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Tue 20 Sep 2005
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Profit Margin specs

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Tue 20 Sep 2005
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Profit Margin specs
Profit Margin         Class: VanRijn Class Frontier Merchant - upgraded with milspec hardware.

USP:  A4 - 26223C1 - 030000 - 23002 - 0   MCr92.138  200 tons.
Batt Bearing:         1       11  1       Crew: 6
Batt:                 1       11  1       Tech Level: 15

Cargo: 40   Passengers: 8   Low: 6   Fuel: 46.000   EP: 6.000
Agility: 2  Craft: 1 x 4T Air/Raft
Fuel Treatment:   Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Architects Fee: MCr 0.921   Cost in Quantity: No longer applicable

Tonnage:          200 tons (standard displacement) 2800 cubic metres.
Dimensions:       41.5 metres long by 33.8 metres wide by 6.2 metres high.
Crew:             Four.  Pilot/Captain, navigator, engineer, steward/medic.
                  Two gunners usually carried in addition.
Acceleration:     2G generated by two Mitchells-Hyundyne thruster units.
                  Cruising and normal operations at 1G.
Jump:             2 parsecs.  One Jump-2 or two Jump-1 from Forbes-Kalyushin
                  Jump Drive.  Full auto-rational red-shift governing.
Power Plant:      1500 mW Dupree halonic H2Fusion unit.
Gravitics:        Adjustable 0.1 to 2.0G floor fields.  Inertial compensation.
Range:            Four weeks maneuver, one Jump-2.
Cargo:            Eight passengers, six low passengers, 40 tons of cargo.  560
                  cubic metres.
Armament:         Dorsal and ventral hardpoints.  Two turrets, fitted dorsal
                  and ventral.
                  Dorsal bearing two JTS-15 250mW plasma cannon.
                  Ventral bearing one 250mW Sharpe beam laser, one Krifarm
                  "Javelin" missile system, and an EDS "Aegis" sandcaster.
Electronics:      Mallor systems Model3 computer, with standard software package.
                  Active sensors to 225,000 km, passive sensors to 40 AU.
Ship's Vehicles:  One 4 passenger air/raft with dorsal external hatch.

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Tue 20 Sep 2005
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Profit Margin specs

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Tue 20 Sep 2005
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Re: Profit Margin finances
Monthly Revenue (assuming full capacity)
Passengers:    Cr160,000
Low Berths:    Cr 12,000
Cargo:         Cr 80,000
Total:         Cr252,000

Operating Costs
Mortgage:      Cr307,125
Fuel:          Cr  8,400  (assuming unrefined fuel, treated aboard)
Life Support:  Cr 57,200
Maintainance:  Cr  6,143
Crew Salaries: Cr 20,000
Berthing:      Cr    400  (average)
Total:         Cr399,268

Shortfall:     Cr147,268

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Tue 20 Sep 2005
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Profit Margin - ship's locker
The following equipment is stored aboard, and is available for use by the crew:
  • Vacc suits               x  6
  • Portable laser welder    x  1
  • Distress flares          x 20
  • Long range communicators x  3
  • Cold light lanterns      x  6
  • Metalwork tool set       x  1
  • Mechanical tool set      x  1
  • Electronic tool set      x  1
  • Carpentry tool set       x  1
  • Chain saw                x  1
  • Handcuffs                x  3
  • First aid kit            x  4
  • Magnetic compass         x  1
  • Bull horn                x  1
  • Short range comm         x  3
  • Metal detector           x  1
  • Hand computer            x  3
  • Geiger counter           x  1
  • Survival kit*            x  3
  • Binoculars               x  4

*Contains: compass, bedroll, sheet of insulator cloth, survival rations (1 week), fishing line and hooks, multipurpose tool/knife, canteen (2 litre), lighter, radio distress beacon.

These items are stored in various locations around the ship, as appropriate to their expected use (tool kits in engineering, vacc suits at the airlock, etc).

  • Cutlass                  x  8

Located in two racks (4 per rack) in the crew section.  One by the hatch to the hold, one by the iris valve in the rear lounge.

The following items are stored in a secure cabinet in the Steward/Medic's quarters:
  • Complete medical kit     x  1
  • Medical scanner          x  1
  • Resuscitation kit        x  1
  • Hand computer with
      medical database       x  1
  • First aid kit            x  4
  • Field surgery kit        x  1
  • Vitamax healing drug     x  1    Double healing, addictive.
  • Portable hospital*       x  1    +2 to Medical rolls.

*Contains: Surgical instruments, medical scanner, inbuilt computer with expert medical database and surgical database, ultrasound imaging systems, holographic displays.  30 kg.

The medical kit contains equipment and medication for the diagnosis and treatment of most of the more common injuries and ailments.
The medical scanner is a hand-held device which will work on a blood sample to detect drugs, toxins and other foreign substances in the patients blood.  If connected to the hand computer it will actually attempt to identify diseases based on detected blood anomalies.

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