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Mon 10 Aug 2015
at 02:27
Follow-on Vent

I was packing for a trip, but my suitcase finally bit the dust. I went out to replace it. The neighbor's birthday party is still going on. Bounce house, grill, inflatable pools. Good stuff. I went out to a store, bought a suitcase, came back. When I returned, all the kids are wearing helmets and skating around. The mom next door is putting out traffic cones. Our houses are at the end of a cul-de-sac with a large, rounded planter with a tree and some shrub. We all have marked parking. The parking allocated for me by my renter's agreement is the spot next to the tree directly in front of the house. All of her guests are either in other residents' spots or double parked on the other side of the line of cones. I have a small car, so I drove between the cones and parked. The mother approached while I unloaded my suitcase and some other stuff from my car.

Neighbor: Hi! Can you move your car?
Eggy: I'm not moving my car.
Neighbor: Everybody else moved their cars.
Eggy: I'm packing some luggage. I'll move my car when I'm done.

She said something else, but I was walking away and didn't hear it clearly. A few minutes later, one of my housemates comes knocking.

Housemate: Hey, it's the neighbor lady. She wants to know if you'll move your car down to the visitor lot?
Eggy: You mean where none of her visitors are parked?
Housemate: Come on. I moved my car.
Eggy: I noticed. Into a handicapped space. Nice job.
Housemate: It's just gonna be for, like, two hours.
Eggy: Yeah, right.

So now I'm venting instead of packing. I'll get around to it.
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Mon 10 Aug 2015
at 04:15
Re: Neighbors
In reply to Eggy (msg # 55):

Good to Vent it instead of letting it fester. Get it out now and not explode on someone later.
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Wed 12 Aug 2015
at 04:06
Re: Neighbors

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Wed 19 Aug 2015
at 17:25
Another work thread
This is less a vent, more of a needing advice.

So, after finally being granted the nod to apply for a prospective company as a referral from someone that works there, they go ahead and ask me to come in for testing. They were looking to put a training class up for the beginning of September. I did not do my best, but I did not completely bomb it either. Afterwards, is where things get confused for me. After the testing on Tuesday of last week), she said since i was a referral, one way or another, I was going to get a call back if I was to be granted an interview, or passed over. She said typically they take about a week, but since she was going on vacation this week Tuesday (yesterday) that she would call me by Friday, possibly Monday at the latest. Come Friday, no call (fearing the worst) so I a breath was being held for Monday. Monday came and no call. OK, so maybe I misheard and she said she would be on vacation over the weekend, so she would be out Friday and Monday (it did not sound it, but I might have been frazzled from the testing).
Tuesday, no call. Now I am doubting one way or the other.

And now Wednesday, over a week later and half the day is gone. I am not sure if there is a hold up considering my status, if there is stuff going on higher up the process, or what. From sources I know, they need at least the week to do the background checks, so they need to have the interviews squared away before the end of the month. I am not sure if I need to try and get in contact to ask what's going on (in a nice, polite, I still want the job way) or just let it pass without a word and move on.
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Wed 19 Aug 2015
at 17:43
Re: Another work thread
I'd say contact them. Being nice and polite has nothing to do with calling or not, just how you make said call.

If you're calm and polite during the call, at worst you'll have a collague of said woman, who is overworked due to double work and thus a bit snappy, who forgot to call.
Or an employee who herself is a bit awkward because ss/he doesn't like giving bad news.

In you're doubt, you're already half-accepting of rejection, which might plague you in the long run. Actually hearing about said rejection helps soothe your mind. Sure, rejection hurts, but it'll be easier to put the experience behind you.

Who knows, you might get good news.

If they've accepted you, but forgot to call and heard nothing from you, they might figure that you're not interested enough to make a follow-up call.

Call them.

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Wed 19 Aug 2015
at 17:51
Re: Another work thread
So, apparently my right foot has a teeny tiny fracture in a bone on the right side of it.

I have absolutely no idea what caused it, but it's been there since last Saturday at the latest.  Now my foot is in a boot, I have crutches, I'm taking Ibuprofen, and I'm putting ice on it.

I'm supposed to be job shadowing someone to replace them while they're on maternity leave starting at the end of this month, possibly sooner (babies don't care about your schedule).  I've been doing it since the middle of last month, but there are a few more things I want training in before she heads out.  I've been told this could take 4-6 weeks to fully heal.

