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 Beware the Groove.
Mon 15 Jan 2018
at 08:50
Large multiplayer RPOL games?
How do they work?

There are a handful of games with HUGE cast rosters... Isn't that unwieldy?

They seem to be Freeform, for the most part... which I understand...

But how are they any fun? It feels like they'd be a big giant mess... and relying on the players to drive plot points?

How far is too far in a post? It feels like the usual dynamic of Player & GM is less applicable, because there are soooooooooo many players all trying to move the story forward in their benefit.

To my uneducated mind, it just sounds like a nightmare!

What're your thoughts on these types of games?

Are there particular mechanics or rules that work best to govern these?
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Mon 15 Jan 2018
at 10:33
Large multiplayer RPOL games?
I used to have one with a large cast, where my only job was setting up threads and other 'bookkeeping' chores.  It was a lot of individual stories, each with two or more participants.  I think you'd find that several of the large cast games you see are something similar, not with the entire cast involved in one thread.