stellar material from the star's outer layers.  These stellar flares lasted for three days.  The pulse travelled out into interstellar space, and visited other nearby worlds in turn.

      Thus, it devastated all of the Darrian worlds.

      The first affect on Darrian was an electro-magnetic pulse that blew all electronic components.  The physical wave front of expanding gas reached Darrian about three weeks later.  The superheated gases temporarily raised local temperatures to 250o and higher.

      When the flares had passed three days later, 20% of Darrian's population survived.  The major surviving populations were those living in undersea cities.  The remainder, the lucky few who found shelter as soon as the flares hit, were scattered all over the globe.

      Half of Darrian's starships were destroyed at Darrian, and the skills and facilities to build new ones had been destroyed.  The Darrians struggled on for two decades with existing equipment, before they agreed to dissolve their ties and that each world had to develop its own resources.

      Maitz: Long a minor starport along the major routes, recent discoveries of radioactives in recoverable quantities have led to extensive development of the world's facilities.

      Marastan: The Imperial Reserve here contains sprawling examples of flora and fauna collected by the IISS during surveys and explorations.  This Imperial collection, available for research only by accredited scholars, is one of the largest in the Imperium.  Although the Emperor has never visited it, it is reported that action holograms of the collection are used for decoration and entertainment at the Summer Palace on Umgadin in Core.

      Discovery of fabulously rich mineral deposits on the major continent led major industrial concerns to pressure the Imperial government to open Marastan to off-world development.  The Imperium set a date when a survey ship would arrive, and determine what governments existed and what areas they controlled.  A mad scramble for territory and influence began.

      Menorb: A poor world with little water and generally harsh conditions, it was settled only several centuries ago.  A traditional, early punishment was expulsion into the upland deserts, a hostile environment similar to Terra's Mojave desert.  As settlement grew, the exile's descendents resisted reintegration.  Almost 250 years ago, the government made the region a reservation.  See also Irklan.

      Mertactor: A token capital for District 268 is maintained here, although Imperial affairs are administered from Glisten.

      Mire: Capital of Darrian Confederation.  One of the Confederation worlds, Mire has become an underground world, which allows the surface to be used for agriculture and natural preserves.

      Government is a major industry on Mire.  Bureaucrats and military personnel are to be found virtually everywhere.  Most of the large corporations keep offices here.

      Mithras: An Imperial exile prison.  Convicted criminals deported here begin life anew.  Although environmental conditions are harsh, the opportunities available have made it a showcase of rehabilitation.

      Mithril: The temperature rarely goes above freezing, so the water which covers the surface is mostly ice.  Ice-caps cover both poles, and a mantle of snow and ice cover much of the continental land mass.

      This is one of the four Metal Worlds that the Sword World Confederation reserved for future development.

      The rudimentary starport is an administrative building next to a paved area, with a port warden maintaining sovereignty.

      MORA: Sector capital of the Spinward Marches.  Duchess Delphine is a charismatic dictator who makes all the laws.

      Motmos: Settled in the period 450-490, after the release of the First Survey.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Macene        2612   B000453-E  N  Ni As              911 Im
      Mainz         2930   C553352-A  S  Lo Ni Po           803 Im
      Maitz         2927   A201511-B     Ni Va Ic           122 Im
      Marastan      2231   D868772-5     Ag Ri              924 Im
      Margesi       1020   C575677-6     Ag Ni           A  910 Im
      Margesi       3212   A576257-C  A  Lo Ni              920 Im
      Meleto        2827   C675100-5  S  Lo Ni              724 Im
      Melior        1736   D140466-7     Ni Po De        A  724 Im
      Menorb        1803   C652998-7     Hi Po              310 Im
      Mercury       2624   B658663-8  A  Ag Ni              304 Im
      Mertactor     1537   B262732-B  S  Cp                 610 Im
      Mewey         0838   D786799-5     Ag Ri              701 Na
      Milagro       1632   E21178A-7     Na Ic              920 Cs
      Mille Falcs   1637   B9A2469-C  A  Ni Fl              301 Im
      Mire          0527   A665A95-B  M  Hi Cp              110 Da
      Mirriam       0333   B9998A6-A  B                  A  514 Im
      Mirriam       1315   E472300-8  N  Lo Ni              110 Im
      Mithras       1932   C8B5546-6     Ni Fl              302 Im
      Mithril       1628   E568000-7     Lo Ni Ba           301 Sw
      Mizan-fel     0311   B46258A-8     Ni                 323 Na
      Mjolnir       1121   B530544-A  M  Ni Po De           522 Sw
      Mongo         1204   A368685-A  A  Ag Ni Ri           603 Im
      Mora          3124   AA99AC7-F  A  Hi In Cx           112 Im
      Moran         2924   C367300-8  N  Lo Ni           A  201 Im
      Motmos        1340   B68468B-5  N  Ag Ni Ri           710 Cs
      Moughas       2406   CA5A588-B     Ni Wa              801 Im
      Murchison     2935   B544433-6  N  Ni                 305 Im

  • N
      Nasemin: A large, close moon, a high axial tilt, and an energetic sun combine to produce giant tides and extreme weather effects.  A very large and nasty predator, the 'byssal' is the source of an anti-inflammation drug which has so far defied economical synthesis.

      The population is primarily occupied with chasing down these 40,000 kilogram swimming carnivore/killers, and excising the gland in which the drug is concentrated.  Each gland yields about 5 kilograms of raw drug.  The byssal regenerates the gland in about a year, and can be harvested many times.  The hunters operate in small crews aboard specially designed submersibles.  Much skill is involved in searching for the predator in the ocean
      depths; the actual capture process is short but dangerous.

      Natoko (3209): An undeveloped world owned by Tukera Lines.

      New Rome: Approximately 35 percent of the population are Aslan.

      Nexine: An underpopulated world where the Ministry of Conservation currently operates a reseeding program using biologically altered humans.  Candidates are provided with gill implants, synthetic skin insulation, and webbed extremities; they are transplanted to Nexine and participate in sea farming operations under the world's shallow oceans.

      Nirton: An Imperial Navy Interdiction Beacon message and history data are located in this system, which has never been settled because of the dangerously unstable star.

