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Sun 17 Apr 2016
at 13:12
Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:25
Extolay swings through space, illuminated by the dim red light of its two, small, widely-separated Main Sequence stars...

Profit Margin drops out of Jump almost 800,000km from the world, and there is a sudden burst of activity from the ship's computer as sensor arrays, dormant since entering Jump come back to life.  Spectral analysis of the two stars is combined with data gathered about the physical characteristics of the world, and with information received from navigation beacons in planetary orbit...

A tell-tale winks green on Jago's panel, and is repeated on Ash's.  The ship is in the correct system.  Further information is processed, and transferred to the displays.  Profit Margin is above the correct world in the system.  The ship's chronometers are checked against a time signal from Extolay, and the computer confirms that the Jump duration was within acceptable parameters - no misJump.  Proximity alarms remain silent as sensors analyse local traffic and celestial bodies, checking for potential collision or attack.

Data from the beacons confirms the sensor data - everything is going according to plan - at least as far as their arrival in the system is confirmed.

Jago swings the ship towards Extolay and announces the good news to the crew.  "Well, you'll be pleased to know that we're at Extolay.  Yas and Tylen, keep a lookout - I'm not expecting trouble here, with a Navy base in the system, but you never know.  Ash, see if Traffic Control want to give us an approach vector, preferably to one of the orbital ports I'm seeing listed on the system data."
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Thu 21 Apr 2016
at 11:22
Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:25
So they're closing in.

Shui immediately begins her usual docking checks and announcements, while simultaneously searching out the planetary information for Extolay - with nobody to deal with in coldsleep, things are much easier*.  And it's helpful to know if people are going to be arrested for carting about their usual amount of weaponry.

They've had enough of people being arrested, ever since Saskia 'assaulted' an officer.

* I checked back, didn't find any indication I have a coldsleep passenger this trip, but if I'm wrong I'll amend the post.  :D  Not much to do right now, though.

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Thu 21 Apr 2016
at 11:31
Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:25
Tylen kicks back in his seat one foot up on his knee, watching his sensors and idly picking at the sole of his shoe
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Fri 22 Apr 2016
at 23:14
Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:25
Saskia gives a small nod of satisfaction.  The grid stabiliser had held up through the Jump.  Then she catches sight of the performance figures.  Down another frelling percent.  Deterioration's accelerating.  She prepares a report, attaches the figures, and shunts the whole thing through to Jago's panel, along with her recommendation.

"Jago -- this needs fixing here, at Extolay.  It won't wait any longer."
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Sun 24 Apr 2016
at 10:17
Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:30
Jago glances at the message from Saskia and sighs.  The grid stabiliser looks to be becoming less and less dependable with every passing minute.  The Captain sets that aside for the moment, and calls up the planetary data on Extolay...

NAME:              Extolay
HEX LOCATION:      Spinward Marches 1711
UWP:               B45589A-A
PBG:               110
BASES:             Imperial Naval Base
ALLEGIANCE:        Third Imperium
STELLAR DETAILS:   Primary Star: M2 V  Mass: 0.43  Luminosity: 0.05
                   Binary Star:  M4 D  Mass: 1.11  Luminosity: 0.002


Basic World Type: Planet - molten core
Diameter:  6,240 km  Density: 0.92  World Mass: 0.115  World Gravity: 0.46 G
Orbit Period:  31.008 Std days      Distance: 0.2 AU  Eccentricity: 0.005
Rotation Period: Tidal lock         Axial Tilt: 20   Seismic Stress Factor: 3.55

Composition: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix
Surface Pressure: 0.5 atm         Mean Temp: 65.6C  Native Life: Yes
Terraforming - Atmospheric: No    Albedo: No         Greenhouse Effect: Yes
Weather Control: No

Composition: Liquid water
Hydrographic Percentage: 51%    Tectonic Plates: 5
Continents and Oceans: 11 major continents, 2 minor continents, 11 major islands, 5 archipelagoes
Hydrographic Terraforming: No   Terrain Terraforming: No

Total World Population: 100,000,000
Starports and Spaceports: B/F/F/B/D/B/B/D/B/B
Primary Cities: 10        Orbital Cities. Yes

Social Outlook:
    Progressiveness: Progressive, Advancing
    Aggressiveness:  Unaggressive, Neutral
    Extensiveness:   Discordant, Friendly

Unusual Local Customs: Bodily abuse, including all forms of piercing and/or tattooing, are prohibited.