I'm going in to work tomorrow one way or another.  The question is what I'm going to do after that, since I won't have my dad to drive me there and back after tomorrow.  A friend has offered to drive me, and I promised her compensation for gas AT MINIMUM (she says "you're a friend, it's what we do" and my first reply was "Yes but I have money coming in and you really don't LET ME COMPENSATE YOU FOR YOUR TIME"), but I have no idea how long that would go on, and I really don't want to have to rely on someone who'd be doing a solid hour commute twice a day just to help me do what would be a 25 minute commute on my own.
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Wed 19 Aug 2015
at 19:12
Re: Another work thread
In reply to Shei-kun (msg # 60):

Your friend is willing to give the help you need, take it unless you can find an alternative.  Yes, pay for gas plus whatever else she'll accept, but don't push too hard if she's not comfortable about it.  Sometimes you just have to take and do it graciously, even though you'd rather not.
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Wed 19 Aug 2015
at 19:27
Re: Another work thread
Bit of advice on the bone -- a couple years ago when I broke my hand I was informed by my osteopathic specialist that ibuprofen slows bone growth. I spent nearly 5  months in an assortment of torturous casts, much of that taking high doses of OTC ibuprofen to deal with the cast-caused pain, only to find out I may have hampered my own healing. :P (An allergy to opiates is not good when one is injured.)

Let your friend help as she wants. I only let my friends chip in gas if I need the money. Otherwise, I know I'll pay them back later, when they need my help. It evens out. :)
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Wed 19 Aug 2015
at 23:58
Re: Another work thread
In reply to Shei-kun (msg # 60):

I myself being the one my friends call on for help with driving, or other sorts of help, I find alternatives to money - you could take them out to a meal (dinner usually but any your both comfortable with works), or maybe a movie or other outing, once a month to show how grateful you are for their help.
I have a friend who is uncomfortable excepting any kind of gratuity for when he helps me out, so I make myself available to help him out when he or his girl friend need help. This works best with him.
Another friend, we have a system of buying each other breakfast after helping the other out.

You get the Idea I think.
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Thu 20 Aug 2015
at 00:18
Re: Another work thread
In reply to Wyrm (msg # 58):

Always follow up. It can't hurt your chances any and shows initiative.
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Thu 20 Aug 2015
at 13:25
Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
I am not having a good week.  Or month.

After a very long house search, husband and I find a house, make an offer, get accepted.  Our house is already on the market, so we think this won't take too long to get ours sold so we can buy the new one.

Two months later, our house is still not sold.  We finally had to bite the bullet and put a few thousand dollars into updating the kitchen (including shuffling around appliances, putting in new flooring, countertops, sink, paint, and refinishing cabinets).  Only half the work is finished, and we still have people coming to see the place in its ripped-apart state.  My husband is of the opinion that if the kitchen remodel doesn't make the house sell, we stay here for two more years and try again.

LOL, no.

We already have half of our stuff packed, a good house picked out, and no way in Hades am I going through this process again.

But on top of this stress of redoing the kitchen while somehow trying to keep the house in a mostly show-ready state, I'm taking a lot of stress at work.  I'm a lead operator, an hourly employee who does some supervisory duties (scheduling, troubleshooting, end-of shift reports, which does come with a higher pay grade).  Mostly it's all right, I get along with my co-workers and my salaried supervisors, except the last two days have been rather terrible.

We had multiple things break on one of our machines, so much the mechanic said we couldn't keep processing material that day, so I shuffled everyone over to the other machine.  And then we had multiple problems with that the rest of the night to boot.  Technically my immediate supervisor (who isn't there on nights, when I work) should have been notified right when that stuff happened, but I knew he was on his last night of vacation.  Also, there was bupkis he could have done from home.  I was intending to write him a full report in the morning so he'd have it when he came in, but of course that's when the entire computer network went down.

So when he comes in in the morning for a meeting, he spends most of it dressing us down for not calling him in the middle of the night for a problem he couldn't have fixed anyhow.  Luckily my crew was in agreement with me (it wasn't like we'd been sitting around waiting all night, I'd kept everyone working) but that wasn't a pleasant way to end the night.

The next evening, I was called to a different department to answer for some material we had sent them (processed on our machines) that wasn't up to snuff.  Again, nothing our crew could do about it right then, they just wanted me to see what had happened to go inform my crew to avoid a repeat.  While I was dealing with that, another employee in that department comes up to me and starts yelling at me for something we had done nearly two weeks(!) ago.   Just unloaded a double-barrel of rage in my face about something that had been bothering him, because I happened to be there.  Note, he didn't say anything in the moment so I could have fixed it, but decided to wait until now to say anything.


