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Mon 9 Sep 2019
at 18:26
Using CRPG Isometric Screenshots for Battlemaps
I recently had the thought of using CRPG concept art or in-game screenshots or maps, for battlemaps in my games. Basically using these scenes as a backdrop and then moving tokens on top (I know various ways of doing that). There are some beautiful landscapes and locations out there (Pillars of Eternity, I'm looking at you). I especially like the Isometric style for game maps.

I'm having difficulty finding images online that are free of "action", I'm just looking for the scenes, without monsters and spell effects and other clutter.

Anyone know of a repository where a guy could find screenshots or concept art or the like?
Or what sorts of search terms to use to find this kind of thing?

Example of what I'm looking for:
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Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 03:01
Using CRPG Isometric Screenshots for Battlemaps
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Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 23:05
Using CRPG Isometric Screenshots for Battlemaps
Thank you LonePaladin for that link, those are great resources. It also got me looking into different ways to use them. Appreciate the response.

Being the lazy DM that I am, I was actually looking more for screenshots of already created scenes rather than making my own, though the latter does sound fun. The only problem is that most screenshots from the various CRPG games aren't static shots without monsters and PCs and things cluttering the view. The Pillars of Eternity one I referenced in the link above is a good one because it's fairly large and isn't an in-game screen capture.

Anyone know of other resources like I'm describing?
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Wed 18 Sep 2019
at 08:24
Using CRPG Isometric Screenshots for Battlemaps
You could use neberwinternights. In the game creation mode you could pull up,the main campaign maps and capture the screen shots you wanted. And if you really wanted to, create your own.