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Tue 9 Oct 2012
at 06:32
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
*Covers her eyes*

I hate early mornings.
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Tue 9 Oct 2012
at 06:34
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
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Tue 9 Oct 2012
at 06:41
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread

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Wed 10 Oct 2012
at 06:18
Re: The Nothing but Vents, Vents, and MORE VENTS Thread
Look...I appreciate the fact that you think this is a good story that you want to tell.  But if you're going to ask my opinion of your script...and then argue with me over the majority of the points where I said, 'Okay...this is a problem and the people you're trying to sell this script to will have issues with it,' then I can't help but wonder why you wanted my feedback in the first place.

I'm not invested in this story AT ALL.  If they say yes, great.  I'm happy for you.  If they say no, I'm not out anything.  The extent of my personal involvement in this was saying, "Okay...don't bother pitching your idea to this person, he has no say in the matter.  This guy would be a better choice...but if you can get HER to sign off on it, you're set, because the company president isn't going to argue that much with his daughter."  Well, that, and having read through your script.

The problem is, it's like every other show I've seen you do.  It's got the potential to be something really awesome...if you would take some time and polish it a bit.  I realize you want to make a big impression on people and convince them that you can do these awesome're better off doing a REALLY GOOD small show several times, and working your way up, than you are doing a really slipshod large-scale production where only about half of your stuff works reliably.

But, what do I know?  I've only been working in entertainment for half your lifetime.  What possible insight could I have into how it works?
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Wed 10 Oct 2012
at 21:41


HE GOT PRONGED IN THE BACK! I had volts run thtough him:

I feel the searing pain, but stand up, then examine the drinks the bar is selling.


End vent
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Wed 10 Oct 2012
at 22:22
Re: Player
I work back to back 10 hour shifts, do my best to convince my boss we need MORE people or our state ratios are beyond off.

What happens? I get sent home with 28 hours already to save the OT till later in the week and the rest of the teachers are left with nearly double their load.

What was the point?
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Thu 11 Oct 2012
at 07:51
Re: Job from the Great Dark Pit of Despair
I really hate my job.  No, it goes beyond hate into deep loathing.  Apparently we must suffer any inconvenience such as inhaling chemicals because to complain results in being told all our jobs will be taken away.  We must work a horrendous schedule and our pay is cut (apparently all legally, too, thanks a lot government for looking out for the taxpayer/human being).   There's a fatal accident on the toll road I am forced to take (to save an hour's travel time) EVERY DAY.  I know I'll be killed or disabled by this job, but the need to eat and live under a roof compels me to stay.

And the future just looks like an ice floe with my name on it if I should survive to retire.
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Thu 11 Oct 2012
at 11:00
Re: Job from the Great Dark Pit of Despair
God, I just hate bad speeling!

its almost as bad as poor punctuation and inaccurate use of Capitals

Their almost as bad as there counterparts, wear same sounding words are used incorrectly.
The Stray
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Thu 11 Oct 2012
at 17:48
Re: Job from the Great Dark Pit of Despair
I have a job that's highly sensitive to weather. All this week, it's been windy as fruit, and it's only supposed to get worse. GAR! I NEED HOURS! *shakes fist at unseasonable wind and rain*
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Fri 12 Oct 2012
at 22:51
Re: Job from the Great Dark Pit of Despair
A minor vent, but...

Why must Coke machines hate me? I never have problems with Pepsi machines, unless they're plain empty, but Coke machines hate me. And, unfortunately, that's all the local store has sitting outside. So, I was looking at the prices earlier and realised it was cheaper, and colder really, so another plus, in the machine. 1.69 inside, 1.50 outside, obvious choice. So, I put in my dollar bill, and dig out a couple quarters and put those in. But it doesn't read the quarters. Try to get my money back, that doesn't work either. So, my Coke cost 2.00, and I was feeling quite a bit of frustration...which I couldn't really vent at the time, because there were children present, and I try to avoid that.

Thank you, RPoL, for having this nice thread in which to complain about random life events. It's great stress relief.
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Sat 13 Oct 2012
at 14:48
Re: Job from the Great Dark Pit of Despair
I have that, my job it a pit of despair. Hire some people or just find someone who can make it to work ON TIME. ON A REGULAR BASIS. I like overtime once in awhile. NOT EVERY DAMNED DAY.
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Sat 13 Oct 2012
at 16:07
Re: Job from the Great Dark Pit of Despair
I really hate plumbing. That and the person who built the vanity in the bathroom with a door that can't open because they put the baseboard heating directly in front of it.  Who does that!? Nice job genius. On the upside, I did unclog 2 drains which probably saved me about $300.
Alexei Yaruk-Mundhenk
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Sun 14 Oct 2012
at 00:48
Re: Job from the Great Dark Pit of Despair
On my days off the whole site is a ghost town.
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Tue 23 Oct 2012
at 01:16
Re: Job from the Great Dark Pit of Despair
Just spent 4 hours writing up a report, ensuring that I covered everything required, the deadline was Monday night (US time), it's 2am in the UK (where I am), and I hit save. I then go to send the e-mail with the report in...

No document file anywhere. Checked the auto-backups, checked the Temp files, nada, it never existed, according to my computer.

