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Sun 26 Aug 2018
at 01:57
In celebration of jase's creation, and 2nd the mods' "work"
I didn't see another thread to this, so I wanted to create one. I am SO glad I have RPoL. It sometimes feels like (in all things) people are quick to complain (ESPECIALLY on the web!), but on RPoL it it like nice haven for mostly pleasant exchanges.

I joined back in 2001 (or what is 2002) and had my first (of only few) hiatus for a couple years, in my gaming hayday. I was so glad to learn, when I came back, that my account was not only usable, but, believe it or not, I had an inACTIVE game! I was just...pie-faced.

jase has always been fair with me. I don't think him and I have ever exchanged peer to peer discussions, but his quiet aid, by way of laborious attention to features, and always communicating with other users', more vocal, has made this site a truly unique experience. This site has been medicine, and even when toxic players ruined the experience, most notably two, just two, jase's work prevailed to show me again it is the site and the numerous people I love.

The mods, most specifically (even if I am calling them out) BBR and Shannara, and more recently Skald have been patient and helpful. When I was dealing with an all too recent tragedy; my roommate's suicide attempt, BBR was quick to help me "ban" my access so I would face my friend's problems with her, and not be distracted by RPoL, or rather find an escape, from something very scary, when it was that scary thing that needed to be faced head on, and battled fiercely. When my roommate was  in the early stages of recovery, and my battling needing reprieve, Skald (IIRC) answered my appeal (since I was never really vanned, except my aksing to be) within two hours and had me resting into my game sgain. When I was running in a time travel issue with adult graphic content and a rather important distinction of age content came up (Marty McFly type problems), Shannara helped me easily discern those "gray" sides of "okay", "perfectly fine" and "careful!"

The other mods I have never dealt with, but I am sure have thankless (from me) tasks they have contributed.

In any case, I just so grateful to have had the experiences I have. I have been moderated a few times, sad to say, but it never felt a personal attack; simply an upholding of law-of-the-land. People, good law-abiding people, get speeding tickets, and while they did break the law, it's not crime worth making bad reputation of; and I deeply appreciate that.

I have never donated a penny to this site, I am quite ashamed to say. I am also in financial ruin, and have serious living deficiencies. IT is such a nice gift, RPOL, that helps brigthen my day, helps me get through all the pay hands life has dealt me.

It is quiet cheer, when RPoL celebrates little milestones, and I personally wanted to make "scene" or rather post, just to say it does not go unnoticed.

Lastly, ona slight tangent, the holidays colors (the VERY few) bring cheer to my day. When I was youth April Fools was my favorite holiday, seeing the yellow and...lavender(???) makes me smile with nostalgia. When I'm alone, again, for Christmas, I'll remember my first year alone, with no tree, no presents, and feeling warmth from the greenery. This site feels like home...and I am still trying to desperately to have one I can truly live in, have bad home as youth, lviing under bad landlords, even now.

So thank you most of all to jase, but not without special thanks to the mods.

NOW! Off to play with this gift a little....*doh* well, soon anyway... *grins*
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Sun 26 Aug 2018
at 03:08
In celebration of jase's creation, and 2nd the mods' "work"
Well said. I have lost count of how many times I've recommended this site to people over the past several years; whenever I do I make sure to point out the features here that no one else does (as far as I know). Things like thread groups, and private lines, and just how much control a GM has over their game.

Even when I have the occasional bit of GM/player burnout and leave the site for a while, eventually I come back -- and each time, the site and the community has only gotten better.

The users here are great, and remember the civility -- "Netiquette" -- that used to prevail over online groups. The moderators actually moderate, aggressively when they need to, but subtly when they don't. And jase? "Above and beyond" applied to the work he put in this site a decade ago; I don't have an adequate term for how much he's done since.
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Sun 26 Aug 2018
at 05:22
In celebration of jase's creation, and 2nd the mods' "work"
I am VERY glad to have rpol.    Thank you.
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Sun 26 Aug 2018
at 07:37
In celebration of jase's creation, and 2nd the mods' "work"
I have ha da few  folks  come here, that I told about it... there are some who swear by other sites  that I find to be less responsive  and cluttered.

 This will be  my 'home'  for RP   as long as it ( or  I) stand.
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
at 18:22
In celebration of jase's creation, and 2nd the mods' "work"
RPoL has been my only gaming outlet, with some very rare tabletop interludes, for the last several years now.  If RPoL didn't exist, my world would be a much darker place.

Thanks to jase and all the RPoL crew for all their hard work in making RPoL happen.
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
at 22:58
In celebration of jase's creation, and 2nd the mods' "work"
I definitely like the old version of rpol, and am very glad I still get to use it. Sadly I don't get near as much stable gaming as I'd like, but rpol still holds the best gaming experience so far.
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Tue 28 Aug 2018
at 06:54
In celebration of jase's creation, and 2nd the mods' "work"
Best pbp outlet hands down.  Wish a bit more stability of GMs and players but the site and mods are by far unbeatable.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Tue 28 Aug 2018
at 10:11
In celebration of jase's creation, and 2nd the mods' "work"
Rpol has been the center of my gaming world for almost 10 years, and my life would be poorer without it.  As a gaming outlet, it's as good or better than all but the most intricate and long lasting table top games I've played,  and nothing can compare with all the wonderful and fascinating people I've met here.  Even social media comes in second
Samus Aran
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Tue 28 Aug 2018
at 10:17
In celebration of jase's creation, and 2nd the mods' "work"
Best gaming site and the only place I do my serious gaming these days. Life wouldn't be the same without this site.