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Sun 3 Feb 2013
at 05:40
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Legal and ethical questions should never coexist though they often seem to.
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Tue 5 Feb 2013
at 06:20
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
1. Get ready to launch new wave of playtests for system I'm designing.
2. Announce it.
3. ????
4. PC dies.
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Tue 5 Feb 2013
at 08:19
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
I've done it to myself again...overbooked and getting stressed.  Go into tech rehearsals for one show this weekend.  I can't be there the first day of tech because we're doing call-back auditions for the musicians for our summer show that day, and since it's the end of the fiscal year and our boss is tight-fisted, we have absolutely no hours available for any of our non-salaried personnel to help, so it's all up to the three of us who are on salary to handle it all (at least it isn't an open-call audition...these guys all have appointments.  That simplifies things, A LOT!!!)

However, I also have to have a bunch of costumes finished for ANOTHER show by this weekend, as well, because one of the performers is going out of town and Saturday will be the ONLY time the group gets to rehearse with him before the final dress rehearsal.  I need to look at the newly-revised rehearsal schedule and see if that means all the other costumes I've got and will be getting also have to be done by then, or if it's just the stuff for that number.

AND I have a production meeting for NEXT MONTH's show on Wednesday night.  I should really not be sitting here on the computer, I should be doing something about getting all this stuff done...but at the moment, I feel so mentally overwhelmed at everything that has to happen this week that I can't concentrate on the project I'm supposed to be doing.

Hopefully, this will be kinda like primal-scream therapy and release enough tension that I can focus (or at least go to bed and sleep, so I can be more productive tomorrow...)

AND, to make me feel even happier about the situation, my shoulder had been kind of improving, until the last couple of weeks when we kept getting several inches of snow each day for several days straight.  All that shoveling did a number on me.  Even though I don't feel like I can spare the time to go see a doctor about it, it's getting to the point where I'm starting to feel like toughing it out for another couple of weeks is really going to screw something up (if it hasn't already, at this point).

Too many irons in the fire...and someone used one of them on my shoulder.  It's gonna be a long week.
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Tue 5 Feb 2013
at 14:45
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
My wife is pissed off at me again....or still I dont know which it is

or what I did
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Tue 5 Feb 2013
at 16:27
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Nothing like doing the budget at work and seeing what you are really worth to your boss... :(

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Tue 5 Feb 2013
at 16:47
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Weather called for another four to eight inches of snow on top of the two and half feet we already have... What happened? It freaking rained.. So now the snow is a wet nasty collaboration of mud and just plain nastyness. Oh yeah, and the packed stuff on the roads are now ice... Thank you weather man, you really know what you're doing huh?
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Tue 5 Feb 2013
at 17:15
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
I might have the novovirus.
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Tue 5 Feb 2013
at 22:50
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

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Thu 7 Feb 2013
at 02:03
Why do I put up with you still?
Damn it, I knew this was too good to be true...

I guess I must have bruised his little ego by being happy about something, because suddenly I get a call from him about forty-five minutes ago.  Apparently, a bunch of friends that he hasn't seen in a year- people who he's told me he doesn't know if he even wants to see- are getting together tomorrow night in a large city three hours away.  Somehow, this changes things, and now, instead of getting ready for the convention like we've been planning for three fruiting weeks, he wants to spend the night having fun with his friends and overnighting in a hotel.

Normally, I have no problem going on an overnight adventure.  But the problem is we have a hard time waking up already, and I see a late checkout as almost a certainly, with us not leaving until about one-thirty after lunch.  I have been looking forward to this con for the entire year.  THE. ENTIRE. YEAR. And now I see what you really think is important- you laying a guilt trip on me about it by asking me "how spontaneous do you feel"?  and then telling me we're going to go and see your friend that you're not even sure wants to fruiting see you, because a bunch of your other friends are going to surprise him.  There is a proper time and place for you to tell me we're driving three hours just to screw around with your friends.  The night before the thing I've been waiting for all school year is not the place or time.

No, I don't want to go, because once we're there, you'll start looking for reasons to keep dinking around and I'll miss my con because you'd rather spend time messing around in a large city and would rather spend the weekend doing what you want.