      Nosea: Settled by the second Darrian Confederation (After -275), Nosea was named by explorers who were disappointed in the small hydrographics percentage of the world.  Actual water coverage is about 5 percent; the remainder is ice-cap.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Nadrin        3123   D120203-6  S  Lo Ni Po De        920 Im
      Nakege        1305   D591314-2     Lo Ni           A  501 Im
      Narsil        0927   B574A55-A  M  Hi In              224 Sw
      Narval        0805   D525688-6  Z  Ni              A  603 Na
      Nasemin       3003   B98A422-B  S  Ni Wa              612 Im
      Natoko        2620   C8879AB-9     Hi                 204 Im
      Natoko        3209   B582211-8  N  Lo Ni           A  801 Im
      Nerewhon      0704   E738475-7     Ni                 820 Na
      New Rome      1938   B837866-B  N                     704 Im
      Nexine        3030   C97A443-8  S  Ni Wa              801 Im
      Ninjar        0608   A211666-C  Z  Ni Na              410 Zh
      Nirton        1332   X600000-0     Lo Ni Va Ba     R  011 Na
      Noctocol      1433   E7A5747-6     Fl                 602 Na
      Nomym         0321   C233898-A  G  Na Po              623 Na
      Nosea         0724   B2326BB-C  M  Na Ni Po           620 Da
      Nutema        3112   B864310-8  N  Lo Ni              822 Im

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Re: Spinward Marches Library Data:  O to Q
  • O
      Oberlindes Lines: Established in 1084 with an Imperial charter specifying trade and commerce within the Spinward Marches and supporting distant trade with states bordering the Imperium. Oberlindes is one of the major shipping lines within the Regina subsector, with feeder routes to all major starports. Expansion into neighboring subsectors has improved star service. but alienated many older, more conservative lines.

      The Oberlindes name is an old one in trade and commerce in the Spinward Marches. Roxanne Oberlindes established the first line to bear the name in 487. The family firm thrived between the major wars which racked the Marches in the last 600 years.

      The first major expansion came in 1049 with the acquisition of Emissary, a surplus cruiser declared obsolete by the Imperial Navy. The ship, armaments intact, served as a flagship for excursions into the Vargr extents on trade expeditions. The venture proved highly successful. Oberlindes established a base just beyond the Imperial border (some irregularities in the ship transfer made it impractical to bring Emissary into the Imperium) which served as a clearing point for shipments between Regina and the Vargr worlds.

      Following the Fourth Frontier War, Oberlindes obtained an Imperial charter. It began operations with a large fleet composed almost entirely of navy surplus ships - now numbering in the hundreds. The organization concentrates on the smaller feeder routes, but has recently expanded into main line service to compete directly with Tukera and other established lines.

      Sergei hault-Oberlindes, patriarch and controller of the line, was awarded a baronial patent, complete with estates on Feri (SpInward Marches 2005), in 1101 for his contribution to the economic recovery in the Marches following the Fourth Frontier war.

      Stock ownership: Oberlindes family, 78%; Imperial family, 2%; investment trusts, 10%; corporate employees, 8%; public, 2%.

      Octagon Society: Established in 342, the Octagon Society was the first major distressed spacefarer assistance operation in the Domain of Deneb. It thrived on public contributions and some tax revenues for 150 years. It failed in the late 400s when scandals emerged over the quality of shelter construction and disposition of certain funds. The society was dissolved in 499 and its assets sold at auction.

      Society shelters were generally of an octagonal shape. The society established large hostels on major worlds, and placed smaller weather shelters on frontier or unsettled planets. Some were 40 parsecs beyond Imperial borders.

      The characteristic octagon shaped buildings are still visible on various worlds, although none are still in use as shelters.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Ochecate      0837   E747569-7     Ag Ni              210 Na
      Olympia       1728   C328342-7     Lo Ni              120 Im
      Orcrist       1126   B8A6733-A  M  Fl                 401 Sw
      Overnale      1937   B45467A-9     Ag Ni              423 Im

  • P
      Palique: This industrial world is well-known for its vacuum suits (tech level E) and its air cycling equipment.

      Palique's orbit is inclined to the system's plane of the ecliptic, and it passes through an asteroid belt at the same distance from the star twice per local year.  The hazard from meteorite showers has led to almost total underground construction.

      Pannet: The insidious atmosphere is tainted with specific contaminants in different regions of the world's surface.  Harvesting these gasses is dangerous employment, but their value to industry on Lunion it highly profitable for companies and workers alike.

      Patinir: This system contains an asteroid belt, the famous Patinir Belt, being mined for its rich resources.

      Pavabid: Settled in the period 450-490, after the release of the First Survey.  Establishment of a religious dictatorship in 780 led to the flight of many families.  The deeply entrenched theocracy is an offshoot of the widespread Church of the Stellar Divinity.

      Potentially a rich world, its severe trade restrictions have kept its wealth and tech level lower than its neighbors.  The population of 700 million live in a stagnant, rigid society where immigration and emigration are illegal and information is strictly controlled.

      Offworlders are permitted only at the Pavabid Starport and Trade Enclave. This area of four square kilometers is completely isolated from the rest of Pavabid by hundreds of kilometers of wilderness and water.  It is staffed by the most loyal members of the theocracy and guarded by church troops.  The law level in the Enclave is only 8, compared to the 9 or A normal in Pavabid society.

      Pavanne: A barren world without people or development.  A mining company once prospected extensively, but found no economically exploitable deposits.  The company maintains a beacon marking the main landing location. A few abandoned mining camps remain scattered about the world.

      Paya: Paya had no starport until 980, when Tukera Lines guaranteed runs through Paya.  Some Regina investors put up the money for the construction.

      Pimane: Although the surface plains are baked vacuum, there is evidence the deep valleys on the surface contain both atmosphere and life.

      The site of several small scientific research laboratories, recent investigations on Pimane have located deep valleys which hold enough atmosphere to support indigenous life.  The current hypothesis is that the world originally had an atmosphere and supported life, but a cataclysmic collision with a rogue world stripped off Pimane's atmosphere several million years ago.

      Pirema: There are very few people here. The fully automated starport does little more than run a continuous beacon and furnish radio directions to the local sea for refuelling.

      Pixie: Imperial Prison Station 17, ex-Cruiser Gaesh, is in a restricted orbit over Pixie.  The naval base holds at least five scout/couriers at all times.

      Porozlo: An advanced, balkanized, high population world bitterly torn on the issue of economic and industrial concentration.

      The private ownership bloc comprises about two-fifths of the nations and over half the population.  It intensively regulates corporations and severely limits their size.  It fears the ability of large, multi-world concerns to influence and dominate local governments.

      The free commerce bloc, more industrialized but containing fewer countries, doesn't impose such limits.

