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Wed 1 Mar 2006
at 13:52
Shameless Plugs
Advertise your games here...

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Jago Lanza
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Tue 4 Apr 2006
at 13:51
Re: Shameless Plugs
In the gloomy recesses of a dockside tavern, where the air is thick with tobacco smoke, cheep perfume, an old sea dog slides into the seat opposite and pushes a foaming tankard in front of you.

“If that‘ll buy a moment of yer time Jack, I ‘ave a proposition for you.”

On a hot sticky night like this, the beer seems cool and fresh, and as you drink, your benefactor glances briefly over his shoulder before gong on, a wise precaution perhaps, but futile here in this crowded, rowdy place where anyone might be watching.

“I’m seekin’ ta crew a ship,” he says, “ta go after the treasure that Cap’n Brescue took from the Cisne Blanco.” Again the old salt glances over his shoulders, and with good reason if he’s telling the truth.

The fabulous wealth of Inca gold aboard the Cisne Blaco was legendary, and the daring exploits of Tom Brescue who liberated that treasure in his tiny fourteen gun sloop Sea Fox are the talk of every tavern from here to Trinadad. Sadly, all the reports of this incident have come from Spanish survivors, who were set adrift in their small boats before the Cisne Blanco went to the bottom, it is thought that the Sea Fox, damaged in the fight and weighed down with nearly two hundred boxes of gold, had followed her down in storm just two hours later, for since that day, there had been no sight or sound of the Sea Fox, her captain or the fabulous treasure.

“I ‘ave to act quickly an with discretion,” the man goes on, “for once the news I ‘ave breaks, every peg leg in Port Royal will setting sail.” Weary, blood shot eyes stair straight into your own as he says, “I ‘ave the prettiest brigantine you’re ever likely to see, just waiting on the docks for a crew, so what say you Jack, will you earn your share of Spanish gold?”

Taking our cue from Sid Meier, ‘Pirates’ is a jolly romp around the Caribbean in the footsteps of Long John Silver and Jack Sparrow. We will not be completely ignoring historical events, but adapting them to our cause. Just to make things a little more challenging, there will be two ships in the game, competing in ‘friendly’ rivalry, and experience will be awarded to crews who, ‘get one over’ the other ship in the most amusing manner.

I’ll be using the 7th Sea rules, adapted for use in the real world rather than Theah but the changes are minimal and I like to keep the rules in the background any why. Novices are welcome and I’ll help you through the character creation if needs be.

link to "Pirates"
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Tue 4 Apr 2006
at 19:37
Re: Shameless Plugs
Game Name:
The Rim of Worlds


Game link:
link to "The Rim of Worlds"

Game Website:


Semi-Freeform Homebrew System

Game info:
It has been 3,000 years since the invention of the Wormhole drive. And since the out-migration from earth began. Three thousand years of expansion and exploration by the human races. And in all of that time, humanity has never encountered another sentient species. The different races have fragmented, forming their own territories and empires. Wars come and wars go. But Humanity endures. Space flight is effortless, the very power of the stars tapped to engage the Wormhole drives. Expansion is constant, nearly limitless. And spans millions of worlds in dozens of galaxies.

But something is happening. Humanity is no longer alone in the universe. Dark reports come from the rim of explored worlds of creatures unlike anything seen before. And a force is being gathered to deal with this possible new threat

Players needed:
We still need a gunner, and possibly a First officer. Iinterested check out the game submission thread and talk with the GM about the available character types, as this will no doubt change.
Jago Lanza
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Wed 27 Sep 2006
at 15:47
Re: Amelia Earhart - pirate hunter - wants YOU!

Looking for a new career, there are exciting opportunities for AV pilots, medics, security personnel and many others, just call 2020 Trauma Team. Applicants should have a reasonable command of the English language, be available for posting at least five times a week,  have a mature attitude*, a sense of humour and access to the Cyberpunk 2020 main rule book.

