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Sun 12 May 2019
at 18:05
Trying to Remember
I had to come to those in the 'KNOW'  I'm trying to remember the name of a DnD module (think it was only a couple books) not sure what the world it was on.  But it had several Barbarian animal totem clans in the books.  One of the clans was the Ram.

It wasn't a popular setting from what I could tell, never heard others talk about it but I thought many of the customs those 'clans/tribes' used would work great in other stories.

If anyone can help me find that name, I'd appreciate it.
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Sun 12 May 2019
at 21:48
Trying to Remember
I know there are totem Barbarians as a class variant in Unearthed Arcana, but none of those are Ram.
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Sun 12 May 2019
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Trying to Remember
Was it Jakandor, Isle of (War/Destiny/Legend, depending on which of the three books)? It was an island setting for AD&D 2e where the Celtic/Native American flavoured Knorr did battle with the Egyptian/Aztec Charonti on an island riddled with ruins. Great little mini-campaign-world, but kind of a hard sell for players because you had to get fairly in-depth with the cultures to appreciate it. The Knorr had warrior societies with totem animals like you describe, as Fighter kits.
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Sun 12 May 2019
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Re: Trying to Remember
Was it Jakandor, Isle of (War/Destiny/Legend, depending on which of the three books)?

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Mon 13 May 2019
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Re: Trying to Remember
Yup, it looks like we have a winner!  Jakandor, Isle of War mentions Clan Totems on p. 21, and the Bonebreaker Clan uses a Ram for its Clan Totem. (p.27)

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