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Wed 4 Sep 2019
at 16:09
Adult access revoked - need more coffee ...
   Good morning

   Well, it was until I accidentally clicked the wrong year on an Adult confirmation for a game and hit 'Send' before realising my mistake. (Really should be properly caffeinated before typing anything, honestly)

   Can anyone tell me who the Moderator is that can help me with that issue - I'm not sure who to contact, and didn't want to hit the "Webmaster" up by mistake.

   Thanks much in advance,

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Wed 4 Sep 2019
at 16:16
Adult access revoked - need more coffee ...
All the mods kind of share responsibilities.  I believe there's an option to rMail the notifies all of them and whoever happens to be available will respond.

But to the best of my knowledge, there is not an individual Moderator who is responsible for handling age verification/adult access.
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Thu 5 Sep 2019
at 04:41
Adult access revoked - need more coffee ...
In reply to facemaker329 (msg # 2):

   Thanks for the heads-up. :)