I am not one of those people who tends to yell back.  I am, in fact, one of those people who tends to cry when frustrated, and though I held it in during most of the confrontation, I was sobbing by the time I got back to my department.  I have been diagnosed with depression, and while I'm doing fairly well right now, stuff like this tends to send me into a downward spiral, my little personal hell of thinking "I'm not good enough."  Other people were sympathetic of the jerkiness of the people bugging me, but I got a lot of, "Don't let them see you cry," and "Tell them to kiss your butt," and "You've got to not let this stuff bother you."

Honey, I've been trying to not let stuff bother me since I started getting teased in school in the third grade.  The fact that I didn't immediately start to sob when getting yelled at is actually quite an accomplishment for me.

The fact is, I don't need to get yelled at to "motivate me."  Just telling me, calmly, that you need me to call about machines breaking down for this reason, is enough to make me do it.  Telling me you need me to process the material this way for a reason, is enough to make me try to do it.

Don't beat me up.  I do that enough on my own.

Oh, and to add the icing to this manure cake, I managed to roll my ankle badly at the end of the night, kicking off my two days off with ice packs and pain killers.  Awesome.
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Fri 21 Aug 2015
at 00:28
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
In reply to Isida KepTukari (msg # 65):

You need to hug some kittens (or puppies) I find that always makes me feel a little better.
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Fri 21 Aug 2015
at 08:18
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
smoke a joint and have a crown and coke at the end of the night !!!  LOL

Your co-worker was right, you have told the jerk to kiss the darkest part of your lily white...
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Thu 3 Sep 2015
at 20:06
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
Today was going good, a friend gave me a card that got me a dollar ($1) off each gallon on gas (max 20 gallons) and I filled my tank and a 5 gallon can.
Then the can tipped over while I was taking it home and the lid sprang a leak. About 3 gallons of gas is now soaked in to Everything in my trunk - the stench alone is terrible and the only way I have to deal with it is to leave my trunk standing open till it dry's / dissipates.
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
at 01:02
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
In reply to ShadoPrism (msg # 68):

Well, not the only way...

You could throw a lit match in there too, much quicker :)
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
at 03:04
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
In reply to kouk (msg # 69):

Yes. but I NEED my car and really can't afford to get a new one.
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
at 05:48
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
And an outdoor vac.

Difficulty: Hard

Time Required: Up to 1 hr.

Here's How:

    Remove excess gasoline by blotting.

    It's very likely that there is extra gasoline still left on the clothing. Using a clean white cloth, blot up as much gasoline as possible so that it will be a more simple process to absorb what is left in the clothing.
    Use baking soda to absorb the gasoline.

    Sprinkle baking soda onto the stained area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Dump the baking soda off of the stain. You may need to repeat this process 2-3 times depending on the type of fabric and how much gasoline you were able to blot up in the first step.  Don't be afraid to repeat this step several times.
    Rub liquid dish soap into the stain.

    Dish soap is a great way to remove greasy and oily stains.  Rub 2 tablespoons of dish soap into the stained area. Allow the clothing to sit for up to 5 minutes before soaking in hot water for 30 minutes. It's really important to use the hottest water that is safe for the fabric type.  Hot water is necessary to remove the gas fully from the clothing.

    Use more baking soda.

    If any scent of gasoline or hint of the stain remains, make a baking soda paste of 2 parts baking soda and 1 part water and rub it directly onto the stain. Allow it to air dry and then brush the baking soda off of the clothing. This step can be repeated again until the gasoline is fully removed.
    Use a stain stick, gel, or spray.

    Apply a stain remover to the fabric according to the directions. You'll want it to sit for at least 5 minutes. Wash in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric.


    If you still have any gasoline smell left, you might also try a vinegar and water soak for 30 minutes. Repeat the vinegar soak again.
    As a last resort, you can also add a little orange cleaner to the wash load to help break down the traces of gasoline and get rid of the smell. Look for an all-purpose cleaner derived from oranges, like OrangeGlo's Orange Clean All-Purpose cleaner or Fantastik Orange Action Cleaner. If you've doused a gallon of gasoline on thick denim jeans, you may need to use the whole bottle.

What You Need:

    Clean white cloth
    Baking soda
    Liquid dish soap
    Stain stick, gel, or spray
    Vinegar (optional)
    Orange Oil Cleaner (optional)
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
at 13:55
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
That is a good idea, but it's the Entire area of my trunk, about 3 gallons of gas was lost (spilled) - 2 I can't bend over far enough to do any of that, arthritis in my back makes such jobs impossible for me and I don't have any friends who can help either (we all old sore folk around here and sadly I am the youngest and healthiest of this lot).
Presently all the rags from the trunk are being run through the wash (3 cycles), but the base of the trunk is carpeting or a sort and can not be removed. (Attached to the back of the trunk compartment via screws - can't reach them as it's to far back and see above).