      Prilissa: Homeworld of the kian species of beasts of burden.  See also Kian

      Pysadi: Ruled by a religious dictatorship which disdains the production of alcohol in any form. Its fruits are of superb quality.  A native life form, the Anola were determined to be psionic, but not intelligent, sometime after 508.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Pallique      3029   A511965-E     Hi Na In Ic     A  320 Im
      Patinir       3207   C000632-9     Na Ni As           223 Im
      Pavabid       1238   C6678D8-6                     A  701 Cs
      Pavanne       2905   C669452-A     Ni                 425 Im
      Paya          2509   A655241-9  N  Lo Ni              603 Im
      Pedase        2830   C415346-7  S  Lo Ni Ic           101 Im
      Pegaton       1634   C769873-4     Ri                 913 Na
      Penelope      0533   C460642-4     Ni Ri De           323 Im
      Penkwar       2128   X978310-1     Lo Ni           R  320 Im
      Pepernium     2833   D567530-3     Ag Ni              503 Im
      Pequan        1210   E5656B9-4     Ag Ni              710 Na
      Persephone    2228   B775833-A  W                     922 Im
      Phlume        1611   C887624-8     Ag Ni              710 Im
      Pimane        2527   E500343-4     Lo Ni Va           803 Im
      Pirema        2314   D691142-5     Lo Ni              802 Im
      Pixie         1903   A100103-D  N  Lo Ni Va           901 Im
      Plannet       2519   E9C5677-7     Ni Fl              224 Im
      Plaven        0807   E845300-3     Lo Ni              910 Na
      Porozlo       2715   A867A74-B     Hi                 201 Im
      Powaza        3220   C787566-5     Ag Ni              332 Im
      Prilissa      3035   B985588-6     Ag Ni              510 Im
      Prinx         0212   C436635-6     Ni                 720 Na
      Pscias        2106   X355423-1     Ni              R  501 Im
      Puparkin      0902   C7B3386-9     Lo Ni Fl           502 Na
      Pyramus       2538   E566335-2     Lo Ni              214 Im
      Pysadi        3008   C4766D7-4     Ag Ni              201 Im

  • Q
      Quar: Site of an Imperial naval base.  Originally settled by Imperials, but was pronounced independent because of the armistice after the Third Frontier War.

      Querion: Subsector capital.

      Quiru: The government, a military junta, is the result of a mercenary operation.  Imperial pressure has not yet been brought to bear on the junta,  because it replaced a government that was less efficient.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Quar          0808   B532720-B  N  Na Po           A  401 Im
      Quare         0915   B200545-9     Ni Va              204 Cs
      Querion       0614   B254788-9  Z  Ag Cp              804 Zh
      Quhaiathat    0637   C31479B-9     Ic                 210 Im
      Quiru         2321   B365300-8     Lo Ni              323 Im
      Quopist       2215   B150679-A     Ni Po De        A  721 Im

- Library Data
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Spinward Marches Library Data:  R to T
  • R
      Reacher: Gathering and exporting simple organic compounds which its exotic atmosphere produces naturally supports its economy.  Better synthesis technology recently reached the subsector, and recent incidents of violence against off-worlders led TAS to declare Reacher an amber zone.

      Rech: An agricultural world known for its smoked meats and fine leathers.

      Regina: The world population votes on new laws.  All native born Reginans can vote, without other restrictions.  Immigrants have no voice in the government.

      Rethe: During the six-day Festival, law level is reduced to zero and the world is posted as an Amber Zone.

      Retinae: Research Station Delta: The Imperium established a research station in the Retinae system in 556; the system was part of the Imperium then.  The Imperium maintains the station despite relinquishing the system (and all other possessions in the subsector) in 986.  It is supplied from Frenzie/Vilis through Thanber, and is the subject of frequent Zhodani diplomatic protests.

      Rhylanor: Subsector capital. Best known as the birthplace of Olav hault-Plankwell - Olav I, first of the Emperors of the Flag. Olav's birth place is currently a minor tourist attraction.

      Risek: The Risek Space Authority manages an octahedral space station in orbit.

      Roget: A breadbasket world supplying the Darrian Confederation.

      A balkanized world, Roget was settled by large colonies of Aslan who preferred their own company and their own culture to assimiliation with humans.  Amicable meetings settle any questions involving the whole planet.

      The starport was built as a joint effort.

      The Confederation Archives, in the starport city of Zan Parnog, is an imposing structure consisting of five buildings, each one hundred stories high, surrounding a central core and connected by skyways at various levels  They were located here in 320 to free office space on Mire to support the Confederation Council.

      Tanglewald, native to Tarsus, is found here.  It was probably imported here before the Maghiz.

      Rorre: A member of the Confederation, Rorre was colonized by Darrians who wanted to keep their pre-contact tech level while the rest of Darrian surged ahead.  Ironically, it was the one colony that survived well when the first confederation fell apart in the Maghiz.

      Such technology as there is belongs to a small class who run the production of the planet.  The most important industry of Rorre is tourism. Its long seasons allow extended vacations or sabbaticals for scholars and businessmen alike.

      Roup: A small, water-covered world on the xboat route through Regina subsector.  Its history is one of strict controls by a cruel but fair dictator, the Leader.  The population distribution on Roup is the reason for these controls: all of its billions of people live huddled in cities built on the peaks of an underwater mountain range, the only dry land masses on the entire planet.

      The entire planet suffers from the symptoms of massive overpopulation, i.e. crowding, disease, and massive food demands.  Because of the strain an offworlder population would cause on Roup's economy and because of the often vicious nature of life there, Roup has been posted an Amber Zone.  Only a tiny scout base is kept there to maintain the xboat route.

      Roup's entire industry is geared to killing the plentiful sea life and processing it into food concentrates to feed its population. The concentrates, Roup's only food source, are used as emergency rations by Regina's subsector navy.

      Roup stands at tech level 6, hampered by its tainted atmosphere and its people's needs.  They prize two things above all else: living space and real food.

      An Al Morai facility supplies fuel and repair facilities for Al Morai ships, making this a class B starport for those ships.

      Rraegnaell Oukh: A Vargr interface line based in a system a mere three parsecs from Zhodani territory and a mere five from Imperial territory, Rraegnaell Oukh (Borderline) maintains a profitable three-way trade between Vargr, Zhodani, and Imperials, often transshipping goods that would not be allowed direct passage by local authorities.

      Home Port: Dhaengae (Gvurrdon 1529).

      Rugbird: The system's population lives in orbital habitats: only repair crews (who receive hazard pay) venture down to the surface.  Remote-operated machines (heavily coated with resistent materials against an extremely insidious atmosphere) exploit the world's considerable resources.

      Ruie: Balkanized, industrialized, and very autonomous world on the frontiers of the Imperium.  A former Lost Colony, it had worked its way up to tech level 5 by the time the Scout Service rediscovered it in 1074.  Of its four major powers, Jingarlu and the Comors Union are now at tech level 7, and open for trade with off-worlders (subject to local laws and customs.)  Certain other areas, however, are hostile.

