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Thu 7 Mar 2013
at 18:46
yay bosses
So what I want to know is how is it my fault that I order a motor for I project that I am working on that has a standard bore in it, and then when my boss takes over the project and orders a metric shaft to go it.

motor was ordered in november, he took it over in January.  and its my fault that they dont match.
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Sat 9 Mar 2013
at 23:52
Re: yay bosses
Just spent a couple of hrs of my Saturday night working on a css file, only to discover it was the wrong one. At least I know now why it wasn't working. :/
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Mon 11 Mar 2013
at 09:54
Re: yay bosses
It's my fault that the QC tests required to be run in January were not started until March and now we're under scrutiny by the controllling powers-that-be for this reason.  But it's perfectly OK that management didn't assign any of this work to anyone until March - and DID assign me to be janitor of the building more than a few times this year.  And the bosses earn 6 figures with a lot of paid time off, I certainly don't, nor will I get anything but fresh fruitcake for the duration.  They'll probably get overtime pay.  Delightful.
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Mon 11 Mar 2013
at 18:08
Re: yay bosses
One stupid investment company from Mom's estate!  They apparently need a notarized (commissioner won't do) form returned to them before they will pay out, despite already having a copy of the will, the death certificate, our birth certificates and drivers' licences, etc.  Not only were those documents enough for everyone else, they had to have them BEFORE they could send us the form (so that we could deal with it before we (thought we were) finished with the lawyer.  And they didn't even prepare a form with our names on it (why else the timing?!?), just with two lines for us to sign.  *sigh*

Note for those not familiar with this procedure - a commissioner would cost us $10, the lawyer?  Well, we'll see but at least add a zero, I'm sure.  Even though all either has to do is witness our signatures, after checking that we are who we say we are.
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Mon 11 Mar 2013
at 22:18
Re: yay bosses
For the record, i like the neighborhood i live in, but my neighbor, ugh!

She blows her entire salary on crap on Day One, then every couple of days she comes over to borrow stuff from me, complain that she's hungry and stuff.

Well gee, maybe next time you should, i dunno, not spend it all on scratchcards?

Oh no, who am i kidding? It happened last month, it happened this month and it'll happen again next month. This is a woman who prioritizes a pack of cigarettes over food after all.

*walks off ranting*
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Fri 15 Mar 2013
at 15:12
Re: yay bosses
Thank you to the cop yesterday that just had to do a U-turn in the middle of the street to pull me over for a stupid fruitin' expired inspection sticker.  Like anybody these days can afford a $300 ticket.  Im sure you could have spent that time more wisely by, say I dont know, pulling over a speeding car or a drunk driver.  No you had to pull me over.  Jack ass.  Now I cant drive my car until its inspected.  Im glad I helped you make your quota.  :P

Then to start my morning off today, I couldnt find my winter boots so I could take the kids to the bus stop.  Get home, my dryer wouldnt work after I had just finished washing a load of my husbands work clothes that he needs today.

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Sat 16 Mar 2013
at 01:15
Re: yay bosses
It is astonishing the amount of misery one person can generate when they are given a position of authority.
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Wed 20 Mar 2013
at 01:55
Re: yay bosses
To the idiot who lives across the street:

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Wed 20 Mar 2013
at 12:29
I live in the part of Canada that just got 30cm of snow.

I just finish shovelling my driveway - about an hour and fifteen minutes of work.

No sooner do I get inside for some water than the plow goes by and leaves a wall about 3/4 m high across my driveway of hard-packed snow and ice.


Back out I go.
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Thu 21 Mar 2013
at 07:18
Re: Vents
Man, I thought I was done with these mystery toothaches.  Not yet, apparently, because there's one on the right side of my mouth that seems to wander back and forth between four different teeth.  That would be bad enough in its own right, but it's also causing a reflexive tensing of the muscles on that side of my face, especially my jaw, which is causing me a doozy of a headache that's been going on for almost 30 hours, now.  Even that, I could live with, except it's interfering with my ability to sleep and it gets worse when I lay down.

