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Wed 19 Dec 2012
at 00:40
Re: VENTS!!!
Me: I'm going to request a game! Maybe I can play an exotic race I've yet to try?

Me, later: Yay! Found a GM and they approved the race.

Me, even later: There's nobody in the party that can fix me if I get hurt... >_>

Me, now: Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to re-roll I go.
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Wed 19 Dec 2012
at 16:10
If you want us to stop cheating, give us more money...
I just noticed that, in this online game I playing right now, the computer controlled opponents in PVP are starting to cheat. To make matters worse, this online game is flashing the "buy more in-game items with your real money" window every time I lose.
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Thu 20 Dec 2012
at 00:10
Re: Shattered Dreams

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Fri 28 Dec 2012
at 07:13
Re: Shattered Dreams
So, we got our white Christmas...storm blew in just in time for me to have to drive through it, going the hour and a half north to the friends I was going to be staying with.  As a result, when I arrived home, three days later, I find not only 9" of snow piled up on my front lawn--I also find that my oh-so-wonderful neighbors dug out their snowblowers and went up and down the street, clearing walks and driveways for everyone...EXCEPT MY FOURPLEX.

Literally, they cleared right up to the property line, maybe a couple of feet beyond it...and then stopped.  That left about 100' of sidewalk buried in snow that people had to stomp through.  Someone else came over and cleared a walkway from the apartment next to mine out to the street (pretty sure I know who was behind it, as the next-door apartment is occupied by an elderly woman whose son lives in the neighborhood...)--but despite the fact that two of the three other apartments are occupied by people whose physical condition is not conducive to snow shoveling, there was no hint of trying to do any snow removal for them.

And here I am, with an injured shoulder...I don't know if it's bursitis, arthritis, or a torn/otherwise damaged rotator cuff...and I spent three+ hours shoveling snow tonight, before the pain got to the point where I couldn't swing a shovel anymore.  I even tried going to the store and buying a snowblower...the only one that was remotely close to being big enough to do the job, while still being in my price range, turned out to have been assembled wrong, somewhere along the line, because you could pick the whole thing up by the starter pull-cord...the motor would NOT turn beyond that point.  And because I bought it on a debit card, and they refunded my purchase as a credit card, those funds won't be back in my account for a day or three, which means I can't go to another store with a similar machine and buy it, because there's not enough money in my bank account.

I've lived here almost a decade.  This is the first time, in that entire time, where I've been unable, physically, to finish clearing the snow.  It's not even a case of being too tired...I had plenty of energy left.  I just literally felt like my shoulder kept slipping half-way out of socket, and it finally got to the point where I couldn't lift the shovel anymore.  I haven't felt this...defeated, I guess, is the best description for a long time, if ever.
Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk
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Sat 29 Dec 2012
at 00:54
Re: Shattered Dreams
I began the process of filing for divorce and custody today.
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Sat 29 Dec 2012
at 06:08
More disillusionment...
I consider myself reasonably handy.  I can take care of most basic home repairs on my own, which has been a secret boon for my landlord because I only ever call them when it's big stuff that really needs to be done by someone who's extensively trained, like replacing a water heater.  So, when the fill valve on my toilet started not-filling a day or two ago, I figured it was no big deal.  I mean, it's an old toilet, parts wear out...I've replaced those before (a LOT of those...I used to work housing maintenance for campus housing...)  I can do this...

So, I did it.  Replaced the whole works, because there were a couple of other things in the tank that were having issues, as well.  Got done, got everything gathered up, turned the water back on, and...

Nothing.  While the fill valve may have been faulty, it is apparently not the only reason the tank's been slow to fill.  I even disconnected the supply line from the toilet and tried turning the water on again, just to be sure.  There was exactly no change whatsoever between the tiny trickle that came out when the valve was supposedly completely closed, and the tiny trickle that came out when the valve was theoretically wide open.