      One of them is Nebelthorn, a nation ruled by the same family for over 120 years.  The rulers, the Family Eldenn, keep tight control over all offworld (and most international) contact, using various methods (nearly all distasteful) to discourage it.  Nebelthorn's only notable resource is petrochemicals, and the country has prospered by selling oil and related products to other industrial customers.

      Following Imperial recontact, however, offworld merchants began selling mass conversion fuel systems and vehicles to Jingarlu and the Comors Union, Nebelthorn's largest customers. the sudden dearth of customers and income plunged Nebelthorn into a severe depression which has continued for the last 12 years and shows no signs of improvement.  The Eldenns blame their plight on the Imperium: the country is posted an Amber Zone.

      Rukhin Rarruffark Kharn: Translated as 'Explorers of Undreamt-of Knowledge', this Vargr operated firm exists just outside of the borders of the Third Imperium in the Gvurrdon sector.  Although it claims to be a scientific research facility which is supported by public and private donations, the true nature of Kharn is well known.

      In actuality, its agents are experts at corporate espionage who make their living by stealing recent technological breakthroughs in nearby Imperial space, running the border, and selling to the highest bidder in vargr space.  Kharn employees are commonly known as 'tech-pirates' and are constantly hounded by Imperial authorities when rimward of the border.

      In order to operate more freely in Imperial space, Kharn often hires human agents to do their work for them.  People who are hired by Kharn are going to be acting more like smugglers than scientists in most cases.

      Rushu: The only world in the Marches colonized by Vargr. Rukh Aegz ('The Worlds of Leader Rukh') colonized it in 1070.  Human settlements on the world were bought out at a fair price during the establishment of the colony.
      In 1099, Rushu declared its independence from the Rukh Aegz and aligned itself with the Zhodani Consulate.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Rabwhar       1822   D5448BA-6  S                     313 Im
      Ralhe         0731   E224564-8     Ni                 801 Na
      Ramiva        3233   B1107A7-8     Na                 913 Im
      Rangent       1411   E67A612-7     Ni Wa              503 Na
      Rapp's World  0712   C592320-8  Z  Lo Ni              402 Zh
      Rasatt        0607   E883401-7     Ni                 910 Na
      Raweh         0139   B130300-B  N  Lo Ni Po De     A  920 Im
      Raydrad       2933   E99467A-6     Ag Ni              303 Im
      Reacher       3210   C9A8542-8     Ni Fl           A  233 Im
      Rech          2112   D9957AA-6     Ag                 501 Im
      Regina        1910   A788899-C  A  Ri Cp              703 Im
      Reno          0102   C1207B9-A     Na Po De           603 Zh
      Resten        2323   B310100-B  S  Lo Ni              501 Im
      Rethe         2408   E230AA8-8     Hi Na Po De        323 Im
      Retinae       0416   E8C69AA-5     Hi Fl              910 Cs
      Rhise         2317   C100576-A     Ni Va           A  710 Im
      Rhylanor      2716   A434934-F  A  Hi Cp              810 Im
      Rio           0301   C686648-8     Ag Ni Ri           201 Na
      Risek         2712   A325579-A  N  Ni                 401 Im
      Riverland     1102   C566A99-9     Hi              A  214 Zh
      Robin         2637   C00059C-C     Ni As              212 Im
      Roget         0427   B566777-9     Ag Ri              420 Da
      Romor         2140   B450456-B  A  Ni Po De           112 Im
      Rorise        3022   C994100-A     Lo Ni              502 Im
      Rorre         0526   D765657-3     Ag Ni Ri           103 Da
      Roup          2007   C77A9A9-7  S  Hi In Wa        A  323 Im
      Ruby          1005   B400445-B  S  Ni Va              201 Im
      Rugbird       3102   BAC5634-A     Ni Fl           A  811 Im
      Ruie          1809   C776977-7     Hi In           A  701 Na

      Rushu         0215   E765664-4     Ag Ni Ri           903 Va

  • S
      Saskatchia Tea: A much sought-after beverage, often served at higher class restaurants on a number of worlds across the Vilis and Lanth subsectors of the Spinward Marches.

      The tea is produced by crushing the shed carapaces of several varieties of small insect (Saskatchia species) native to Rushu (Spinward Marches 0215) into a fine powder, which is dissolved in hot water to make a drink.

      Sea Bears: Native to Thengo/Chronor, the creature seems to have been used in pre-Imperial colonization projects in the Jewell, Lianic, and Massina subsectors. They are not uncommon on many worlds in these regions.

      Adults are typically 1 to 1.2 meters long, and weigh from 20 to 25 kilograms.  The skeleton is calciferous, internal, and generally resembles that of a Terran vertebrate, except in the number of limbs and in the framing of the body cavity.  The spinal column runs from the base of the skull dorsally along the body until it reaches the pelvis.  Instead of ribs, short lengths of bone join in a geodesic fashion (i.e., as a series of mutually interconnected triangles) to support the body cavity. This very sturdy arrangement provides an excellent protection to the sea bear's internal organs.

      The most notable external feature is the number of limbs: four pairs, odd for an animal of its size.   One posterior locomotive pair, one anterior pair used in defense and acquiring food, and two medial pairs which can serve either purpose. The head is typical, a bony cranium to protect the brain, with paired eyes, ears, nose, and a ventral mouth.  The nose is located well forward, apparently as an adaptation for breathing while partially submerged.

      Sea bears are carnivorous. Solitary hunters, preying upon small aquatic and semi-aquatic animal life, are found along seashores and in shallow off-shore areas of large bodies of water.  They usually hunt by swimming slowly along the surface, diving upon its surprised prey.

      During the mating season, sea bears congregate in huge groups, sometimes of hundreds of individuals.   A group settles for several weeks on an island or peninsula, where male and female pairs engage in mating rituals not fully documented.  Each pair eventually produces one to three young.

      After six to eight weeks, when the young are ready to travel, the groups break up into family units.  When the young can fend for themselves, usually after six months, the family units break up until the next mating season.  Some observers report scattered instances of sea bears mating for life, and hunting as a team.

      Second Frontier War (615 to 620): Second of the Frontier Wars fought between the Outworld Coalition (Zhodani Consulate, Vargr, and Sword Worlds) and the Imperium during the period of the Barracks Emperors.

      Arbellatra (587 to 666) was named Grand Admiral of the Marches by Cleon V and led the combined local and Imperial forces to defeat the Coalition.  She then proceeded to re-establish the central Imperial authority, being proclaimed Regent in 622 as a result, and Empress in 629.

      Shionthy: Automated warning beacons state that this system is interdicted and dangerous. There is a gas giant.  The belt is partially composed of anti-matter.