I'm just tired of you placing everything you want before everything I want.  If you want to go, go without me.  Don't lay another guilt trip on me because I'm "hesitating like I don't want to go" and then try to keep pushing me.  Best case scenario has us home by two-thirty, meaning I have to grab my con stuff and hope to anything I don't miss first slot.

Why did I expect anything different from you?  The sad truth is, though, that I'll end up caving and we'll spend the weekend in the city because I can't resist a guilt trip- I'll always be thinking about if I gave you the correct answer or not, and I HATE THAT ABOUT MYSELF!
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Thu 7 Feb 2013
at 06:24
Re: Why do I put up with you still?
I've gained a new appreciation for the ex-boyfriends that stop talking to you right after you break up with them, especially now that I have to deal with an annoying, chatty, and whiny one this time around.

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Thu 7 Feb 2013
at 08:43
Well, THAT wasn't what I had in mind...
So, almost managed to light my stove on fire tonight...making some sugar-glass breakaway stuff for theatrical purposes, which is something I've never done before.  No problem, there's instructions all over the internet, right?

Well, instructions say 'heat the mixture slowly, or you'll discolor it (I want it as clear as I can get it, and most of the examples I've seen have been yellow-ish or brown).  So, I took it VERY slow.  Spent the better part of two hours getting it almost to where I needed it to be.  And at each step along the way, there'd been several minutes before there was a noticeable change in the temperature of the actual mixture.  So, I figured I had plenty of time to step in and check something else on my computer real quick (yeah, I multi-task a lot like that).

Next thing I know, I smell burnt sugar and my kitchen is getting smoky.  I'm not sure exactly where the temperature of the mix was, because the thermometer is only marked up to about 400 degrees (I needed it at 300), and what had been an almost-clear, boiling mass in the pot when I walked out was now dark, burnt brown, seething over the sides of the pot and all over my stovetop.  Luckily, my kitchen is really small, and I literally only needed to pick up the pot and turn around to have it over the sink...where it continued to boil over for several minutes.

The good news is, the stuff that splashed across the floor chipped right up without damaging the flooring, and shattered just the way I wanted it to.  The bad news is, that was two hours that I really couldn't afford to have washed down the drain (plus the hour of clean-up time so I could make another go at it.)  This 4-hours-sleep-a-night stuff is catching up with me, not to mention the stress of trying to get two shows ready to open on the same weekend...
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Thu 7 Feb 2013
at 12:15
Re: Well, THAT wasn't what I had in mind...
Week of Murphy's law: Broke a filling a week ago - I hate needles and dentists, Friday call around for dentists, Saturday pulled a muscle, Sunday headache, Monday exhaustedly go to bed 3 hours before normal, Tuesday wake up with a sinus cold so bad I stay home from work and also smash my toe off a door bad enough that I felt it pop out and back in. Wednesday up at 1AM with sinus pain and spend an hour walking around the house waiting for my tylenol to kick in before going back to bed, then drag myself to work despite feeling miserable and going to the dentist, wake up today feeling like shit and like the cold is going to my chest.

Heck with work. I'm staying home and watching people punch other people in the face all day since I'm feeling too crappy to go to martial arts and do it myself.
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Thu 7 Feb 2013
at 14:40
Re: Well, THAT wasn't what I had in mind...
This weekend I bought a new video game for myself the first time in about ten years New as in not used, as in just came out, as in not in the discount bin. I was pretty excited about it. Took it home. Popped it in.

15 minutes later? PS3 fails. Red light of doom. All hope is lost.

I know, I know, first world problems.

But still.

