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06:47, 20th April 2024 (GMT+0)

The Community Chat Code (req. reading)

Posted by cruinne
moderator, 4496 posts
beatings will continue
until morale improves
Thu 15 May 2008
at 22:27

Community Chat Code

Community Chat is a moderated forum, and all posts here are subject to RPoL's Public Forum Rules, as well as the rules outlined in this post.

  1. Stay within our acceptable topics.  There are some topics which have been determined to be off-limits for discussion in this forum.  At this time, they are:
    1. Religion.
    2. "Adult" content not suitable to minors.
    3. Current politics.
    4. Real-world identity politics (primarily issues dealing with political affiliation, race, gender, class, and sexuality).

  2. Do not post here to advertise a money-making enterprise, including ads for goods and services, as well as auctions and personal sales.

  3. Do not post email forwards of the sort sent around as virus/trojan/&c. warnings.

  4. Do not link to, name, or identify any game on RPoL, regardless of whether the intent is to advertise that game.  Note that this includes offering to run a game for somebody.

  5. Let the Moderators do the moderating.  Users here should never post for the purpose of moderating the thread or for saying "IBTL".  For discussion of this see this post in the Announcements forum.

To quote Jhael, "This is a moderated board, and transgressions will be dealt with appropriately.  Thanks for keeping Community Chat a place that builds a community, rather than tearing it apart."
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moderator, 2616 posts
Thu 18 Nov 2010
at 18:15

Profanity in ALL Public Forums

We've had a bit of a problem with posters forgetting site rules regarding profanity in public forums lately - necessitating this reminder.

Do not use profanity.  Please do not use foul language and profanity in your posts -- and this includes trying to mask such language by substituting letters or symbols.  On RPoL, a tradition of substitutiing fruits and pastries for choice words has developed, and this is permitted within reason.

If you're not sure what constitutes profanity, err on the side of caution.

This includes linking to sites that include profanity and/or content not suitable for all ages.

Regarding quoting other's profanity or links -- quoting someone else's disallowed content is exactly the same as posting it yourself.  Please don't do it.

Moderators may clean up posts at their discretion, either by 'fruiting out' inappropriate content, OR deleting the post(s) entirely as an initial reminder / warning.
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