      Shirene: Al Morai owns this world, and has an overhaul and maintenance facility for its fleet of ships. It operates at full capacity, overhauling one ship every two weeks. The world is also a source of goods which Al Morai has a virtual monopoly on.

      Shriekers: an intelligent minor race on 567-908.

      Sinzarmes: A subsector-wide company within the Regina subsector, Sinzarmes provides transport from the subsector's many worlds to the major trade route worlds.  Sinzarmes is also a major mail carrier, delivering xboat messages to worlds off the main routes.

      Home Port:  Efate.

      Spinward Specialties: Only six years old, Spinward Specialties is one of the newest robotics firms to spring up in the Domain of Deneb.  It specialized in contoured chassis courier robots, unarmed but heavily armed against attack.

      Springers (Arachnofelis var.): Eight-limbed quasi-mammalian carnivores found throughout the coreward regions of the Imperium.  Originally disseminated by the Ancients, their range was increased considerably by First Imperium colonists, as a means for pest control.

      Massing between 250 and 500 grams, springers average 15 centimeters in length.  The powerful rear legs are adapted to leaping, and the remaining hands are used to cling to prey while poison (from two glands in the mouth) is injected.

      Glands in the hairless upper chest area excrete silk. Two modified "thumbs" draw the silk from the glands and manipulate the web. The silk is adhesive only when  excreted, quickly drying to a thick rope. Webs woven of it are coarse networks which signal the presence and location of prey.

      Springers are hermaphroditic.  Young are born live at any season, in litters of three to five.  Since most of their milk glands have evolved into producing silk, springers supplement their youngs' diet with regurgitated, partially digested food.

      They normally inhabit caves, dense forests, and rock crevices, but can be found in deserted buildings and piles of rubble.

      While not normally dangerous to humans, the bite is painful and allergic reactions to the venom can be fatal to some individuals.

      Spume: The Darrian government substantially improved this world as a military base for defense against possible Sword World invasions.

      Spume, like Anselhome, was colonized for resources rather than comfort.  Its atmosphere is polluted with radioactive gasses from its few volcanoes.  All inhabitants live in Dryavis, a domed village from which mining machines are directed by remote systems.

      Stern-Stern: Settled by the second Darrian Confederation (After -275), Stern-Stern specializes in heavy industry with considerable robotic help in the factories.  The atmosphere is breathable but unpleasant enough that most residences have their own life support systems.

      Strouden: The LSP shipyard here, along with Lunion, is one of the major shipbuilding points within the Spinward Marches. Excellent workmanship and level D technology make its products sought after.

      The LSP shipyards at Lunion and Strouden are two of the largest producers of starship hulls in the Marches. They specialize in warships for the Imperial Navy.

      Sword Worlds Confederation: The Sword Worlds Confederation, which often allies itself with the Zhodani Consulate, accepts psionics as a natural aspect of human nature, but has been slow to integrate it into its culture.  Few Sword Worlders are psionically trained.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Sacnoth       1325   B775956-C  M  Hi In              801 Sw
      Sansibar      0412   B200310-A  Z  D4 Lo Ni Va        701 Zh
      Saurus        1320   D888588-7     Ag Ni              820 Im
      Saxe          0231   EAA5543-7     Ni Fl              910 Na
      Sharrip       2325   C575101-A     Lo Ni              503 Im
      Sheyou        0610   B756779-A  Z  Ag                 111 Zh
      Shionthy      2306   X000742-8     Na As           R  714 Im
      Shirene       2125   B984510-B  S  Ag Ni           A  901 Im
      Singer        0940   D553774-6     Po                 901 Na
      Skull         2420   C2237C7-9  N  Na Po              601 Im
      Smoug         1729   C14078A-9     Po De              902 Im
      Somem         3020   C301340-B     Lo Ni Va Ic        201 Im
      Sonthert      1918   X6266AB-3     Ni              R  314 Im
      Sorel         2137   E48569A-2     Ag Ni Ri           921 Im
      Spirelle      1927   C766846-8  S  D1 Ri              715 Im
      Spume         0727   C140200-A  M  Lo Ni Po De        434 Da
      Squallia      1133   C438679-9     Ni                 320 Na
      Squanine      2536   A300550-B     Ni Va              303 Im
      Stave         0710   E7667A8-2     Ag                 801 Na
      Steel         1529   E655000-7     Lo Ni Ba           324 Sw
      Stellatio     1216   D5A4420-4     Ni Fl              210 Im
      Stern-Stern   0223   B321588-B     Ni Po              701 Da
      Sting         1525   B645896-A  M                     302 Sw
      Strouden      2327   A745988-D  N  Hi In              920 Im

  • T
      Talchek: The rusting ruins of a Darrian gas refinery from -925 can still be found on Talchek.

      Tarkine: An agricultural producer of exotic spices, Tarkine has a somewhat chequered past.

      In 960 it was discovered that corsairs operating in the surrounding systems were supplied personnel, technical assistance, and fuel by Tarkine's government in exchange for a share of captured goods.  An Imperial task force was dispatched, the corsairs destroyed, the government replaced, and a scout base established.

      Continued uprisings among the world's six million inhabitants have led the world to be posted as an amber travel zone.

      The starport, located by a major river, consists of the scout base, a large administrative building, fuel processing facilities and storage tanks (underground), and numerous smaller buildings containing maintenance, technical, communications, and entertainment facilities.  There is little provision for mercantile shipping (only four pads and a couple of warehouses and admin shacks), and they are not often used.  The overall impression is of an armed camp, and not a free starport.  Starport security is tight, and off-port leaves are not encouraged.  A city with 22,000 inhabitants is 25 km away along the same river.

      Tarsus: Central star is Hote.  Its diameter is 1.16 million kilometers, with Tarsus orbiting at about 50 million kilometers, the nearest gas giant (Urfa) at 240 million kilometers, and the second gas giant (Erdemli) farther out.

      An agricultural world, Tarsus derives most of its livlihood from farming and ranching.  It, and two other agricultural worlds, supply Collace and Forine.  World population was 2.2 million in 1110.  Virtually all inhabitants are humans of various antecedents - Solomani, Sword Worlders, Darrians, and Vilani.  Two moons, Gloeh and Rond, are both airless.  Starport is Newland Down and Up.

      Terant 340: Settled by the second Darrian Confederation, after -275,  this is a desert world, colonized under domes using strict water recycling.
      Terant's primaries have many interesting anomalies which intrigued the Darrian astrophysicists.  The planetoid belts harbor enough resources to make self-sufficiency possible.  Terant 340 is the largest chunk of circling debris prevented from coalescing into a planet by the disturbing influence of the white dwarf companion and three gas giants.  The system has no other worlds between gas giants and planetoid size.