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Fri 8 Feb 2013
at 17:05
Re: Losing it!!!
Loud, industrial drilling above the "quiet" Reading Room.  I may go insane.
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Fri 8 Feb 2013
at 19:09
Re: Losing it!!!
*sigh*  It's snowing, it's been snowing since yesterday.  Even in Canada, this counts as a snow storm, darn it!  Could be worse, but I'm still not going out, and I really need to do laundry and shop, and I was looking forward to visiting the cats where my kids are housesitting (when they are in the country).  *sighs again*
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Fri 8 Feb 2013
at 19:33
Re: Losing it!!!
Well, hubby came home today after his rotation at work... As he walks through the door from being gone all week, leaving me and our three children by ourselves, he proceeds to start griping about the house... I do not have a social life, people here see me more often than people at the store do... I come here to socialize simply because I am home with my children all day every day.... So, as he's complaining about how the house looks, he tells me he is going to take the PS3 with him when he leaves... "That way you'll get more done when I'm gone" he said... Excuse me?? I don't get to go anywhere, see anyone or have any kind of fun other than on here. We don't have a comp, so the ps3 is the only connection I have other than our landline phone to the outside world.. Yeah, you go out and party with your buddies while you're home, then leave for work again and take my only social life with you... Don't worry about letting me go out for a night and have fun... You just make sure I'm always stuck at home alone.....
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Fri 8 Feb 2013
at 19:55
Re: Losing it!!!
Though minor compared to a lot of the gripes on here, I am constantly pissed off at Google search engine results. It's not Google's fault though that so many sites post keywords totally unrelated to what is on their page, but dangit hen I'm looking for something I don't want links to databases that don't have the information I need!
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Fri 8 Feb 2013
at 20:02
Re: Losing it!!!

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Sat 9 Feb 2013
at 02:21
Re: Losing it!!!

How can a scumbag who walked into a police station saying he was wanted for murder and just "done two cops, but was sorry they weren't men" then plead not guilty at court. I know he's innocent until proven guilty but come on, he's admitted it and made plans for his last night of freedom before the killings.

Arrrrgh! Hanging is too damn good, country's gone to crap!
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Sat 9 Feb 2013
at 13:44
Endings and new beginnings
I finished my course yesterday, which is a good thing, but kind of sad too as I made some really great friends there. I'll miss having breakfast and lunch with them every weekday. I still have to go back for a Photoshop exam next week, so I might have lunch with some of them afterwards. Still, I'm really not sure what the future holds right now. I would've liked to have kept things the way they were for a bit longer.

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Sun 10 Feb 2013
at 09:47
Re: why I hate snow
Snowstorm, shovelling, old back injury reinjured, agony...........
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Tue 12 Feb 2013
at 00:59
Re: why I hate snow
Got to go to the convention... and ended up having an incident on Sunday that still has me steaming mad.

I have a character in the Pathfinder Society.  I wanted to play seven straight slots of it, and level up my character so she can finally start tapping some of her sorcerer powers.  I didn't know that for the entire con, I'd have a sulking, grumpy S.O. for a familiar.  I told him that he could go play whatever he wanted, and if he wanted to play something with me, I'd make the time to go play Ultimate Munchkin or something with him for a slot.  He refuses on the first day, instead electing to play the First Steps adventures for Pathfinder to try it out.

The second day, he plays one slot of Pathfinder and then starts pitching a fit in the middle of the con because there's nothing worth playing for the second Saturday slot except Pathfinder and some other board games. He ends up at a Vampire LARP that's struggling for players and ends up in a conversation with the GM and his wife, who have an "open relationship".  I wondered why he was asking me if I wanted to go travel an hour next month to play Vampire in a nearby town... more on this guy later.

Sunday, he claims to have a migrane and stays back at my apartment while I go to the last day of the con. I go and play one slot of Pathfinder (reaching Lv. 9), and then see that I don't have any suitable characters for the last slot.  I dink around, play in the Battletech pods (I'm murder in a Mad Cat Mk. II!) and try a Star Trek game that makes me wish that the facility was closer to my apartment (it's four hours away... *cries*).  I spend a few hours talking with some others, and get warned by the DM of another White Wolf game going on.  Apparently, the reason yesterday's Vampire game wasn't getting as many players?  The fact that the DM and his wife have an open relationship is well-known... as is the fact that he uses his games to troll for girlfriends.  Yeah.

So when I get back to the apartment, well... we end up in a huge screaming match.  He accuses me of wanting to play games more than spend time with him, and I accuse him of trying to get me into something for his benefit, and that he's being selfish because we could have played something on Friday or Sunday together- but that's not enough for him.  I was apparently supposed to ask him what we were playing.  Oh, yeah.  That went over well.

