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Fri 23 Nov 2012
at 03:26
Re: Grrr... Black Friday Vouchers
I'm a merchandiser in Walmarts.  I'm working tomorrow.  Wtf.
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Fri 23 Nov 2012
at 08:31
Re: Grrr... Black Friday Vouchers
As a retail worker I would like to say this to all Black Friday shoppers.

Please burn.
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Fri 23 Nov 2012
at 08:41
You Lose... Thanks Immorality...
Idiot: Hello Zephydel...

Zephydel: Hello there...

Idiot: I need a moment of your time...

Zephydel: Let me finish my game first. If I win this battle I can increase my rank and get this rare item.

Idiot: (Shakes Zephydel) I need to talk to you now!

Zephydel: Hey! Cut it out! Oh crap!

Game: You Lose! Rank Down!

Zephydel: Great! There goes my one-week winning streak... There goes my rare item...

Idiot: Now will you listen?

Zephydel: Fine... What is it? (Drinks coffee)

Idiot: I am going to start dating her... I do not care if she is underage... I do not care if she is my first cousin...

Zephydel: (Almost chokes on his coffee) What the hell?! You ruined my winning streak just to tell me that?

Idiot: This is more important than your winning streak...

Zephydel: Yes... It is serious... I should start calling the cops...

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Fri 23 Nov 2012
at 18:51
Re: You Lose... Thanks Immorality...
They don't have Black Ops 2 for the Wii
The Agony
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Sat 24 Nov 2012
at 08:52
Shattered Dreams
*sigh* There comes a time in every man's life when he sets out on fulfilling a dream and then finds out that someone with more money, experience, and help already beat him to it.

*sigh* I just discovered Monte Cook is writing (and almost finished with) a system that seems on the surface incredibly similar to the core design of a system I was writing on my own. I mean, I still have unique elements and his setting is sci-fi fantasy while mine is just sci-fi (which is both a good and bad thing for me). *sigh* However, it's close enough though for people to look at mine and go "Oh this is just a cyberpunk, less smooth version of Monte's thing with a few more options and a larger scale and less of a sense of wonder built into the setting."


Monte, y u be better at your job than me?
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 30 years, and counting!
Sat 24 Nov 2012
at 18:24
Re: Shattered Dreams
So...apparently, somebody, last night, decided to have a little target practice...I'm spending the weekend at a friend's place.  We were watching something on Netflix (well, THEY were watching...I was editing some music on my laptop for another project we're working on) when there was a loud THUD outside.  At first we thought someone had driven past the house and thrown something, but there was nothing near the house that was out of order...

So, they started looking a little further.  My car, parked just off the street in front of their place, had a trash can wedged in under its bumper, and one of the passenger-side windows was shattered.  We thought, initially, that it was the neighbor's trash can...called the cops, they came out and took some pictures and so on...but the neighbor called just a little while ago, to ask about the mysterious trash can that had materialized in front of their place (after the cops were done, we put the can back where we thought it came from).

So, now it's looking like somebody GRABBED a trash can down the road, drove down the street at high speed, and threw it at my car...what a lovely holiday surprise, huh?
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 fine wine, will improve.
Wed 28 Nov 2012
at 05:09
Re: Shattered Dreams
I hate the cold, and it doesn't like me back.
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Thu 29 Nov 2012
at 18:50
Dx Why don't you just drop the miserable test if we don't have time for it instead of cramming THREE exams the week before Finals week? I mean really, is it that hard? We can deal with two! T-T AND THIS IS ALL BECAUSE YOU RAMBLE DURING LECTURES!! ARGH!

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Thu 29 Nov 2012
at 19:59
So I had to change a lightbulb today. Easy task, yes? Not in this house.

Whoever lived here before us bought and used some really cheap incandescent bulbs. So cheap, that when the time came to change these bulbs the metal thread at the base of the bulb came detached from the bulb. While still in the socket.

Well, I had managed to slowly work one out before, and so when this one did the same thing today I thought it wouldn't be a big deal.

Except for one thing. No matter how hard I tried, the stupid thing wouldn't turn. At all. And in my attempts to get this stupid, broken half of a lightbulb out of the socket so I could put a new one in, the entire socket cracked in half. Good news is the thread fell out. Bad news is it will never be able to be used again, as no lightbulb will fit in the ruined socket. Not that putting one in there would do anything but start an electrical fire.