      Tharnitia Denus: A Darrian Subsector-wide line, operated by the Darrian Confederation government as an enterprise similar to a postal system.  Tharnitia Denus ("Transport Company") maintains terminals on all worlds in the Confederation.  The company does not carry goods beyond the Darrian borders.

      Home Port:  Mire (Spinward Marches 0527).

      Third Frontier War (979 to 986): The long period of uneasy peace between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate erupted into war in 979, with simultaneous blows by the Zhodani in the Querion and Jewell subsectors of the Spinward Marches.  Imperial reaction was deficient, and the hostilities continued for nearly six years with little to show for it.  The armistice finally signed in 986 gave each side little, and brought about the abdication of Emperor Styryx in 989.

      Thisbe: A desert world being terraformed by the megacorporation Sharurshid under a contract from the Ministry of Colonization.  Ice and frozen gas asteroids are maneuvered from the planetoid belts to Thisbe, where they improve water availability and atmosphere content.

      Thyo Spud:: Thyo Spud (a Droyne family-owned freetrader company) was formed by a Droyne fraternity from Andor (Spinward Marches 0236) and operates a single free trader along the Spinward Main.

      Home Port: Binges (1635).

      Tionale: A non-industrial system outside the sphere of direct Imperial influence, although considered a client state. The world's tainted atmosphere and lack of any readily exploitable resources caused it to be settled recently, compared to its neighbors.  Settlement still clusters around the starport, but a slowly expanding belt of farms and small settlements surrounds the port city.

      A little studied alien race inhabit the extensive outback.

      Torment: Torment is a prison planet for the most incorrigible of criminals, those whom Darrian psychologists have judged impossible to cure of violent tendencies.  It is miserably cold and barren, consisting only of the one central village of convicts.  They are required to work in mining and industry to pay for the import of enough food to support them.

      The prison is run by a hierarchy of criminals who demand obediance from their fellow convicts.  This obedience has little to do with law and order, as might be expected.  They select theirown successors before dying.

      Towers: Local custom includes a strict duelling code to right slights and insults.  Even visitors are expected to abide by the local code duello. The system was the seat of government of the Towers Cluster before the Imperium absorbed the area.

      Tree Kraken or Land Squid (Hexapoda strenii, H. Silvans): The Tree Kraken is native to Forboldn, but for various reasons can be found on many small, low gravity worlds.

      The adult tree kraken weighs 6 kilograms and resembles in general body form the octopus, having a central body sensory cluster and six radiating tentacle-like arms.  The internal skeleton is rudimentary, consisting of a cartilaginous stiffening of the body to permit the lung sacs to function, to serve as attachment points for the muscles, and to permit leverage for the three part mandible located at the base of the arms.

      The arms of the kraken consist of a stiffened central support structure surrounded by a muscular sheath.  The arms end in from 2 to 7 (depending on species) smaller appendages.  the ventral surface of the arm, and the ends of these smaller appendages end with a disk-shaped sucker-like organ covered with hundreds of small, razor- sharp tooth-like structures.

      The eyes are paired, operate stereoscopically, and permit the kraken to detect the faintest movement at several hundred meters.  Range judgement is extremely good.

      Three to eight lung sacs in the body mass handle respiration. Each sac has its own connection to the atmosphere. To function, the inner lining of each sac must be kept moist, requiring the kraken to remain in regions of high humidity, such as marshes, swamps, or jungles.  Tree kraken have a closed respiratory system and are endothermic.

      The kraken attacks its prey by leaping upon it from a height, usually a tree but often a cliff and even occasionally a roof.  The arms wrap around the prey, immobilizing it.  The disk-shaped structures abrade the skin and other tissue into fragments which are the conveyed to the mouth.  After feeding, the kraken climbs to a high place for protection from other predators, and goes into a digestive torpor for several hours.

      Kraken are hermaphroditic: reproduction is accomplished through budding.  During the six week mating season, pairs of kraken exchange genetic material through two tube-like structures above the eyes.  After fertilization, these structures swell to many times their normal size.  Arms develop, becoming fully developed miniature kraken (after eight to twelve weeks.)

      When fully developed, the young detach themselves and go their own way.  Since kraken will eat their own young, this is accomplished when the parent is in a digestive torpor.

      Tree Lion (Platapedalis arborus ):  Tree Lions (also called drop spiders or shovel spiders) are trap building carnivores native to Jesedipere/Aramis.  Scattered to a number of worlds early in the human colonization of the region, Tree Lions can be found in subtropical forest regions on several worlds in the Aramis and Rhylanor subsectors.

      A typical specimen is a small (1 kg), bilaterally symmetrical, 10-legged, arachnid-like creature with a tough, leathery hide covered with bristle-like hairs.  The foremost pair of legs are chitinous, shovel-like apparatus.  The others have grippers for hanging and climbing.

      All Tree Lions live in trees, descending only to build and maintain their unusual traps.  A single home tree may support two to three Tree Lion nests, depending on the size of the tree.  A nest contains a male/female pair, and several young hatched from egg sacs.

      A Tree Lion builds its trap in the soil directly beneath its nest, using its specialized forelegs to scoop out a shallow, conical pit about a meter in diameter.  It then spends several hours spinning a fine network of thick, silken strands across the pit's interior.  Each strand is coated with an adhesive that exudes the smell of decaying meat.  Small animals investigating the smell become trapped, and their struggle alerts the Tree lion through two "shroud lines" leading from the edge of the pit to the nest.

      Once alerted, it descends and administers a paralyzing bite. The prey is then wrapped in silk and carried to the nest.

      Normally they pose no threat to travellers, as their venom is mild, but they can irritate and distract.  In areas of dense tree lion populations, the presence of large numbers of pits can hinder movement.  The venom can cause temporary paralysis in the affected limb , and can cause allergic reactions.

      Treece: A system without a gas giant or a good starport.

      Trexalon: Settled in the period 450-490, after the release of the First Survey.

      Trifuge: A member of the Darrian Group, Trifuge has the longest year of all the Darrian planets.  Its giant primary keeps it warm even at 122 AU from the star.

      It was first colonized as a company planet with heads of corporations prooviding houses and services for their employees.  It is still run by industrial executives and their scientific advisors.

      Some relatively advanced native species are studied on Trifuge.

      Trin: Subsector capital. The shattered moon creates a veil of highly reflective particles around the world.  They give a name to the entire subsector.

      Turedad: There are four starports at Turedad, situated equidistant along the equator.  Each has full facilities for a class-C starport.