Representative Authority: Impersonal Bureaucracy, Several Councils.

Uniformity of Law:     Territorial    Technology Profile:

Legal Profile: A-D97BE                High Common Tech Level: A
    Overall Law Level: A              Low Common TL:          5
    Weapons Law level: D              Energy TL:              A
    Trade Law level:   9              Computer/Robotics TL:   A
    Criminal Law:      7              Communications TL:      A
    Civil Law:         B              Medical TL:             A
    Personal Freedom:  E              Environment TL:         B
                                      Land Transport TL:      A
                                      Water Transport TL:     A
                                      Air Transport TL:       9
                                      Space Transport TL:     B
                                      Personal Military TL:   9
                                      Heavy Military TL:      A
                                      Novelty Tech Level:     B

Natural Resources:      Agriculture, Ores, Radioactives, Crystals
Processed Resources:    Agroproducts, Metals, Non-Metals
Manufactured Resources: Weapons
Information Resources:  Recordings, Software, Documents

Jago opens up the intercom, "This is Captain Lanza.  I'm planning to dock us at an orbital port, because temperatures groundside run a bit high for my liking, especially considering the low atmospheric pressure."

Next on his "to do" list: getting a list of required parts from Saskia, and reporting the expected delay in departure to Covan Draik...
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Sun 24 Apr 2016
at 17:56
Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:30
Ash looks up from his console as he seems to have been staring intently down at it for the moment when Jago addressed him.  With a slight 'deer-in-the-headlights' look, he nods sheepishly to the Captain as the request for him to contact the Port Authority sunk in, "Aye, aye, Boss."

The displays on his console reconfigure immediately and he opens a commlink to the Extolay port authority.  "Extolay Port Authority," the thin navigator addresses the controller on the other end, "This is the independent trader, Profit Margin," and he gives the proper Imperial transponder information, "in-bound from Phlume.  Requesting authorization for route and berthing instructions for orbital high port.  Please advise."

As he awaits further instructions, Ash checks out the navigational telemetry as well as the public information on any nearby ships.  He begins the navigational calculations, knowing that he can continue to update and refine them as more information and instructions come in.
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Mon 25 Apr 2016
at 12:23
Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:30
Shui studies the data for a long moment, noting things of personal interest, then activates the messaging system, setting up a notation to be sent to all crew and passengers.

~ While preparing for disembarkment on Extolay spaceports, please recall that weapons are highly restricted here and society leans more toward law than personal freedom.  It might be wise to limit the carrying of weaponry.  Also note that piercing and tattooing are prohibited - please remove or cover any body art. ~

It's likely in the spaceports such things would be overlooked, but on a world where the law is tighter, it's always considerate to err on the side of caution.
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Tue 26 Apr 2016
at 19:20
Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:30
Traffic Control responds, a computerised voice acknowledging Ash's call, "Good day Profit Margin.  Please proceed to station 27, station two seven, docking bay 94, nine four.  Course information follows."  And then a compressed burst of data, which the ships computer immediately translates and displays for the Navigator's perusal. 

Jago, meanwhile, keys in a request for database updates, news feeds, and a repair crew to be made available.  "Shui.  How current is the medical database?  Do you want me to request an update?"
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Wed 27 Apr 2016
at 00:10
Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:30
"Copy that, Traffic Control." Ash responded, "Station twenty-seven, docking bay ninety-four.  Thank you."    He lays in the refined numbers in to navigation plot and pushes the plot to the tactical screen for overlay on the main displays.  Along with a time estimate, the bright graceful arc appears on bridge display lighting up the faces of the crew present.

Sorting through ship diagnostics as he runs though approach checklist in his mind, the lanky navigator notes softly to Jago, "Boss... should we standdown our weapons?"
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Wed 27 Apr 2016
at 12:12
Re: Profit Margin - Extolay/Lanth (0101) Date: 304-1107 11:30
Smiling, Shui opens up her com-line to the captain.  "Captain Lanza, the database is twenty-one days young.  However, I would much appreciate we continue to update at each and every arrival.  One never knows when something of import might turn up.  Thank you, Captain Lanza."

Immediately, she sets her computer to flag any and all references in its database - continuously monitoring - for information regarding Corlan's health issue.  As she said - one never knows.