It's a weekend.  And a holiday.  And my landlord already whines like a baby when you call a plumber during normal business hours.  So, I've gotta decide whether I would rather listen to the landlord kvetch about an emergency call to the plumber, or if I'd prefer to work around it and manually refill the tank after each flush.  I was having a really awesome holiday, up until I got back home yesterday.  It's spiralling downhill very quickly, however...
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Mon 31 Dec 2012
at 13:19
Who needs skills? Pay to win. Cheat to win.
Idiot: Nice. You combined two low-level skills and used them in a certain way? I never realized that you can do so and give me such a hard time.

Zephydel: Thanks. I was not sure if the combination would actually work.

Idiot: But I am not going let your poorly-equipped, low-level character beat my well-equipped, high-level character.

Game: Idiot bought Power Satanic Scroll from the Real-Cash Store. Idiot bought Score Breaker Scroll from Real-Cash Store.

Idiot: Eat this!

Zephydel: Hey! We agreed that we will not buy items in the Real-Cash Store during our match.

Idiot: Too late! How do you like my character now!

Game: Zephydel Defeated, Zephydel Rank Down.

Idiot: Another epic win for me! You should not have challenged an elite player like me.

Zephydel: You even used Score Breaker Scroll on me... That's low dude...

Idiot: Low? Ha! You should look at the level and equips of your character.

Zephydel: I hope you feel good about yourself... What a waste of money...

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Thu 3 Jan 2013
at 02:45
More annoyed grumblings...
Okay, two quick things...

--The apartment manager was supposed to stop by today, with an appraiser...they're refinancing the complex, they need an appraisal.  And they're also supposed to verify, twice a year, that the smoke alarms are functional and have batteries in them.  They were, originally, supposed to check that back when we changed over from Daylight Savings time...but they never showed.

So, early afternoon (like, an hour before the manager told me to expect them), the doorbell rings.  It's the appraiser...without the manager.  I've been cleaning (thank goodness, I at least got the bird's feathers vacuumed up before he got here...but hadn't had a chance to start in on the bathroom yet).  The appraisal was quick and relatively painless...but included photos of my bathroom (a total mess), my kitchen (still needing a lot of work, but not a complete disaster), my bedroom (with my bed covered with boxes that I'm shuffling from storage place to storage place), and front room (cluttered, but not horrendous).  I'm just waiting for the landlord to see the pictures (hopefully, they won't, or they'll have a conniption about the state of the place, but they might).  Been waiting all afternoon for the manager to show up and finish the smoke alarm inspection (which is needless...I keep good batteries in them...but fer cryin' out, if you're REQUIRED by your insurance to check the alarms, and you've scheduled a time to check them--especially when you apologized for not making it the FIRST time you scheduled something--then show up...or at least make a phone call.

--Second issue:  I'm making some prosthetic pieces for a video shoot some friends are doing this weekend.  I've got the prosthetic molded, ready to cast...and I can't find the remaining quantity of plaster that I KNOW I had left over from my last round.  Okay...not a huge crisis...I wanted to go to a store tonight and pick up some stuff, anyway...but, unfortunately, the only store I can find that carries the substitute stuff I like to use when I can't get 'prosthetic-grade' plaster does NOT carry the other stuff I needed.  And the stores that carry the other stuff do not carry the plaster.  So, after I finish venting my spleen over this particular setback, I have to spend an hour or so running errands, when I'd already be done with the casting work if I'd just been able to find the ultracal (plaster) in the first place...

Yeah, I know.  Neither one of them are critical, life-or-death issues.  Still doesn't keep me from being annoyed about them!
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Tue 8 Jan 2013
at 19:40
Re: More annoyed grumblings...
I now might be on 'cold, round 3'. I came down sick and managed to get rid of it. Cold returned. I just seemed to be getting rid of the last of it again a day or two ago. This morning I woke up with what I hoped might be allergies, but I started feeling ill. An allergy tablet didn't help and by lunchtime it was a battle to keep from sneezing repeatedly. My nose was pink by then, now it's raw. I asked to leave early at lunchtime, then I just went to sleep.