      Long a sleepy, agricultural world depending on passing free traders to provide markets for its goods, lying at the junction of jump-1 routes to Jewell, Regina, Rhylanor, and Lunion subsectors.  Its upgrade to class B status is imminent, and the IISS has expressed interest in establishing an xboat link with Rhylanor and Rech (and thus through Regina.)

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Tacaxeb       3218   C230411-B     Ni Po De           801 Im
      Talchek       1631   C7B1462-5     Ni Fl           A  601 Cs
      Talos         1436   E333532-9     Ni Po              820 Na
      Tarkine       1434   C466662-7  S  Ag Ni Ri        A  310 Cs
      Tarsus        1138   B584620-A     Ag Ni              202 Cs
      Tavonni       1520   E567000-7     Lo Ni Ba           434 Im
      Tee-Tee-Tee   3038   C110530-9     Ni                 902 Im
      Tenalphi      1826   A774102-E     Lo Ni              610 Im
      Tenelphi      3040   D76A579-9  S  Ni Wa              901 Im
      Tentus        2201   C979500-A  S  Ni                 920 Im
      Terant 340    0622   D1405A7-9     Ni Po De           523 Da
      Terra Nova    0511   C786342-9     Lo Ni              812 Na
      Thanber       0717   B243653-C     Ni Po              210 Cs
      Thengo        0202   C868586-5     Ag Ni              801 Zh
      Thisbe        2539   E4305AD-5     Ni Po De           322 Im
      Thornnastor   2940   D534443-8  S  C1 Ni              804 Im
      Tionale       1511   C674321-8     Lo Ni           A  210 Cs
      Tirem         2233   C7B5975-B     Hi Fl              621 Im
      Tivid         2627   C534477-8     Ni                 401 Im
      Tizon         0922   B386887-A  M  Ri                 323 Sw
      Tondoul       0739   E5136A7-4     Na Ni Ic           701 Na
      Torment       0721   X233231-4     Lo Ni Po        R  820 Da
      Towers        3103   B444448-A  S  Ni              A  735 Im
      Traltha       2834   B790630-6     Ni De              410 Im
      Trane         2038   C639422-B     Ni                 704 Im
      Treece        2311   D232866-8     Na Po              610 Im
      Tremous Dex   1311   B511411-C     Ni Ic              201 Na
      Trexalon      1339   B361851-C     Ri                 923 Na
      Trifuge       0723   C446556-9     Ag Ni              210 Da
      Trin          3235   A894A96-F  A  Hi In Cp           101 Im
      Tsarina       2236   D120636-5     Na Ni Po De     A  301 Im
      Tureded       2414   C465540-9     Ag Ni              614 Im
      Tussinian     2731   B678324-7     Lo Ni              520 Im
      Tyrfing       1324   B637735-A  M                     701 Sw

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Spinward Marches Library Data:  U to W
  • U
      Uakye: This is tidally locked world.  Fortunately, most of the land surface is along the twilight zone.

      The largest island, Triante, has forest, beach, and swamp terrain.  Uakye City lies on the northern shore (toward the dark side.) Directly north of Uakye City is the Shallows, a large expanse of ocean barely more than a meter deep.  An abandoned military base sits on the eastern edge of the island.

      The island of Linradis, small and isolated, lies several hundred kilometers north of Uakye, deep in the world's dark side.  Roughly halfway between is Staging Point, a remote island outpost for travellers between the two places.  Even farther north, in the center of the dark hemisphere, is Mining Colony 78, situated under a large icecap.

      Utoland: The population of 40,000 (primarily human) is ruled by a colonial administration from Arden.  The population is essentially concentrated into one city - Utane.  Arden rules both Utoland and Zircon, and is gradually stripping resources for use in developing its own economy.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Uakye         1805   B439598-D     Ni                 320 Im
      Ucella        0532   D574654-7     C0 Ag Ni        A  410 Cs
      Uniqua        0129   E62556B-4     Ni                 210 Na
      Utoland       1209   C473464-7     Ni                 410 Fa

  • V
      Vanejen: Research Station Gamma: A rich world with a dense, breathable atmosphere.  Icecaps cover 20% of the world's surface.  Population is currently 543 million, distributed over three of the four continents, with scattered settlement on the barren fourth continent.

      This was a lost colony.  During the Fourth Frontier War, the Navy needed a base. The locals were recontacted, and catapulted into the reaches of interstellar society in just a few years.

      Victoria: The IISS rediscovered Victoria in 901.  After a short period of clandestine observation and contact, the world was interdicted.  The stated purpose was to shield the developing culture as it coped with its lack of metal resources.  A very old world, Victoria orbits a population II star, and is deficient in metals and heavy elements.

      Its cratering resulted from an intense planetary bombardment in which asteroids were evidently used as missiles.  The extensive bombardment beat the planet almost to complete destruction.  Calculations indicate that one more asteroid hit at that time could have cracked the crust and fragmented the world into a new asteroid belt.  Erosion dating indicated the attack occurred about 300,000 PI (Pre-Imperium), a date which matches with the established period of the Final War of the Ancients.

      The hydrographic coverage is mostly shallow seas.  Humans must wear oxygen masks or remain above 1000 meters elevation.  Nearly all of the human population, estimated at 10 million, live on the Mesas (outcroppings created by the bombardment.)  Commerce between the Mesas relies on dirigibles.

      Vilani: One of three major human races within the known galaxy.  Responible for the First Imperium, a predescessor to the current Imperium, which had its capital at Vland for several thousand years.  Vilani are the most widespread of human races.

      Violante: A consortium of wealthy nobles from Deneb sector invested in an unspoiled wilderness when they foresaw a time when the Imperium's spinward regions would be heavily populated. They parcelled the world into estates with  strict controls on population and land use. The population consists of landowners and their families (ancestors of the purchasers, 30% of whom live elsewhere for part of the year), supervisory staff, servants,
      and technicians.

      Vreibefger: Resrarch Station Epsilon:  The Research Station is engaged in stock breeding experiments, as part of a long range project to improve several of the Imperium's meat producing animals.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Valhalla      2811   E365432-5    Ni                 622 Im
      Vanejen       3119   C686854-5    C4 Ri              520 Im
      Victoria      1817   X697772-2    Ag              R  112 Im
      Vilis         1119   A593943-A    Hi In              820 Im
      Vinorian      3111   B879610-9    Ni                 610 Im
      Violante      2708   C669452-A    Ni                 420 Im
      Vreibefger    2415   E481542-3    Ni                 901 Im

  • W
      Walston: The class-B starport here is rated as a scout base.  The population of 3,700 is largely Vargr.  On the average, cargo vessels leave Walston twice a year to carry produce to Caladbolg.

      Wardn: A small world noted primarily for intricate patterns carved in its desert plains.  The deserts are decorated by large-scale patterns carved by anaerobic life forms during their seasonal migrations.  Some academics researching this phenomena feel the patterns are expressions of intelligence.