Fruit you computer, you git. Now I won't even get a decent night's sleep because I'll have this mulling around in my head, since I'll have to rewrite the entire thing (and I know it won't be nearly as good this time) after work tomorrow evening.
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Tue 23 Oct 2012
at 04:59
Re: Job from the Great Dark Pit of Despair
Just woke from a nightmare.
Someone please tell me my boyfriend is not secretly a Bieber-fan and I'm still allowed to eat spicy foods...
Evil Empryss
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Tue 23 Oct 2012
at 05:09
Can't this election be over already?
Political robocalls from numbers that say "Cellphone" at 8:53 pm.

It's late, my kids are sleeping, I'm tired, and I already voted!  Leave me the fruit alone already!

And have the chestnuts to at least identify yourself correctly on caller ID.  I don't care what you stand for, if you hide your campaign behind fake IDs I don't trust you and I'm not voting for you!
Evil Empryss
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Wed 24 Oct 2012
at 01:19
Re: Can't this election be over already?
<sad vent and PSA>
The only mechanic who I ever felt wasn't trying to BS me about car repairs just to pad his bottom line died in a freak accident.  Self-employed for over thirty years and in his seventies with the fire to keep going for years yet, he took up biking to improve his health.  He fell off and hit his head on a chunk of concrete in a ditch.

Wear your bike helmets, everyone.
</sad vent and PSA>
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Wed 24 Oct 2012
at 13:57
Re: Can't this election be over already?
Wife's car broke down last night and in the dark I couldn't fine the blasted battery. Turns out it's under a plastic flap that has to be removed. AAA came and replaced the battery but I had to sit and talk with the wife for over an hour waiting for them. Oh the horrors! I asked if she wanted to make out but she kept clambering something about security cameras in the parking lot. Gosh, I miss the younger days.
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Wed 24 Oct 2012
at 19:27
Re: Can't this election be over already?
Yesterday I went to an exercise forum, laid out all of my physical problems, the kind of equipment I have, and my weight  to try and get some help forming a training regimen I can stick to without hurting myself.

You know what I got? 30 plus posts and 5 private messages telling me that I'm too fat and not to waste my fruiting time. One notable professional trainer made the enlightened comment of "I bet you can't even see your own little soldier. If I was there I would just bitch you till your were crying too hard to eat."

I. Hate. Fruiting. People.
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Wed 24 Oct 2012
at 22:11
Re: Can't this election be over already?
I'm in so much pain...

Ever since I hit 21 I've had back pain. It wasn't much at first, but now at the age of 28, it hurts... so bad. Now my knees are shot too. I'm not overweight and I am not skinny. My BMI is average. I went to have an x-ray done as my Doctor has said my Thoracic Spine is tender and it juts out in places. There is nothing wrong with my bones and my knees are bad because of muscle loss and damage. I expect thats what is happening to my back. I walk each day for at least 45 minutes and I have a healthy diet, why is this happening? The pain is accelerating daily now and I can't cope anymore. I feel sick alot now too. I limp when I walk, when I will myself to actually do it and I have had it with everything.

And thats what is physically wrong with me, let alone when personal problems kick in.
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Fri 26 Oct 2012
at 17:59
The plague of a PGM
does anyone remember, I am old, the old Heehaw show and the woe, despair and agony on me songs.  LOL

I am always learning as a game creator and a wise sage here on rpol told me if in doubt leave them out.  Well a player submits and right off I am put off by the way the age statement for adult was given including the little kittens in their apartment.  They started out a bit of trouble but thinking they were new to the style of playing on rpol I simply pointed out their godmoding, their powergaming, their pushing players for posts or manipulating them in a direction they were not ready to go.  noooo I let this player join all my games. (again the sage advice of one of our dear moderators rang in my ears)  they were great writer!  I tolerated the breaking of rules to a point until the player posted a post about child abuse.  I deleted the post and told the player in a PM that was against RPOL rules and mine.  This player then rmails me to ask me :-) show them where it was for they had read all the rules and didn't find it.  I quoted the exact words and link.  then I banned the player.

Now said player I find did not just join every game of mine to play but they 'trolled' and contacted almost every single player and my coGMs and have said they don't understand why I banned them for just asking a question!!!  When I told them in rmail it was because of ALL the rules they kept breaking they said I was just trying to make them feel bad about them self and it was not going to work.  I lost around 11 players and three coGMS due to it.  All wonderful players and people.

Why are we PGM/GMs always the bad guys when we have to do something like that.  Shhheeeshhh I just needed to vent about the situation because all is well and I move on but it hurt alot to have players believe I would ban someone for just asking a question... ggggrrrr arrrrgggh
Wine Guy
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Fri 26 Oct 2012
at 20:24
Re: The plague of a PGM

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Fri 26 Oct 2012
at 21:33
Reforms my hairy backside
Thanks to recent "reforms" (read: government shaftings) in my job, my days off this week are all cancelled except one. Never mind the fact I haven't seen my brother in almost a year and this was the first time our shifts matched up. What's more, I'm currently on a night shift while the hypocrites that cancelled my days off are tucked up nice and warm with their families, safe in the knowledge that their days off are safe. Unless of course they fancy allocating themselves some cushy double pay overtime.

I hate politicians and senior officers!

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Sat 27 Oct 2012
at 02:18
Re: Reforms my hairy backside
Chronic pain makes me want to get in a fist fight with everything.

At least I do my best work when I'm angry.
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Sat 27 Oct 2012
at 02:55
Re: Reforms my hairy backside

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