Woke up at 5pm feeling moderately better, but I really need to try and prevent this cold from returning fully again. *sips hot coffee*
Andrew Wilson
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Tue 8 Jan 2013
at 19:51
Re: More annoyed grumblings...
I bust my berries working out to look good for my girlfriend this spring and summer and lose 20 pounds and I toned up considerably. was looking great and getting compliments that got me in trouble with said gf on my fb.

Appearently I really wanted to gain 30 lbs for xmas now i look bigger then ever :( I got the muscle with fat over it...
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Tue 8 Jan 2013
at 21:00
Re: More annoyed grumblings...
<vent>The head cold that won't go away.  Have temporary lapses of illness in which I feel almost human, but highly cranky - and unable to think.  Then it's back with the sore throat, the sneeze, the hacking.....uuurghhhh.  And I get to go back to work tomorrow and get told I can't take any more of my earned sick time.  Blah.</vent>
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Tue 8 Jan 2013
at 21:33
Re: More annoyed grumblings...

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Eternal Dalek
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Thu 10 Jan 2013
at 01:49
Re: More annoyed grumblings...
I was gone for a few days because of work, and today I log back in to make an IC post. My DM deletes me for stalling the game by not completing my character, never mind that I submitted a complete character sheet with background to him before I ever made my first in game post. Goodness, I hate impatient people who make me waste my time.
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Thu 10 Jan 2013
at 02:56
Re: More annoyed grumblings...
Had to remove a staff member from my personal website for abusing power, bullying people who were too afraid of her to tell me [until recently], and for trying to take the site over and change it into something other than what the rest of us know and love.

She, of course, goes to tumblr and elsewhere to play victim. I might have felt bad at first, but a lot of things are coming to the light about her now that she's gone that tick me off.

The whole thing caused a ton of stress that I'm still trying to recover from. Only good thing? Having her off my site took away the uncomfortable and toxic atmosphere that had been overtaking it and everyone's chatty and fine again.

Still hate that it happened and that it came down to making someone leave.
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Thu 10 Jan 2013
at 05:36
Re: More annoyed grumblings...
Honestly, I feel the need to vent to someone, so might as well here:

I just am annoyed that I can't seem to find a good game here, with people I can integrate with.

It started with one game where I would message the GMs with literally pages of plots and story ideas for my character in particular. I knew they were busy, so all I needed was their sign off and some suggestions as to where it could be toned down a bit (I wasn't married to any of my ideas, but my imagination can get away with me sometimes). This ended up where I got called repeatedly a god gamer, and where the rest of the game turned against me IC and OOC.

Ever since that point, things have seemed to go downhill. Any game I tried to join, I ended up feeling like one of the extras that just walks by, not doing much. Or I felt as if I had little material to work off of.

That one game I mentioned earlier? Still in it, but more for nostalgia's sake than anything. My old characters have no real place in the game anymore, and the GMs are cool people, and asked if I wanted to make another character. Making another character who would by definition have to make nice with the people that turned against me en masse earlier, which sent me into a very dark place (have both depression and anxiety issues). So, that's a no go for me, for as much as I want it to be.

I'm just doing less and less RPing here. I lurk in the one old game, play in one that's more a series of mini stories, and am working on one with my sole writing partner from the X Men game. One of the few people in game who didn't turn on me, and who I do genuinely enjoy writing with.

I just find it more comfortable to RP other places now. Where I can more easily find other people who seem to be able to get along with me just fine, and who appreciate the fact that I have pages of ideas and suggestions. I come up with them seemingly on cue.

Which is funny, because this is the place where I started RPing. Started in my senior year of high school (when I was 18). It's not so much outgrown me, but left a sour taste in my mouth after all's said and done, and all the experiences I've had here are tallied and chronicled.

The only reason I'm here at all is because of the one game, and my writing partner, one who I met through the above mentioned game, and who I've had the pleasure of knowing for a while. I don't want to disappear on her.

Is it weird that I wish I didn't feel that way? I suppose I don't really know what to do, but I feel better for having told someone, even if it is a random forum on the internet.

