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Tue 20 Aug 2019
at 05:29
Rating Game Shows
I recently watched Best Ever Trivia Show. Despite the paltry prizes ($1,000 plus (rarely) $10,000), the moderator's first-grade encouragement manner, and that the actual meat of the show takes maybe as much as 10 minutes (two-minute introduction, three 4-minutre commercial breaks, fluff and repletion during the questions and answer; the show is mildly interesting if one is viewing is recorded and exercising while remoting fast forward. 1.5 *; it's better than the worst trivia show ever—though I don't recall any that are worse.

IMO, the best trivia show ever is Jeopardy. 5 *.
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Tue 20 Aug 2019
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Rating Game Shows
Check out the UKís Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Not a game show per se but Britain is full of panel shows where they take a group of celebrities, often comedians, and give them trivia questions. Sometimes there is prizes, sometimes itís just for fun but it is quite humorous no matter what.

I donít know what the line between game shows and reality tv shows are. The Mole was an interesting twist on reality tv shows like Survivor or Amazing Race by having one of the contestants be a production plant trying to actively sabotage the groupís progress and the goal of the game is for the contestants to identify who the mole actually is.
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Wed 21 Aug 2019
at 06:39
Rating Game Shows
On the topic of British panel shows, "8 out of 10 cats does Countdown" (yes that's the full title) is seriously the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.  The actual British game show "CountDown" looks like it would be boring as hell, but 8OO10CDC is magic.
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Sat 24 Aug 2019
at 20:57
Rating Game Shows
My taste in game shows ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime:

Jeopardy! (What is one of my all-time favorite quiz shows?)

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (aka MXE) - an overdub of the Japanese game show...Takeshi's Castle.  (Both of these are seriously funny in their own right, and for different reasons, but I don't think they are still being aired).

Some old favorites:  GE College Bowl, Password, What's My Line, Hollywood Squares.

I found The Match Game, The Dating Game, and similar shows to be psychologically intriguing at times, and just really juvenile at others.