*Rated Adult for language and violence.
Tylen Orgesh
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Tue 17 Apr 2007
at 07:46
Looking for a few good Thieves

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Fri 13 Jun 2008
at 19:51
Re: Looking for a few good Thieves
Advertising for a different website here, but I don't want this game to die.

D&D 3.5 with a homebrew world and a GM who seems to have both dedication and a story.  :)  We have two players (myself and one other), both of whom are in it for the long haul (we know each other and have been involved in games together for the last six years or so).  It won't be quick posting, but we're already having fun.

I ask that only players who can post during the week apply - so far, it seems the GM and both players are out on weekends.  Mostly.  :)
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Sun 1 Feb 2009
at 18:09
BUSHIDO anyone?

The night was dark and the road deserted, as the lone traveller moved towards the lights of the village lower on the mountainside.  He was Tokasi Benkai, samurai and warrior.  Gold glinted on the fittings of his katana.

The woods hid their shadows.  They were bandits, and hungry.  They were also five to his one.  They attacked.

The first went down before the samurai's Iai draw.  The second fell under a pear-splitting stroke of the katana.  The third and fourth were more cautious, but were also sent onward by the warrior's flashing sword.  Tokasi flicked the blood from his blade and turned to face the last.

The final bandit was also a swordsman, as could be seen by his stance.  Tokasi knew that this man would not be an easy victory, but if it was his karma to die this night, Takasi would meet death true to his code of bushido...

Welcome to Nippon...

Nippon is not precisely Japan, rather it is the Japan of Legend.  Oni, malicious spirits, monsters and magical creatures are all a part of the land, as are human heroes and villains.

Nippon does not have a strong ruler.  The old Emperor died last winter, and the current ruler of Nippon, his grandson, is just seven years old, and being manipulated by his advisors and ministers.

Many of the daimyo see this as an opportunity to improve their own fortunes, calling upon old debts of gratitude to gain favour at the Imperial court, while the most powerful of them see the chance to take the ultimate prize - the title of Shogun.  The Shogun would become the effective ruler of Nippon, with that rule legitimised by the Emperor's word.

Border skirmishes are becoming more common.

Taking advantage of this chaos, bandits and goblins now prey on travellers on many of the roads in the country.  They launch raids against villages, while the daimyo have their attention diverted elsewhere.  Nobody is safe, as the raiders strike with ever-increasing boldness.

Monasteries of both Bhuddist and Shinto sects are dotted all across Nippon, and the monks from many of these monasteries have recently started to become increasingly warlike in nature, seeing this as the best way to protect themselves, and the local communities, in the troubled times ahead.  Violent outbreaks involving the various sects Yamabushi (warrior monks) are not uncommon, but due the wealth and power that each sect holds, the current government is unwilling, or perhaps unable, to interfere with their disruptive activities.

Hida Province
lies in contested territory.

The northern part of the province is ruled by clans loyal to Yamaouchi, while the southern part is controlled by those who support the Uesugi faction.  Areas just beyond the province borders are dominated by Mori and Tokugawa supporters.

For the moment, though, the province is relatively peaceful.  But most people agree that it is only a matter of time now.

It is the year of the Ox.  Spring has arrived.

Armies have gathered across the land.  During the winter, they have remained in place, building strength.  Now, with the improving weather, they will start to stir.

The rapidly approaching Year of the Tiger promises to be extremely turbulent.  War is coming to Nippon, and to Hida.

And with that war, will come many opportunities for clever men and women, both on and off the battlefields.

If they can survive in a Nippon fallen into chaos.

This game will not be an accurate historical simulation.  It is, instead, a fantasy with some similarities to real history.  Characters will be bushi (warriors), budoka (martial artists), shugenja (wizards), gakusho (priests, both Buddhist and Shinto), and yakuza (gamblers and criminals).

The system used will be FGU's Bushido, published in 1981.

I've been working on it for the best part of a year, on and off, so I figured it was about time I got it going...

link to another game
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Tue 14 Apr 2009
at 19:41
Re: BUSHIDO anyone?

Thursday. April 30, 2026.

