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Thu 18 Jul 2019
at 19:52
Character Creation: Point Buy Versus Rolling
IMO, on advantage of point buy is this: GM says draft a character, including class and description plus maybe background. Hover, GM doesn't allow provisional access to the Dice Roller. I feel that the GM is asking me to create a body without knowing the bone structure.
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Thu 18 Jul 2019
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Character Creation: Point Buy Versus Rolling
In reply to OceanLake (msg # 1):

I'm fine with rolling as long as the rolls don't necessarily determine my character's ability to contribute to the actions in the game, or my ability to participate.

I don't like to roll for D&D characters because the results tend to have an immediate bearing on one's ability to serve a useful purpose in a group, and on one's survival. The one problem can balance out the other; a lame character who dies quickly is only an issue for so long. But unless I can jump right back into the game with a new character, character death is too much of a penalty.

I'm pretty happy to roll for Traveller characters, because character creation and equipment purchasing gives one an opportunity to make up for initial shortcomings. Traveller also doesn't necessarily have combat as either a primary goal or result of failure (neither does D&D, but let's be real here), so a sickly character might still have a good chance to survive and even thrive.
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Thu 18 Jul 2019
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Character Creation: Point Buy Versus Rolling
  I like being able to build  your   charcter?

 In My homebrew system.. you have  abilities  and  'spheres'.. you can't   'min-max' because you don't know when   a certain   Mod   wil be needed, so?  you build  your charcter  how you  wish  and have them grow  with the game.

 dice  rolls  are fine  if you are in a hurry.