And this the day after the vacuum cleaner broke down so that it would only run for rought 15 seconds at a time, while putting out next to no suction. Among all the other things in and about this house that are broken, breaking, or otherwise useless. And the vermin problem. I HATE this house. And I doubt any sane person would consider buying it from us so we can move to a house that functions as a house.
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Fri 30 Nov 2012
at 06:03
It's a bit of a minor thing, but what in the name of heaven possessed youtube to change their interface to emulate the appearance of Windows 8's windows interfaces when nobody likes Windows 8?

I mean heck they even emulated the needing two clicks to get to the main function of the thing. Literally I have to click two things from just to get to what used to be on the main page from just plain going to the site.

I changed my bookmark to go to the subpage so now my "main page" works the same as the old sensible version! Yay! Only it's twice as bland and ugly looking and doesn't work with my screen resolution properly, placing everything crammed to the left! WOO!
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 hi all
Sat 1 Dec 2012
at 04:45
In to the Ice Age we go!!!!
Sigh...LORDY what a day!!!
first off it is FRUITIN'!!!!!! cold here.  -2F right now on my porch
woke up and needed to go do some running around (pay my last few bills, shop, drop off some things, etc.) only free workday I have.
weeeeeellllll....after plugging my truck in all night and flicking it on at 8am like I am supposed to (for a 3 hour charge..over night can fry the battery) I go to start my truck...'click cik click cik', fruitin' battery is dead.  okay, figgure maybe just a few more hours plugged in would do it.  try again 'clickity click clik-click'.  DEAD BATTERY!!!! again!!! it did this on Thanksgiving too.  finally got my brother-in-law to come over and jump my battery.  now its 4:15.  I have 45 minutes to be in 4 places.  I made 3.  so I made an alternate shop stop.  I went to the battery place and they checked my battery and alternator for free.  alternator was good...battery was holding less than half a charge.  shucked out about 100 bucks and had them put a new one in.  I'll see how it is doing tomorrow if it kicks over or I take a cab at 5am to work.
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Sat 1 Dec 2012
at 06:13
Re: In to the Ice Age we go!!!!
Man.  I just...ugh.

Partylite orders from a party I hosted finally arrived yesterday.  UPS left it at the door at 1:45.  I get a call from my roommate at 4:45 saying she just spoke to a cop who found the empty box in an alley.  Fruiting holiday thieves.

Friend is having a birthday party down at the local arcade tonight.  Get excited to go and blow off some steam and hang out with fun people.  Remember just as I'm getting ready to go that I have an early blood donation appointment in the morning, which means no drinking, and I have to go to bed early.  Stupid obligations and being responsible.  *grump*
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Sat 1 Dec 2012
at 19:04
Re: In to the Ice Age we go!!!!
Very beginning of a high level new D&D3.5 game on this site.
I roll Sense Motive for a few things to discern info about the shifty folks int he kings court (With a +32 bonus)


This is why I loathe an 'always fail' result on a one. It's just bad design. I also hjate when I'm basically forced to go incompetent at what I'm supposed to be good at.. especially starting an adventure off. Nothing ruins an image of a character for me so much as abject failure out of the gate. You should get a chance to be awesome and come to grips with your abilities before you start failing this badly.
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Mon 3 Dec 2012
at 06:04
Re: In to the Ice Age we go!!!!

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was against the forum rules, at 13:27, Mon 03 Dec 2012.

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Mon 3 Dec 2012
at 21:50

I have been waiting about 3 FRUITING WEEKS FOR A GAME TO START. The guy had all build ooh ooh lets do this SANDBOX EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE REAAAAAAALLLLY GOOOOOOD!