Word came down from Admin Central at 09:24, GMT, exactly.  Biotechnica bought the company out this morning.  They want everybody out by 16:00 today, so that their own people can take over the facility.  All contracts have been terminated, though wages will be paid for the remaining hours until 16:00, and repatriation clauses have been activated.

At least they're going to send everybody home, which is just as well - it's a long walk from L.E.O. for most people.

Some of the crew are still working, planning to keep going until the last minute, and do the best job they can.  Some sort of "pride in their work" thing.  Others are just kicking back, relaxing as best they can in their last few hours.  Another, smaller group are talking about sabotaging the place, and ripping off whatever they can carry away.

There is one small window in the habitation module, and currently it's giving a view of the North Pacific and the west coast of America.  It's night there, but the darkness is lit by flashes of lightning from a major storm system.


Tonight you have to go back down to Earth...

And it's raining.

The PA sysyem crackles to life, "Attention.  Attention.  The following people are to report to Admin Central immediately." followed by a brief list of names. Yours is among them...

Anybody up for some Cyberpunk-y goodness, using R Talsorian games Cyberpunk 2020?

The game will be set (mostly) in Night City, in 2026.  The characters were all, until very recently, employed in one capacity or another on an orbital construction project, expanding an R&D facility owned by the German corporation, Angewandte Forschung GmbH.

Now they're out of work again.  Earth awaits, but it seems that their employer wants to speak to them before they leave...

Things can only look up, right chombatta?

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Jago Lanza
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Thu 25 Jun 2009
at 16:35
First taste of Rogue Trader anyone?

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Tylen Orgesh
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Fri 24 Jul 2009
at 17:12
Quiet weekends?
link to another game

Fed up with coming to RPoL over the weekend, only to find all your games have slowed right down?  Weekenders is a D&D 3.0 (lite) game played just over the weekend.  Post We expect 3 or more game visits per player over the weekend, although there is scope for slightly more posts most weeks.

We have two threads running most weekends -  One is always an 'adventurette'  which normally involves some combat and lasts 2-3 weekends, currently they are investigating reports of swamp monsters.  The second thread deals with day-to-day life around the village and lets you RP in  a social environment, at the moment the group are going to discover they need to pay taxes :).

We have space for another couple of players.
Tylen Orgesh
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Sun 9 May 2010
at 17:45
Re: Quiet weekends?
The weekend game didn't work out in  the end.  Seems there aren't as many people available over the weekend as I had hoped.

However, I am starting up a new game that loosely uses the same playing area, but that follows a more normal posting pattern -  and thought I would try and recruit from people that I know first.  Initially I want a party leader – later I will want other characters.

Party Leader Wanted

I want to recruit a skilful player who can run the ‘leader of a group’.  I don’t want someone to direct play, I want a player who can take on the role of an active party ‘patron’.  A character with skills, charisma and personality -  but not a character who is a military or tactical leader.  I don’t want much :P I just  want someone who posts regularly, makes posts that encourages other players to interact, and takes a leading role in the game.

Even worse -  I have a specific core concept for the character I want you to play.

I  want the character to be a cleric of a minor nautical deity -  a deity of sailors, ships and voyages rather than a full blown Sea deity, I want a strong character with leadership experience and I want the character to be a bit of an ‘outsider’.

I have a personal mission for the character -  and s/he will need to recruit local assistance to allow him/her to achieve their goals.

Navigator / Sea Captain might be a good start for the character background/history.  Note however, this is a land based adventure.

We play a simplified version of D&D 3.0 -  and I have a link to a legal copy of the SRD you can use if you do not have your books to hand.  If you are not comfortable with the rules, I am more than happy to help a good and consistent role player create the character.

Once in play, we try and keep the dice rolling simple.
Tylen Orgesh
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Tue 11 May 2010
at 11:43
Re: Quiet weekends?
link to another game

for the game board
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Fri 25 Jun 2010
at 11:55
Calling all scruffy-looking nerf herders.