End result?  After the fight, I told him to get out of my apartment or I'd sic campus security on him. We're "taking a break", but anyone with a brain cell knows that it's over, and I'm just recovering from last night's crapfest for a few days.  I wasn't in any shape to even go to a job interview that I had today... had to claim family emergency and pretty much lose my chance at a job that would have soled a problem of being close to campus and decent hours.

I'm staying single until I can find a nice person who doesn't think I need to be on a leash and can accept that convention weekends are not the best time to have "OMG she loves games more than me!" issues.
Andrew Wilson
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Tue 12 Feb 2013
at 01:31
Re: why I hate snow
Wish I could find a fellow roleplayer to dive into a fruiticious relationship with. My past experiences tend to be just the opposite, my hobbies and gawky friends drive them away, as does my interest to involve them. Heaven forbid they atleast try to enjoy themselves or even admit it.

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Tue 12 Feb 2013
at 05:02
My day was great... until....
...about 4:45 today.

I go in around 9:15.  It was supposed to be nine, but my schedule's flexible, so that's actually not that big a deal.  Besides, I've got plenty to do, so I do it, and the day goes swimmingly.... until fifteen minutes before I was supposed to leave.

A little background:  I have a ton of clerical experience and some years of experience in the medical field.  I currently work for an agency which helps parents in need and their children find resources of all kinds, from medical to educational to housing, etc.  My department concentrates on mothers with infants and toddlers.  We are thus required to operate under the provisions of HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which governs the privacy of client/patient information.  In short: medical records need to be kept in a locked location.

Okay.  Now on to the vent, in two parts.  The first is clerical and the second is medical.  Hence the background.

I find out from my supervisor C. at 4:45 today that the agenda for a meeting which is to take place **tomorrow morning at 11:30** hasn't been sent to anyone attending the meeting.  This task was delegated to a co-worker, D., who was asked to send it three times last week.  We had to work on it until 5:45 -- simply because the agenda indicated neither the time nor the location of the meeting.  That alone set us both off, never mind the additional concerns I had to mention at the time which resulted in a distinct change in my job description.  (In other words, I made more work for myself, but I'd rather be the one to do it than D., as I see it is NOT getting done.)

At least one person who received the agenda today is out of the office until tomorrow morning, time unknown.  This is a community meeting, and Ph.D level practitioners will be in attendance.  Essentially, this makes us look bad at a community level... and to people who have all kinds of letters after their names.  C. is not only embarrassed, but angry.  I don't blame her, and in fact have other concerns which I bring up at the time, and of course I too am angry about this not being done because I could have and would have done it had I realized it had been so neglected.  I told her just to let me do it next time.

That's the clerical bit.  Now for the medical, which explains my mention of HIPAA.

The same co-worker took files home today in order to put them in alphabetical order for filing tomorrow.  She's staff, so I didn't really think too much of it until some hours later, when I realized the significance of the fact that the files themselves were not in a locked container for transport.  As far as I understand the provisions of HIPAA, that constitutes a violation of the act, so I sent a message to my supervisor relating the fact.  I'm not just working there, but am also a certified paralegal, and if something comes up later because of this I don't want to lose my paralegal status.  I don't know if it would happen, but the fact is that it could.  I'd rather have myself covered.  JUST in case.

This whole thing at work as gotten to the point where I'm pretty sure D. is just going to walk off the job, and that soon.  I get the distinct impression that there is going to be some serious ... well, you know.... hitting the fan tomorrow morning and I am NOT looking forward to being there when it does.  I don't know if I'm going to be pulled into "that meeting" when C. confronts D.  I hope not.

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Wed 13 Feb 2013
at 00:46
Re: My day was great... until....
Tripped and fell while out on my walk today. Busted up my palms(fingers fine at least, so I can type without too much difficulty) and one knee. Had to walk half a mile home with a bleeding knee.

The worst part is how apparently external physical damage like this is capable of causing my stomach to suddenly be sick as hell and completely sap all of my energy. Blarg.

Also my glasses fell off and got scraped up bad enough that I'll need to replace them. Thankfully we have good vision insurance, at least.