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Sun 27 Jan 2019
at 15:20
European play-by-post RPGs
As a fairly new player, my experience with rpol has thus far been good. Only problem however is that the games rarely seem to be updated at the time I can be online. This makes it impossible for me to post more than once a day since it takes a long time for anyone to respond. I would love it if I could participate more.

I suspect that the cause of this is is that I live in Europe and that most people here are from the US. So does anyone know a play-by-post rpg forum that is predominantly European? Once a day posting just doesn't do it for me.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Sun 27 Jan 2019
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European play-by-post RPGs
depending on the   tie the GM has?..most ganes  are like this...In my most active  game, I have people from  England  and player   I think is Aussie  and the rest  are mostly  west and central USA...

 I have a lot more time then most folks, and  am on  a few times  a day to answer posts, some folks  will post 'outside ' their normal times when they have a chance. but it comes down to the GM  as well, how much time  do thay have for the game?

 I suggest, in your RTJ's  you ask abiut the speed of the game in question, if it will suit your needs.
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Sun 27 Jan 2019
at 22:13
European play-by-post RPGs
Well, I'm from Europe. That said, I rarely have time to post more than once a day even in European-time games. Aside from Fridays and weekends, maybe...
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Mon 28 Jan 2019
at 00:22
European play-by-post RPGs
I'm American and I have floating schedule. I have a friend on here, whom has floating Schedule that lives in Texas doing guard duty work. Him and I often meet up with people from all countries because we post so much outside of our time zone norm. Both of us are familiar with posting at 3 AM or even 5 AM BEFORE sleeping. In fact, I personally meet MORE people from the Europe and Asia than I do Americans, because of the fact I'm not posting to their schedule frequently.

On the other end, I also have a thorn in my side, a woman on here whom I very much don't get along with, because she's condescending, passive aggressive, a cheater and claims to have more professions than batman.  One of which is boasting to be a deadly martial arts trainer, another a well respected mathematician. These are only two of the more moderate claims.

I say this because she's from the UK, and I'm from America, yet her and I cross paths more than joggers on a circle track.

So it's all about finding a posting rate, and posting schedule you enjoy. You may have better luck if you broaden your system preferences. I played D&D exclusively for years, and met the first friend and another from the UK that way. Since, however, I've met more people aligned to my schedule, despite it being erratic, by broadening my search to some other game systems.

Like donsr has said, there's quite a few games like that. So many, in fact, that even if I was allowed to list them all, I wouldn't have time to.

If, however, your search is very specific, you might end up seeing only the same people, over and over, regardless of GM, because you picked a system that's dominated by...these same people. That might be why it seems like "all" games are like that. I certainly felt that way.

Just some thoughts.
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Mon 28 Jan 2019
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European play-by-post RPGs
 yep Yep V_V...   players  either stay in my game  a while, or they leave  right away?.. but  there are some  8 elast, from  Great Briton  and  Denmark that I have  ahd.. and Most of  my US  folks  are  Cental or Western USA?...

 I am Eastern.. I can't remember the last player  I  had from a region there?

 I post early, ( a couple of the   'across the po9nd' folks can get on   durning, 'my' time'... I check through the day... then  around  10:00 PM my tie,  the western folks start  popping up.

   I still wake up  at 5:00 , out of habit, and I'll check the boards  then too, if I can't sleep..

 so?.. In the  end..The GM  will will 'keep the game going'... but they need  input  in the form of IC posts  from players  I will have   some days that have a GAme total of  100 or more posts… but ..the next day  get 20?... RL comes first, and folks into the game, will 'make  time', when they can.
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Mon 28 Jan 2019
at 08:08
European play-by-post RPGs
Alright, thanks for your advice!
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Mon 28 Jan 2019
at 10:12
European play-by-post RPGs
You say you're new here. As you spend more time gaming with us (months/years), you will gradually pick up a 'core' of players who have similar interests and schedules, and you'll find yourself playing multiple games with them.

You could try shortcutting this by posting in GMs Wanted requesting a game in XX genre that posts primarily in YY timeframe, and see who responds.