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Sun 11 Mar 2018
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Philosophy  and metaphysics discussion
Not sure how this will be received here but some of the things I enjoy most is trying to find out how I and others think about complex issues like morality and the nature of reality; and especially the debate that goes on when said people try to reconcile their views to arrive at a greater truth.

I looked at the topics that can't be discussed, so please, no veiled attempts at talking about politics or religion. Though, question for the mods: would discussions like "God can't be all powerful and all good" be okay or is that still off bounds? I would think as long as we don't descend to "my god is better than your god" But I don't know.

Anyways for now well steer clear even of nuts and bolts discussions of God and just stick to other venues of discussion. I'll start off by posting some questions designed to elicit thought,  and anyone can come in and answer one or come up with a question of their own, or some other way of framing a concept.

1) You can save the world but there is a chance for failure, aka you can TRY.  Or if you just sit back and do nothing, the world will assuredly get saved. This comes down the question: what is more important to you, personally: that the world be saved, or that you save the world.

2) zero is greater than infinity, evidenced as follows: something can't exist where something else is- my hand can't go through a wall except a) damage to my hand b) damage to the wall or c) freak alignment of the atoms of my wall and hand where they all miss each other somehow). This means that for either my hand or the wall to exist in the first place, they must exist inside of 'nothing'. What this means is that infinity, or the totality of all things, must exist inside of zero, or absence of all things, and thus we see that zero contains infinity, and thus is everything infinity is by proxy, and also manages to be the one thing infinity is not: zero.

More later
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Sun 11 Mar 2018
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Philosophy  and metaphysics discussion
This should answer your questions.  If you want to discuss any of these topics, please create your own game board to do so.