Faolan McEain
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Tue 28 May 2019
at 12:18
Back after some time
Hello RPOL. I'm back.
I've been gone some time, and when I left, I left rather suddenly, leaving a lot of games in the air (both as a GM and a player). I'd like to apologise to anyone who I left in the lurch; any GMs whose games I abandoned, any players in the games I was running.
In my final year of University I had a major nervous breakdown, and one of things that ended up falling by the wayside was my activities here. I never managed to really pass on that information to anyone I was playing with, as I just fell off the edge of the earth.
Well, I'm back now, and if anyone still remembers me, I'm sorry for abandoning you. I hope I can make it up someday.
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Tue 28 May 2019
at 12:25
Back after some time
Welcome back!

And don't sweat it.  Life is life and it sometimes ambushes you.