I may end up reversing my decision to wait on getting that tooth worked on until after my birthday, and just get it over and done with, even if it screws up birthday plans.
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Sat 23 Mar 2013
at 16:45
Re: Vents

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Sat 23 Mar 2013
at 18:30
Re: Vents

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Mon 25 Mar 2013
at 14:03
Re: Vents
Anyone notice that most GMs that claim they want a "SANDBOX" game are really just saying that they are too lazy or incompetent to come up with an adventure arc? Does that not irk everyone else? Especially those of us who are actually ADEQUATE GMs and can write up a story and scenario description for players to work with instead of just sitting on our butts waiting for someone else to come up with an idea? This new breeds of "sandbox" GMs annoy me. The idea of sandboxing was supposed to give players more freedom within a game teeming with adventure possibilities, not lack adventure altogether while the GM does absolutely nothing to entice players.

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Mon 25 Mar 2013
at 18:22
Re: Vents
Bioshock Infinite has been out for like 12 whole hours and no one has posted a video of the ending as far as I can tell. Now I might have to buy it and play all the way through.
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Tue 26 Mar 2013
at 03:05
Re: Vents

How can a parent forget the birthday of their only surviving child yet have the chutzpah to ask for a favour a day later that requires a great deal of personal time and effort from that same child ?  0H, not to mention this is the second year in a row this has happened.  And forget about apologising for forgetting the birthday...I didn't want anything but a simple "Happy birthday," btw.
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Tue 26 Mar 2013
at 03:32
Re: Vents
With the addition of a number of 4-way stop intersections around my town, I've been increasingly annoyed by people who don't know what to do at one.  I don't feel like I need to look this one up to know that if someone adjacent to you at the intersection stops and either flashes their lights or waves for you to go first... THEN GO.  Don't sit there like an ass and wave back for them to go first.

And if you intend to let someone else go before you do... TELL THEM SO... perhaps by flashing your lights or waving them on.  Sitting motionless at the corner staring at them DOES NOT tell them of you're waiting on them, so don't get annoyed when they don't dare move out in front of you because they DON'T KNOW YOUR INTENTION.
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Tue 26 Mar 2013
at 03:49
Re: Vents
I hate people who aren't grateful when they receive free gifts and assistance. Even when I DON'T want help, I still thank people for their time and politely ask them to leave. But taking free food, free gifts, free help and then COMPLAINING that someone didn't give you enough or the exact right thing that you wanted is just beyond childish.

I sincerely hope there is such a thing as Hell, because I know for a fact people like that would end up permanent residents there (along with rapists, murderers, pedophiles and people who talk in the theater).
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Tue 26 Mar 2013
at 15:34
Re: Vents
My mother has decided to have a 40th anniversary party this summer and my wife and I were invited along with all my family.  I have not had a chance to see many of my family members in a few years and was really looking forward to this and had planned on trying to get my daughter for the weekend so she can go as well.  I just found out that my mother has also invited my daughter's mother as well.  They hang out together, shop together, go on trips together etc. and I can't stand it!  I can bring my daughter to see her grandparents whenever they want so why does her apple sauce mother need to get an invite to this particular event?  My wife vowed to never interact with my daughter's mother when she had a lawyer threaten me for things she only needed to ask for so she's not going.  Now I don't want to go and participate in yet another example of how my wishes are ignored and my wife is ignored in favour of someone constantly bent on doing me harm.  The fruit salad has already used the good relationship with my mother to gain more leverage thanks to her grapefruit lawyer and I'm sure this will be another example she can use to get even more.  So I either anger my mother who already thinks I am the scum of the earth even more or go without my wife and be physically and mentally stressed out while condoning 10+ years of being marginalized in favour of mom's pet/best buddy.  Either way I am up strawberry creek without a paddle and I am sure this is gong to turn out badly either way it pans out.
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Tue 26 Mar 2013
at 15:58
Re: Vents

When you ask my 15 year old daughter to go on a Florida trip with you (I live in IN) and you take on the responsibility of her and 4 other girls...I expect you to treat her well and to take care of her.