2 Weeks later.....


1 Week Later....





/end vent/fin
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Sat 8 Dec 2012
at 17:35
How about the poor slob that takes over games so they won't die, because the players are SO fruiting interested in playing/posting. The game(s) is defined as "player-driven" group storytelling with no-to-light mechanics. Pages of flavor-text for locations and situations to get all of the players characters "on the same page", because they are SOOOO INTERESTED...

week 1 - crickets

week 2 - more crickets

week 3 - cricket descendants

week 4 - grasshoppers who unearth the remains of a once-great cricket civilzation

week 5 - SPLAT! nobody, not even crickets returning messages or rmails, couldn't purge/delete the game, but I could delete EVERY post in it and turn off the 'looking for players' tag

week 6 - see preamble to week 1 with a different game


you gotta be pretty FRUITING LAZY to not at least post "I'm leaving or IRL issues havwe forced me away"... disrespectful, entitlement minded, instant gratification seeking, intellectually stunted PLAYERS are why games die, NOT the GMs!

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Sun 9 Dec 2012
at 07:02
Re: Home FRUTING Depot

To the Home Depot employee working the Christmas deco departement,

Thank you for laughing in my face when I asked a perfectly legitimate question about your Christmas Lights inventory and thank you for continuing to laugh loudly with your co-workers after I walked away into another aisle. Also, let's not forget your hilarious joke to my dad when you looked him in the eye and told him that a box of musical LED lights cost $50 when it really cost $15. Thanks a bunch, you really know how to spread the holiday cheer.




Andrew Wilson
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Sun 9 Dec 2012
at 07:17
Re: VENTS!!!
I spent my entire weekend cleaning VENTS my chimney was plugged and it was getting smokey so i had to take it all apart and clean it out and then clean all my VENTS i was so filthy and sore and smelly when i was done. my god I hate vents
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Sun 9 Dec 2012
at 14:20
Re: VENTS!!!
fruiting 'freeform' games with players that have supposedly 'heroic' characters that act more despicable than the villains, deny it as 'cultural/moral relativism', then get pineappled when confronted by any semblance of law enforcement.

Same immature players (not by age, unless LYING) like to 'dino-hide' when attacked, I have to blame absentee GMs for allowing such god-modding in a 'no god-modding' game... WHY have the rule, if you won't enforce it???

gaaaraaarghhhh, it has made me incoherent

while I'm at it, how about an 'adult' game that DOESN'T turn into a smut-fest???
Mustard Tiger
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Fri 14 Dec 2012
at 21:37
Re: VENTS!!!

This message was deleted by the user at 21:38, Fri 14 Dec 2012.

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Sun 16 Dec 2012
at 00:43
Re: VENTS!!!
*seething anger*

Ugh... I hate having to be the go-between between an argumentative person, and overly-sensitive one. It's one thing when you want to discuss Sensitive Topics and  everyone in the room says '; no thank you', then you storm out. It's another entirely to thin go and complain to the world on your publicTumblr about us and post a three page rant about how people who don't like to debate sensitive topics are being 'irresponsible'.

X_x; *back to emotional damage control*
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Mon 17 Dec 2012
at 14:23
Re: VENTS!!!
Dislikes: People who yell at store clerks who aren't doing their job fast enough.
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Mon 17 Dec 2012
at 22:03
Re: VENTS!!!
Vent:  Get a box of candles stolen from my porch.

Joy!: Company replaces entire shipment at no cost, because they are AWESOME.

Lesson Learned: Send everything to my office.  Call senders of other shipments in route to adjust delivery locations.

VENT:  Go through all that trouble to make sure nothing gets stolen from my porch, AND THE (EXPLETIVES) BREAK INTO MY (EXPLETIVE) HOUSE.  ><

Yeah.  Merry (Expletive) Christmas to you too, (expletive).
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Tue 18 Dec 2012
at 11:25
Re: VENTS!!!
<vent> The lurking head cold has finally made its decision to go into full horror.</vent>

Plus side, I can call out of work and thereby earn some much needed mental health, too.

Minus side, I will be sniped at for calling out of work.  But then, I was getting sniped at for showing up and not being able to do what two other more experienced workers were not able to do either...sigh.  And what is it about me that inspires management to constantly assign me janitorial duties ?  Am I the only one who knows how to mop ?

Christmas want:  A job that isn't the one from the deep dark pit with Satan as my boss.
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Wed 19 Dec 2012
at 00:40
Re: VENTS!!!
Me: I'm going to request a game! Maybe I can play an exotic race I've yet to try?

Me, later: Yay! Found a GM and they approved the race.

Me, even later: There's nobody in the party that can fix me if I get hurt... >_>

Me, now: Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to re-roll I go.