Profit Margin - Rangent/Vilis (0601) Date: 288-1107 14:15.   Posted by Traveller Referee.Group: 0
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Sat 30 Aug 2014
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Profit Margin - Rangent/Vilis (0601) Date: 288-1107 14:15
The tanks are full, and the last of the fuel is being processed, as Profit Margin, to the strains of music dating back to Ancient Terra ("Promenade" from Mussorsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition.") rises through the top of the uppermost unbroken cloud layer and emerges into a spectacular sunset, in shades of turquoise, crimson and black.

Keryn gasps in amazement as she catches site of the glorious sky, and Corlan applauds Jago, "Excellent timing, Captain Lanza."  Even Eneris grins at the sight.  "Good job, Captain.  Who did you have to speak to to arrange it?"

Beneath the ship, the cloud tops are still illuminated by bursts of lightning from the Stygian depths of the atmosphere, but at this altitude the storm itself is no more than a memory.
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Sun 31 Aug 2014
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Re: Profit Margin - Rangent/Vilis (0601) Date: 288-1107 14:15
"Me," Yas calls out with a laugh at Eneris' question, even as she records the last few moments on video so she gets the whole 'rising into the sunset' deal, in addition to some high quality images.  Could very well be part of promoting the Margin sooner or later.  Although she does take the time to enjoy the spectacle herself -- one has to stop and enjoy the small things in life, even if they happen to be a very large gas giant's sunrise.
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Tue 2 Sep 2014
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Re: Profit Margin - Rangent/Vilis (0601) Date: 288-1107 14:15
Ash watched the sunset on the horizon of the gas giant with the others on the bridge for a moment though the Profit Margin's viewport.  He nodded approvingly, silent acknowledgement of the spectacle and the excitement of expressed by everyone else.  The view upon their emergence was not that surprising to Ash.  The course plotted was his doing, naturally.  At the Captain's prompting, of course.

So, then he was back to business at his console: monitoring the status of the ship both internally and externally.  The storm may no longer be a danger.  But, that wasn't the only thing to be wary of while in transit in-system, especially near a skimmable gas giant.  He wasn't about to let another ship sneak up on them, either accidentally or intentionally.

"All systems green, Captain." he stated rather officiously, more for the passenger's sakes than Jago's really.  He had already pushed the diagnostics roll-up display to the Captain's console.  And the open channel to Engineering and the common crew link was still available, of course.

He pushed the first-iteration approximated route to the 100-diameter limit off of the plane of the elliptic.  He pointed it out to Jago, prompting the Captain, "Boss, tentative plot to jump point is up."
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Tue 2 Sep 2014
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Re: Profit Margin - Rangent/Vilis (0601) Date: 288-1107 14:15
"Good work, Gunnery Chief." Eneris replies, and gives Yas a nod of approval, "Spectacular workmanship."

Keryn pushes up out of her seat and moves forward to stand close to Jago, "It's beautiful.  I've never seen anything like it.  Well, except in holos, and they aren't nearly as dramatic.  Thank you, all of you, for showing me this."

And then she starts crying...