Last problem, don't have an outdoor vac and no clue as to where to get one (Can't rent one, don't have the money - had several large expenses last month and that cleaned out my bank account till I can rebuild it - which given I am dirt poor did not take long at all).
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
at 16:15
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
In reply to ShadoPrism (msg # 72):

Might still be worth dusting the whole area with a good layer of baking soda. Or at least tucking a couple open boxes in there for a while. People do it to remove odors in their fridge all the time, and it's relatively cheap.

Later, when you can afford it, visit a do-it-yourself car wash. Most have quarter-op vacuums available for car interiors -- and more powerful than the average home shop vac, anyway. The car wash in my town isn't a do-it-yourself type, but they actually advertise their vacuums are free to use. Don't even need to use the carwash. :)

A bowl of vinegar or apple slices, removed daily, repeat as needed, also absorbs odors.
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
at 16:19
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
Be sure to leave the trunk open, open, open! It's the fumes that will turn your car into an accidental Ford pinto if you're not careful... and in the future, never carry gas in your trunk!
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
at 18:06
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
Recently I've just been feeling sad. Reasons. There are reasons. It's not worth getting into though. I been there and back many times. I've come close to death's door early this year and fear I may have to tempt a visit by the end.

I wrote a poem here. I'm not a poet, though. It isn't perfect, but it's free. It could use work, but I don't need it to be perfect. My friend always tells me what makes art is the flaws. All I ask is please make some reference of me if you like it and choose to rip it. It took me some time to make. I just really feel bad, and talking on RPOL, actually being clear doesn't work. So I wrote this poem. I'm giving you the chance to react, but I don't need advise. I know myu problems, and I know the solutions. On scale of 1 to 10 I've been an 8 all this week. Today I came to 10, and no one ever asks about 11.

Anyway, I'm gonna post the poem. Just be nice, okay. I'm not trying to win any awards or prove any points. I'm not preaching. I'm not. I'm just venting. I've tried several ways. Now, I'm trying this. People have told me to write down my feelings. Maybe I'll be the next...some artist. That's not what I want though, and what I want I may not get, and that's not important. Having people like me,  respect me, value my company, want to listen, want to talk to me, that doesn't matter. It plays no part in me doing the same. If I tell them to like me, they probably won't. I ask them to like me, they might. Though now they know what I want, I'll do what I can to find how to give what others want.

No more talk the poem:
Mountains and Valleys

A day is one of many, and all days we know are numbered. For we do not remember our first, not will we our last. What memories made, and those you, are memories you don't know, and can't undo. What mark you leave upon the land, stay ingrained like wind in sand. To build the castles in the mind, it is not without a test of time. Know now who are, and what you'll be, are the same like seed and tree. In the end though, castles stand, withstand the test of time when made of earth. Of stone and brick those last the longest, but make them not for time, nor shelter of the wind. Instead I say, make your castles like the smith immortal made.

When rich man on way to atone, came past the stones, and iron gates. Fled his fortress to take a witness, but those of his were long since gone. This man saw no path, no way to freedom. He walked the road and braved the night. At last he found himself upon a shore, and there he saw the pauper.

He asked this man, a man of wisdom, a man reborn, said the King in trembling voice, what can I do to live forever?

Said the pauper to the king, with eyes of amber and lips of slate. The pauper said, your kingdom thrived, what have you that you did not want? The King spoke now with wrath of lighting, speed of gale. But I must die, my people gone! Now the King spoke with fear of thunder, and calm of storm. How can I be as you are and know the beauty, that you for which you have taken?

Now the Pauper, frowned his face and beckoned to the King. Come forth King, though not of good. You made the world love you and so they did, but the world gone your people fled. The King declared without a doubt, but my castle was made stone and steel. And yours of sand upon the shore! You have what is mine, and I of yours. How dare you be, how dare you stay. The Pauper sighed and warned again. You do not want this that I have, for I have earned what is my life.

The King grew louder, took his hand, and struck the Pauper upon the brow. My people! That which you have taken. I will do as you have to me. I will put forth a godly decree, and by his might I shall be free. The Pauper sat without a sound, without a fear, and only patience. I have nothing you can steal, that I will not give. You want it so, and so you shall you have.

