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Sat 6 Jul 2019
at 10:20
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz

On friday 21st of June we received the word of the untimely passing of a great gamemaster, roleplayer and a friend, Scott at the age of 57 years. Though I had never met the man in real life, I had met him through RPOL almost five years ago, when I requested to join his splendid naval history game, set in the French revolution era Royal Navy. To my great joy, he accepted me as a player and in time I ended up playing in several of his games as well as he in several of mine. In time we got to talking and I learned to appreciate him as a roleplayer, gamemaster and a friend.

Scott was a former U.S.Navy man and a Civil Engineer, who got his 15 minutes of fame in the late 1990ies when the Melissa Virus began to circulate the net and the perpetrator had stolen Scott’s identity to set it in motion. He was also an aviator and a pyrotechnician. We shared a special interest in naval history and he researched things in great detail for his game, which left his players awestruck on more than one occasion.

Some years back Scott informed his players, he was having health problems. In time he specified them to be cancer that made him undergo several operations, but he fought it gallantly and forged on. Despite being in dialysis, Scott never faltered from playing and often wrote the day after surgery, when he was hospitalized. Surviving, to my knowledge, at least two different cancers and fighting the second occurrence of the first one however begun to take its toll and it was finally Scott’s heart that brought down the very much loved gamemaster. Having returned home from yet another dialysis, Scott had had dinner and then suffered a heart attack that ended the era of a great gamemaster. He was laid to rest on last sunday, 30th of June.

To my friend, fellow player and gamemaster, in the old Royal Navy traditions, the toast of sunday: To Absent Friends! You will not be forgotten and your legacy will be carried on. Fair winds and smooth sailing!

I also invite those who knew Scott to write below their farewells, if possible.

Otso ”mediiic” Ollikainen
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Sat 6 Jul 2019
at 14:17
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I played with him, once. He was a good man, and I know he will be missed.
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Sat 6 Jul 2019
at 15:09
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I played in one of his naval games here on RPoL. The game was enjoyable. Grimmond made the effort to make the game realistic as well.
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Sat 6 Jul 2019
at 16:20
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I'm very sorry to hear it. I had admiration for his talent, and I'm very glad that he chose to share some of it here on RPoL.
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Sat 6 Jul 2019
at 21:17
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I had the pleasure of playing in one of his games and in hosting him as a player in one of mine. I enjoyed my correspondence with him enormously. He was amazingly positive, even in the face of the health problems he was contending with. An exceptional man. He will be greatly missed.
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Sat 6 Jul 2019
at 21:50
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I'm sorry I never  met him on this site..sounds  like he would have been  fun to game.
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Sat 6 Jul 2019
at 23:38
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I do not believe I have had the pleasure of being in one of his games.  But I give my deepest condolences to his family, his friends, and his players.
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Sun 7 Jul 2019
at 02:39
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I hope that someone from the moderators or administrators of this website can convey to his family how much he was respected here and how much fun so many people had in his games.

His research was impeccable-- the best I've seen, and he was always willing to meet his players more than halfway to make the games fun for everyone.

My deepest condolences.
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Tue 9 Jul 2019
at 10:16
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I'm very sorry to hear this. I knew he was fighting cancer, but I hoped he would fight it into remission.

Scott was a stalwart player in several of my games, always adding to the conversations and helping to drive the story. I shall sorely miss Adrian Spencer in all his manifestations.

He touched us all with his work on the portraits committee.

Bon voyage, my friend.
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Thu 11 Jul 2019
at 06:36
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I missed out on the chance to experience a game with Grimmond at the helm.  Didn't know him that well, but we've chewed some of the same ground (being as both of us are Navy men).

It is evident that he touched a lot of lives here and elsewhere.  Perhaps that is the true measure of the man.

Anchors aweigh for the last patrol, sir.  Sail westward into the sun and steady as she goes.
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Mon 7 Oct 2019
at 21:42
In memoriam: Scott ”Grimmond” Steinmetz
I didn't see this at the time.  I'm sorry to hear this. I didn't know him that well, but from what I did, he was a stand-up dude and his absence is a loss.  My condolences. :(