"If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from." ~ Luke Skywalker, moisture farmer

Not quite.  There are places that are worse than Tatooine.  Take MOTHESSH, for example.  The parts of the world that aren't jungle are swamp, and almost everything that lives there seems to be poisonous.  The few things that aren't poisonous are that way only because they're quite dangerous enough without it.

The planet itself produces nothing of significant worth (except, possibly, to a collector of venomous plants and animals), and is not located on any sort of trade lane.  If you look up "backwater" in any encyclopedia, the entry probably reads, "See: Mothessh."

Nobody in their right mind would live there.

Which makes it an ideal location for a Rebel base.

Welcome to the BERENESHI SECTOR, currently ruled by MOFF KIVOST, in the name of the Empire.  Kivost, while a competent military commander and governor, likes to delegate many of the duties of his office to various subordinates, most notably ADMIRAL DHERO TARKAS, and the Moff's special operative, GHEA NIMADDA.

The Bereneshi Sector lies in the Outer Rim Territories, close to HUTT SPACE.  As a result, there are a number of worlds in the region which are, in all but name, under Hutt control.  Moff Kivost, of course, denies this.

A note and a warning.
Note: This is a game run using the d6 STAR WARS RPG (2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded) published by West End Games in 1996.

It does not use the d20 rules.

Fair Warning: If you are the sort of player who thrives on the minutiae of canon - if you know Anakin Skywalker's exact birthdate, or Emperor Palpatine's shoe size, if you know the fuel consumption figures for Slave 1, or the ground pressure exerted by an X-wing's landing gear (in various gravitational fields) - then this may not be the game for you.

I'm not that much of an expert.  Things may be different in this game.

While canon characters will be known of (Vader and Palpatine particularly, and maybe Luke What's-His-Name) none of the PCs will have actually met them.  The overall background of Star Wars remains, but this game is set in a different area of the galaxy.

The game starts shortly after the destruction of the Death Star at Yavin.  Rumours have spread through the rebel groups scattered across the galaxy that a great victory has been won, but details are still sketchy at best.

The Jedi are no more than a fading memory.  While a few people claim to have an unusual sensitivity to what they claim is the Force, they do not have the training of true Jedi, and few of their friends and family really believe them.  With no known "real" Jedi, none of the PCs have ever heard of midichlorians.

Characters are members of the Rebel Alliance, or are closely associated with it.  These Rebels are based at Mothessh, but assignments can send them throughout the sector and, occasionally, beyond.

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Mon 16 Aug 2010
at 21:33

Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999
- Prince

New York, October 31st 1999.


But not just any old Halloween.  In popular imagination, at least, it's the last Halloween of the Millennium.

If the tabloids are to be believed, in just two months, all the lights will go out, every computer in the world will crash, civilisation will fall, dogs and cats will lay down together, there will be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Some say the Antichrist is already here.  They point to various people - Saddam Hussein, Ozzy Osbourne, William Jefferson Clinton, Bill Gates... all popular candidates.

The world is going to end.

Of course, not everybody believes that.  There are people who know that exactly the same stuff went on at the end of the last Millennium.  They know because they lived through it, and the world is still here.  To the Kin of the Big Apple, this is just another year.

Or it was... but now some extraordinary events are about to shake that certitude.  Maybe the world is coming to an end.

NightLife - End of Days is a game of urban splatterpunk horror, using Stellar Games NightLife system.

The main rulebook and the following supplements will be used:
  • Magic
  • In The Musical Vein
  • America Afterdark
  • KinRise (parts only)

    Live Fast
Play a Vampyre

                Live Free
           Play a Werewolf

                             Live Forever
                           Play a Sorcerer

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Tue 12 Jul 2011
at 22:04
Re: NightLife


That name has haunted your dreams and nightmares since childhood.  Everybody in your home community had heard of Rappan Athuk, and of its sinister reputation.  Tales abound of the treasures that reportedly lay within its depths, and of the horrors which guard them.  Tales which speak of the heroes who have braved the dungeon, and the far smaller number who have returned from such expeditions.

