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Technology Levels
The following chart shows generally accepted (within the Imperium, at least) benchmarks which indicate that a culture has reached a specific level of technological development in a specific field.

Above TL-15 the benchmarks are largely hypothetical.
    --------- Weaponry ---------                                  ------------ Transport ------------      Energy
TL  Personal   Armour      Heavy        Computers  Comms          Water     Land      Air       Space      Sources

0 Club Runner Canoe Mount Muscle Cudgel Raft Cart Spear
1 Dagger Jack Catapult Abacus Heliograph Galley Wagon Pike Sword
2 Halberd Cannon Wind Matchlock Broadsword
3 Foil Sailing Hot air Water Cutlass ship balloon wheel Flintlock Blade Bayonet
4 Revolver Artillery Adding Telephone Steamship Train Dirigible Coal Shotgun machine
5 Carbine Steel Mortar Model/1 Radio Ground Fixed wing Oil Rifle plate Sandcaster car aircraft Pistol SMG
6 Autorifle Cloth Missile Model/1 Television Submers- ATV Rotor wing Fission LMG Missile (bis) ible AFV aircraft launcher
7 Body Mesh Grenade Model/2 ---- Hovercraft ---- Non-star- Solar pistol Flak launcher Hand calculator ship jacket Pulse laser
8 Laser Vacc suit Auto- Model/2(bis) Air/raft Fusion carbine cannon Artillery Snub pistol Particle computer Accelerator
9 Laser Ablat Beam laser Model/3 Jump 1 rifle Battle computer Maneuver drive
10 Reflec Plasma gun Model/4 ------- Grav vehicle ------ Repulsor Grav tank
11 Combat armour Model/5 Jump 2 Hand computer
12 PGMP-12 Fusion gun Model/6 Grav Jump 3 belt
13 PGMP-13 Battle dress Model/7 Jump 4
14 FGMP-14 Jump 5
15 FGMP-15 Jump 6
16 Disintegrators ----- Matter transport -----
17 True AI Antimatter

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Tue 20 Sep 2005
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Technology Levels for the Imperium and its neighbours.
                            Tech Level
                             Max/Norm  Notes
Third Imperium:               15  12
Federation of Arden:          12   8   Buys higher TL ships from Imperium.
Aslan Hierate:                14  12   Ships typically have longer Jump ranges than those of other cultures.
Clent States/Colonies:       var var   Typically 1-2 TL lower than the state they are allied to.
Darrian Federation:           14  11   Limited supplies of TL 16 equipment available.  No longer produced.
Hive Federation:              15  12   Computers and robots are TL 16.
Khethss Dominion:             12  ??
Knnn:                         18? ??
Solomani Sphere:              14  11   Some TL 15 equipment available.
Sred'ni Polity:               12  10
Sword Worlds Federation:      12  11   TL 12 equipment is generally restricted to military use.
T'ca/Chi:                     18? ??
Two Thousand worlds (K'kree): 13  12
Vargr Extents:                13 var   Highly variable, with highest TLs near Imperial border.
Zhodani Consulate:            14  12   Often uses psi-operated switches.  Some TL 15 equipment available.

The Ancients                  30? ??
Keo Nesseb                    17? ??