Thanks for listening (or reading) [or whatever other form of media you choose to consume this as]
Eternal Dalek
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Thu 10 Jan 2013
at 23:25
Re: More annoyed grumblings...

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Fri 11 Jan 2013
at 05:16
Re: More annoyed grumblings...
No, you stupid appletart, the fact that you switched the stickers around on the items and caused me to miss my bus home, stranding me for an hour at the mall, because you thought if you whined enough about the customer always being right that FYE would relent and give you the complete series on DVD that you wanted for $29.99 when it was ringing up as $149.99 is why my eyes are burning lasers of flaming death into the back of your head and sighing at what an immature little peanut you are.  It is not due to what you implied it to be in front of a store full of customers.

If it was, you would have gotten more than several snide remarks.
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Fri 11 Jan 2013
at 06:42
Re: More annoyed grumblings...
Alright, sorry but I had to come here for a vent. Why in the hell can't people freaking listen? I GM a game, granted probably not the best one out there but still rather good. I have repeatedly told one player to be more thorough when travelling between the threads. You don't just go from point A to point B instantly, unless said areas would be only a few feet apart. I have one thread that you must go through the jungle to get to. So what does he do? He posts in his desired thread with a notation that he travelled through the jungle to get there. Um, no! Doesn't work like that. He said it was to avoid other character's interactions within the thread he would have to pass through. It doesn't matter. I am GM, I have told you more than once you cannot get there that fast.....GRRRRRRR!!!
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Fri 11 Jan 2013
at 13:15
Getting greedy? Prepare for brand destruction!
Game: Zephydel Victorious, Zephydel Rank Up

Game: Network Error...

Game: Zephydel Defeated, Zephydel Rank Down

Game: Buy more items at the Real-Cash Store
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Fri 11 Jan 2013
at 23:50
Not feeling so well
I'm not really in very good form at the moment. I had a cold return for a third round and managed to fend it off, though I'm going to need to keep my resistance up to ensure I can keep it away.

What's bothering me more is back/leg pain. I injured my back badly when I was moving house a couple of years ago. I don't know if it's related to that, but the pain is worse than usual at the moment and it hurts to even move.

I have a lot to celebrate at the moment, but it doesn't help that I don't feel so well. It's my intent to stay home over the weekend and move as little as possible in the hope that my back will feel better.
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Sat 12 Jan 2013
at 02:32
Re: More annoyed grumblings...
I get annoyed at the level customers go to in order to get money off something. I did some seasonal retail work last month... oh yeah... <_<

Anyways, one time a lady asked me how much some xmas lights were. I looked at the barcode (as she had the last one in her hands) and matched it to the POS. Job done. Then she disagrees with me and says she found it in the space next to that where the item (different lights) was a buck cheaper...


If she thought they were that price, why didn't she just take them and get proven wrong at the till? Or if she did know they were that price and said she found them on the other shelf... her argument only stands if the POS had a big chunky sale price covering it and then we'd need to sell it to her for that price... But no, both items were clearly marked.

I also to voluntary at a charity shop for the hospice that took my terminally ill mother in when she needed it. If I see another person take an item into a corner, peel off the price sticker and try to get some quid off an item 'with no price on it' after I have seen them take the sticker off by asking how much it is...

It's why I answer that question with double what the thing is worth to screw their day. I don't get paid to be there and some jerk wants to get a charity collecting for a hospice for the terminally ill out of pocket. I only have to reprice the thing when they faff off out of the shop. Heaven forbid the day a family member of theirs needs taking in the hospice.

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Sun 13 Jan 2013
at 18:40
Re: More annoyed grumblings...

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Sun 13 Jan 2013
at 21:46
Delivery Prick Douchebags at Computer Cock Lickers (DPD&CCL)

This message was deleted by the user at 21:49, Sun 13 Jan 2013.

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Sun 13 Jan 2013
at 21:46
Delivery Prick Douchebags at Computer Cock Lickers (DPD&CCL)

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Mon 14 Jan 2013
at 19:20
Pet peeve
Look, unless you want to colour your cheeks red, it's not rouge it's rogue!

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