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Wed 22 May 2019
at 16:28
Game hogs?
I kind of feel like there are a select number of people who are just RTJ'ing all the games... maybe each genre has a crew for this or maybe not.

I see a lot of players talk about how they are tossing a similar char in several different games, or just that they are in several games, and often times I see first come first serve ending almost as quick as a game is posted....

just for games to crash, or die out, or otherwise not survive.

I am a casual player, and I was indeed on hiatus recently, but I saw it back when I played before hiatus and I kind of see it now that I am back, perhaps I am judging a little hasty but it looks and feels damn near the same.

There are still plenty enough games I am getting into, so it isn't exactly causing me to lose out... but I distress on things that effect people overall so it still troubles me.
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 16:44
Game hogs?
a lot depends on the  GMs . some GMs  want a finite number of players.. they think they cannot handle more then a certain number.

 In my games?  I bump my ad every week.. I don't take  all players .. I have s  sort of interview, to make sure the understand the game..some elave.. some  RL steals always look for new players.

 My games  aren't for everyone..i don't  try to make them that the end? the players  that stay , are not  only damn good players, but   they  help new folks settle into the games.

 I have seen GAmes , been in one that died. because  the GM  only want 'this  type"..or "this  number"..then..after the table setting ws  done, and the game moved on  POOF..peopel ghost or  are gone.

 so?.. pursue the  genres  you like, try to get  in to the games, and watch the   'bumped' adds...check to see how many games were deleted... check to see how many the GMs  have runnign, that all goes into the process, of how active ..and how long, a game will last.
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 16:45
Game hogs?
I've been here for quite a long time -- a decade or more -- and I've seen that myself, the whole time.

There are players who will immediately jump on any game with a halfway decent premise. Sometimes within hours of posting in PW, you'll see some familiar faces popping up with RTJs. The only time I do the 'first come, first seated' thing is when I need a replacement player and I need them fast.

It's also not uncommon for a new game to have a whole stock of players, enthusiastic as all get-out while they're making characters and bouncing ideas around. Only to lose all their energy shortly after the game truly begins. I've seen it happen far too often to count.
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 17:12
Game hogs?
To me.
Any game which states: "First come, first serve," Lose most of my interest right there.
If you as a Game Master can't wait till you have the right players who will likely stay with your game, will ask questions about what the game will revolve around, is interested in the group dynamic, is pointless.

My solution: I ignore those games, unless it sounds VERY! interesting, in which case I hold my expectations on a very low burn.
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 17:43
Game hogs?
I admit my guilt.  I have the first come, first serve on my PW when I post them.  I don't see myself as a strong ST/DM/GM whatever.  I feel comfortable with a certain number of players.  Now, if I have that number and feel I can add more to the story I will.

Still, there are multiple reasons that could explain why a certain group of fans attract to specific games.

There are certain genres that fans attract to.  There are hosts of fans in DnD 5ed games, while fewer test out the older versions.  A clique is formed when a DM/ST discovers a certain group that enjoy a game that isn't the main attraction (regardless of PbP forum).

Some players either don't understand or appreciate certain gaming systems. This also plays a role in how many players a DM/ST is going to attract.  Most players won't go to a game if they don't like the gaming system being used. But there will always be a group within the population that do like the system. (example such as Star Trek Decipher vs Star Trek Adventures). The same story can flourish in one system but never have a chance in a second.

STs usually stick with gaming systems they enjoy/are comfortable with.  a lot of players are like that too.  and once they find a ST that runs their favorite system they stick to that ST like glue.
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 20:12
Game hogs?
I have given up on applying for any game that is first come, first serve.  I have character ideas, but not fully typed up RTJs ready to go at the press of a button.  It's definitely caused me to miss out on games that I've really wanted to play.

But one problem area I've found is when someone gives a deadline for character submission, but then starts choosing early.  Then you see "I've already made some picks, so your entry has to be really special to be considered."  So if I submit something that's equal in quality to one of the DMs current picks, I get left out for not being fast enough, instead of having the chance to be selected over that other player.  Why have a deadline then?
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 20:23
Game hogs?
Yep... I think the  'first come, first serve' GMs  are  just in a hurry to get thier game going...i'm thinking 90% of them are dead in a  few months  if not weeks.

 as  I mentioned  above?  I bump my adds every week.. I don't see me ever having 'too many' players, and  it is very rare  a character  is left out of  something unless they went  dark and  didn't tell me.

 ::chuckles::  I have even had   people on the wanted   thread make  fun of me posting it  each week?..but..i never see it.. I don't look at My ads  except to bump them?  ..but?  this  formula  works for me..maybe  other   did  go with  character limits and such. But  that is  for them to deal with
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 21:38
Game hogs?
Oh my, glad to see I am def not the only one noticing this phenomenon... I wonder why it's been so prevalent then. I'd think 10 years later and wed have a few unwritten, or written, policies about sharing the fun so that a handful of people arent hogging all the games... just to leave them... thus swothing through like a swarm of locusts making the land barren, or nearly so, of games.
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 21:43
Game hogs?
how would such a policy work? limit the number of games you're allowed to join? I mean I really can't see how a policy like that would be enforced or fair to people who just enjoy playing alot of games.
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 21:54
Game hogs?
   Its like  pick up  football games... some people let  folks  Join in even after the game starts.

  others won't let anyone  in after it starts.

 and still others only let  certain people the end?... I'd Just pass on even 'checking out' games that have deadlines and was a genre  you  really , really like, then talk to the GM  through RTJ, and  tell hi to put  you on a waiting list.

 because?  we all know, full and well, people who start the game  are gone  with in a few weeks/months..and  those still playing  wanted to be there for the game.. not the  'honor' of being chosen.

  doesn't cost you a penny to ask.. doesn't cost the  GM a penny to answer.
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Wed 22 May 2019
at 22:22
Game hogs?
Given how quickly some games die out I see this more as a thing where players keep joining hoping to find that lasting game.

As a ST/GM/DM (what ever your particular choice for an RPG calls the head person) I've come to some realizations that will help any future endeavors at running a game.

  • Make sure to allow more players than you want to join, many will drop during or soon after character creation
  • Set posting requirements and pace of game early on as part of the RTJ or otherwise.
  • Make sure you as the DM are posting daily even if it's to update some stuff to keep interest up.

I am sure there's a few more but that's some of the basic stuff
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Thu 23 May 2019
at 02:43
Re: Game hogs?
Given how quickly some games die out I see this more as a thing where players keep joining hoping to find that lasting game.


I reckon I could play a character well in about 3 games tops where a 4x/week postrate is maintained by all. After that my RP and post rate would start to suffer. But boy howdy do games fall off a cliff, particularly when combat hits and you have to wait... for... that          one                               player



                                     post his

                                               dice roll.

Ugh. Makes me think that combat needs a player action preference set list so the DM can take over if the player doesn't show.

So yeah. I RTJ games I'm interested in because those games pop up at around the same rate as games in my stable die off.
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Thu 23 May 2019
at 02:57
Re: Game hogs?
die rools ..back in the day there were the RP   sites   in the world...looked  worked a little like here..but not as the time? it was great.

 Dice rolls killed a lot of games.. even here it does... so?.. In my games , I do all the rolls  off board... if something very bad happens, I will allow the player to roll with the Understanding, that roll  counts  no matter  what.

 This also  gives   more  RP into the game as  I Mod the rolls depending on the  post...

 I have had no complaints in my Home brews.. and  the semi-D&Dish game some folks make their rolls and i'll use  them..but? that's because they the roll with thier  answering posts

 if  I  what/need them to roll they get an POOC post or a PM, helps  keep the RP threads clean.