Upon the King grew a crown, of old and ancient. It had the iron, stone and jewels. Then Rubies dazzling, gold anew, but only then the King now knnew. The Pauper rose, with robe of silk, in moonlight waving. And like a hand a ray of starlight beckoned to him. The Pauper spoke, now with all he had, all he was and nothing more. I warned you young, I tell you old. What has now happened you were told. I too was king of kingdom prospering, had my way with and took it freely. I lived all a King could be, and in the end I too was not free.

I came upon this very shore, and could not see for all I looked. I did not heed, nor did you neither. The shore you stand is what you wanted. These people here, and now yours' eternal. They rest upon the sea and shore. Now you may have your Kingdom for always. Now you may play with your people, in all your grandeur. Left you are now, left you will be. To build your castle upon this shore. The stone now sand. The iron rusted. The sea is salt, and made of tears. But you will have what I have given, and you will have this when mean not years. Every night, upon your waking, you will rise and meet this fate. Build it carefully, build it quick. For on the morrow, you'll wake once more.

The King's eyes sunk, his fears awoken. He pleaded now, without a hope. I take it! take it! I am now sorry. Please take it now and give me peace.

The Pauper, sighed and said I won't, for you thought a trinket trifle what was that found in a Kingdom silver. Once men came looking, for the treasure. The richest place upon the worlds. Said they give over, what is ours, they valley poor and Mountain rich. Blood and bone, the mountain rested. Spade and dirt, the valley lifted.

Said the pauper once again, You see now. Don't you? You looked for treasure and gave to me, what did the Mountain. What they saw is as you did. But you of desert are now of shore. What the valley found, was what they would not ever have. Peace on Earth, was in the graves.

The King prostated, kneeled then crawled, I beg you, beg you, this is not mine! And the pauper rose, not fell, into myth, into memory. For it was battle he had won the King. Made his place upon the land. Now the silence broken gentle, and calm that froze in the hour. The sand ran slow, and drifted did the tides. And did the King, now know his place. There was no fruit, not merry songs. There were no children, nor beast to rear.

Now this peaceful scene. This calming sound, was all he had, and time, and waiting. There will always be those that do not yield, and win my glory and seize the day. Stories now, they are but whispers, still they linger, but do they dance?

Nor shall the Pauper, nor shall the King. Beauty is not lasting, nor kiss on cheek. The rose will wilt, the thorn will prick, but loves lost quick in the winter, are sweeter still by the moment. In death I shall rest, like all that come, and all that went. I seek only peace. You'll have your wars. I take my rest. You keep the shores.

V_V--the fifth and final of my family. With eyes wide open and downcast. The first letter of my name. A symbol I would use. And now, Mountains and Valleys. It's just a name though, it's not who I am, but it does have value and meaning.

That's the reason I came to RPoL to see stories, and make friends. I'm still working on both of those, even after ten years.

To the rest of you be well. I have no answers. As a guy named Jason told me today, you can be your own best doctor if you know yourself. Please be well.
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
at 22:09
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
In reply to Piestar (msg # 74):

There are times where I have no choice but to carry it in the trunk. This last time the car itself was full of people. (and 1 large dog), so the trunk was my only option.
And believe me, when I am not driving the trunk is Open, as is the spare tire well.

I did not appreciate the Ford Pinto crack by the way, that was my very first car, had very few problems with it for the many years I drove it. (and it was the same year model that had all those complaints about exploding to)
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Fri 4 Sep 2015
at 22:27
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
In reply to ShadoPrism (msg # 76):

Back in the day there was a Ford Pinto driving around San Diego with flames painted from the back going forward. Funny stuff...
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Thu 10 Sep 2015
at 05:13
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
It's always kinda sad when someone posts interest for a game in a system you love, but then want this super detailed background to play. I mean, am I the only one that thinks you don't need a novel of a background to know how to play a character?
Evil Empryss
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Thu 10 Sep 2015
at 13:08
Re: Can I do anything about this now?  No?  Then shut up.
In reply to GammaBear (msg # 78):

As a GM who likes players to provide detailed histories, it's not about how you play your character, but about what the GM can pluck from that background to make interesting stories and link you to the story and to other players.  I've found that, more often than not, when I get a player who wants to play with no real background for their character, they don't like it when I make stuff up as we go.  They whine about how "that's not how I envisioned my character!".  Well, if it's not, then you should have shared that vision with me.

There is a limit to how much background I want, though.  I don't want day-by-day life histories, and there has to be some room for interpretation or the addition of little plot twists -- things the person may have believed were so back when, but with time and new information may seem different now -- so I can bring the past into the current game plots.