      Winston: Claimed by both the Sword Worlds and Darrian Confederations, Winston was only thinly colonized before it was taken over and lost a great deal of its population and technology in repeated fighting with the Sword Worlds.  Some nations are still sympathetic to the Sword Worlds, but most are loyal to Darrian.

      Darrian interests on this obscure backwater are (were?) represented by Bresarden Haicarla, the Port Master for over 40 years.  His own local influence has kept him in charge of the port and all related functions despite changes in the world's allegiance.

      Winston itself maintains only a handful of antiquated small craft.

      Wochiers: The planetary atmosphere makes surface travel difficult and dangerous.

      Wypoc: Because of the insidious atmosphere, the local inhabitants live in domed cities and rarely venture outside.  The Imperial Marines have been testing protective suits which will allow personnel to operate in the insidious atmosphere for long periods.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Walston       1232   C544338-8  S  Lo Ni              302 Cs
      Wardn         1727   B756486-B  S  Ni              A  502 Im
      Weiss         1934   A626464-B     Ni              A  703 Im

      Whanga        1806   E676126-7     Lo Ni              224 Im
      Whenge        0503   D648500-8     Ag Ni              610 Na
      Windsor       1935   C783511-9     Ni                 210 Im
      Winston       0620   E887573-6     Ag Ni              501 Sw
      Wochiers      2207   EAC28CC-9     Fl                 703 Im
      Wonderay      0340   E88A46A-4     Ni Wa              210 Na
      Wonstar       0538   B455741-7  N  Ag              A  910 Im
      Wurzburg      2237   C795300-A  S  Lo Ni           A  510 Im
      Wypoc         2011   E9C4547-8     Ni Fl           A  922 Im

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Spinward Marches Library Data:  X to Z
  • X
      Xhosa: This world seems to have suffered a catastrophic nuclear war, some eight thousand years ago, which has left the place little more than a radioactive wasteland.  There are few ruins, but those that do exist seem to have belonged to a human civilisation.

      Only the oceans currently support lifeforms more complex than basic lichens, and those seem to be mainly various species of heavily-armoured leviathan.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Xhosa         0115   EA95124-4     Lo Ni              910 Na

  • Y
      Yebab: Homeworld of the minor Ebokin race.

      Yorbund: The local atmosphere is insidious, and corrosive. Tunnels and portals provide safe access to all facilities at Marion Starport. Nearby are the minor attractions of the Caverns of Yorbund.

      The planet is largely unexplored, as few individuals venture far from the starport and its associated caverns.  Cloaked in a dense overcast atmosphere, the surface  features are largely unknown.  Yorbund is subject to seismic tremors and considerable volcanism.

      Yori: Research Station Beta: Researh is performed her in the field of long-range communications.

      A small Ancient site was found buried under shifting sands in a vast desert, surrounded by signs of destruction from the Final War.  Iridescent white building blocks and occasional deep, rubble-filled wells characterize this site.

      Yorin: Falcon-like avian, native to Darrian homeworld.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Yebab         3002   C9A489A-7     Fl                 712 Im
      Yiktor        0114   C6B6431-A     Ni Fl              123 Na
      Ylaven        1916   X587552-4     Ag Ni           R  922 Im
      Yorbund       2303   C7C6503-7     Ni Fl              220 Im
      Yori          2110   C360757-A     Ri De              713 Im
      Youghal       3039   AA95365-B     Lo Ni              201 Im
      Yres          1802   BAC6773-7     Fl                 335 Im
      Yurst         2309   E7B4643-5     Ni Fl              824 Im

  • Z
      Zaibon: This asteroid belt was once the largest deposit of copper on record. but the lode has dwindled to virtually nothing. The facilities are deteriorating.

      Zamine: Zamine is one of four balkanized worlds in the Darrian Confederation.  Through most of its history, this simply meant that the people disagreed about government.  Disputes were typically settled in summit meetings and world courts rather than through open warfare.  However, in the last twenty years, Zamine has seen some very unDarrianlike violence.

      There have been increasing small wars, hostage takings, and violent demonstrations.

      Currently there is a civil war in Baruk, and several factions in Mabek Ladh are hostile to the
      Confederation.  Starships are advised to approach landing sites in these nations with caution.

      Much trade on Zamine is conducted by sea.  At tech level 10, very little use is made of gravitics due to their high expense.  The main products are agricultural products, ores and petroleum, weapons, and mechanical parts.

      On Zamine, a day lasts nearly all year long.  That is, the rotation period is 3.6 days and the orbital period is 4 days.  The dense atmosphere tends to moderate the effects of these long days and nights, but the temperature is hot enough to please any native Darrian.

      Zhodani: One of three major human races within the known galaxy.  Zhodani inhabit the empire known as the Zhodani Consulate, with its capital at Zhodane.  More than 90% of all racial Zhodani live under the Consulate.  The major distinction of the Zhodani race is its routine acceptance of psionics; all Zhodani of noble birth receive psionic testing and training in the normal course of their schooling.

      Zila: Agricultural world famous for its wines.  Recent vintages have been noted throughout the Marches for their quality.

      Zircon: Arden rules Utoland and Zircon, and is gradually stripping resources for use in developing its own economy.

      Zykoca: An agricultural world under interdiction. Local society is extremely xenophobic, and all contact off-world has been suspended. Foreigners are distrusted and have no standing in local society. The world was interdicted after a mob broke into the starport, and killed several offworlders.

      Zyra: One of the youngest colonies in the subsector. Located on a small world orbiting the largest gas giant of the system (Bellus), the colony's 61,000 inhabitants are concentrated around two harbor cities on the eastern coast of the largest continent.  The original survey report showed only low levels of potentially exploitable minerals.

      World Data

      PlanetName    Loc.   UPP Code   B  Notes           Z  PBG Al
      Zaibon        1825   B000544-B     Ni As              512 Im
      Zamine        0421   E897977-A     Hi In              223 Da
      Zenopit       1010   D130546-7     Ni Po De           622 Na
      Zephyr        3138   X89556A-3     Ag Ni           R  404 Im
      Zeta 2        0919   X6B0000-0     Lo Ni De Ba     R  020 Na

      Zeycude       0101   C330698-9     Na Ni Po De        613 Zh
      Zila          2908   E25672C-7     Ag              A  701 Im
      Zircon        1110   C792668-8  M  Ni                 624 Fa
      Zivije        2812   C6B199C-B     Hi Fl           A  421 Im
      Zykoca        3004   X994542-6     Ag Ni           R  320 Im
      Zyra          2934   B555448-7     Ni                 301 Im