What I don't expect---

When she and your daughter get into a verbal argument, that you immediately take one side and not even listen to the other.  When you look at my daughter and call her immature and ungrateful.....I don't expect you to look at her and tell her she is ruining your vacation and your daughter's 16th birthday.  I don't expect you to tell her that you wished she hadn't come.  I do NOT expect you to threaten her saying you are going to call the police and have her escorted off the property.  I don't expect you to snoop through her things and know she has $350 for the week then tell her you know she has enough money for bus ticket or air fair.  I don't expect you to tell her you will gladly "dump" her off at the bus station so she can get home because she is no longer welcome there after being there merely TWO days.  I don't expect you to continue to be mean to her when she is crying and upset.  I don't expect you to tell her she is 'getting on your nerves' because her asthma is flared up and she can't stop coughing.  I don't expect you to wake her up long enough to tell her you are leaving then you ALL leave to go to the zoo, leaving her alone at the townhouse.   YES - all of this happened in the course of yesterday.

Seriously wish I had the money to go get her but I don't have $600 lying around like some people.  I am so upset and furious.  It breaks my heart to hear her crying over the phone because ADULTS are treating her like crap.  YOU asked her to come and took on the responsibility.  I thought I could trust you would treat her right and with respect.  I would NEVER do that.  I would have made the girls sit and talk it out and said get along or not but it's going to stop.  No...instead the beat my daughter down verbally.

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Wed 27 Mar 2013
at 19:21
Re: Vents
Today, Im going to blueberry and not just because Im naturally inclined to do so. No today I will blueberry because I am thoroughly angry. Why? You ask, because I had to spend my day at the most inefficient government facility I have ever had the misfortune of setting foot in, the Mexican Consulate. Youd think that serving the 9th, NINTH mulberry fritter largest city in the US with a considerably large Hispanic population, this place would know how to run. WRONG. Good God, get your strawberries together!!! Dx
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Thu 28 Mar 2013
at 20:47
Re: Vents
I'm currently enrolled in a mandatory graduate course on 'Emerging Web Technologies'. The fact I'm taking a class about how Twitter, Pinterest and TumblR are the future of the internet is frustrating in and of itself. The icing on the cake, however, is that the professor demonstrates virtually no knowledge about any of these technologies herself. Somehow this professor has lied into a position administering a course where she knows almost nothing about the subject matter. I pay for this class out of pocket and its extremely expensive. I feel robbed and there's nothing I can do about it besides file a complaint about it after the fact.

I'm sick of this trend in higher education. Even in undergrad, most of the professors have virtually stopped teaching. Instead they focus on lengthy assignments, student presentations and a constant bombardment of student content facilitated by web-based programs. When they do talk, its like they haven't prepared anything and just spend their time on these tangents. I thought that I would have escaped this in Graduate school, but nope. The teachers that work extremely hard don't seem to get any more recognition than the lazy professors who have decided to stop teaching almost entirely. Its disgusting to see this first hand and have to pay for the privilege.
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Sun 31 Mar 2013
at 17:06
Re: Vents
A note to extraverts everywhere: if you see me quietly reading in a public place away from the crowd, it does not mean I am lonely and want someone to talk to. It means I am reading. Please, I'm fine, really. Leave me be.
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Mon 1 Apr 2013
at 00:24
Re: Vents
GRRRAAAAHHHHHH.  For some unknown reason my FRAGGING phone has decided today to update my id pic when text from being my blank information to for SOME reason to another of my contacts.  I can find sweet FRAG all nothing on my phone manufactorers website to help, so after 2 hours of looking I emailed them and get it'll be 24 hours.  Yes it's minor, but its REALLY annoying for me and I want my phone back the way it was.
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Tue 2 Apr 2013
at 15:34
Re: Vents
Leaving one of the office suites in my workplace, and a woman pushing a cart is ahead of me.  I work in a university library, and I guess she is a student by age and dress.  She holds the door for me, and as I walk out I say "Thanks.  I feel like I should have held the door for you....because you're pushing a cart."

Except "you're pushing a cart" is drowned out by her saying loudly "Times are a-changing, huh?"

Now, its all awkward and instead of say "No, no, I didn't mean that in a sexist, you're-a-woman way, I meant that you're pushing a cart" I just give a forced laugh and say "Yeah."

Now some student out there thinks one of the librarians is a sexist pig.  Great.
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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 02:25
Re: Vents
So as I see the GMs of half the games I am in disappear, I'd like a game in the Players - Wanted forum to use a system I enjoy playing in and not another bloody D&D/Pathfinder game... or not be an Adult-Rated Sandbox University game for once.

Or a game where the GM has checked there would be interest before making a game for their niche idea so I'm not the only player.

And screw home-brew.


Is that too much to ask of a game?