Vast wealth, glory, vengeance for lost friends and loved ones, the defeat of evil, simple curiosity... for whatever reason, you now find yourself in the city of Reme, along with several like-minded companions, preparing to take the road to the infamous Dungeon of Graves, determined that you will achieve your goal, and return to tell the tale...

Or die in the attempt.

D&D3.0/3.5   link to another game
Tylen Orgesh
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Thu 16 Feb 2012
at 11:02
Re: NightLife
I need a rogue  :P  Some one with some nice sneaking abilities and who can spot traps.  I don't seem to be able to hang onto rogues ....

It doesn't have to be 100% rogue, and scouts are as good a thieves -  if not better  :)

D&D 3.0 rules with  restrictions - mainly because I want to keep things as easy and straightforward as I can  :)

link to another game

Sorted already  :)

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Thu 24 Jan 2013
at 16:58

"Step right up!  Step right up!  Welcome to Hanilla's Astounding Travelling Show, the finest collection of peerless performers, breathtaking beasts, and just plain horrific freaks of nature this side of anywhere you ever heard of!"

"Witness inconceivable displays of agility and strength!  See magical wonders beyond compare!  Shudder in horror as you behold the hideous vision which is the three-headed lamb!"

Hanilla Grallisdotta used to be an adventurer, until she took an arrow in...

"Stop that nonsense, right this instant!"

Sorry Hanilla.

Ahem...  Hanilla Grallisdotta used to be an adventurer, until she realised one day that there were more efficient ways to use her time, and earn a little money.  So now she runs a carnival.

It consists of a small circus, a smaller menagerie of (mostly) harmless (though also often hideous) animals, and a number of sideshows, travelling  as a caravan of wagons and pack mules.

The people who travel with the carnival are mostly performers, plus a few labourers, and a handful of guards.  Between them they have an impressive array of combat capabilities and magic at their disposal, which earns them a degree of safety in places where the carnival's name is known.

It also earns them a certain amount of incidental work, helping people out as they travel in and around the Dragon Pass area of Glorantha's northern continent, Genertela.

This game is run using the HeroQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha rules, published by Issaries Inc and Moon Design Publications.

And here's a link: link to another game
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Sun 14 Jul 2013
at 07:40
Re: Trident
The party in my D&D 3.0 game (called Trident) have spent ages travelling cross country and then battling through the wilderness to get a  spooky smoke and steam breathing mountain – in their search for trident called Wave, which they believe is a holy relic of the sea/nature god Procan.  And one of the players had had to leave the game  :)

So I have a character in need of a player … But there is a choice of character.

There is Taron (a human Ranger) who was played by the  guy who has to leave, or Shamus (A half-orc Priest of Procan)  who is the party’s patron (he has been an NPC for a while)

Game is D&D 3.0 (although we don’t generally play the tactical combat as fully as we should)  GM posts are once a week or so -  but sometimes slip to once every two weeks – depending on what I have on - or other people’s post rates.

Detailed knowledge of the rules isn’t required.  Any one interested in  adopting either of the characters?

link to another game
Tylen Orgesh
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Mon 16 Jun 2014
at 21:28
Re: Trident
Anyone interested in testing out some D20 character build rules?

link to another game

Months ago we were talking about multi-classing in D&D,  and the conversation moved towards a D&D game without classes.  At the time I said I couldn’t see how it would work – and still stay D&D.  After all the whole ‘feel’ of D&D is levels, HD and classes.  But the idea stayed in my mind (a bit like an ear-worm) and churned around in my head anyway.  Then a few months later, I had an idea – and Classless D20 FRP was born.

Actually, it was nothing really new – I evaluated everything in terms of feats and feat chains. Then to get the balance, I added small feats and great feats to give more flexibility.

It has taken a while, but I think I have a working balance.

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to build a few characters using the classless rules and see how they feel.

It is basic at the moment -  I have skills from Fighters, Thieves, Wizards and Clerics – although not all of the class skills have been incorporated  yet.  That is the next phase …